Microsoft to make Opera Mini the default browser on Asha hardware

Opera has signed a deal with Microsoft to provide the company's mobile web browser for Asha, Series 30+, Series 40 mobile devices. This partnership will last 10 years and will see Opera Mini made the default web browser on hardware running said platforms. Windows Phone will not be affected by this deal.

Current owners will be encouraged to upgrade to Opera Mini, leaving current browser Xpress behind. While Microsoft's main focus is – of course – Windows Phone (and this isn't exactly relevant to our main coverage), it's interesting to see the company create new partnerships for its low-cost platforms, inherited through its purchase of Nokia's devices division. Not to mention opting for a third-party solution over Internet Explorer.

Opera is also available for Windows, should you be interested in giving it a go.

Source: Reuters

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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