Microsoft Hong Kong cools the Windows Phone competition with style

While our Windows Phones are busy smoking the competition they may need something to blow away all that fiery aftermath, so it only makes sense to have a special fan for the occasion.

Microsoft Hong Kong has evidently commissioned a limited number of special portable fans just for these situations but they have a little trick up their sleeve. As you can see in the images above and the video below, when the fan runs an electric banner scrolls around the blades with "Windows Phone" and "Simply faster".

As we're fans of all things geeky, we're very impressed and think it's a brilliant little promotion tool.

Our friends at the Hong Kong site We Love Windows Phone ( managed to get their hands on a shipment of these little bad boys and are planning on giving them out to some lucky people (and yes, worldwide shipment is an option). So you'll want to head to their site and maybe even give 'em a "Like" on their Facebook page to learn of the details as soon as they publish them.

Pretty cool Microsoft, pretty cool.

Source: We Love Windows Phone (HK) (Bing Translation)

Daniel Rubino

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  • it's a giveaway, which is on the market for a couple of years. i've got some of them with "Ford, feel the difference."
    a logo would have been cool...
  • If you look on the handle, its shows the WP logo.
  • I want one.
  • Its not all about speed.
  • It is wen ur life isn't ur nose in ur phone
  • I WANT ONE! :D
  • Mee too!
  • Looks like a dildo.
  • But a cool one
  • Lol
  • With spinning blades? What type of bondage are you into?!
  • first thing i thought when i saw the picture as well, lol
    then i saw the faint hint of the blades spinning and went oh.....
  • Me too
  • DAN do u think we could get a notification of someone responding to what we say on comment on this app like the notification that tells u there a new article cuz alot of times I miss responses
  • Not trying to be gross or anything but that pic you guys have up for this post almost looks like a sex toy.. I did a double take on the article just to make sure it wasn'
  • Then angle at which the photos were taken is quite precarious when viewed at a glance.  Especially when a co-worker says "what is THAT?" ha.
  • Now that's a true "windows phan" hehe
  • They finished the contest and... I was the one who got the fan... There were 20 other guys also. I'm so excited about the "simply faster" text appearing on the fan.