Microsoft has reportedly exceeded $1 trillion in total cumulative revenues

A new report says that Microsoft recently has exceeded the $1 trillion milestone in its total cumulative revenues. It has also generated $265.2 billion in lifetime profits.

The math comes from writer Jeff Reifman, who added that while rival Apple exceeded $1 trillion in lifetime revenues in 2015, it's actually behind Microsoft in total lifetime profits with $261.6 billion.

His report on Microsoft's new financial milestone was not celebratory, however. Reifman claims that tax breaks from the state of Washington have saved Microsoft $270.9 million in 2015. He also claims that companies like Microsoft and Amazon have benefited from those kinds of tax loopholes, while the state of Washington itself has a number of budget issues for education, police and more services.

John Callaham
  • MS, buzzing Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Microsoft making it rain!!
  • If you're going to bring up their tax breaks, why not as their total paid taxes
  • And all the people they employ in Washington state and how much taxes those people pay.
  • And also include every large corporation who benefits from tax breaks and loopholes including Apple and alphabet
  • Do you want to include sales taxes that Microsoft or its employees pay? The state of Washington does not collect income taxes from its residents but its sales tax rate is one of the highest of all states in the US.
  • Yes, but I'm sure Washington would be broke even with that revenue as governments tend to always outspend their income. Also, what isn't being calculated is the amount Microsoft provides to Washington's bottom line in the way of employee income tax and sales tax of employee spending. So it's not like Washington is being completely robbed. They still ahve way more money than if Microsoft was in another state.
  • Yeah, the author's comment at the end seems politically motivated and ignorant.
  • It isn't the authors statement, it is the data analyst's statement
  • And a data analyst has no business analyzing political garbage. Another typical Microsoft hater. Call a Wahmbulance.
  • I'm not debating that, I am just clarifying instead of you targeting the author
  • Wahmbulance! Brilliant! I'm stealing that! :D
  • Those are Washington's loopholes. Sounds like Microsoft and other companies are just following the rules to the shareholders' advantage, which is their responsibility. It's up to the state of Washington to close any "loopholes" they don't want. Congrats Microsoft!
  • And it's not a loophole. A loophole is an unintended consequence of a law that wasn't worded properly or possibly an intential way around a law that a politician may have added. I believe what Microsoft is getting are incentives Washington state gave Microsoft to keep more of their business in the state.
  • Pocketchange
  • Reifman is a moron. Tax breaks are what keep companies like MS in Washington. Get rid of them and they will move somewhere else that will enjoy the benefits of the billions of dollars in revenue they do pay. Calling them "loopholes" is yellow journalism. I guess anyone here who ever claimed a deduction on their tax return is exploiting a horrible loophole that robbed their local police and schools of much needed revenue.
  • Boss
  • In other news... Apple generated 1 trillion dollars in just 3 days after the release of the latest cellular iPod with new patented "slightly less rounded" corners. Several individuals were reported injured from starvation while waiting in line to purchase and at least one mind was blown.
  • Read the article, dummy.
  • He was being sarcastic.
  • Boo hoo for the state of Washington.  
  • How much revenue has Washington collected from all the well paid MS employees who live there?
  • No state income tax in WA (at least when I lived there). They have a higher sales tax, higher car fees, etc. People used to drive across the border to OR to buy things because they had a lower sales tax.
  • It's still that way. I know people who live in Washington and they do cross the Oregon border for ZERO sales tax.
  • Dear God, man. Posted from PornHub
  • Really, doesn't seem like much considering how long they've been in business. Ho much cash do they have on hand? I thought Apple had over a trillion on hand. Microsoft should have more right?
  • Neither of the two companies have 1 trillion on hand. That's the equivalent of the gross from a whole country.
  • I believe Apple has about $21 billion in cash and cash equivelents. Microsoft had $7 billion per the last quarterly financials they issued. I've seen articles talking about Apple having over $200 billion in cash. However the financials don't show that. They must be taking about total current assets and long term investments.
  • Shareholders would revolt if a publicly traded company held onto a trillion dollars in cash.
  • So will this shut up the Appleheads that's say Apple is better because it's more profitable? Naw... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, it won't. They can't stop the hate.
  • Wow, I'd like a trillion dollars myselfy! lol
  • One trillion is the entire historical earnings of a huge successful corporation.  Isn't is sad that United States of America has racked up a debt of ninteen trillion?  Wow!  Good luck digging out of that hole!  Politicians are very bad people.
  • US government still needs about 19 companies like Microsoft, to gather 19 trillion US dollars to pay the public debt.  Don't vote for Donald Trump, I can only tell he is lying when he says he can solve the US debt issue (19 trillion) in less than 3 years, its impossible.
  • You can SOLVE the debt issue in 3 minutes...just cut ALL spending. Obviously that isn't a realistic option, and thus it will take years. There is a difference between solving the debt crisis (going further and further and further), and paying off the debt.
  • "benefitted from tax loop holes"... How about companies like Apple who have benefited from tax loop holes and evaded paying tax?
  • Apple hasn't broken any tax laws, either.  
  • What truly needs to happen to is a tax holiday for individuals and corporations so that billions can be introduced into your country. Say a fifty percent break on whatever their rate would be and give them six months to take advantage of it. Would be a huge injection I think.
  • Wow, Microsoft has made $1 trillion total lifetime.  While the govt went in debt by that much in just one year...
  • How quickly one forgets how much Bill Gates donates to charity each and every year.
  • Too much buy yet too little to Lumia. Why they have to strip OneDrive off from Lumia limited number of fans that is suppose to be proud using the "Camera Roll"?
  • then why Stock's down to ground from past week.....(56 to 50 )? which put 30bn hole on MS pocket. are these mean 30bn investment or 30bn Loss?
    I don't know anything about Stock Market . :)
  • Stock price doesn't count as a loss, as it is completely unrealized. When a company reports a loss, it is because they actually spent more cash than they brought in.