Microsoft Mans up: Free WM6 License for Manufacturers

Smartphone Thoughts has a mini-bombshell: Microsoft is giving away Windows Mobile 6 to its vendors (ex. HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Palm, etc) in case they're interested in making it available for upgrades. HTC has already stepped up and said they'll offer upgrades to QWERTY devices. Whether or not these upgrades will make their way through the morass of carrier testing and approval is another story, but I have my fingers crossed. Twice. I wish I could say I was hopeful that everybody would follow T-Mobile's lead - they've already announced future upgrades for the Dash (opens in new tab).

We've just learned that Microsoft has given a free license to vendors who will upgrade their devices.

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WC Staff
  • Wow, props to MS for making this move! Now manufacturers and carriers have even less of an excuse for not providing updates for at least their most recent products such as Cingular's BlackJack, Treo 750, and 8525 to name some of the most recent devices. Even Sprint and VZW's Treo 700wxs deserve an upgrade. Here's to even more hope that the Treo 750 and 8525 (the two WM5 devices I own) get upgrades soon (or at the very least, eventually).
  • I have on two seperate occasions spoken with the technical staff at Alltel. I asked both of the techs if the 700wx would receive the upgrade. Both of them gave a reassuring yes.
  • I already know and understand that most devices won't get the upgrade. but with that said. like the prior to me said. that the most recent devices should be allowed a free upgrade if not free a SMALL FEE.I own a treo 700wx and will be pissed if I come to find out I'm not allowed a free upgrade or upgrade period after dropping so much money on my phone and sevice with sprint. and if that's the case sprint might have lost a customer. sprint dnt even get the latest and greatest phone any how were always late to last on the arrival of new devices. all we can brang about is the 66 - 68 series.