Microsoft is looking to fill forty positions on their Windows Phone 7 team. The positions include software engineers, public relations managers, and hardware engineers. The positions are based out of Microsoft's Headquarters in Redmond.

The focus of these positions range from working on Xbox Live game integration to leading the design of features built for Windows Phones. The job descriptions seem to re-affirm Microsoft's commitment to Windows Phone 7. For example, in the listing for Program Manager, Sr - Windows Phones opens with,

"Microsoft has deep investments in the development of the new Windows Phone and related backend services. Mobile is a critical area for Microsoft to re-build its brand presence, and win customers back with compelling and highly integrated features and applications. This is an outstanding opportunity to help build from the ground up a new mobile ecosystem that will be a highly competitive offering from Microsoft."

If your interested, the positions can be found over at Microsoft's Career Website. Just do a keyword search for "Windows Phone" and you can sift through the various openings. I just wonder if these new positions qualify for the free Windows Phones Microsoft is passing out to employees.

Source: Microsoft Phone Careers; via: Forbes