Microsoft has a new AI bot in town, and its name is Zo

Microsoft has a new AI chat bot in town called Zo, first spotted on Twitter, which we're assuming is the "successor" to Tay, Microsoft's original and ultimately racist AI bot. Zo is in early access preview now, and can be accessed via the Kik messaging app, if that's your thing.

If you're not on Kik, Microsoft is allowing anyone to request an invite to the service, which will likely allow users to try her out elsewhere when ready. Regardless, Microsoft's latest attempt at an AI chat bot appears to be strong, but will that hold up?

For those unaware, Microsoft's original AI chat bot called Tay ended up being a PR disaster for the company, but only because it was subject to "targeted attacks" causing the bot to learn things it probably shouldn't. As a result, Tay wasn't afraid to express opinions others deem very politically incorrect.

Regardless, hopefully Microsoft has learned from Tay's downfalls and implemented a failsafe that will stop Zo from running truly off the rails. Let us know how you feel about Zo in the comments below!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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