Microsoft offering free Lumia 630 to China workers who volunteer to resign

A new report claims Microsoft is offering a free Lumia 630 smartphone to its workers in China who volunteer to resign from the company.

This news comes a few days after hundreds of former Nokia workers in China held protests against Microsoft plans to lay off 18,000 of its employees by the end of June 2014, including 12,500 who came on board just a few months ago as a result of Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services division.

The report from MarketWatch, which cites a story from the China based First Financial Daily newspaper, claims that an internal email sent to Microsoft's workers in China offered them a free Lumia 630 if they agree to sign a resignation package. In China, the Lumia 630 sells for close to 800 yuan, or about $130.

What do you think of Microsoft offering a free phone as an incentive for its China workers to leave the company?

Source: MarketWatch

John Callaham