Microsoft may make Cortana in the UK sound less robotic in the future

A Microsoft team member hinted today via Twitter that the company is making efforts to improve Cortana's voice in the UK to make it sound less robotic.

Many UK users who have downloaded Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 believe that their version of Cortana, with its version of a British accent, has a rather emotionless tone. When a fan offered those same thoughts to Microsoft's Cortana team member Sandeep Paruchuri today, he responded with this message, " ... yep we hear you, we are working on something. More details we can share soon."

There's been some debate over whether or not Cortana should simply use the voice provided by Halo actress Jen Taylor in the UK as well as the US. A recent poll on the subject on WPCentral currently shows that just over 45 percent of users would like to have the choice of picking Taylor or a British accent for the UK Cortana.

What is your current opinion on the Cortana UK voice as it stands right now? Thanks to Joseph for the tip!

Source: Sandeep Paruchuri on Twitter

John Callaham