Microsoft Edge now used on more than 330 million monthly active devices

On stage at its Edge Web Summit 2017 event, Microsoft announced that its Edge browser is now in use on more than 330 million monthly active devices (via Venturebeat). That's more than double the number Microsoft last reported when it revealed Edge was being used on more than 150 million active devices in April 2016.

Microsoft Edge first launched alongside Windows 10 in 2015 as an attempt to move on from Internet Explorer. Edge is available across the more than 500 million Windows 10 devices around the world, which includes PCs, Xbox One, and Windows 10 Mobile.

In terms of the competition, Microsoft still has a way to go before it catches up. According to its most recent official numbers, Google says Chrome has more than 1 billion monthly active users across desktop and mobile platforms. Meanwhile, Mozilla claims that half a billion people around the world use its Firefox browser.

It's worth noting that active devices don't equal the number of actual users, as one Edge user may be using it on more than one device. Likewise, more than one person can use the same device. Additionally, this doesn't necessarily provide any insight into whether the browser is consistently being used for the majority of browsing on 330 million machines; even if Edge is only used once in a month, that's counted as an active device. Still, 330 million monthly active devices are nothing to sneeze at, particularly when compared to the last official numbers from Microsoft.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • But according to Paul Fart(Thurrott) it sucks eggs and no one uses it. I love Edge.
  • I love it too. I used to like Paul's work and opinion. I don't anymore. It's turned biased, in my opinion because he was burned writing that Windows Phone ebook. Great book but not needed as it was so easy to use.
  • Yep, and he's been very salty, I no longer watch anymore either.
  • For the most part I agree. I've had to tune him out and (and Leo too) because it's just non-stop "journalism" when all the others shows are 100% pure fan-boy content which is why people tune in to begin with..
  • totally agree, the guy will only focus on any negative news or missteps that Microsoft makes. He's absolutely gunning for failure
  • Yeah, Thurrott and Jo Foley are dinosaurs and irrelevant long ago, just like that one old t*rd and Apple biased Mossberg. Tom Warren is just dull. Dan Rubino and Zac Bolden rule the Microsoft related journalism! Zac is so adequate and cool and Daniel is pure badass with irony
  • They sound more and more like Paul everyday. I imagine trying to talk up Microsoft wears on you after a while.
  • Tried using Edge on w10 laptop but never worked. Had to alter settings to get search to use Chrome & Google instead of Edge & Bing. Gave up trying to get solution for Edge problem & just use Chrome like most everyone. Sad MSFT can't make browser that works though.
  • sad that you are too young to even experience what works.
  • Sad that you presume to know anything about someone who you've never met, how do you know how young he/she is? I think Edge sucks personally
  • Your sure you're using Edge and not explorer?, From my experience Edge has been faster on all windows 10 pc I own. And gives the best battery life on my SP4.
  • had to agree on the bat life.
    I use tamper monkey too, I write my plugins.
  • You have to be the 1st I've heard that it don't work.
  • I used to like him to, than he became a ms hater, posting also wrong news against MS ... I don't understand why MS is still keeping a good relationship with him
  • I tuned out windows weekly long ago. Thurrot is just negative on life, unpleasant and wrong half the time. I like Marry Jo's personality, but she refused to try windows 10 because all she wanted to use was note pad. How do they have jobs? 
  • I stopped listening to that show.  Laporte barely participates and is disinterested.  You can tell the disinterest when you listen to him on the podcasts that he truly cares about.  I like Mary Jo but she's kind of a dinosaur in terms of how she uses a computer and only really covers enterprise stuff anyway.  Thurrott...  Where do I start?  He's so loud, saying the wrong things half the time...
  • I thought it was just me that noticed Pauls recent attitude everyting MS = Bad, Google = Great his recent rant regarding Windows 10 S and how youd need to be mentaly abnormal to use it, I just switched off then and not been back since.  
  • To be fair, both W10S and ChromeOS are basically kneecapped OSses. They're much like childproof lighters: They mostly stop kids, but they make it much more annoying for adults, and they can still be accidently lit. In this case, the OS can't do everything since it is limited in a few ways, but they can still be infected. Nothing's unhackable. The only benefit I see, is low end hardware, which means long battery life, and an attractive price.
  • Still only used to download Chrome :-). You can downvote my comment but Edge is Crap, it keeps freezing and crashing on all the systems I have used.
  • haha wait but if you never used but to download chrome than how can you no it crap 
  • As someone who uses edge daily on multiple devices, I do not experience this. I absolutely wouldnt tolertate that.  I have a few pages that sometimes will slow down, like Windowscentral, for example. Turning on adblocker usually fixes that. I never get crashes or full freezes. I wonder if there is certain code on certain pages that triggers this for some users, or something like that. I dont doubt it happens because I see comments like this a lot. I will also add that Edge was pretty rough until the Anniversary update and got even better with the creators update. If you havent tried it in a while, its worth checking back. 
  • @pallentx; I agree and with wpcentral other than the sloughness of my service at times IE and Chrome generally works and few freezes.
  • As someone who has been on linux for the past years and just got back on Windows 2 weeks ago, I disagree. I've been using Chrome since the birth of the universe, and I just tried Edge for the first time some days ago. It's FAR from bad, but it's not up to par with Chrome, feature-wise, and it lacks a couple of minor features. Other than that, it's very fluid and smooth, and pretty fast, but not as fast as Chrome. But it's also a lot friendlier with the RAM than Chrome, so that's cool. Maybe you should upgrade your Pentium II computer.   
  • Indeed, Edge is total garbage in every way imaginable.
  • There's probably something wrong with your system. I use it everyday because it's faster and lighter weight than chrome. 
  • I just added Grammarly extension to my edge, which is a helpful piece of technology.  What is so wonderful is the impact on my use of AppFolio.  AppFolio is a cloud based property management software I used to replace Quickbooks and Office 365 to run most of my back office operations.  Since I use Edge, AppFolio opens multiple browsers (A big pain) as I perform various activities.  Whenever I text, email, write letters through the system, Grammarly steps in and provides various grammar/spelling corrections.  I have not decided if I will buy a premium service from Grammarly.  If I did, Grammarly would improve the overall quality of my communications with customers because my employees (not as good writers as me--and I am not a good writer) would identify mistakes and provide suggestions to improve the overall writing quality. The sad part about AppFolio is it is built on a Salesforce/google docs foundation.  Office is a superior enterprise quality package.  So I will remain on the lookout for a property management service built on an Office foundation.
  • Thanks for the heads up about Grammarly. Microsoft really needs to have extensions in their own section.  That list within apps doesn't do the selection justice. It only makes it seem like those are the only extensions there.
  • "even if Edge is only used once in a month, that's counted as an active device."   In other words, this number exists not because people actually use Edge but because Windows 10 users need to open Edge once or twice a year to watch Apple's keynotes ahahahahah
  • Contradicting yourself there. You quote a line that states once a month, then you write about once or twice a year. And why would people need to watch the keynote? It was full of old tech that has been available on other devices for years, tech they barely talked about - I thought their VR was going to be better than Microsoft's but they only mentioned it passingly. And then they follow Microsoft's lead and skip #9 and go directly to 10, which Microsoft was excoriated for, but Apple is cheered for it. But you got in your usual troll remarks, so gold star for you!
  • Or, perhaps, it's the ten year anniversary of the iPhone which Apple decided to recognise by labelling their latest flagship in light of this, oh and also to create a parity between phone and desktop, you know, MacOS X, that thing that's been around for much longer than Windows 10 has. This also doesn't discount an iPhone 9, as the X could be a different line. I'm actually really excited that Apple has finally got wireless charging, I've been waiting for this for about four years, the reason bein now that Apple has got it you can be damn sure that wireless charging is going to get a MASSIVE push, which means we are going to start getting wireless charging pads built into restaurant tables, or computer desks, cars, or whatever else. There are a few options already available since Samsung picked up the feature, but nowhere near as many as we will likely see now and I'm stoked.
  • And you got your usual idiocy to produce that comment. Oh well. 1 - I'd suggest you read the article. Maybe then you wouldn't be confused by the quote. But of course, that's too much trouble. 2 - Because not everyone is as thick as you and likes to watch what other companies do, specially when they have important brand power to influence market trends (even if they're 5 years behind and their OS is utter sh*t).
  • This. My PCs will randomly open Edge one or twice a month for whatever reason. Doesn't mean it is being used. This isn't a good metric for an app that is a default and is easy to accidently open. This is actually a low number and shows that W10 isn't that heavily used.
  • Ok
  • Had edge been a stand alone app, not removed the favorite syncing feature, and had a better favorites management perhaps there would be 500million users.
  • I agree with all of that... I still love Edge. It's getting better and better allbeit slowly.
  • This. It doesn't even support History searching. WTF
  • Dragging tabs around is still horrible!
  • It's my default browser now. It was rocky at first, and I had to keep chrome around. Now, I'm about 95% in bed with edge.
  • Edge and Chrome are the two best browsers right now.  Edge is my daily driver.
  • The only thing I use, because it works fine, has some cool features, it's on all three of my devices, and why fix something that isn't broke? (Lenovo laptop, Surface 3, and Lumia 950)... They're like all the same device, no matter where I go. The idea of one OS on every device is a good one. Doesn't matter what OS it is. It just works..... (even with W10M). I couldn't imagine how well my experience would be with a full Windows Mobile device in place of my smartphone. That's what MS has been working to achieve, and it's happening right in front of our eyes.
  • I just went back to Firefox because I hate Google, and Edge has no android mobile sync.
    Sorry, deal breaker.
  • WaterFox till the wheels fall off
  • I used Edge until a few months ago when something changed and it became extremely slow. I just timed it and Edge took 28 seconds to load, Chrome loaded in 5. Edge also can no longer load Disqus comments. Edge used to work well but now appears to be broken.
  • I used Edge until a few months ago when something changed and it became extremely slow. I just timed it and Edge took 28 seconds to load, Chrome took 5. Edge also can no longer load Disqus comments. Edge used to work well but now appears to be broken on both my PC and Surface.
  • That's an isolated issue. Check your system.
  • Why would a system issue affect both my PC and Surface?
  • Haven't you ever heard of a virus? Now, you haven't had one around the infected one, have you? Wouldn't be surprised if you got everyone's PC sick. SMDH🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • On an i5-6200 laptop, Intel 520 graphics card & 8GB of ram, I just opened 20 Edge browsers each with 5 MSN tabs in less time. If it's affecting more than one device, I'd check the other software you've installed.
  • Exactly the same problem here. I was using it fine for ages, then, in the last few months, its been really poor. If it has to open up a couple of tabs at startup it seems to lock or take ages. Plus its been getting more and more random in showing PDFs. This is happening independently with my laptop, dasktop, wifes laptop and my work laptop, so its not user set up. It has happened around the same time as the skype 'upgrade' and we've all had major problems with that. As of last month, we dropped back to chrome and whatapp respectively and we've got great speed and functionality again. I'm finding myself being weened off the MS ecosystem; not through choice, but though inefficiency. I'm clinging on with outlook, but even that's getting worse, in performance terms.
  • If chrome is taking 5 seconds to load a man, there's something wrong with your system. Generally edge is faster and uses less resources than chrome. 
  • Well, that number would 500 million if MS didn't mess around with mobile, and made things happen, the past 8 years... They had a wonderful mobile OS, that was getting better in every way, and they threw it all away... Pretty dumb to lose all that momentum, and the developer support they did have, over not releasing just 4 devices to last until what should've been an overlap... Oh, well.
  • Amen
  • Here is the logic.  Windows 6.5.  Windows 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.1.  No we want windows 10 mobile.  But now we just want to build bridges between android and iOS to sync with our Windows 10 ecosystem.  They should have kept windows 8.1 on the smartphone.  Build bridges to Windows 10.  Then once windows 10 was stabilized (My systems moved to build 1703 in the last month) you could have intorduced the Windows 10 mobile OS.  But looks like Windows on ARM is the replacement for Windows 10 mobile.  So maybe Microsoft is headed to a new mobile OS.  Way too many interations.  At each interation, MSFT forced developers to dump all the work they did to deliver an app to an Windows powered smartphone. But we cannot forget that Intel x86 never could power a smartphone.  
  • > MSFT forced developers to dump all the work they did to
    > deliver an app to an Windows powered smartphone.
    No much devs was forced aren't they? Not many cared about SKU back in the day. Most people are busy QA Android and iOS apps.
    That's why they have to choose win10.arm (cause it runs uwp.pc SKU. Unless, you, as a startup or freshman, are skipping win10, win10s and win10.arm. Or maybe you'd prefer to build your own mechanism to install, update, crack-proof, advertise, uninstall like in the old days?).
  • Reading PDF files in edge is painful. It loads slowly, and even scrolling through pages will have you waiting to load. Other than it works okay, but overall slower than chrome and even firefox. I use a Surface book i7 with dgpu and 256 GB SSD. Everything else on my system is incredibly fast. I mean i could turn my pc on, sign on, shut it down, and do it all over again in less time than it takes my phone to start and load to home screen.
  • While I think the features available for PDF reading/editing isn't up to par with other readers yet, I haven't had issues with actually scrolling/reading through PDFs. Are you reading extremely large/dense PDFs?
  • Some are large and heavy as I do a lot of research work, while others are around 10 pages. I experience loading and scrolling issues in both cases. I have defaulted back to using the Microsoft PDF reader app. I always liked that app more than edge, just that i sometimes will rather not have to download and locally store a PDF doc, especially the light 10 page ones I don't frequently refer back to. I have opened these same PDF files on my work computer using chrome (the work PC runs windows XP by the way), both opening and scrolling is faster and smooth.
  • On my Dell XPS 13, I can't use Edge. Scrolling Up and down on pages with the touchpad is so slow and jerky.
  • If I go to the gym once a month, I wouldn't exactly call myself an active gym user.
  • This is just more Microsoft lies and half-truths to try and make a total failure look like a success, in the real world outside of Redmond, Edge has less than 6% of the browser market, chrome has 60%, do the math, Microsoft isn't being honest at all.
  • We no longer use other browsers at work and while the initial reaction from some was kicking & screaming, we're getting significantly less browsers related tickets.
  • I like Edge but it has a lot of issues loading YouTube and stuff. Super annoying. It also needs more extensions. The one reason Chrome is favored by most is because of how well it loads websites without glitches and errors. People also like the themes and extensions it supports. On Chrome all websites load fast and on Edge the loading symbol keeps spinning and spinning and it's annoying. And then it freezes and lags when manipulating elements. Edge is one of my main browser choices due to the fact that it's more of a battery saver and fits in with the looks of my computer, but that's it.
  • The extensions are building up, everytime I check there's a bunch more which is nice. A big one I use, keepa, was recently added. For personal use I switch between Chrome and Edge. If edge got the xmarks extension I would probably only use Edge. At my work computer, chrome always crashes or runs out of memory but on my personal devices chrome is fine. Chrome definitely eats up a lot of ram though.
  • I use edge with no problems on my home built desktop and surface pro 4. Likewise my wife has never reported any issues with it on her hp Spectre. However, it is a freeze/crash fest on my Win10 corporate laptop. So it isn't overall as stable as Firefox (my 2nd favorite). I would have never thought Edge was problematic without having lived it on my work computer.
  • Really like Edge. But Microsoft need to get the full Android version in store now that they don't have a phone replacement.
  • I use Edge as my daily browser except if I want to buy something online. Too often edge fails to load the page, leaving me with a blank page, in the middle of a work flow that began with the message "do not reload the page". This NEVER happens in Chrome 
  • I love Edge. Uses less cpu cycles than Chrome on YouTube...go figure.
  • Microsoft has quietly Edged ahead IMO.
  • 1. Most of the day, most of the people are found at work.
    2. Most of the PC stations "at work" are running Windows 7.
    3. Unlike any other browser, Microsoft Edge cannot run on Windows 7.
    Can anyone explain this baffling phenomenon?
  • I'm not one of those 330 million I'm happy to say. Even if it appears to be working I get a constant stream of 'microsoft edgeCP.exe has stopped working' errors in the event log, something that has happened for a while now but has got worse with latest updates. Chrome just WORKS, and very rarely gives me an event log error in the perfmon
  • After re-installing Windows 10, I used Edge to download Chrome. Haven't used it since ;)
  • I use edge for pretty much everything,  it works for pretty much everyting.  I have to switch to chrome for air miles surveys and searching in bing photos on edge is painfully slow.  other than that it's a great service.
  • Can you make an Android app version I would use it over chrome
  • Edge is not working properly since Tuesday update. 3 laptops and one desktop all the same. will not open PDF's, Home Page disappeared and no History. This happened after Creators update also. When is Microsoft going to fix these issues?
  • Soon™
  • When 1Password deliver their extension, I'll be another one added to that list. 
  • ...none of which are phones LOL
  • Edge doesn't do VPN, therefor I do not do Edge.
  • I never thought I'd use Microsoft Edge due to how terrible Internet Explorer was, but I use Edge more that Chrome now! I typically use both. I have one of my TV and use the other.
  • I've been using Edge from day one. It's come a long way and improves all the time. Fantastic browser
  • Love Edge but having been forced to retire my Lumia 950 am now using chrome on Android and it's just easier to use the same on my surface pro. I can't be the only one. I just don't understand why MS hasn't released edge for Android.
  • Edge is not garbage but still not better than chrome or sometimes even Internet explorer. We got w10 at work and we have no choice but edge (default) or explorer. I still sometimes use explorer because edge keeps crashing. 
  • Edge is my usual browser, but as we near the end of 2017 I still routinely find web sites that will not work on it for no apparent reason, while the same site works without issue in IE11.
  • Edge Sucked so bad at release, but people should give it a chance, i LOVE edge now. best browser out. it still needs a "little" work (which will happen Oct 17) but it's mt default browser. I love Windows 10 creator . Paul Thurrott is just a toolbag now. ignore him. 
  • Thurrott says this is impossible.
  • Edge works great.
  • I used to use Edge but had issues - pages would not render, hanging.  Then I went to Firefox.  Should I return to Edge?  
  • Yeah!! The obvious reason is that people need to use Edge to download any other actual browser.
  • still using Edge as the primary browser and Firefox as the secondary for compatibility reasons and plugins.  I like how Edge is really good for touch.  It still has a ways to go in a number of ways.  The favorites seriously needs to be fixed.  What is the point of favorites without some good search function or way to manage them properly?  The history is equally bad with no good search function.  And something has gone wrong with recent builds in that there's no on-screen indicator that a page is still loading.  So the screen will be blank with no progress indicator so you have no idea whether to hit the refresh button or not.
  • I use to have problem with Edge but very okey with now