Microsoft Launches Lync 2010, Promises Windows Phone Integration

Another enterprise tool hit Microsoft’s portfolio today as they launched their Lync 2010 platform. An updated take on their Office Communication Server, Lync provides everything from chat services (text, voice, video) to enterprise level VOIP services. The really cool thing about Lync is that it integrates with Microsoft’s other enterprise level products like SharePoint, Active Directory, and Exchange Server, giving an unprecedented level of coordination between all forms of communication.

Microsoft would probably hate this comparison, but Lync offers a lot of the same functionality as Google Voice; except on an enterprise level. Voice mail transcription and simultaneously ringing multiple phones are both features that are shared between the two products.

The best news for us is that Microsoft fully intends to tie the services offered by Lync into Windows Phone 7. As an IT geek and a Windows Phone lover, the possibilities running through my head are exciting. As a consumer, I'm really hoping that Microsoft brings some of these technologies to the Windows Live side of the house.

Source: Microsoft Lync Product Page; via: Ars Technica

Tim Ferrill