Microsoft kills Kinect for Xbox One

Microsoft Kinect
Microsoft Kinect (Image credit: Windows Central)

After years of troubled engagement since its unveiling back in 2011, it appears Microsoft's ill-fated Kinect sensor is finally being put to bed. As reported by Co.Design (via The Verge), Microsoft has ended production of the sensor, leaving retailers to sell what remains of stock going forward. The company has reaffirmed that Kinect will still be supported for now, but don't expect any new features going forward.

This move comes as little of a surprise, following the dwindling success of the Kinect sensor across its lifetime. While its initial launch on Xbox 360 crowned it one of the fastest-selling devices in all time, beyond the initial boom, the camera and microphone accessory struggled to gain traction.


Kinect (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

With growing interesting motion controls last decade, Microsoft's Kinect offered an appealing premise to consumers – players would be the controller. Capitalizing on the success of Nintendo's Wii console in the home, Kinect's depth camera offered unrivaled tracking for consoles at the time. However, without support from developers to push the accessory, its appeal in the living room diminished.

Microsoft later reworked the device for the Xbox One, including the sensor will all consoles shipped at launch. With large-scale pushback amid privacy concerns, Microsoft eventually sold the console standalone, in turn, lowering cost of Xbox One entry-level consoles. That move eventually led to the situation Kinect finds itself in today, as an accessory for only a subset of the Xbox One user base.

While it initially showed potential, Kinect's passing comes as little of a surprise but wasn't entirely a loss for Microsoft. The research from Kinect has influenced several of Microsoft's efforts encompassing augmented reality and virtual reality – most notably HoloLens and the Windows Mixed Reality platform.

Updated October 25, 2017: Speaking to Windows Central, a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that production on Kinect sensors has ended. However, the company has highlighted that while the devices will no longer be produced, Kinect still has a place in the Xbox One ecosystem for existing customers.

Manufacturing for Kinect for Xbox One has ended but it is not the end of the journey for the technology. Kinect continues to delight tens of millions of Xbox owners and Kinect innovations live on in Xbox One, Windows 10, Cortana, Windows Mixed Reality and future technologies.

Matt Brown

Matt Brown was formerly a Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • Why is Kinect not used for VR and mixed reality? Is the tracking too slow?
  • Must have missed this line: " The research from Kinect has influenced several of Microsoft's efforts encompassing augmented reality and virtual reality – most notably HoloLens and the Windows Mixed Reality platform."  Kinect is what the Hololens was built on.  It's tech is how MS's AR and VR is standalone, not needing external placement sensors.  It's how the headsets are able to track your hands as well without extra devices (in AR anyway, VR needs the handset controllers). 
  • Yes but I meant in the PC community. I remember so many Kinect projects when Kinect was new.
  • With Kinect from 360 it was all about hacking the device, no opened APIs etc. So sad times, we are seeing how Microsoft is rolling out from consumer market :/ What next, Skype?
  • Nadella is killing everything I like. I'm now an Android\Nintendo user mostly which is sad.
  • You must have missed his point.
  • I think that hand gestures can be a really useful feature even on Windows 10 laptops and desktops.
  • I agree...this is a technology that completely blows both Wii remotes and Sony Move controllers...I would be far more interested with VR with a Kinect was one technology that was boot kicked from the start and the newest Kinect sensor is far superior to last generations...too bad MS did not try to market it this generation, but stuff it down everyone's throats...sort of like taking a huge, tasty steak, but instead of cutting it into bite sized pieces, tried to force the whole thing down one's throat.  Anyway, what a waste of tech that still had so much potential.
  • Didn't Disney just release 2 games. Also there are like 10 games my kids play with it. I'm going to keep mine for now I will keep mine. If the kids out grow the games and ms releases a mike for the Xbox that is room sensitive like invoke I'll move to that. But for mow Cortana remains my killer feature for sure.
  • Disney is relaunching Disneyland Adventures and Pixar Rush, which were Kinect games in the 360, but there are rummors that these new versions wil be controlled by a regular control.  We'll have to wait and see, only 5 more days before they are released
  • They're Xbox Play Anywhere. 100% a Kinect is not mandatory. Whether you can use it or not as an option, we'll see.
  • In my region (Canada), Cortana isn't even available on Xbox (or Android and iOS for that matter).
  • You arent missing anything. 
  • In my region Cortana sucks hairy balls. A great product years ago on 8.1 but today- nothing but an abandoned, unsupported P.O.S  
  • Ok, this may be the straw that breaks the camel's back for me.  I have been a developer for microsoft platform since DOS 3.x and using Turbo Pascal.  So that has been a LONG time.  When they killed Silverlight, I was pissed.  When they killed the Windows Phone, I was more pissed.  I was disappointed that they didn't do more with the Kinect technology that I liked a lot, but at least you could still get it.  But if they are dropping it, I might say, "screw microsoft".  Maybe I'll look at doing Android and Apple products now.  Obviously, Microsoft doesn't have a clue when they have a good thing.
  • Problem is they can't make it good look at how many steps back windows phone took kinect took even xbox till the xbox chief quit.....and the new xbox head saved it....
  • With the impdending flop of the XBoneX, MS will be fully out of the consumer business.  Enterprise means Office and Azure, and not much more. Linux generally and Android specifically are the future of everything consumer.  Time to just accept that fact and move on.
  • Very true sadly
  • True, next to go would be XBox, probably sold to another comapny, since it is not cater to the enterprise business, Surface is already rumored to be on the way out as well, after that with the constant rise of Linux and Mac support for games and game developers, PC for gaming will start to diminish little by little. It's very sad, since I am a fan of all the things MS has cancelled recently, I still use Kinect for fitness purposes almost everyday and I believed it could realy the future of gaming. I think that the whole involvement of MS with AR/VR will dissipate within 2 years, they have absolutley no idea how to create a market for their amazing inovations and products, for that reason I will not purchase any more MS products in the future.
  • Xboxes still have uwp => BC/FC/XPA (helping win10pc, win10s, win10arm and vise versa), GamePass, etc. It's important to Windows.
  • Kinect really worked for us. I think it was a great UI technology. My confidence in MS commitment is at an all time low at the moment (and it may go lower). AR/VR? I'll wait 2 years to see if it is going to be supported. Cortana speaker? I'll wait a year or so and see if they kill it. Better yet, I'll check out Amazon. This drip, drip, drip of product cancellations is very troubling.
  • I just got one from Amazon ($45) with a adapter to be used on XB1 X.  Kinect works great on XB1 for voice input and Skype (multi-party and room-to-room).
  • I agree. The Kinect had incredible potential. I will not invest in HoloLens at all.  I'm not interested in VR, I would had rather Microsoft drop VR and focused on Kinect. Microsoft has discontinued Windows Phone, Groove, and now Kinect.  Not buying any new "revolutionary" accessories from them. Oh, and I hated the Cortana integration, too slow and too stupid.  I don't like saying "Hey Cortana", I liked "Xbox .. <command>".
  • I can't help but agree. I bought their new items when they came out because they were quite good. Zune, Band, Windows Phone, Kinect. I was super excited for Hololens and then we waited and waited and waited and it has devolved into mixed relaity. I still love my Surface Book but I've moved on to Samsung Note 8, Android Wear Watches and Amazon Echo. 
  • You have to wonder if XBOX will be next? Maybe not now or next year or in 5 years but wonder if Microsoft wants to be done with it. I have an XBOX One X on Pre-Order but thought about canceling it for an NVidia Shield for my Media streamer and keeping XBOX for occasional games. 
  • Agreed. I have zero confidence in them supporting their products. I was considering a Surface Studio, and thought I could justify the cost because I could sell it when the next version comes out. But then I thought that MS may never make a next version. I was excited for the consumer version of Hololense. Now... Meh. When it comes out I'll sit back for a few years. It's useless if I can't trust MS to support it.
  • Q: Will this future ever be possible?
    The future where devs code and QA for Android, iOS, win10pc (including s), WinPhone devices? Android, iOS and win10 has huge user base but WinPhone... Chicken & Egg.
    If WinPhone cannot merge with win10pc as one, it's destined to have no support imo. * hence win10arm
  • Gamers and game devs killed Kinect years ago. Very few people developing for it and very few gamers who really cared about games that use it. Still, I'm not too fussed. It's still a really nice webcam.
  • There is business and common sense, the market demand is not there so their discontinuing the product. I still have my Windows Phone and am quite the Fanboy, but as a stock holder I am fine with Kinect biting the dust if it is not very profitable. It was fadish in my house when it first came out everyone was like cool, and then people slowly stopped using it. When I got the XBOX S nobody even noticed that the Kinect was disconnected. I think your commentary is rather "TROLLISH" and I question your ability to comprehend profit and loss statements. Bottom line is the product was not a killer feature that people are crying about seeing bite the dust. If you're pissed off by a smart business decision (in this case) then bye bye!
  • Interest might not have died off if new games using the technology had continued coming out
  • @iSeeiSheep I think you got to stop being a company "fan". MS didn't support the kinect enough.  How many games did they make for it?
  • One more thing. Do u think maybe the loss of Kinect suggests that a device like wmr wireless is headed to Xbox one x.
  • I think it is always better to introduce the new replacement product before sun-setting the predecessor. This way consumers already have an alternative.
  • Retrenchment 🤣
  • Windows Mixed Reality is NOT a replacement for what the Kinect can do.  One of the reasons the Kinect is attractive to some of us is that it, originally, meant you never had to pick up a stupid controller.  You could do what you needed with a combination of voice and gesture.  What the IDIOTS at Microsoft refuse to understand is that some of us don't want to be required to TOUCH a SINGLE THING.  If I could keep the controller in a drawer, never to see the light of day again, I would be ecstatic.  Mark my words, Cortana will eventually die on Xbox and all other systems soon after.  That's where this is going.  Once the Kinect is gone there will be no reason to even have voice control supported at all.
  • I don't know about you guys, but the choice control has been getting more lousy as updates come out for me. It tends to be more annoying than anything... Kinect is still amazing for Skype calls though, unfortunately less people are using that too..
  • Sorry... Voice control...
  • But the tracking speed isn't 1:1, most people won't find it useful / attractive. Its use is limited. * FRU is a great game that everyone should try imo.
  • ScubaDog, Microsoft understand that some people like to use Kinect.  The problem is, they have the numbers on how MANY want to use it... and they are almost certainly abysmal.  It's very difficult to blame them when sales prove most don't want it.  It is not free to carry the utility of Kinect forward through massive system updates, and how can it be reasonable to expect them to continue to manufacture an accessory that doesn't sell and very few people want?  You always seem to look at this from your perspective, which is understandable as a consumer... but I do think your demands on them (or at the least your criteria deciding they are idiots) are unreasonable when you factor in they are a business, and if something does not sell and generate money then a company cannot continue to invest in it.
  • A new hospital in Norway was going for the latest and greatest in Technology. Or maybe not ...    
  • why am I not surprised this pathetic company killed another good product but badly marketed? Jeez, you can hardly see such incompetence and mediocrity in any other company out there. Someone get them some whiteboards for the Hall of FAIL, they are gonna need a lot of them to keep up with the ongoing FAILED projects.
  • How is it badly marketed? Didn't every XBox have one at launch? If it was a good experience, then it would have caught on. Obviously it did not even though it was included with every machine! Obviously there just wasn't a killer use or game that made it worthwhile.
  • Expensive marketing isn't the same as good marketing. Microsoft has, at times, spent more money on marketing than any other tech giant, including Apple. It's earned them nothing other than a reputation for being boring marketroids.
  • Marketing is only good for getting the product into people's hands. The product then needs to perform. Marketing doesn't make up for poor experiences.
  • Wahh wahh wahh, blame marketing for everything. Typical MSfanboy excuse. Motion controls are a lame gimmick that died years ago. Deal with it.
  • Agreed, my Xbox came with the kinect and I never used it once. The only console I found made good use of motion is the Wii
  • Got to admit I wouldn't have an Xbox without one, I play the odd game but its as a voice controlled entertainment centre that is my main usage, really making it very difficult to like Microsoft in any way, with the death of the Groove music pass, OK Kinect is still supported but for how long, and the mess Skype is in. The company that was soooo close with W10 and W10M, who gave it up to become a recluse and live it's old age in the clouds dreaming about the days they had a vision.......    
  • Kinect was a failure because its way too big....why is a camera that big I mean look at the iphone has more technology in its new camera and it's probably slimmer than my spoon....don't say it can't be done either were past that.....
  • I'm not 100% on this but I think this is a physics/camera thing. The iPhone X only has to "see" stuff about 2ft out from the camera, where as the Kinect sensor had a range of 5-25ft (give or take). In order to get the extra distance the camera's would have to be bigger and perhaps further apart to get the resolution and depth information they needed. Also, remember the Xbox One Kinect sensor came out in 2013 so the new iPhone X has the benefit of about 5 years of advances in this technology. If you really want to compare the iPhone X sensor the more appropriate comparison would be the sensors in the Surface line that are used for Windows Hello.
  • Uh, no. The iPhone X is based off the xbox360 kinect sensor, as Apple bought that company. Which is why the Xbox One Kinect uses all brand new technology.
  • Did you really compare something that's not even out yet to something that Microsoft basically killed a couple years ago?  This is like complaining why rear projection tv's are so big compared to LCD's.
  • Good point. But I Kinect had more than just a camera in it. It also had... Idk, an ifared sensor or something plus microphones and triangulation tech to know where the controllers were in the room.
  • Things like this make me sceptical on investing in microsofts new products.
  • Things like this make me sceptical on investing in microsofts new products
  • You don't give up on Microsoft, Microsoft gives up on you.
  • Couldn't agree more. ... I wonder where Microsoft will be in 50 years. Many companies from the past that were so huge at the time either don't exist anymore or are now irrelevant.... Nokia as an example. Microsoft is such a big company that I don't see its downfall occuring anytime soon but it could definitely happen within the next 50 years if they keep being dumb.
  • 50 years?!!!  Wait 5 years  Android will take the End User market.  Amazon will own the cloud.  Apple will have to by MS to save it from itself....
  • Sadly True. I've owned several windows phones from pocket pc to windows 10 mobile up until a month ago when my 8th (no lie) lumia 950XL's vibration stopped working and they were out of replacements. The lady at the microsoft store was so used to seeing my face that she offered me 20% off of a samsung galaxy 8+ so i begrudgingly switched to android because i had no other options. Lets add in the fact that I went through no less than 6 microsoft band 2's (because the actual band kept breaking) up until they stopped selling and ran out of them as well so they replaced my band 2 with a fitbit blaze for free which was nice i guess. I also use groove music regularly so I wasn't too thrilled when i learned that it too was getting sunsetted. My Xbox one has thankfully given me no problems (even though apparently my kinect is a huge paperweight now) and my o.g. surface still runs great.... but the point here is that Microsoft doesn't seem to be loyal to the people that have been loyal to them and it's quite upsetting. I've completely invested in the ecosystem in the past and i'm apprehensive about doing so moving forward because of the track record. At this point i still consider myself an M$ stan, but i'm going to need some semblane of sustainability for me to stay the course moving forward.
  • (deleted)
  • Ha Ha Ha. Glad I never got a Kinect, Band, or Windows Phone after 7.8. Same reason why I won't use Cortana. It will be canned in a few years.
  • I use it for skype calls more than gaming. To be honest i played more with Xbox 360 Kinect than Xbox One. Hopefully we will see VR on Xbox in the near future
  • And yet Microsoft does half-baked technology... Kinect is "killed" but is still mandatory to use some of the features of the TV control... 🤦‍♀️
  • I feel they are soon going to phase out the TV control also, they don't consider it a priority because it goes against their marketing...with the latest update, they added a feature to dim the screen when there is inactivity and they didn't even program around the OneGuide app and the expected inactivity that comes with watching a show.  That blatent oversight is telling of their level of testing. The error was obvious to me in the first 2 minutes of watching TV, should have been caught in alpha testing.
  • That's what happens when a new CEO takes over and immediately starts firing everyone.
  • Maybe it will finally push them towards HDMI-CEC. Still can't believe they don't have it.
  • To everyone upset I liked my Kinect but tech gets better and less cumbersome having extra devices so it's good they are killing it because it shows they weren't doing much with it anymore because the tech is now just as precise if not better in more and more technologies. Hell even the new IPhone X essentially has a small Kinect as the camera
  • Okay, so let's put the iphone X up against a kinect and see which one performs better.
  • I was concerned that this week they hadn't kill anything yet.
  • Yep a weekly event now of MS killing some consumer product or service.
  • LOL
  • kinect was not perfect but it was fun.... ms once again abadoning and killing a device that made a difference in gaming from other consoles
  • It's not about the camera for me. It's the voice and IR. My wife has a visual disability that makes it difficult to operate remote controls with small buttons and screens to read. The Kinect is a voice-activated remote that controls our TiVo and A/V receiver and launches all our streaming apps. It's an accessibility solution that allows her to easily operate an otherwise challenging setup. I hope they get back to developing Cortana and media/home theater features. They are market differentiators for me.
  • I loved the voice control, but even that I have used less over time as the UI changed to be more controller-friendly. In terms of the camera, I think I played Kinect Sports Rivals about 3 times and did Xbox Fitness a bunch (which is also dead). I won't miss the camera at all. I do wish the Xbox One X included a built-in microphone - with the option to turn it off for those worried about privacy - because I'm never going to go put on a headset to tell my Xbox to open Netflix.
  • In my opinion, there's no such thing as a friendly controller.  They are all, without exception, disgusting.  The very fact that you MUST pick something up to control this machine angers me.  It's idiotic beyond words.
  • Not just pick up something. It's the Pick up the controller, Hold Xbox button to turn on, Wait for the controller to connect to the Xbox............ then you can use it.
  • See this is where they should tie in the Cortana Speaker. This device with a superior mic array should be the hub that fires up xbox and entertainment and essentially allows you to voice control other devices. I was really hoping that buying this would elminate having my laptop, phone, and xbox all respond seperately when I say "Hey Cortana" If they did this, I think they would sell more speakers. Instead they just have another "me too" device that is late to the game and with no killer feature, will likely be cut in a year or so. While I like where they are going with Windows 10, Surface, and xBox, they seemingly have no direction in mobile and other devices and tech. 
  • Just to put it there, I do love just looking at the device while I’m doing some things when it just turned on and it logs me in without much effort! Love it!
  • It would be nice to have a microphone built into the controllers!
  • The VAST majority of XBOX users were only using Kinect for Skype calls. Almost nobody (in $$$ numbers) were buying Kinect games and developers dropped it long ago for lack of sales.
    Couple that with the fact that the new Xbox update now supports just about ANY USB CAMERA (which are cheap and plentiful) there is no reason to keep manufacturing a proprietary, expensive, and very low sales 7-year-old product.
    Yes, Apple has something similar in the iPhone-X, but the Kinect doesn't cost $1000 so that is not a fair comparison. I think MS is going to push AR headset interfaces for XBOX after the holiday season.
    Since the OEM MS AR headsets only require USB and HDMI connections, which XBOX already has, they just need to bake in the AR code from W10 Fall Creators Update and it should "just work".
  • Yes, but as someone in the Alpha ring, it does NOT support in any decent way the signing and voice control functions.  And I don't see that ever improving.
  • You have to be careful about selecting video camera.  Some of them (Logiteh C-920/C922) don't support audio.  The Kinect camera does it all.  It is great for Skype vidoe call and voice control for XB1 or XB1 X.
  • Nintendo can get away with forcing its customers to use niche technology because of the games. They sell a lot of systems on the strength of a handfull of games. MS never had a core group of games that sold systems or compelled people to use the Kinect. They relied on cross-platform developers to sell systems, which is what doomed the Kinect. Games were desgined to work on all systems and PC. Building a game around Kinect was a waste of resources.
  • If they had a Kinect enabled Halo, it would have shown developers what they can do and prove that is a worthy gaming companion.
  • the great thing about kinect was that it transcended so many use cases - from gaming to scientific applications. the technology was great but as standard for microsoft - fail to innovate, market or invest in the device properly. Kinect should really be at the centre of one's home ecosystem regardless of whether youre into gaming or not. shame microsoft continues to drop the ball.   let's see how long until hololens get's scrapped because nadella and alex kipman get caught taking a kip in his cliffhouse - which ultimately ends up looking as dumb as microsoft bob once did.   I also can't wait for the anouncement that there will be no more surface devices, and the subsequent press release by penis panay telling us how the surface family had done it's job in providing cutting edge reference devices to PC OEMs - who are now doing such a great job that surface was ultimately a success and perversely means it is no longer needed. I also look forward how they will mention that microsoft is NOT out of the hardware business, and that penis panay and co look forward to creating the next generation of killer keyboards and mice.   after all that, windows 10 will become the best low level operating system to run several instances of virtualised linux on top of, in the cloud or locally. no more need for powershell, you can use the linux subsystem for all commands. no real need for the Windows UI either.   meanwhile, the older millennials who grew up on ipods, iphones, ipads, gmail and co will reach towards the c-suite and start making big tech decisions, taking the technology they grew up with, with them (see delta and GE for examples).   Meanwhile Azure will run linux better than anyone else, and microsoft consulting services will be helping mcdonalds automate drive thrus and basically optimise/digitise business processes as a consultative service.   mind you, share price will be through the roof, ballmer would have put dreams of microsoft domination behind him in his retiring years, nadella still won't understand anything about B2C/consumer space or 'product', kipman will be in his cliffhouse dreaming up some random ****, and penis panay will be making the best mice. all will continue to receive phat dividends. microsoft will be run by a committee after nadella because no one in the world will know how to be (or want to be) the ceo of microsoft.   and they all lived happily ever after.
  • Nice, I read that till the end.
  • The arc of Microsoft’s retrenchment from the consumer focus and its hardware experiments is becoming more and more obvious these days. They had to put out an announcement to say that they weren’t exiting the Surface hardware market by 2019 as had been widely reported earlier this month. Kinect ending makes me really sad though because it had SOOO much potential, shipping in the box with the xbone, and most people only ever used it for voice control! I can’t imagine many people will be picking up the Windows MR headsets this holiday season so that’s probably next to go. After that Xbox and Surface, though not necessarily in that order. A lot depends on how Xbox x sells, but the omens are not good, and MS has already fumbled the launch pretty comprehensively. There’s a worrying pattern for them where they release something in a blaze of publicity then everybody forgets about it, the device or application is woefully under-utilised and not many people know about it, then they announce it won’t get cancelled. Then it gets cancelled.  Say what you like about Apple but they have confidence in their own products and they don’t chuck everything at the wall to see what sticks. As somebody spending my money on ecosystems not individual devices, necessarily, Microsoft should really think about what customer betrayal does to a brand.   
  • Saw this coming for a while since you need an adapter to make Kinect work with Xbox One S and X. I'll still use it for the voice commands though.
  • Scubadog gonna be pissed...
  • That's exactly why Microsoft stopped making Kinect. That very reason.
  • Wouldn't surprise me in the least.  As much feedback as I send Microsoft, it wouldn't surprise me.
  • I still like using my Kinect everyday to turn on my Xbox One and "Xbox Record That". I've kept the old control scheme (not switching to "Hey Cortana" - too wordy). Every once in a while I'll play a random kinect game (Air Guitar Warrior, Kung Fu and the soccer game in Kinect Sports) just for a change of pace. Still want to try the Fantasia game.  I like it enough that I just spend $40 on the stupid Kinect adapter so I can hook it up tomy Xbox One X in a couple of weeks 😉
  • This is a great example of how MS mislead and use their fanbase and how these MS/XB fans will keep defending MS. In 2009-2010, kinect was suppose to be the future of gaming. I still remember how "fans" used to should "we are the controller" and how hyped these fans were. The number of (non-kinect) 360 exclusives dropped massively as the focus was mostly on these cheap kinect games. Even though it sold massively, they hardly supported it with software when you compare it with the competition. Despite struggling they invested in making the kinect 2.0. They probably knew it will struggle so they forced it to their fanbase who were forced to buy it. They lied about how there will never be a XB1 without kinect. In 2013, that along with the power of the cloud was suppose to be the future of gaming. ofc MS/XB fans that time were not talking of BC or resolution but they were hyping the cloud and kinect... Even though MS weren't making many games for kinect and how they removed it from the bundle, they just kept making statements about how they are commited to kinect. 4 years on, no one is hyping kinect or the power of the cloud anymore...
  • I love my Kinect. I loved it even more before they neutered it by removing hand gestures. It is just another example why MS has given me no reason to stay with their ecosystem.
  • Killer Instinct
  • Kinect for Xbox One was simply worse than on Xbox 360. Gesture control was many times worse than on 360. Just played a Kinect game on One the other day and was frustrated by the flakiness of activating buttons, etc. Still never understood the outcry over privacy; we see technically more invasive services nowadays...
  • The software and interface as a whole is worse on the One compared to the 360, so no surprise the Kinect also works worse.
  • The Kinect was well on its way to becoming usable for my son, who is non verbal and has cerebral palsy.  He cannot hold a controller, but he can flail around.  I guess the game he has is all he'll get. 
  • Prepare for wave of articles and videos by Zac and Dan trying to justify this -.- We are all doomed.
  • No.  It's when people in the comments bring up the fact that Microsoft will eventually drop whatever they are trying to sell today.  Then they are told "Enough already.  That's getting tiresome.".  It's not tiresome if its the truth.
  • Just another reminder of how Microsoft lost their way.  Tech is like drugs, if you want anyone to get hooked, you have to give it away for free at first.  They would have made their money back on related services and games over the long haul.  Pricing the console over the PS4 was a huge mistake and was the singlehanded reason Kinect died.  Same story for Windows Phone ... they should have given the OS away to OEMs knowing they will make their money back later on other related services.  They basically operated like this in the 90s and early 2000s when every consumer had a bootleg copy of Windows and Office.  Bad for business you say?  It created a legion of people who were proficient in both and when they hit academia and the business realms, Microsoft had customers willing to pay for the software. I worry about the long term future of Microsoft even just as a software and services company.  If generations growing up now don't get hooked on Microsoft early, then by the time they reach the workforce there is less incentive for enterprise to pay for software that their new employees don't already know.
  • Just add it to the heap, yeah? In my case, Windows Phone 8, 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, MS Band, Groove and, now, Kinect (no surprise). Can XBone be that far behind? I'm not even remotely considering HK Invoke or XBone X as I depart the ecosystem...
  • Harman Kardon was fooled by Microsoft like HP was with their efforts on X3, laptop-like docking station for Continuum and that whole cloud infrastructure. And like we as developers were 'funked' so many times with iterations of WP and now UWP left without mobile. Invoke is DOA, Cortana is useless without mobile. What a nightmare :/
  • Amen, brother!
  • Windows central, the only place where people care about the kinect.
  • We all Kinect here.
  • Microsoft is more and more terrible, they kills Kinect and on the long run them self. I start to hate them, they damage a lot for consumers.
  • Can MS go an entire week without killing another consumer prpoduct? Who on earth would trust them to buy anything MS in the consumer space?
  • Innovation will never come as long as publishers keep themselves locked to what's true and tried.
  • They tried motion controls. They were soundly rejected by consumers over 5 years ago.
  • MS are publishers too. They hardly supported their product by making games for it. LOL
  • So, Skype on Xbox is then really useless, since the camera is gone. I used it weekly to talk to my family in Europe.What's next? Ditch TV integration? I am going to buy a playstation next, as there really isn't anything left that makes the Xbox stand out. At least with the Playstation I can assume they don't drop it in a year or so. I can't just trust Microsoft on anything anymore. It sucks, but that is the reality.
  • They are making it stay with the platform.  
  • Sony dropped Vita, Vaio and others.
    You maybe using it, but that make up how many %? we have 31m xb1 sold. I own ps4, xb1, getting xb1x, $2k desktop, $2.5k Alienware, Surface Pro, Nexus, xb1 wireless gamepad (always in my bag).
    I dropped ps4 cause, it makes no sense buying cross-platform games from PsStore.
  • @Hirox K What's you PSN?
  • Xbox One fall update supports USB cameras.
  • Morons.
  • I used the skype tracking for talking with family.  And if you need a passive listening device (no offense to HK) you already had one...  Not a good move in my eye.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if this is what's behind the QC problems Microsoft is having lately. People working there must be demoralized to hell, and the real talent has probably already started jumping ship. Been a .NET developer since 2003. Never been more disillusioned.
  • Not surprising.
  • do i speak to Cortana now?
  • Did your Kinect disappear with this announcement?
  • No like in the future. Is the one x gonna get a microphone addon to take its place or does this mean voice activated Cortana on Xbox is dead too?
  • I had assumed that this was probably stopped a while back. Kinect has been dead for a long while.
  • Let Jason convince you on how this is a good thing.
  • I blame the fans.  I remember at E3 when everyone was upset that it came with the Xbox and was a hundred dollars more.  Microsoft should have stuck to thier guns and continued to release every Xbox with one.  The fans really messed up a lot of great ideas for Xbox One at that launch E3.  Like their vision to go pretty much all digital.  Trying to please a few loud fans with no forsight has really hurt Microsoft and the rest of us that welcome good change and forsight to see the future.  
  • Are you serious? MS hardly made any games for it. They forced it to their fanbase for months and lied that the XB1 will never be sold without one. Gamers wanted the choice. Some didn't want kinect and they have the right not to buy it. This is like forcing PSVR with the PS4 without giving the choice to gamers. Why should people blindly buy a product that is not supported by its manufacturers?  Only MS got to be blamed for this failure.
  • I think you need to watch the E3 announcement again.  And then read the articles and posts by the fans and their outcrys.  And then Microsoft coming back with, will do what the fans want.  Apple on the other hand says we know what the customers want and they should trust us, and it works for them.  We should have been more trusting of Microsoft and we would all have Kinects now with more games.  Microsoft has a huge nagging fan base compared to Apple.  They probably think that dropping the product is easier to deal with, and it is as we've seen.
  • I knew this day was coming but until there is a better solution for voice commands on the XBOX (not having to use headset), I'll keep using the Kinect. I actually purchased a new Kinect and adapter to go with my XBOX One X when it arrives. Primarily, we use it to change channels on the OneGuide. That comes in handy, even if it isn't always 100% successful. Next would be the added features that same games use. For example, ALIEN: Isolation can allow ambient sound your home attract the Alien. Or when you hide in a locker, you can move your body to look through the slits. Thirdly, we do play the small amount of Kinect games that the XBOX One does have. Sadly, the very best, most fun party game ever never got ported, and that is Kinect Party. It would be nice if they could port that over as a parting gift. Zune, Windows Phone, Band, Kinect. All Microsoft devices I really liked and thought were amazing that have come and gone and we hardly knew ya.
  • If it would not have been for Don Mattrick and the f*ck-up the Xbox One launch was, then maybe the newer Kinect would have caught on, but because of all the negative press and the console being priced higher than Sony's whilst being larger (with and added powerbrick on top of that) and less powerful there just was not enough momentum for the console to drag this accessory along.   To be fair, I can't recall Sony's move controllers getting much more usage ...
  • At this rate I need to switch to SONY at least there not abandoning there fans. Microsoft seems to stop production on many things.
  • Killing off failed, unpopular products is standard practice for any company.
  • Yeaaaah !!!! Kill it!!!! Kill everything!!!!!
  • Also there is the fact, that most developers used Kinect wrong imo: instead of trying to completely replace the controller it should have ruther supplemented the controller. You will not be able to completely take the controller out of the equation in shooters or other more competitive games as kinect is simply too laggy. Sure there are causal games, but the xbox isn't the console for that as it costs too much. The targeted user group (moms with young kids, grandpas and grandmas with younger grandchildren) do not really want to spend all that much money on a console to play these movement centric games.   It's the same problem with apple's touchbar: I don't need to have functions on there that I already have as a shortcut ... I want it to replace more complicated shortcuts or things that cannot be done via shortcuts ... otherwise it is just absolutely useless ...
  • So first my phone then my music app now Kinect. Thanks ms
  • A result of MS ditching all the great pre launch plans for tur XBONE due to BS public opinion loudly expressed in media. Heard, although not  necessarily representative for the broad public opinion. That said, this was yet another example of MS having great plans but were unable to properly communicate it to the user. If all XBONES had Kinect, ordinary games could have made use of it a a much larger scale. Games needed not be full Kinect games. However, if few ppl had the sensor and devs subsequently saw now reasons investing development time for it, even less people would see reasons why they should buy one. It's time for MS to decide what to do, make a stand, be clear on what they intend to do in the consumer market, and go for it. And follow up on that until people sees MS as some do Apple. Any errors are features...
  • This is asinine! At least give us a way to control our entertainment center. Why not enable Cortana on your pc or the new device Kardon to control your xbox as a replacement.
  • Microsoft are the masters of NOT leveraging your ecosystem.  Business observation to Microsoft, you have millions of consoles in livingrooms already.  You currently have the some of the best technology for 3D sensing and mic input isolation.  You also have a good digital assistant in Cortana.  You're already behind the home digital device race with only an immature Invoke. I thought for SURE they would see the OBVIOUS next move to bring a much improved Kinect device to XBox One X to instantly compete in the digital home assistant market.  UMMM guess not.
  • Microsoft (under Nadella).... The company where great ideas go to die... That should be the company's 'tagline'. The constant axing of great ideas or products will ultimately be MS undoing.
  • Can we get a poll going for the next Microsoft product they will discontinue?
  • Skype ;(
  • XBox One X... Just a month after release!!!
  • Honestly is there any point in staying with Microsoft if they keep giving up on things?
  • I use my Kinect every single day for voice controlling my Xbox (tv channel, volume control, Launching netflix, launching Films and TV, pausing/ ffwd recorded shows) It is literally xbox's coolest feature and the one that never fails to impress my guests (even hardened PS4 Fanboys). Does Microsoft have another voice activated control peripheral in the works? Are these features baked into the xbox one X? I love the Kinect, but I rarely use it for games ( the best Kinect enabled game I played was Dragon Age Inquisition. It's implementation was stellar, but my wife didn't like me screaming orders at tv all the time). I never in a million years would have purchased a Kinect if it hadn't been bundled with my xbox. 
  • If there is a demand someone will license the technolgy and make a clone.
  • If there was demand developers would have kept making games for it and it wouldn't have been killed off to begin with.
  • Love my Kinect for basic tv controls and on/off.  There nothing like "Xbox record that" is so easy to use. 
  • Microsoft MUST provide the capability to use voice control on the Xbox platform. My kids play games, I consume entertainment. An Xbox remote with mic would be a VERY welcome accessory.
  • I'm not sure I'm missing something here, but what about Scan 3D? The Creators Update and the Fall Creators Update are making a big deal of mixd reality. Part of that process is bringing existing objects into the 3D workspace by scanning. Microsoft advertise and promote the use of Kinect as the only way to scan exisitng objects (despite demonstrating a Windows 10 Mobile scanner app and not releasing it). Does this mean that it is now not possible to scan exisitng objects because the Kinect sensor is no longer available? Surely Microsoft wouldn't drop the only device to bring objects into their mixed reality world at the very time they are promoting and releasing this capability as the next great thing?  
  • I found myself just using my Kinect for Windows Hello. Not even sure it was common knowledge that was a thing, but yeah.
  • This, coupled with the wireless speaker news, says to me that voice commands for the Xbox will be running through devices like the Invoke and Echo in the future.  an odd turn of events, but it makes sense.  
  • The question this brings up for me is if there is going to be an alternative to support voice commands now. That's all I ever used my Kinect for. But it was very convenient for volume control. I know you can hook up the IR blaster thing, but that doesn't support voice commands does it?
  • Is there anything Satay Nutella won't kill... He has such a hard-on for cloud that he's ditching everything else. Hey Microsoft, what's your plan for when cloud becomes such a commodity product, that it's such low margin that you're making peanuts, and you have no other revenue streams... That guy should be fired. Immediately.
  • MS's not just about cloud.
    UWP that leads to BC/FC/XPA, free unlimited cross-platform cloud sync, GamePass, C++, C#, open source projects, biggest contributor of GitHub, cross Linux, Visual Studio goes free, free project manager / SVN for small team, dropping WinPhone for win10ARM, AR/MR, IOT, etc.
  • I guess this means illumiroom is dead too.
  • Kinect was really fun at LANparty when we had it once. I wonder why the tech didn't catch on.
  • I just wished they had put a far field microphone array into Xbox One X to replace the kinect voice control as I use Voice control every day.
  • -deleted-
  • For those who say "I use it everyday, why ditch?".
    I'm sure MS's has the statistics. Let's say 50% of individuals on this thread use Kinect voice everyday... and that's how many % outta 31m xb1 sold?
    Would you do your business differently? No users, no devs <-> no devs, no users.