While CeBIT is no Mobile World Congress, it is nonetheless a pretty big tech show focused on digital technology. While it is not shocking to find Microsoft there demoing Windows Phone, it looks like they came up with a unique way to get people to try the devices: lend 50 of them out for the day. (They're also giving away 10 in a contest)

Yup, evidently you can sign up (and we imagine exchange some kind of collateral) to carry around and use a Windows Phone all day at the conference. Gives new meaning to "hands on experience" and we think this is a great way to spread the word, because if it's one thing we know, when people actually try Windows Phone 7, they always walk away impressed. And getting the phones into the hands of analysts, tech writers and company execs is a smart way to sell your product.

Source: Dr. Mobile's Windows Phone Blog (MSDN); Thanks, tezawaly, for the tip