Microsoft set to announce its first Windows Phone next week

Microsoft has today teased an upcoming announcement, which will take place early next week. It's expected the company will announce its first branded Windows Phone on November 11, the first mobile device to run the Windows Phone OS and not be tied to Nokia.

It's a favorable time of the year to announce new hardware with the holiday season hastily approaching. Unfortunately, that's all the teaser reveals, though we have been made aware of a Microsoft branded Windows Phone, the RM-1090, passing through the FCC and TENAA,

Be sure to remain tuned for the announcement next week.

Source: Conversations; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • C'mon, Lumia 1030!!!
  • Its a low mid range
  • I was just wishing the Microsoft Band surprise will happen again :p .
  • How do you know??
  • Good find sir, shame they not reporting it to shut everyone up
  • That's a freakin ugly phone.
  • I second that. You'd think theyd come out with a flagship phone like everyone else
  • Also, if you look at the Microsoft Mobile site it says...
    Microsoft is delivering the power of everyday mobile technology to everyone.
    Sound slike a low to mid range device to me too.  
  • Looks like a 630.
  • Why would that have a big "announcement" for a crappy low/mid range phone?  It doesn't make sense to (only) release a crappy phone as your very first Microsoft branded phone.  But I guess they've done dumber things before.  Good grief if this is true.  My Microsoft/Nokia fanboism is waning. =\
  • Who the "F" cares anymore?  I just went to 2 AT&T stores to purchase the830 and guess what...they don't even have them in stock.  Not even the MS Store.  While I love WP I have an1520, I was getting the 830 from my wife.  The shit that kills me is that MS is so disfunctional when it comes to getting their product out...morons at best.  Joe B should quit.
  • Same thing happened to me this morning at the ATT store so I pulled up the website and showed them that they had it in stock. They went back to "check again" and lo and behold they had them.
  • Same here, the Store had it but wanted me to sign up on new Next Plan when I already have the plan to get the "bundle".  Manager was an asshole at best especially since I was buying outright.  So I called AT&T and they had no issue taking the order over the phone and noteing the terrible experience with the store I went to.  Microsoft should just have sold it at the MS Store and get rid of the BS.
  • For good grief the phone spec. Will be 3 in 1 device run new Windows 10 with Intel new Core M chipset and 3D interaction like Kinect of the Xbox one .
  • don't be dumb.
  • The Lumia 430❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
    The page says;
    "Microsoft is delivering the power of everyday mobile technology to everyone"............
    That could only mean a low end device... They are suggesting that the 530 doesn't already bring mobile technology to everyone, so they are most likely going even lower with a device that will be so cheep, and good, that it will sell in huge quantities, most likely starting at free on contract, and $49.99 off.. This is what I suggested they do a few weeks ago... The Lumia 430❗
    Here in the US these type of Android devices sell in huge quantities because carriers practically let people walk out of the store with 3, or 4, at a time for free with a family plan... Customers almost have no choice when money is tight, and they have to make sure everyone in the family has a phone.. This is EXACTLY what I suggested MS Do a few weeks ago to finally break through... Plus, at $49.99 off contract people will have no choice but to choose them... This device would be targeted at families, and elderly....
    You guys better hope I'm right, because this might be the only way to keep our high end devices above water...
  • While I agree with you, sir (low budget phones are the key to prepare the market. Here in Brazil Android dominium proves that) its necessary to prep the image related to it and then a good, shining, perfect flagship is necessary. Lets just HOPE is not that fugly phone above... :-/
  • Occam's razor says that is the phone.
  • If it is a super low end device then it's most likely not going to be the flashiest thing to look at. And, that's fine, because it doesn't have to be on this end of the spectrum.. This is entry level, and at entry level people just want to participate... A Lumia 430 would let a lot of people finally be able to "participate", and they are willing to sacrifice looks to do that.... Hey, if you were 14 years old, and you could finally use the apps your friends use, like FB, and Instagram, would you tell your mom "no thanks, I'm not aesthetically pleased with that device"?...
    You'd better hope this device is cheap as hell, and looks like shit, for the sake of WP❗ ... Lol❗
  • I'm sorry but this is definitely not the strategy that MSFT need to follow if they stand any chance in the smartphone world.
    The world is awash with cheap Android phones which Microsoft can't hope to infiltrate. It's all about image as far as the end consumer cares and Microsoft's image isn't one that is particularly positive.
    We should look at what the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft, with their mid to high end offerings has done for Windows Phone, to understand the future of the Lumia brand. What needs to happen is for MSFT to release a device to compete head to head with Google's (Motorola) next Nexus phone. Personally, I'm a big fan of Windows Phone but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to recommend a new device to friends, relatives and colleagues who are in the market for a new phone. This is because the average consumer relies on the salesman when choosing their next device. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • No...... You didn't provide a solution....
    We'll see what they do, and I'm still betting on a "430"....... Explain how MS's image isn't popular to the AVERAGE CONSUMER?.... Are you basing that on what you read in tech sites? Are you on a lot of Android tech sites?.. Don't think that your personal perception is reality with good evidence,, show me how?
  • I have to agree with WorzelGummage, I have tried convincing family, friends and coworkers to get windows phone but everytime they have tried getting the change their minds. First is the sales people, most places will try to stear you away from windows phone. Second if they research online, most articals will favor andriod and iphones. Third windows phone still carry the stigma of the original windows phone 6.5. I love my windows phone but when you stack all that against someone who doesn't know anything about WP it pretty hard to sell the product.
  • A 430? Really? the 530 is already a downgrade from the 520, so much so that they referred to it internally as a "rock". How much of a POS can they release before it makes a terrible impression?
  • The only thing a child wants is an iPhone. Get your kid a WP instead of a 6 or galaxy for Christmas and they'll hate you until the contract is over
  • Maybe in some households where the kid is spoiled, but that attitude isn't going to fly in most middle class households...
  • I want to see Windows Phones out there so I'm all for it haha :D
  • And you can, if all you are looking for is a budget phone. We already have a ton of low end Windows Phone's to choose from but they are proving to be less attractive to the consumer when they are up against the competition in the form of an Android counterpart.
    I've personally equipped my immediate family with Windows Phone's, but there isn't anything new I would contemplate upgrading to in the near future, other than the latest Android phones (budget or otherwise) that are available.
    Microsoft need to wake up and smell the coffee, simple as that, or suffer the same fate as Nokia. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • We'll see.
  • GDR 2 incoming...
  • Yes please 1030 no more low range mid range spec 61mp
    64gig / 128gig storage
    4.7 inc or 5inc max
    Lumia 8.2 Denham os
    6mp front cam Is my choice
  • I'd buy that
  • A 61 megapixel sensor won't make things better. Smartphone sensors are limited by physical space -- so trying to cram more MP onto the 1020 sensor would be a disaster.
    Just improve the OIS, give us a curved sensor (ala Sony), give us 60fps (or more), & give us some powerful internals to run it all!
  • Overall sounds not too bad, but 1080p is already coming down to middclass devices. So i would up this up to quadhd.(not 4k!). Furthermore i would like to see amoled on the device, so that the backlight has not to be uber bright to be able to push through that massive pixel density. Regarding that insane 61 Megapixel. It's not about the pixels its what you do with them. There is one general rule. The bigger the sensors, the bigger the pixels the better the overall performance of the final image is. So i would rather have a better sensor overall or an even bigger sensor in the device. If you can record 4k, an aditional sd card slot would be great aswell :)    
  • Anything above 1080p would be overkill for a 5" or smaller device. It would just eat battery
  • No, not true.
  • Mostly true eg. LG3
  • & in the tablet world, the Lenovo Yoga 3 is clearly suffering on battery /performance because of its overly pixel dense display.
    I have no idea why people want such power hungry screens in their devices. I have a 1020, and am more than happy with my 720p screen!
  • Doesn't need to be if optimized. Background tasks slaughter a battery more.
  • Screen on time is where the majority of battery is consumed...especially on Windows Phone.
    My 1020 will sit for 3 or even 4 days on idle. Switch the screen on, and it'll be flat in 4 hours! My 820 (same innards, smaller battery) lasts longer with the screen on...all because it has a lower resolution screen.
    I would say 1080p is all good up to 1520 screen size. We definitely don't need higher resolutions (yet) in the sub 5" category. We should adopt higher res screens when the hardware is capable of driving it without a big impact on battery life.
  • Or, you guys should let people have the devices they want, and decide what kind of battery life is acceptable to them....
    These are the most backward thinking, closed minded, comments I've ever read... SMH.
  • That comment belongs in 2010..... Have you not learned a thing?
  • It is about the pixels!  If you are in it for the clearest possible picture, then yes - 60 pixels vs. 40 vs whatever is pointless.  But if you need your phone to be able to ZOOM because you are sitting in bleachers trying to take photos of your kid on the football/baseball field, then yes, pixels are important.  They help you get a better picture when you are zoomed in from that distance.
  • No disrespect, but I don't think you grasp the fundamental things that make a camera good or bad....
    If you are wanting to take photos of your boy on a sports field, you'll be needed a sensor/lens combo that allow you to have fast shutter speeds (I.e., one that allows as much light as possible to hit each pixel).
    A 40MP sensor is already pushing it given the size of the sensor....adding another 20MP will just mean the pixel pitch is smaller - meaning less light hits the sensor, meaning you either have to slow down the shutter speed, or turn up the ISO (and add noise that will turn the fine detail into a watercolour effect).
    Basically, 41MP is more than enough - we just need Nok/MS to give us the hardware to take photos quickly....
  • Decent camera with a decent lens would be a lot better though, enough of this mobile photography nonsense its not gonna happen, maybe some time in the future. But according to what you said, its not gonna happen, I have Lumia 1020 which I am using right now, I can say the SG 3/ iPhone 4s is even better than this in every situation except in times when you're not in a hurry and you don't need a fast burst rate. As I said shooting with such a high megapixel smartphone in sports is not a good idea. Plus most high end cameras doesn't even go as much as 24 mp but delivers a great images
  • You lost credibility when you said the iPhone 4S and the SG3 were in any way comparable. They have just ONE solitary advantage - speed.
    In every other regard, the 1020 absolutely nails them (low light, daylight, flash photos & everything in between).
    The 1020 is an incredible camera - but you have to know how to get the most out of it.
    & of course an SLR with a good lens will beat the 1020...but then again, the 1020 is always with you. A standalone camera just isn't.
  • If that's what you said, you haven't been to a real world scenario yet. I love my 1020 but its pretty much useless when I need it, I always missed a shot especially with those unexpected moments. Yes it has better low light capability but its useless, it gets grainy at high ISO makes the picture unusable, and it does not have a good image stabilization which you really need when your doing long shutter speed in the end you'll gonna end up having a blurry images. It's only advantages are when you're shooting daylight with steady subject, scenery, flowers etc. and yes I prefer the color it produce than my d7100 because of its Zeiss lens and fast aperture. Plus it is slow, it does not have different processor for processing the image. Its just a fun toy really, not a camera. And if you really want a pocket size camera with you all the time you can get a mirrorless which getting smaller and smaller but works same as a chunky dslr or even better.
  • Name me a high end point and shoot that DOESN'T get grainy at high iso. As I said, you need to go away and learn how to use your 1020....because once you have done that, you will get some outstanding photos. My 1020 is always with me, and ALWAYS gives me memorable photos. They aren't sepia tinged rubbish like an iPhone churns out - or an artificial melee of digital noise as churned out by an SG3. They are just beautiful, pure photos... I should add that I have a 1020 camera grip (which lessens camera shake), and I have a gorillapod with me for tripod work if I am going out purposefully to take photos. For all other times, I just brace my phone against my body -- the OIS works very well in such situations. You are never going to be content with any device because you do not take the time to learn it. I do, and that is why I am incredibly pleased with what I can achieve with this dinky little smartphone. It has rewritten what we all should expect from our cameraphones (and has definitely blurred the lines between phone and high end point and shoot camera)   As ever, remember the mantre 'the best camera is the one that is with you'. That is why I sold my NEX 5N...I just never had it with me when the photo opportunity was there. My 1020 is ALWAYS with me - and that is why I love this little bit of tech.
  • I can agree with that, plus it takes the worry of missing a shot because I don't have my camera. The only thing that worries me is the processing speed which is a pain. And the windows phone os is what I don't like because it does not have that high quality like the IOS. And the IE as well *face palm. I just hate it. And the chunky terrible back is so huge it makes so awkward to use. And yeah most of my complain is on software. Like what you said the HERE maps its so useful, in fact its our most used when we were going out and about it puts those iPhones and androids of my parents and siblings to shame, works even better than our navigation system haha.
  • Surely the point of a camera phone is to pander to the lowest possible denominator. In other words, you shouldn't have to try and learn any new tricks or techniques to take great shots. This is where the 1020 fails as a camera phone, simply because the average consumer doesn't care about learning and just wants to point and shoot. I love my 1020 and have taken some awesome shots which amaze my friends when I show them off. However, I've taken some good shots with my dated Galaxy S3 and Nokia N8 too, which still look good by today's standards. What we are talking about are mobile phones, not cameras, so the end result will never be anything really special. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I'm not sure if I really want or need my phone with a 1080p screen. Specially since I want a WP flagship with a 4" screen.
  • Agree, however a 1080p display on a 5-6" phone like my 1520 is a must.
  • 4" phones are all but dead. I can't think of a company making a flagship phone less than 4.5" including Apple. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Also ND filter
  • And 64gb / 120gb
  • And something new for battery and bigger too
  • Yeah. Buying a decent dslr/mirrorless camera will be a better choice if you're into the camera and buy Android or IOS instead and you will never regret
  • I have owned a myriad of Android devices. I NEVER enjoyed using them.
    My 1020 is almost everything I want in a phone/camera....great to use, takes unbelievable photos, & is always with me.
    By all means, stick to your £600 iOS devices. & feel free to plug yourself into the Google advertising machine. I'll happily stick with what I have right now....
  • Not true, you're just attached to your phone. You'll gonna find its real weakness when you use it that much. Let me ask you would you recommend it to a friend who is using either IOS or Android? And if they asked you what makes the windows phone greater than their current phone, what would you say?
  • I'm just attached to my phone? is easily the most capable phone I have ever owned...
    I'll give you a perfect example of the simple brilliance of this device. I went to a friends 30th over in Portugal this summer. The streets were like a rabbit which my friends consistently got lost in throughout my whole time there.
    No problem for me - I just pressed the pinned hotel location, and Here Maps guided me back home (offline maps are a god send!).
    I became birthday photographer largely on the basis that my 1020 has a xenon flash, amazing video capabilities, and far and away the best photo capabilities too (my friends DSLR never made it out of the apartment). A big thing I discovered was the amazing microphones on my 1020. Where my phone had full bass and dynamic range in the audio tracks, everyone else had tinny rubbish (there were a myriad of iPhones in the group).
    Nokia MixRadio became the default music every evening saved people having to worry about making playlists etc. phone just works in every way I want it too.
    You will never see the value in having a 1020 because you clearly do not have the first idea about photography (hint: an iPhone 4S is laughable in comparison!)
  • Try and take a photo like the one below using your iPhone / Samsung Galaxy S3 :) (Hint, you simply won't be able to!! They can't control noise like a 1020...and they don't have the manual controls either)
    That was taken at 4am in Durness, Scotland (on a cycle tour that delivered me some of the most amazing photos I've ever taken --- all of which were taken using my 1020!) So yes, rather than talking down the 1020 - why not go and try and use one (clearly, you have never owned one)
  • U forgot the price $1030
  • 8.2 Denham  ?????
  • 8.2 Denbacon :D
  • Ahahah this made my day
  • 8.2 Daniel
  • made me laugh xD
  • LOL @bluebox
  • Then it will cost 10 times the iphone
  • Snapdragon 805, 5.2" display, 3GB RAM, Qi+PMA Wireless Charging, 3400 mAh battery, 41MP rear camera, 5MP front camera.
  • That sounds like the purposed 1820 which never came out.
  • This is what we need
  • Sold!!!!!!
  • I'd doubt that
  • Why not 81Mpx? Why not 1101Mpx? Why not 111143344645535342Mpx?   Come on guys, get a grip.
  • 61MP is far beyond 4k which is abt. 8.3MP
  • 4k and 1080p?
  • 4K recording and a 1080 screen is what he most probably meant, so basically no upgrade since Denham (or Denim as most people call it) will already have this feature. I would like them to add Slow-Mo filiming to this list. I am OK with the 1080 screen but 2K (QHD) or 4K (UHD) sounds nice if it doesn't drain you battery life. Internal should at leat be 64 GB and it should definitely come with expandable storage for all those picture and film fiends/lovers (like myself).
  • Honestly, i just wish for a micro SD card slot...
  • We don't actually know how Microsoft will name their phones yet do we? Could be a Microsoft Lumia 640 or maybe a Microsoft Lumia Douche8+....... Who knows!!??
  • Haha probably Lumia Douche8+ its better name it suits Microsoft's
  • Dude... Thats not happening
  • I'd love something like that. I'd hate to say it, but I've been contemplating other phones with a different OS. I'm starting to feel like MS is giving up on high end phones and focusing on the cheaper ones, and awesome applications. I hope they prove me wrong soon, because I love WP 8.1....
  • I think you may be right for now, but that strategy should changed once Windows 10 is out. Were you thinking about getting an iPhone or an Android phone?
  • Honestly, I've been torn. If you have advice, it would be greatly appreciated. It's mainly because I'm switching carriers to Verizon, and they only have one WP, which isn't too much better than my Lumia 925. I want a phablet, and I'm leaning more toward the Note 4. I'd prefer iPhone's simplicity, but they're just too restrictive.
  • You can buy ANY Windows phone off of Amazon unlocked, just make sure it matches the bands. I bought my Lumia 925 off of amazon because it didn't want the white color
  • TokenBlack...stop thinking...your not switching OS.
  • I don't think he is the only one because I am too but I have to wait till September. If I still see no hope for a true flagship phone then I will be switching to a different operating system for my phone.
  • I'm driving myself crazy going back and forth. 8.1 is so good that I hardly care about that app gap anymore. But I want new, awesome hardware. I want to do little things like texting gifs. I'm not gonna switch carriers and b forced to come fully out of pocket for hardware that's almost 2 years old! MS needs to assure their fans and customers that they haven't given up on high-end flagships
  • What the heck does a 4k screen even get you? 1080P is already incredibly sharp. It saps battery life. You might be able to get good battery life with a QHD screen, but you could make it great with 1080p Edit: Thought you were asking for a 4k screen. Direct my comment to anybody thinking 1440p is worth the battery life downside.
  • My kind of taste. I'll buy it right away
  • Not this time buddy.
  • I'm hoping they're NOT announcing the 1030 for one simple reason: Snapdragon 810 is not ready yet. 810 supports a camera up to 55 Mpx straight out of the box, so it would be a perfect match.
  • Good point, but lets hope they do use it when they make one.
  • Cool! Sounds logic.
  • Denim (no denam) is not an OS, it is a firmware. You are so wrong with the specs.
  • 61mp camera?  I would be happy with a faster version of the same camera.  That's my main gripe with the 1020, it's too damn slow.  Other than that, a quad processor, wireless charging built-in, a 5" display, and microsd would make me pretty darn happy.
  • I'd buy that if it also was at least 60fps and the photos were snappy
  • this is just silly, what the hell do you need 61mp for? 4k and 1080p? Denham?  Why did you stop there? Why not ask for more than 61mp? or 256gb of storage? Hey let's also put 16gb of ram into this thing and a 12 core chip   What do you need all of that in a phone for? So you can boast about the stats from which you get very little actual utility? There are far better things you can do with the camera than simply increasing the MP. And why do you need either a 1080p or a 4K on a 5inch max screen? You planning to put the thing right up against your eye?
  • what if i told you... that a phone with such high specs would last 20 times as much as today's standard, since it would be running at 10% of its capacity, considering they all have to stay within normal smartphone's power consumption
  • Sounds too good to be true. Smh. I wish tho
  • I hope it's a cheap low range phone!
  • You forgot to include a toaster mate.
  • So much this. A 1020 with the upgraded PureView tech found in the Icon/1520 would really make my day.
  • I want that surface phone design enough with Lumia brand design...
  • Soon™
  • © Microsoft
  • Nope its a quadcore snapdragon 2xx or 4xx phone with 5 megapixel camera 1 gig ram 8 gig storage 720p screen and 5inch screen.
  • And they'll charge $400-500 for it.
  • Your source? What would be the point of teasing and having a big announcement for a low-end phone? Christmas time is for announcing high-end gear.  Announce your low-end stuff in March with less fanfare.  
  • This is what I was thinking. Maybe they have two versions? :D
  • Visa Declined up above posted the following link, phone in the article looks just like the teaser picture, its a low end 3g only phone.   Visa Declined
  • hopefully an a water proof version of it at that ftw
  • So we can throw it in the ditch?
  • Lol
  • Gonna be a Lumia 635 with a ff camera a flash for the rear and exchangeable wireless back covers $100 launch across all carriers...
  • I think it would be a better step to replace the L630 because it has nothing good. C'mon MS throw an upgraded version of 630. But then also I am totally interested in 730. An upgraded 630 would be good for those who were looking for it.
  • How do you know it will be priced like that. I'd buy it in a heartbeat lol
  • Microsoft is sell an unlocked Lumia black 635!  The only problem is that it only has the AT&T radios inside it; no T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, etc...  on board!  LOL!  It unlocked; but you can only use it pretty much on AT&T unless you don't want to use GSM or LTE!
  • MS: Are you ready for a new phone? US Audience (screaming): YES!! MS: I said are you ready for a new phone? US Audience (screaming): YES!!! MS: Meet the 430!!!! Exclusive to Cricket and Sprint... US Audience: (silence) /s
  • I just laughed so hard lol
  • That was funny dude! I hope MS will change their strategy on that.
  • I laughed cuz this is ridiculous... Yet also plausible since the only way we would EVER get another WP on Sprint is if that happened haha
  • Hahaha!! That was too good...!! :'D LMAO!
  • Ahahahahahahahaha I can't breathe right now! 
  • Hilarious!
  • MS: Meet the 430!!!!! Exclusive to Cricket and Sprint.... US Audience (silence with "cricket" sounds).  lol
  • Haha...good analysis :)
  • Good job!  Except I'd also add "Available in the comming months (May 2015)"
  • That was funny dude! I hope MS will change their strategy on that part.
  • Lmfao!!!
  • Holy shit. Awesome.
  • A 430 on the pay as you go networks would probably outsell a 930, 1030 and 1530 combined... By a WIDE margin. Nobody outside of windows phone fans wants a high end windows phone, the app market is too terrible to justify high prices, and we aren't a very big group.
  • I have been asking for 430 for past three years. It will be game changer. Well, no one in here understand what I mean.
  • Haha
  • Thought Ballmer was no longer doing stuff like this for MS.....
  • Best comment ever! And sadly, too true!
  • From the leaked photos, it looks like a smaller version of Lumia 1320!! if Priced right, will be a big hit here in India!!
  • There will be no new high end this year. McLaren failed, they had no Plan B... :(
  • How hard is it to simply bump up the specs on the 925 and 1020? Samsung does it every year.
  • Well, bumping up 925 specs is basically what they did with the 930 and lesser extent 830. But yeah, 1020 I have said many times, should have been quickly updated, preferably already in the spring, IMHO. I doubt that the cancelled McLaren overlapped it with it directly.
  • 1020 like the 1520 was always marketed as niche. Moves pertaining to these models thus far are not surprising. If a flagship comes to replace the niche one that is the 1520, it will likely come in the form of a more svelte 930.
  • LOL, good one. They basically change the design a little bit and add newer chips don't they!
  • Of course there won't be, nobody buys them anyways... They need to focus more on the low and mid range where they've actually been successful
  • Nobody is saying they should focus less on high volume devices. I am the first one to say that if this coming 5in device is priced right its great for MSand WP! But they do need high end ones too, including but not only due to the halo effect. And e.g. LG and Apple would beg to differ on whether high end models can sell or not. :P
  • Is this also the one that can create a 3D hologram projection of Cortana?
  • Yeah that's the one and its the one that you get a communicator watch and ask kitt to come pick you up also and it will even let you on the iPhones app store as a bonus
  • Does it also transform into whatever Phone you want??
  • No, but it does transform into a yellow Camaro...
  • Yes please don't lead off with some low end phone.
  • Ya watch it be a low end 512 MB RAM phone...
  • "the first mobile device to run the Windows phone OS and not tied to Nokia" is not accurate.
  • we will not see 1020 successor untill 2015 Summer or Fall.......
  • Lumia 1030!!!!
  • Hopefully they announce some other phones soon
  • That horrible piece of nothing? Waste of time, Microsoft! It's about time for 1030 and 1530! Also... In the old good Microsoft/Nokia style, this phone will hit the shelves some time in February all things go well. Perhaps on one or two carriers here and there with limited availability. Waste of time.
  • Another high priced mid range Lumia device or low end 512 ram device.
  • What about 935?
  • Totally agree! The lack of a flagship is going to end up making me jump ship. Microsoft you've had plenty of time to come up with something decent. Thx for ruining Nokia!!!
  • 930 is their flagship already, 1520 is still selling and although us diehard fans love a high end phone the masses don't they want a cheap contact with a free phone or just a nice cheap device
  • I have a 930 and the chipset is ancient! I can only speak for myself but I don't mind buying the latest n greatest every few months n I know alot of peeps are the same. There are too many low end options!
  • Then leave. No one is holding a gun to your head. Spec junkies are hilarious. 
  • You fuckin leave! lol I can't believe I let u get a rise outta me but anyway this is an enthusiasts site n peeps who ate passionate about tech aren't too impressed with MS glacial pace. Sure software is a bit quicker as far as being released goes but hardware is moving along at a snails pace. And yeah I want an uncompromising experience based on specs, software, etc and yeah I might just leave as Microsoft would be slow on v the trigger too ;)
  • Good riddance.
  • Well, I just upgraded from the 920 to the 1520. I'm not too happy that I had to go with a year old phone, less storage, and loss of Qi. I do like the size and speed. I bought it on Next, so hopefully they'll come out with a proper 6" device that has at lest 32m storage, and Qi within a year. If not, I'm done with Wp
  • You know Next is basically the worst thing you can buy, right?
  • It all depends on what plan you have, if you have a plan with 10gb more they give you $25 off so instead of paying 40 per device your paying 15 plus the $24.60 I think it is for the device. It's like paying the 40 for device you ain't gonna notice it.
  • Blame the loss of Qi in the 1520 on AT&T, not Microsoft. The 1520 had Qi, and AT&T stripped it out.
  • You do know that the 1520 has expandable storage.
  • The 930 is an small incremental step over the 920. On Verizon, the Lumia 928 is actually a better product than the Icon. I couldn't figure out one reason to upgrade when I'd be losing glance, and the Xenon flash. Otherwise Windows Phone brought nothing new to the platform to make the upgrade worthwhile. The wait for Cyan or Denim makes the purchase questionable even.
  • The reason to upgrade from the 928 to the Icon is that the Icon has the faster processor (Qualcomm 8XX) processor that will allow for the "Hey Cortana" feature.  You will not be able to have the "Hey Cortana" feature on the 928 because it doesn't have the 8XX SOC chipset.  I will take "Hey Cortana" hands free voice activation over Glance screen any day.
  • The 930 is a flagship as much as the galaxy note 3 is a flagship
  • good luck trying to buy a 930 from an authorized dealer in the US. who wants to drop $500 on a phone with no warranty? the only flagship offering a full windows phone experience (access to all o fthe nokia camera apps, for example) available is the 1520 and that's a niche market and the camera on the m8 is terrible and doesn't get you access to everything WP has to offer. yeah the 830 was just released but that's not going to convince anyone to come to WP. an 830 next to iphone and the latest android offerings? i'm guessing MSFT will win over less than 1% of buyers if that's the option they're giving people. i think msft should burn the candle at both ends--offer the cheap phones and offer real flagships. offer a flagship that has everything people actually want--latest hardware, expandable memory, rapid charging, great front and rear camera, high res screen, all day battery performance, and put it on several carriers or sell it directly. that would sell and get people talking about windows phone.
  • Little impatient much. Go buy an iPhone 6 lol. The 830 has a better camera lol
  • This is getting a bit annoying, if you want 8-core 64bit and 4gb of ram phones just go to android, I bet you will be pleased with the butter smooth performance they get with those specs and the battery life I heard is out of this world. When wp will need that power just to run the os we will get those specs, until then I will happily use my trusty Nokia Lumia 1520.
  • You are just as brainwashed as isheep. Android is stable and smooth when there isnt any bloatware plus the Sony xperia apparently has the best battery life of smartphones. I'm not saying android is perfect but windows phone isn't either.
  • And the hardware argument is bullshit. It's not about smooth performance now but about future proofing. A phone that is high end needs to have the latest hardware because you should get what u paid for and making sure u can keep having a smooth experience with future more heavy OS updates.
  • Re: Johnz87369,
    Very good point.
  • This. The people here are just butthurt twabs. Yes wp cam run low end. But it does better with better specs. Anyone using a 920 (like me) can see the speed diff and speed is everything.
  • Whoa your 920 has no resuming and loading problems.sure that's the fastest phone in wp platform.
  • What's your GF's opinion about "speed is everything"? :)
  • He's a winner
  • The problem is that Windows phone 8.1 is no longer buttery smooth on the hardware or devices launched with, and the new devices exhibit a lot of issues and the "resuming" screen from certain features being a rush job. Me worthless, Games App, now worthless, XBOX music, sluggish at best. Cortana launch speed, very slow. Windows phone also needs that hardware as Microsoft apes the design principles and expanded multitasking of the other operating systems.
  • Actually its not the deal with hardware but the os sisters galaxy star does not even show resuming or loading screen even when 3+apps are running on background whereas in my lumia 520 it takes about 1+second to open an app and almost 3+second to resume it.
  • Exactly! Peeps that carry on about lag in other platforms is actually bullshit now n it's WP that's the lagging OS
  • My 1520 is buttery smooth. Not one single issue with it.
  • It's not about a butter smooth OS, if we have to pay the same amount for a phone with old hardware then we're kind of getting ripped, get my drift
  • I expected a 13xx or 15xx from MS but it looks like they are still not coming with it.
  • Their short term game is to increase market share. They won't do that by introducing pricey flagships, unfortunately, as much as we all want one. The first MS phone has to be affordable to grab that market share.
  • And that's working great for them! Apple doesn't have a low end n look at their numbers, tell u anything?? People in the west don't give a fuck about price, they just want n uncompromised experience!
  • Apple were there first weren't they? They got the foothold. But even they are playing the numbers game now. Look at the 5c - that's low end for them. But MS are playing serious catch up.
  • Bro I used to apologize like this for MS but I've snapped out of it because we're being let down. The 5c was a one off n they haven't gone back b to that n AFAIK they won't be. If u think the 830 is good enough then I'm happy for you but seeing this is a enthusiast site people want more innovation not the same thing over n over again! We have enough low end phones 520/530 620/630/635 720/730 n I couldn't be bothered writing the rest coz u get where I'm going
  • May be Lumia 835
  • If MS had any sense, they'd release the dead McLaren or 935, 1030, 1530.
    But alas, they will most likely release another crappy phone.
    How many of those do we need? We already have 530, 630/5, 730/5, 830! Give us a Snapdragon 805 or 810 phone!
  • Yeah, release another high end flagship that sells like garbage, exactly what they need
  • Well the low end of doing them great isn't it! They went backwards this quarter
  • Bout time
  • Cant believe this year Microsoft wasted by not pushing something more than the 930.
  • It will do the OS harm if no big flagship is announced as well
  • Low end phones are the ones increasing Windows Phones numbers, not flagships.
  • In 3rd world countries maybe but not in Aussie where I'm from. I'm seriously considering jumping ship after being with Nokia from the beginning. The entire episode is sad. Low end phones are uninspiring
  • please do
  • do you really think devs care about marketshare? hint: they give a fuck. Its all about the money. Its a waste of their time relying on users with a thin wallet. Android itself proves countless of times that higher count of phones does not equal higher profits. high end is where the money lays in for a platform. Devs have no interest in OEMs pushing low end if their only business model is not about serving ads to their customers.
  • "do you really think devs care about marketshare?" Fucking A I do, more market share = more customers "Android itself proves countless of times that higher count of phones does not equal higher profits." I guess Samsung has been clueless the last three or four years huh? And go ahead and point out that their profits have decreased to only 3.8 Billion. I always get a kick out of hearing that.
  • True, except for 3 things you are overlooking:
    First is that while flagships do not sell as well, it is where the profit margin is. Even if you don't sell a majority of high-end devices, not having a true flagship cuts into margins pretty dramatically.
    Second is that enthusiasts sell phones. I love my 920, and bragged about it for a long time and quite a few people that I know purchased a low to midrange Lumia because they respected my opinion, but otherwise would not have even considered a WP device. If the enthusiasts do not have a device to brag on then they will not bring people into the fold.
    Thirdly, a large chunk of the WP market share is the Lumia 920 which is fast approaching 2 years old, and many of us feel (rightly or not) that after 2 whole years there is no appropriate replacement. The 1520 is still a great device, but the idea of jumping onto a year old device with a 2 year contract is a bit scary (who wants a 3 year old phone?). Besides, the 1520 was a lot more appealing when I was running a business and using my phone as a laptop... now that I am a student with a laptop a more mainstream phone is more appealing. The 930 is an OK device, but it is simply not available (loosing support on VZW, and no release in sight for ATT), besides the fact that it is a step backwards in features (though a clear step forwards in speed). The 830 is an OK replacement for the 920, but it is only a slight upgrade in features, and a step down in quality... and it looks like ATT will be pricing it as a flagship which is ridiculous. Lastly there is the One which is a decent device, but the camera is mediocre, and it surely will not get the same level of support as Nokia/MS devices in the way of firmware and OS updates... Still, of the options available it is the best choice at the moment. The last option is to wait for the flagships that were supposed to come out but were canceled, but only God knows if/when those devices will be released. I would hope they would release with Win10 in the spring... but the phone version of 10 may not be released until next summer or fall, and that would be a long wait.
    Point being that the current 920 users have limited options, or may have to wait a while. Without a decent replacement then a large chunk of them are going to move to different platforms which will affect market share as there are a lot of 920 users out there.
  • I agree with and approve of this comment. Love my 920 but its getting all 'lagdroid' on me and I don't want a 5" with no expandable storage OR a 6" phone that's just way too big. I basically want the 1520 with the most current chipset, best camera optics and expandable storage. I suppose if they make a 'perfect' then that leaves them with no where to go...
  • Your second and third points are dead on. Race cars sell normal cars. I love, love, LOVE my windows phones but if a flagship doesn't come out soon to replace the 920 & 1020, I'll be hard pressed to remain faithful. Apple has finally made a phone big enough to consider... I also think Ms should sell their phones like apple, no exclusives. I'd take a 930 if I could. But at this point I'd really like a 1030 with qi worthless charging intact. att has a knack for botching up good products (ram reduction, no qi, and in the 830s case to high a price for a mid range phone)...
  • Spot on analysis. These are my thoughts exactly. I hope this new phone isn't the mid-range one that has already leaked.
  • +920
    Excellent and valid points. For many of us, having a refresh 1020 in a 930ish body is the only option worth considering. Comon MSFT, give us THAT darn camera but make it FAST... It the legacy Nokia left behind, may it live on...
  • Well done Daniel! This is one of the best articulated comments regarding the current state of WP. Simple and straight forward. I 100% agree with you, I am also a 920 owner and right now there is simply no direction to go. I'm still happy with the 920 but I have to say it is a little frustrating seeing the new iPhones and several new Android devices being released around us and it appears theres nothing really on the horizon for WP users. Its really a matter of patience but you make a valid point, alot of people are going to lose patience and jump ship. Its really sad because I think MSFT has something good going here.
  • It also keeps them from improving the OS in meaningful ways because the low end hardware doesn't get most of say the Lumia Denim feature improvements
  • Yes but usually a company want to attack all markets not just one. The ones who like wp flagships are not getting phones they want. The 1520 is too big for some people and the icon was only available to some people
  • True, but there is an image that one projects. Untile recently with phones, MS it has always been important to MS to have an image of making high quality devices: Surface, Xbox, Zune, etc. If they keep this trend up with WP, it will develop an image for low-mid range phones only. If nothing else, they need to have a really great flagship phone even if they make no money on it. 
  • You can't hurt something that's already dead.
  • The 930 is a cracking bit of kit, shame about how it was handled by the carriers.
  • What does mean a cracking bit of kit ?
  • It means "awesome piece of hardware."
  • "crack" is slang for bottom, as in "a plumbers' crack"; "bit" is slang for "drill bit" for drilling holes in walls; and "kit" is slang for KITT, the Artificial Intelligence module in Knight Rider's car. I hope that clears things up!
  • That's as Brit a saying as ever there was. 
  • Yeah but like the 920 before it a little bit tubby. We need a 935 to slim things down and bring some other improvements (processor, screen, ram, etc).
  • I actually liked the extra weight of the 920 as it felt like a phone built to last.
  • And a shame it doesn't have microSD, which means I don't want to buy it
  • Apart from the 830, 730, 630 & 530 you mean... But yeah, we need the 1030 & 1530 now.
  • McLaren was the plan. Astonishingly they had no plan B.
  • Dude... Microsoft JUST bought nokia's devices and services, did you expect them to keep making phones at the same speed while microsoft worked on merging them? Quit your damn whining and learn how companies work.
  • Yeah...
    Coming soon ™
    © Microsoft
  • You cannot buy the 930 if you wanted to use it in the U.S.!  All the radio frequencies are wrong for data!
  • How awesome would it be if it was a flagship device? Unfortunately it will probably just be a low end device.
  • Already got the 530 and 630, so unless it's a 1330, we should hopefully finally have what we need.
  • Yeh, in need of a flag ship sold in the Microsoft store that supports 4glte on all us carriers. The US market is suffering because of carrier exclusive fragmentation bullarky. Ie the Lumia icon/930. Verizon exclusive, but they already retired it even though it is one of the best phones on the market. BYOP is a huge potential market for the high end in the us. Microsoft just needs to capitalize. I will never sign another contact with a carrier. I like to keep my phone and plan separate so I can shop for the best deal on each. Plus I like to buy the best of tech that is about a year old used. But that's off the subject. Hope Microsoft comes out with a game changer high end device that is widely available and won't break the bank. Also keep pushing the camera tech. Everyone is always impressed by my 925's pics. I have friends that are now interested in Lumia because of the superior camera tech and solid design. I disagree with the people who are clambering for a thinner phone. I would prefer larger battery, bigger camera sensor, better optics, and better internal improvements than shaving a millimeter off the spec sheet. I'm super excited about this news. Hope Microsoft does this right!
  • I'm crossing my fingers for a thin 935 that also has vibrant colors, but we'll see. 
  • Amazing I love that kind of news
  • Flagship devices are good,but what you are going to do with them is more important.Fix the damn apps are a joke compared to iOS and Android.Who wants to pay 800$ for a flagship device and wont have access to quality apps they need?
  • You do know how the app-store works?
  • I don't get you sir!!
  • Sure, make your "app," and Mircosoft will put it in the store to boost count numbers, no questions asked.
  • ??
  • Like buying a Ferrari and using cheap oil and tires.
  • U got it bro!!
  • NICE
  • Please 1030
  • I don't know why, but I'm sad.
  • Maybe because it is no longer Nokia? Or maybe we suspect...IT MAY BE ANOTHER MID RANGE DEVICE!!!
  • It may, but then we already have the 530, 630/635, 730/735, 830 and 930. There's no other mid range they can fill. I think this is finally going to be their flagship 1030 or at least a 935 or 1530.
  • 535 :(?
  • It is 100% sure to be a cheap 5in device.
  • Visa declined posted a link above to an engadget article about a new microsoft branded phone that looks just like the teaser image, its a low end 3g only phone,  don't get your hopes up.   Visa Declined
  • Lmfao you really think they are going to put out a lousy 3g phone for the FIRST Microsoft branded Windows Phone? You've lost your mind.
  • What would be better than the 930?
  • 930 with 1020 camera! ;)
  • Exactly!
  • In body of 730 (and with it's FF camera).
  • I have the 930 n I'm actually liking the size now more than I did b4, so yeah bigger sensor n chipset would be nice but it ain't gonna happen coz MS seems to think everyone wants low/mid range.....idiots
  • A decent display
  • 930 with microSD *sigh*
  • A 930 that has Glance, SD support, went on a diet, and was actually available.
  • 1520
  • Boring. Zzzzzzzz. I need a 1020 or 1520 successor
  • that really is not only devices left to do unless they release a whole new "line" 
  • Hopefully it will have 8.1.2
  • 10.1 :-)
  • Who prepared the hardware... Microsoft or Nokia?
  • Made by Microsoft through Nokia's former factories. Nokia no longer makes phones until 2016 or when their agreement with Microsoft ends whichever the case.
  • Can I ask for a link about this 2016 news please? I've been looking for it and all I can find is the 10 years Nokia branding agreement.
  • It's been everywhere, they are going with Android though which probably isn't a bad idea considering what MS ate doing to their own platform :(
  • Don't have the link, but just wanted to tell you that it's not a 10 year branding agreement. It's a 10 year patent licensing agreement. Microsoft can use the Nokia brand up to 2016, after which Nokia can start making their own phones if they wish to.
  • It was a 10 yr patent and branding agreement. However the branding is for feature phone and not smartphones. Smartphone branding was 18 or 24 month.
  • Here   Page 28: Nokia will continue to own and maintain the Nokia brand. Microsoft has also agreed to a 10 year license arrangement with Nokia to use the Nokia brand on current and subsequently developed Mobile Phones products based on the Series 30 and Series 40 operating systems. After the Closing, Nokia would be restricted from licensing the Nokia brand for use in connection with mobile device sales for 30 months and from using the Nokia brand on Nokia’s own mobile devices until December 31, 2015.
  • Nokia will be launching Android based Nokia phones in 2016. All those Nokia Phone designers, haven't been sitting on their arses in Finland, they have used their MS redundancy package to help them through to Nokia Phone relaunch.
    Nokia Android phones will sell like hotcakes throughout worldwide markets.
    Windows Phone will be history by then, as we know Satya is not interested in the platform.
  • Was started under Nokia and probably had very little input from MS even after the deal closed.
  • Another mid range/low end. :/
  • Another low end phone...meh
  • That's what I'm thinking too given that little shot of the corner of the phone.
  • If its another low end freaking phone...
  • My guess is a replacement to 1520 and/or 1020. I strongly wish its 1520 cos iPhone 6 Plus and Note 4 are stealing the headlines in this category and 1020 is still largely unmatched at the moment. Lumia Note anyone?
  • Lumia Note will be awesome. But the OS is still under development, can't expect this until official release Windows 10. It will be weird to have no extra big features compared to other Windows Phones other than a pen given
  • It's The 5*5*5 ...,
  • Herman Cain edition. "You don't have $450 for a lower midrange phone? Blame yoself!"
  • Maybe the Surface phone!
  • Microsoft Windows Phones have officially been branded as Lumia/ Microsoft Lumia. No more Windows phone, just Lumia running Windows.
  • Im thinking they might go with the Lumia branding for the entry to mid level phones and a Surface M as the premium line.
  • Lumia = Phones
    Surface = Tablets
  • Honestly, I'm going to say mid range phone. Probably similar to the 635.
  • Pretty sure they have done their best in low and mid range Microsoft has to make a statement here, unfortunately it will only be available one one shit ass US carrier and other parts of the world by February if we are lucky
  • Mid-ranger
  • Another frigging 'affordable' phone. Somebody tell them we need a flagship. Not a phablet, not a niche camera monster, not an affordable low end phone but a full blooded flagship!!!!
  • Flagships in the Windows Phone world tend to be all about the camera.
    If you don't want the top camera, why not go for a Lumia 930? It is a flagship in every other respect...
  • I have a 930 n I tend to disagree, the specs are a year old for fucks sake! Microsoft had lost the plot!!!
  • Just the processor, most of everything else about the phone is up-to-date and in some cases we have more. Though the processor is older, the OS runs really well on it and it's very snappy, it has a 20 mp camera (which most others don't), wireless charging (almost all others don't), surround sound recording (first to have this), we can use gloves on our screens (most still dont have this), a brilliant HD screen, capable of 4k recording with denim, OIS (most still dont have this) all in a high quality aluminum build. Yes i wish they would have given us waterproof/dustproof with expandable memory but those would just be a bonus not necessities. As long as the phone is working as (fast/snappy) as it should, then "sacrificing" the processor to give us features such as OIS/20mp camera and wireless charging are definitely welcome. If last year hardware specs are to go by, then you can also the iPhone 6/+ are last year specs. The 930 is a flagship that is really underrated, simply for its processor.
  • Thats the whole point. A flagship means I shouldnt be sacrificing on anything. Atleast not under the major heads of processor, RAM, screen resolution. Lets not even talk of Denim. Its still not here yet. And most importantly, the phone is still not available in half the world yet. So is it the premium lumia device in the US, yes. But is it really a mass market flagship, absolutely not!!
  • So by that we can assume the iPhone 6/+ are not flagship devices, as they sacrifice on a lot; features and hardware specs. 930 Processor might be SLIGHTlY old but we have enough ram and the screen resolution is top (even higher than iPhones). After using wireless charging and super sensitive touch (allowing us to use gloves) since the 920 was released, such features while not mandatory, are advantages that should not be taken lightly either. I nearly didnt buy the 930 due to all the negativity i was reading but when I did decide to take the plunge, boy was I happy I did, which is why: I completely agree that it is indeed unfortunate that it's not available everywhere yet, because it is a beautiful device that everyone should be able to get their hands on... that said though, anyone who is interested in it and can afford it, surely can find a way to get hold of it.
  • I can only speak for me but I was totally underwhelmed coming from my 925 which is a better phone frankly n don't get me started on the lack of Glance. Bro I'm happy for u that ur satisfied but quite frankly I'm over it n if MS don't release a flagship they are going to lose alot of customers judging by all the negative talk in this forum. Read thru it bro its all negative
  • After reading all the negativity, i considered upgrading temporarily to the truly beautiful 925 (from a 920) until a new flagship would be released but the 925 was being sold for $400 and the 930 for $500, so for just a $100 difference, it made more sense to get the 930 and that's actually how i took the plunge. For me, Glance wasnt an issue at all, i tried it on my 920 and never thought much of it. I'm not saying there shouldnt be a better upgrade option by now but this is definitely a flagship device I believe most the negativity on this site derives from ppl who might be interested to purchase the 930 but are worried about where they out their money and rightly so. Due to its late release (it's been nearly a year since 930 was announced and still not released everywhere) there's bound to be a new device on the horizon that will make the 930 feel outdated and they are completely right to feel that way and it is indeed MS/Nokia's fault for that. Had they released this device soon after the announcement, surely ppl would have hesitated less and purchased it. I didnt get my 930 on a carrier plan and I just purchased my 930 few weeks ago, so if MS's announcement is indeed a new flagship, surely I will be slightly bummed but with that said the 930 would still hold its own as it is a great device. If their next flagship is THAT much better (which i high doubt), I can always sell an upgrade but I have a feeling they intend on launching their next flagship with Windows 10 and there's still lots time of time for that
  • @abduz Yeah, agree the 930 is an awesome phone. Loved my 920 and was not sure about moving to the 930, but once I tried the 930 I knew I had to say goodbye to my lovely 920. Haven't looked back since. With the Windows OS being so efficient and snappy who needs more!
  • in the US? Last I checked ATT does not have it and VZW is dropping it. It is a 'flagship' that simply does not exist. Besides VZW does not update phones, so don't expect to see Denim on an Icon any time soon.
  • I'm in Aussie bro, if ur referring to me otherwise ignore my comment
  • 1520 is the only true king of WP. Forget about the size, and one can see it is the only phone with all the features.
  • 1020 has a better camera, 930 has a more usable size...
    A fusion of all 3 devices would give us a perfect Windows Phone :).
  • No its not. Its an international variant of the Lumia Icon. And the Lumia Icon was never projected as a flagship device. I dont mind the camera. I realize for these phones its going to be all about the camera. But atleast give us a new device. The Lumia 930 is still not available in more than half the world. Microsoft seems to be focusing way too much on the concept of affordability these days. To an extent it makes sense. But you can not sell affordable devices unless there is enough awareness about your device/OS to get people interested. And awareness can be generated through a flagship. To top it all off, they have gone ahead and released a new version of Office for iOS and Android, and us WP guys are still trying to figure out "...if I turn my phone into portrait orientation will this word file display properly..." And finally with the last Preview for Developers update it looks like my phone battery life has been cut into half. A bloody iphone lasts longer these days for me. Just really pissed at MS at the moment. /Rant Mode Off
  • I agree 100% bro. I'm pissed with them too. Abduz ur trying to sell ice to eskimos bro as I have a 930 and u can't tell me its rock solid when even the HTC blows it out of the water in every benchmark. I'm over MS n their low end bullshit!
  • Lol you guys are completely right about MS and their strategy on WP (for time being), im completely with everyone on this but concerning the 93 I didnt say it is the best device but it is definitely great device worthy of a flagship title. It lacks in some areas but excels in others just like other flagships and thats all im trying to say...and the fact that they took (and still are) taking so long to release it, doesnt help at all, since an update is bound to be on the horizon. On that note, while i do entirely agree that MS appears to be swinging and losing touch, by hearing of their strategy with Win10 and their excitement for it, i have a feeling they are putting all their eggs into that basket.
  • It's just sad to think Nokia wouldn't have gone this route
  • @boxa72 I agree and it's unfortunate the board agreed to sell out instead of considering other options while still supporting WP. Oh well, what's done is done but at least we have our hands on the last Nokia branded flagship device.
  • Bro the ONLY thing that keeps me here is Imaging. You think it's frustrating for us, imaging Juha n the rest of the imaging guys from Nokia n how pissed they'd be right now! Developing one uninspiring low end crap after another! I really feel for those guys coz they'd be tearing their hair out right now wanting to trump 41MP
  • Yea im sure they are getting irritated as f*ck, so here's hoping they are indeed working on some interesting devices that we know nothing of yet, because to say the very least, MS's flagship that ships with Win10 needs to make headlines and pique ppls (not just the ones on this sites) interest.
  • Bro even if I leave which is still n IF, I won't be parting with my 930 coz it takes amazing images. Just the other day me n my mate who had n iPhone 6 had a little photo comp n he was blown away by how good my images were and that's the shit that MS have to capitalize on because my mate had no idea that Nokia were that good in the imaging dept n the rest of the world are probably oblivious too!
  • They had one, fumbled the ball, and had no plan B. Amazing.
  • I know ridiculous!
  • No we don't want Lumia 1530 :') I want to have the latest 15xx device :p long live Lumia 1520
  • Agreed!!
  • HOW MANY DAMN MID RANGE PHONES DO THEY NEED? Where are the Damn flagships?! WTF
  • They are the ones which Sell the most. All dont want to spend on flagship devices.
  • Yes but they have already made enough affordable phones. Time for a flagship. Some of us do want high end phones.
  • Exactly!
  • round edges 1320 successor
  • Seems likely... A 1330.
  • I did like the 1320, and it makes sense as there isn't any other mid range series left. 1330! 
  • It may not be named 1330. Since Microsoft changed the brand name, and numbering the model isn't their style. One thing I'm very sure is that once Microsoft announces this phone, sites like iverge will keep on mentioning about nokia brand is gone and now Microsoft take over and it will suck. I just hate those media licking Apple ass!
  • Don't forget the balls.
  • It will be a phone exclusive to Verizon who will promptly kill it off some months later.
  • I wish it were high end :(
  • 535
  • How do you guys know its midrange?
  • It's already been leaked
  • From a post above: Visa Declined
  • Really need something like a flagship!!
  • I don't like the name. "Microsoft Lumia", too long i think and not easy to say it. But i agree with their strategy by not pushing a flagship this year. Go make more inovation in phone camera. Larger sensor, fast shoot time, battery efficient, and please keep the 4.5" screen. So the weakness of 1020 (poor battery life and slow camera) don't comes again in the next flagship. We'll wait for the 1020 successor and when it comes out, it will be a big surprise for us. But, i still don't like if the name is "Microsoft Lumia 1030". Still wondering if the name is just "Lumia 1030".
  • i agree on the name length which is too long, they can just put MS Lumia if they want their name to be part of the name.
  • This phone will be the 830 rebranded as Microsoft
  • You have a photo of the corner of the device.... It looks NOTHING like an 830!! Keep guessing ;)
  • If the picture which has been displayed is a part of phone then I guess it is gonna be a low end phone with a front cam . Because the design strongly resembles 520ish . So that is a fair possibility . something off topic, microsoft nade office for mobile free on android and iOS. I guess one of the unique features of Lumia is gone now. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Um, the 520 has sharp corners. I think you meant 530.
  • yup!! was a typo... :)
  • I knew it +1030 present for Xmas :)
  • Is there any other leaks on this? If not, we can't assume it's a mid or low end phone. Microsoft is more uptight about leaks nowadays. They did with the Band, they might just do with this phone.
  • It definitely a low end device. The current flagship such as L930/830 has metal band around it.
  • This one doesn't have a camera button, so it is below 830 specs.
  • It's Microsoft Lumia 1525
  • While the rest of the world is commemorating Armistice Day, Microsoft is busy trying to sell some average phones.
    Surely the powers that be in MS could have delayed the product launch by just a day or two?
  • Who gives a crap
  • Where are you from? Africa/Asia/North America/Europe? If you are from any of those places, have some respect. Your forefathers likely fought (and possibly died) in that terrible war. At the very least, read up on why the event is so important -- it may make you think twice before you say you don't 'give a crap'.
  • hprvez, you might also recognize it as Veteran's Day.  So, yes, there are some of us who do care to honor those who sacrificed so that you could choose to not "give a crap". I don't think you want to show your face in my neighborhood.
  • Where, the hood?
  • RIP Nokia :(
  • Nokia still exists. They may even make phones again. Microsoft don't own the Nokia brand or IP. They merely licenced it.
  • Nokia will be back, and i for one can't wait.
  • My next phone is not Windows phone.... No Nokia, No WP
  • Why, because you're afraid the build quality will suffer? Not if their tablets are anything to go by. All their Surfaces have been beautifully-made pieces of kit.
  • And where will you'll go to? Samsung? That's a lot like Nokia! And WP's from Microsoft are so different from Nokia Lumias... /s
  • Well the people behind this new Microsoft Lumia is same people behind the Nokia Lumia. It's just unfortunate fact that you have to accept that Microsoft didn't manage to get the Nokia brand for their own since Nokia as a seperate company still exist, but not for mobile phones anymore. The goodside of this, the people who continue to design and build Lumia devices with much more resources and financial from Microsoft than they used to have from old Nokia.
  • keep in mind that Nokia killed Nokia, not MS. MS has access to the same IP, the same factories, and much of the same workforce... but because MS is not bankrupt they might be able to make phones available. MS has the potential to be a much better Nokia than Nokia ever was. The only complaint is in what their first offering looks to be a low-midrange device rather than a flagship. I don't think anyone is questioning the quality or support of the product.
  • And those poor Nokia guys! Can u imagine how Juha n the rest of the imaging team feel about making one uninspiring low end piece of shit after another, when they're probably chomping at the bit to surpass 41MP
  • I assume there was a nice camera in the McLaren that was cancelled. No Juha and all of us have to wait till they recoup (since there was no Plan B) and come up with a new device for sometime next year...
  • I can't believe a company as large and experienced as MS had no plan B. WTF???
  • Yeah, it is somewhat mind boggling (part of the blame of course also belongs to the pre-MS takeover Nokia devices division, although, AFAIK, McLaren was some driven (haha...) by MS's work on the 3D interactions etc.). It also appears they think the 830, 930, 1520 combo is somewhat adequate in this situation... One should bear in mind that in many markets the 930 is more broadly available than here in the US where the situation is particularly dire.
  • That's what doesn't make sense! Even in the market where everybody thinks they get everything, they are let down by poor supply chain! I've seen numerous comments here about people that went to a store n couldn't buy anything as there was nothing available. Every person I know has mistaken my phone for an iPhone 6 so peeps basically don't know WP exists
  • Plan B could be McLaren with Windows 10.
  • I'd rather call that Plan C as W10 probably won't be on phones and retail before April/May at the very earliest.
  • @anudeep why?
  • Gotta have more "affordable high end," the new in thang!
  • Needs to be a flagship phone. May as well pack up and go home otherwise.
  • #morelumia 1530
  • Hopefully not another bloody low end phone we have enough already Microsoft! Mid range or higher at least please would be appreciated:)
  • It won't be high-end; no aluminium band around the edge. I'm not saying that is essential for a high-end phone, bit that's the direction Microsoft/Nokia were going in with the 930 and 830.
  • Can we tell what type of phone it might be from the RM number? Judging from the teaser, it doesn't seem like a 1020 successor as its focus seem to be on the front facing camera. While all points to a no flagship this year, I hope we are all wrong, if not a 1030 at least a flagship worth a look.
  • My 930 is RM 1045 so I guess it would have to be higher than that
  • RM numbers go by order of development, so if they started developing a 540 low-end device today then it would have a higher RM number than your 930 had.
  • Who cares?
  • Windows phone fans.
  • I do care very much
  • Nothing says 'hey, we're Microsoft and we build great phones!' quite like a low end Lumia phone...
  • No flagship by next year, hello iPhone 6+! Maybe... Still love my Nokia 1520. Nokia guys, Nokia!
  • Yeah I been looking at Android more n more lately. It's looking like I might go n look at coming back when they actually decide they need a flagship
  • My 1520 is a keeper. As long as it keeps getting updates, I'm happy. Somehow, I'm just not into Android phones. I just think it's clunky. The simplicity and beauty of WP keeps me wanting more....
  • I love WP but MS are destroying it with idiotic decisions. I played with a G3 today n it wasn't that bad n would complement my TV anyway. I currently have a 930 but I won't be getting rid of it just getting 2nd phone
  • The situation reminds me of the Google Motorola buyout. Google simply ripped motorola apart and sold it all to Lenovo. We could be underestimating MS. They may just have something up their sleeves to release with windows 10.
  • Yeah maybe but even then Windows 10 is still a fair way off. I mean we haven't even got Denim on the preview yet. Only good thing is I'll get Denim 1st along with 1520
  • Don't put it in a pocket
  • We don't care about a cheap ass phone, we want a successor to the 1520 with bigger screen ;)
  • We need a flagship!
  • Maybe they just spoiler the Event with an already well known (nokia-)design which they continue to persue, so they still have the "old" nokia Lumia users in mind and then they show "one more thing" which will be the new flagship-device, which has more of a surface/lumia 830/930 Design. Windowsphone needs new flagship Phones, eventhough the most users buy lowend w-phones. Microsoft has to show what the company is capable of. What Windows (phone) could and already can achieve. "Noone" is interested yet in another one of the mill smartphone.  
    Keep fingers crossed for a true high-end microsoft smartphone
  • 11/11/14 I want Lumia Denim for my 1520¬_¬*
  • Maybe 1330. Seeing the curved angle.
  • "First to run Windows Phone OS and not be tied to Nokia" WAT.
  • Microsoft's first device to run WP with their own branding..
  • Man, I just hope this device will be a major flagship phone!
  • A phone between Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 is a must bcoz there's huge gap in price tag but 920 & 1320 & 925 are too old to fill that gap.... So hope a new device in that place ...... Will replace my Lumia 1320 for sure. ofcouse... We need a flagship with snapdragon 801 805 810. And some more devices with Snapdragon 600 and 615 and also 410..... hope Microsoft makes use of processors which are being used by all Brands in market .... Even we need a 41MP or may be higher if possible
  • *waiting*
  • Sounds like alot of peeps are seriously considering jumping ship. I think I will too coz this is beyond a joke! Who cares about low/mid end phones Microsoft, wake up to yourselves
  • Its gonna be Lumia 535 btw. That's what i read somewhere.
  • Icon 2 with 5.5 in screen, 4 GB ram, 64 GB internal, 40 mp camera, 6mp front camera with 8.1.2 denim
  • And another lousy low end device... Microsoft sure knows how to lay down a good strategy to serve all their customers ...
  • I know we all need a nice flagship like 920 was, but I guess technology can't improve that fast. How many new features can we implement in a new flagship every year? 930 IS a good flagship and with some nice new features. Why should every 930 owner feel like they have an old flagship already?
  • I have a 930 and the chipset is a year old. That's ancient in tech. I can only speak for myself but I am prepared to buy the latest n greatest every few months!
  • So, what would a new chipset do that the 930 can't? I bet it wouldn't even seem faster.
  • Are u blind! Look at the benchmarks with the HTC (I'm not saying the whole name). The 930 is NOT a flagship, it's n international variant of a very old phone (icon). I'd it was a true flagship it wouldn't sacrifice in any area, chipset, screen resolution, etc and now all the rest have caught up camera wise because MS keep playing this stupid low end game
  • Then we never had a true flagship. Because when the 920 came out it had a very very old chipset. Still I haven't heard anyone talking about how slow and laggy their "flagship" was on WP...
  • You don't understand. A new processor means you can brag and spam shit with all your lagging friends about how it will make your bad written software run fluid and not hang every second, but wait a moment, you forgot you are using windows phone
  • I've used all 3 platforms and they're all about the same except the app gap so trying to get a ride outta me won't keep me with WP any longer if MS continue to play this ridiculous low end game
  • You have to accept, though, that you are very much in the minority. In fact, the kind of person who comments on sites like this is in the minority. Microsoft would be incredibly foolish to cater for this market, at least initially when they're trying to increase market share. At the moment, it's all about getting their devices into as many people's hands as possible, and, as such, means a low-cost but well-made handset. Anyone whose priority is getting cutting-edge tech every few months and doesn't mind a slightly ropy OS would be better catered for with an Android device.
  • Perhaps although I like the OS but there's so much I'm missing out on n so are u if u are entirely honest. I don't have an app for my bank (unless you call a wrapper n app), my credit union, my local football club and the list is fuckin endless. MS were in this BEFORE Apple n Android so what gives. I'm over it bro n judging by alot of the comments in here I'm not the only one
  • Those (locals) are the kind of business that only make an app if there's enough user count. You know WP has 10 low end users for each flagship user, don't you? I prefer a couple of wrappers over an andoid phone.
  • Anyway bro I'm going to watch the cricket coz that's more important but seriously bro bagging iPhone n Android is old they don't lag anymore, have u used one lately???
  • Seriously, I suggest maybe you just go with any alternative you want? No point stressing yourself over WP if it really doesn't satisfy your needs, because even with a brand new flagship, the software side of things will certainly not change overnight! What you'll be getting is a slightly faster experience of the already very fast WP even on 2 yr old hardware. I think people should just go with what they want WP, iOS or Android, this isn't a do or die affair. Let's just enjoy what we have. MS is doing what it can, but we can't reasonably expect any sudden apps parity by releasing a flagship, which I'll argue is the real difference between WP and others, not the hardware.
  • I am bro I was just putting my 2c in. If peeps are happy with Microsoft's glacial pace with products by all means stick with them but ur right about apps n that's where ultimately things are gonna end badly for them. Also do u honestly think low end hardware excites developers, I can tell u it doesn't but that's neither here nor there because honestly I think MS are gonna do the same thing as Google n sell Nokia on.
  • We don't need money driven developers, we already have enough common apps. What we need is those local devs that don't do it for the money, but for the user base like banks, credit unions, and local football clubs!
  • Good luck finding enough of em because most people are in it for a living. I'm just starting myself n I can tell u until I'm firmly entrenched I won't be doing it outta love. Anyway bro have a good night or day. I'm going to bed. @JPDVM2014 it is isn't it but Apple is a little too closed I think. I think Tim Cook had severe control issues lol
  • The iPhone 6+ is tempting. It would be nice to have all of the apps. The only problem is that I don't trust Google and iOS doesn't have anything to replace live tiles. For me, at least, functionality is more important than apps.
  • Hopefully a phone whit the new Snapdragon 801 processor and a bigger battery. But the phones than runs WP can be how good and strong they want, it's not the problem
    The problem is Windows Phone OS itself. If you live outside the states you don't have Cortana, Swype or like me, not even a app for my bank! What's left then? Why stay?
  • Well said!! I'm not the only one that thinks a 'so-called flagship' is not really the problem.FIX THE DAMN WP APPSTORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Exactly! Begin whit apps like Instagram(Not beta) so you can post videos and all the other functions that's on Ios and Android already. Sure my 930 has a awsome camera but I can't use it the way I want. Thereafter Snapchat and of course the popular games for the younger kids. And please! We need an app so I can check my bank account :/
  • Common apps like Instagram,facebook,flipboard,fb chat(no call features),twitter,bbm,Cnet app,mail app,Skype, I can go on are all craps compared to ios and Android.Xbox music,games are not good enough...It's needs more than just a me tell them bro
  • Amen! We have to get MS to understand this. The first step here is for MS to release Cortana and Swype for more markets and not just the states. Here in Sweden we don't get much from our Wp phones(Or Xbox One)
  • Lumia 1230, or 1330.
  • 1730. 7inch screen
  • /s There fixed it.
  • It May be a successor of 1320
  • Please show the press shot with a background photo. I was at this lady's house fixing her Samsung pc, and she said like Samsung and was like "they tried to give me a phone with all those colorful tiles" I pulled out my 1020 with a background pic and said "like this" she said NO. I was like WTF.
  • It is the 1330. No flagship, sorry.
  • They usually announce two phones at a time so fingers crossed for a mid range and a flagship/1030
  • Flagship, flagship...come one baby needs a new pair of flagships. 1030 and 103X...5" and 6" variants, I like the idea of 61mp 10X zoom, with 64 to 128gb with sd slot...lets never make the mistake of leaving out the expansion slot again...and cutting edge tech, not that lacking dying tech the 1020 got.
    And yes, lets not forget and 1530.
    Both priced under $600, that's right, you want to beat the champions Microsoft? You have to fight harder, why would any Android or ios user jump ship without more reliable cutting edge Innovative features for a noticeably better price? Heck, I am barely hanging in here and I have been with Nokia for so very long. Now that the Symbian file freedom and USB to Go is gone the only thing keeping me here is the free offline turn by turn navigation and the hope of a super camera, literally.
  • For now only the RM1090 has been leaked. Though from the past announcements, I noticed Nokia presenting 2 phones at the same time. Really dissapointed that this could be another midrange phone. But still hoping and really really desperate that another Flagship will be announced. Bring it on MS! Amaze or break our hearts
  • Has anyone check to see if the RM-1090 code seems inline with any of the existing sets? The 930 is RM-1034, or are the RM codes just based on the order the phone is released rather than a class of device?
  • The 1090 is known. its on the fcc website already. % megapixel camera 5 inch 720p screen 1 gig ram quadcore snapdragon 2xx or 4xx.
  • Crap so mid tier phone then... What the... There is already been like 3 mid tiers since the last high end...
  • This looks like a mid-ranger. From the portion of the device shown, it doesn't look anything like a high end model..
  • I'm just quietly gonna join the "sod off with the low-end/mid-range already" camp. If Microsoft wishes to tell me they can make premium devices than they should make premium devices. Because if all we have are affordable ones and mid range I might as well jump ship. As for the camera: Their camera tech is good enough as is. I don't give a hoot about more megapixels, the 930 has more than enough with 20. They want to improve the camera? How about a dedicated imaging chip? Or how about working in post processing and improving the abysmal panorama feature for example?
  • It might be th lumia 430 the lumia device to push the price even lower, announced next week to hit the shelfs first week of December globally for only 39$ dollar. The device that would push Windows Phone marketshare trough the 10% marketshare barrier just in time for Windows 10 that would be released simultaneously with the Lumia 1030 and Lumia 1530 (and the surface pro 4) on the Microsoft build conference in April 2015! It's all about the strategy, people!
  • 4 is unlucky according to some Finnish stuff. Nokia never had and device with 4 in the model name (yeah only the RM numbers had 4). But I do not think it will be a 430.
  • This sounds spot on. Apart from I don't think they will use 430 naming because this device would beat the 530/630 in every way and the 630 only launched 3 months ago. Perhaps they will change the naming system so this will now be the default low end replacing 5/6 series devices. Agree with your Flasghip predictions though sadly.
  • My 10 months old yellow Lumia 1520 has suffered two mishaps : Broken screen (replaced it at US $200) and the polycarbonate part near the charging port has been broken. It's about time to upgrade to a 1530/1540!!!
  • Another mid range phone
  • Sorry to disappoint everyone expected high end phone. This one is Lumia 535. 5 inch qHD Screen 1.2GHz Snapdragon 200 chip Dual-SIM 1GB RAM 8GB ROM 5 mega pixels primary camera and VGA front camera 1900mAh battery Dimensions: 140.2×72.45×9.32(mm) Weight: 145.7 gms Frequency support: 900MHz,1800MHz,850MHz,1900MHz Colors: black, white, gray, blue, orange, green
  • Source please.
  • this is source
  • Its also been on the fcc website for a month already.
  • While I agree it is not likely a flagship, I can't see this being the 535 because it would beat the 635 in every way (Bigger screen, Front Camera, Double RAM) and the 635 only launched 3 months ago.
  • It's about time for 1030 with Storage card support
  • Anyone wish 1330?
  • Not perfectly 1330 but it should replaces my Lumia 1320
  • i think X20 and X30 series are over , its going to be X80 series... i'm hoping for 680. :P 
  • better than 830, but not very high end please
  • It wont be above. 6xx series, just look at the plastic covering everything except screen , no metal frame , think about it
  • It is going to be a 930/icon on Verizon with Windows ME put in it.
  • Guys something is wrong with my touch screen in my 1520 .. I think it's more of software issue than anything else, is there a specific forum for that ? because I don't know where else to go
  • Presented on Nokias Facebook page... Confusion reigns!!!
    Fingers crossed for a 1030, alternatively a 1530; we've got lots of new low and mid range devices...!
    Don't like the rounded corners design, though, so actually kinda hoping it WILL be a low or mid ranger... :-P
  • Another low end phone and one that looks like a poor imitation of a Lumia...go Microsoft! I don't expect any flagships until Windows 10 tbh but if they still keep churning out only low to mid end phones then they're gonna start losing a lot of us die hard supporters Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • All these low/mid range phones makes me feel like they're going to drop a flagship soon.
  • Coming soon ®
    © Microsoft
  • I hope that Microsoft will follow Nokia and release it globally. And not follow the Microsoft way of releasing in the USA first and the rest of the world many months later, that way spells disaster.
  • Release USA only on one carrier only.....
  • Oh no, will they never learn? Zune V2.
  • It's disapointing already.
  • Well, MS gets 10 new low end users for each new flagship user, so...
  • That bezel looks too cheap for a high end device
  • Yes, it looks almost identical to my 630 with the removable shell. If this was a flagship, it would look more like the new 830/930 designs of plastic on metal band premium. Seems like something between the 530/630. What a way to launch the new New Microsoft Lumia brand. A joke.
  • Can someone (ANYONE) from Windows Central ask Microsoft where their own 2014 Flagship is? I don't know any other Fan community that would put up with no flagship being released and not even question them. Do the staff at Windows Central even read these comments? Someone from WC needs to ask Joe @ Microsoft etc why there has been no new Flagship?
  • +999999
  • HTC ONE (8) Says hi.
  • He asked Microsoft's own flagship, not WP's flagship. M8 is HTC's creation not Microsoft's
  • 11/11 that's remembrance day, I'll be remembering Nokia in all their former glory (and the Diggers, obviously).
  • it should be like the killer price of 730
  • Can't wait!
  • These are the specs I think, 5 inch qhd lcd screen without clear black, vga ffc cam, 5mp with flash on the back, dual core s400 @1,2Ghz 1gb ram 4gb internal storage 2200 mha battery. Dual sim and hspa+ or a version with Lte.
  • Seems faster!
  • I hope to see 1030 very soon!
  • I don't care about the device because I'm sure. It's a low. End But the thing I'm sure of is they are going to announce GDR 2 :))
  • Agree with all the low-to-mid-range comments.  This will be a low spec device with a large screen, better than average front-facing camera and SD expansion.  It'll look like a better product than it actually is.  Unless it's hiding a "one more thing" flagship behind it, I'm not going to expect too much from this event.
  • I hope they announce new series of Lumia Like Lumia 400 or so ...
  • How is it the first device to run Windows phone OS and not be tired to Nokia? Don't Samsung or HTC Windows phones (sort of) count?
  • Want to see it's boot screen
  • It's a Lumia 535 probably. Spec wise it seems to be a Lumia 625 successor.
  • Spec wise it would beat the 3 month old 635 in every way so I don't think they can use the 535 numbering.
  • Rumors say it has a Snapdragon 200, so slower than 63x series despite the RAM. FFC + flash are a plus though.
  • T- mo and all carriers no exclusives
  • VLC for WP almost done. have a look.. kind of a solid app ;)
    on topic: its gonna be a low end device for sure..but WP 8.1 GDR2 incoming..that sounds good :D
  • I can't think of what I actually need in a flagship, my 1520 runs flawlessly, I won't need an upgrade for at least another year ( when my contract it's up), so I couldn't give a damn if it's a flagship or not. In fact I'd rather a midrange, I don't want phone envy for something I can't afford.
  • Microsoft needs a flagship that can have "wow" factor same as the surface before christmas season. Otherwise they don´t stand chance against iP6 and Android device...again.
  • They never had a chance.
  • Flagship and Verizon please...
  • Another low end device. Sucks!!!!
  • Ahhhh... The sweet sweet tears if people crying over no high end windows phone. Oh wait, the One M8 is high end isn't it? Oh well, let them have their cry.
  • Except for the camera. That matters a lot to some people
  • People who care that much about cameras buy real cameras.
  • VLC for WP almost done. have a look.. kind of a solid app ;)
  • this would be my Xbox music replacement
  • This one should be
  • I don't think the next flagship is coming before BUILD 2015 to be honest, it just doesn't make sense to release flagship hardware with legacy software. Their focus is on making windows 10 truly one OS. When its finally done they will announce a new phone. My 1520.3 stands toe to toe with any flagship around. It can connect to any GSM network in the world. I'm content. Just waiting on denim and windows 10
  • The problem is the 1520 now feels over a year old and so for those who don't have your device it now seems too late to pick one up. Most of the negative comments are about being disappointed and stuck in no mans land while we see new devices like iPhone 6 Plus, Note 4 and Nexus 6 just been released. I can imagine how great a W10 Lumia Flagship would be but for people who are passionate about Smartphones the wait is too much.
  • I really hope they don't put Microsoft on the front of the Phone, Lumia would look much better imo.  
  • Could it be the successor to the 1320?
  • Pls don't add MS logo on devices! Just a Zune style L.
  • It's obviously the Halo phone since it is being announced same day as Halo MCC's release! Lol
  • Something high end on VZW please.
  • Granted that the lower to midrange devices are driving sales for WP I think that as the first device shipping with the Microsoft branding, they need to go "big/flagship." Oh and please don't ship as carrier exclusive, that junk has got to end.
  • Well I dropped my 1520 the other day and shattered the top third of the screen. Bits of glass are coming out in my pocket. So whatever it is, it better hit the shelves quick.
  • battery drain please, its an area they have to improve.
  • Agreed, WP does suffer from poor battery life. I can't stand iPhones but my company forces me to carry one. I often find myself using it more than I like because my WP just can't manage my day to day usage.
  • Pls what WP are you using? And how old is it? What firmware and apps are you running on it? To say WP has poor battery life as a general comment certainly does not correspond with my experience, and I'm using a 920 and an M7.
  • I'm on my 3rd Lumia 928 just due to battery issues. I've had this one now for 3 months. I've got 2 personal email accounts going, and one professional email account. I have WPCentral's app, Weather, OneDrive, News, OneNote, Facebook as primary apps. My BIGGEST use is IE. I'm not claiming any kind of desire to go to iPhone, I won't do it simply as a matter of principle; I'm far too much of a Microsoft fan boy (just to antagonize apple folks as well). Firmware: 3051.440000.1352.0058 Hardware: OS WP8.0 because VZW takes longer than the coming of an Ice Age to officially release updates.   I'm not a novice user of the platform, I understand how to use power saving, background data, etc etc. Hell I have a custom interface to I've written just so I don't have to use my iPhone for it (yes I've run my phone after a factory reset for 2 months not using it, same complaint) I can't get through a 12hr day.
  • I think this must be a flaw peculiar to the 928. Even the super cheap popular 520 does way better than 12 hrs with similar usage, in fact pretty much every other WP8 device I've used 520, 8X, 925, 920 all deliver almost 20 - 24 hrs with decent use, often more with light use.
  • 920 running  WP8.1 cyan.  the power drops drastically even at night when no one is using the phone.
  • Just rebadge the Nokia 808.. Seriously, the 1020 was a let down.
  • Please be high end and please be on T-Mobile US!
  • It's happening!!! :D
    Well we still hope for a flagship smartphone, at least one should be be announced. Another mid-range/low-range phone isn't bad, actually it's a good strategy too, especially when they're reaching and want to have gain more marketshare, but Microsoft should release new flagship even though we have 2 flagships already. It's all about hype and keeping the flames up and brings excitement to the brand, keeping it from being stale and losing interest.
  • Probably another mid ranged phone. About freakin time for a flagship!!!
    Waiting with my L920!....
  • It's going to be horrible if its mid range phone like Lumia 730.
    They just released Lumia 730.
  • Really eager to watch..
  • Please release a 1030 and not another low or mid range. 730, 830 and 930 were released recently. It's now time for a flagship. Release it very quickly after the announcement and without any carrier deal. It should be released globally.
  • Finally! hoping for a flagship here. screen size around 5" or less. 
  • Umm Lumia 1090
  • MS is basically recycling its mid-range phones. No flagship here. No new flagships anytime soon either in my opinion. We can still hope for a surprise but don't get your hopes too high otherwise you'll get disappointed, once again.
  • With windows phone 10 to complement windows 10
  • Another low end phone, we have plenty of these get on the flagships already, I was sick of eating so I preordered one plus one, and I love it, apart from android. If only it had windows on it.
  • Another mid tier phone. Yay.
  • This is going to be a very cheap 5in phone.
  • Ah 11th November, the same day as halo's release.
  • Would prefer a high end Surface-looking kind of device from Microsoft.
  • It'll be an at&t exclusive only probably. This is exactly why the platform undersells.
  • I hope its not the cheap phone that I will not buy
  • This is the new Lumia 430. A very low / cheap WP.
  • At least change the design , make something unique
  • Its gonna be a  higher-mid range phone..a better version of the recently announced lumia 830 with design similar to that of lumia 625. The phone will compete with Android phones like Moto X 2nd gen, Xiomi Mi3 etc.  Specifications (Microsoft lumia 935) : ->Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (or 800) Quad core 2.3 GHz ->13 MP pure view camera ->5 mp front facing autofocus camera -> 5 inch (or 5.5) AMOLED display with Gorilla glass 3 protection -> 4G LTE with dual sim slot (first windows phone to come with both the features) -> 2GB RAM
  • Dream on. It's free =)
  • Your wrong. This will sit inbetween the 635 and 735 spec wise. the specs and pics of the phone are already out there. its even on the fcc web site.
  • a 41MP front facing camera? or a Kinect for Windows Phone? <excited> :D
  • I'll be happy with a 935 for AT&T. I really don't want the 830, and the 1520 is just too big.
  • If this is not a nxt-Gen spec device, it will surely send people to either IOS or Android!! It will surely announce MS unwillingness to show the general public that they are serious in their plans for this mobile OS heading towards the release of WP10.
  • lumia 1030 + microsoft logo + windows 10 could have been the best lanching hardware+branding+software combo!
  • And I'm waiting here alone for the 1030
  • Won't be anything worth getting excited over most likely. I've learned my lesson about getting excited. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Yay!!! Another high-end!! No, wait...
  • What ever,should not be over priced like Lumia 730,630 and 530
  • If it's a new take-no-prisoners flagship, I don't care what they call it.
  • Lumia 1111 or 1120
  • Whatever...
  • Lumia 535
  • Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be an ATT exclusive.
  • If the rumors of dual SIM are true that screams any market but the US. Our carriers allow no such thing. Get back in line or your data will magically disappear!!!!!
  • Please be a carrier agnostic, unlocked high end flagship that works on Verizon and is controlled by Microsoft! I'll pay full retail for that!
  • Yayyyyyyy
  • Please be high end, if they take the same strategy as they did with the surface pro 3 then it will work, spec the hell out of it, sell it expensive and OEMs want to make windows phone, if its a lack lister product then its bad news for WP, unless they say something else is coming soon
  • Hope its the new 1020. 1030 as they say.
  • lol it's not just a negative feeling here, peeps are going off on Reddit about the free Office on IOS. I think Microsoft have got some sucking up to do :P
  • Don't have much hope for flagship this year. HTC M8 is this quarter's flagship. This announcement is the new 5xx that was leaked the other day. Based on the leaked specs, this will be a superhit low end worthy of replacing 520
  • its a mid range, good for money but 1. battery should be GOOD 2. number one is important 3.2............
  • The highlighting of the front facing camera in this teaser is odd. Why? This is clearly the RM-1090, and that's supposed to have a fairly lousy VGA front camera. Are big on Skype in China? Also, where is this going to fit? 53x? 63x? It can't be a 73x, the 730 canes this thing.  
  • Everyone complaining about this not being a flagship should just get a 1520 or 930 and stop bitching. Both are awesome devices and plenty spec heavy. One flagship cycle a year is enough - I'm glad they're not following in the footsteps of Android manufacturers and pumping out incremental devices every 6 months.
  • Awesome, another Windows phone that I have no interest in buying despite considerable interest in upgrading my 920. I have nearly no interest in a phablet and the 930 isn't currently available (unless you want to buy of contract and without a real warranty). The m8 camera is a nonstarter for me.
  • They just need to make sure its in stores worldwide before February and they've got themselves a sale.
  • 5 " screen, 2gb RAM, 10MP camera, Snapdragon 800 quad processor for only... $800, because that's how much Apple charges, and we're just as important as they are! Seriously guys, WE ARE!
  • From what's been leaked I'm guessing an xx5 or xx8 for the 53x or 63x series. There must be more though as an event style announcement for one mobile device hardly seems worthwhile. Probably more apps and updates to the existing Lumia range of services. That being said I could really use a jaw dropper.
  • Lumia fan club Facebook page seems to think its the Lumia 535.
  • If its high end device this will probably be my next phone
  • Everybody's on with "Where's the 1030/1530?" All I want is the 935..  With the just snapdragon S600/S800(even the S400 would do), better camera optics, 5 inch HD screen and an SD card slot as an improvement over the 925.  In other words the 830 specs + 1.2MP ffc in the 925's body.. Is it really too much to ask?
  • "Everyone" I think it's an Unlocked/Unbranded phone, for everyone =)
  • You've got a log jam of 920 and 1020 (even some 1520) people that are due for an upgrade. And what are you going to do? Waltz out on stage with some 1994 bullshit model, that some family sharing a mud hut in Bora Bora will be using as their family phone on nights and weekends. Your killing us and yourself in the process.
  • I just really hope Microsoft surprises us with another phone, or at least teases a model set for january/february. It would be great to know if they have something in the pipeline
  • Looks like another low-mid range phone.  Because we don't have enough of those types of Windows phones already. :\
  • Your comments about 920 user is right on and the same applies to 1520 users.....we are looking to upgrade not downgrade to what is currently being offered.    We all need to know what lies ahead so we can decide to wait for a new product or jump ship to another platform.    I have a 1520 but my contract expires next week.    I want to renew but also want to get a new phone at the same time.    Was all hyped up on the announced "McLaren" before the Nokia buyout and Microsoft killing the project.   Now I don't know what to do becaasue Microsoft is just twiddling their thumbs while Rome burns and the Iphone6 is collecting new converts!  
  • Already from the looks of it, it's going to be a low-mid range phone. But hey they might surprise me.
  • And what better way to do it than with a low end crap... Yea right how exciting...
  • I am dying to see this phone....
  • With Apple dropping it's flagships on the market and getting all the attention, you'd think Microsoft would drop it's own flagsip replacements for the 920, 1020, and the 1520.  No just another middle or low level phone they keep put out.  What the hell?
  • I just need a Windows phone that pulls out all the stops...3k display, Dolby surround speakers, 41 megapixel camera, micro SD card expansion (128 GB), NFC, Bluetooth, awesome design, and most importantly NO EXCLUSIVITY for carriers!
  • Like most people, I don't understand why they're not pushing out their first Lumia device as a flagship. How's this gonna do them any good??
  • It's an iPhone 5c ;) At least it looks like one.
  • Last week I wrote a post in the forum about an encounter I had with a Microsoft/Nokia rep at a local TMO store. I expressed how upset myself and many others were about the lack of high end phones. He said that there is something being released before Christmas and if you like the 1020 you will love the new phone. This makes me think it is a 1030 and will most likely go to all 3 major US carriers. Just wanted to re-share as the timing is perfect.
  • Supposedly this is the Lumia 535, according to the Lumia fan club Facebook page.
  • Ah, I was about to pull the trigger on the M8 at AT&T... I guess I'm gonna have to wait a few more days :S
  • With all the rumours that this a dual-SIM phone for some markets, could this be the first truly carrier agnostic WP that breaks the exclusivity stranglehold and is available SIM-free worldwide?
  • If it's not the successor to the Lumia 1020, I'm not the least bit interested.  Microsoft is alrready falling way behind.
  • Of course not, that's what I was trying to say earlier, it's a phone that while not perfect, holds its own and has stuff such as the camera that will still be great for quite sometime, the camera was a deciding factor for me and it was second only to the 1020. It's really a shame they released it so late. Nokia has been known for imaging since the launch of the N95 and while they did release other devices with great cameras, they never really focused on that feature enough as a selling point (a la pureview devices vs non) which is why most ppl dont recognize Nokia for their imaging capabilities. Ive owned 25 different Nokia devices and I had skipped the N95 for the 8000 series of the time but when my cousin showed me photos he had taken with his N95, i remember being very impressed. People did start taking notice of Nokia's imaging capabilities as of late, (thanks to the 920 and 1020) but it was too late to build on the momentum because unfortunately, I guess Nokia didnt have the funds to push out these devices as they should have been nor the option to hold out longer any longer. It's unfortunate but at least we are lucky to have this device with on of the best image capabilities in our hand today.
  • if Microsoft adds LED notifications ll be great in high end devices.
  • Been waiting for this top stuff!
  • Lumia 1330 probably
  • That is great news. Hopefully, even better news would be that it's NOT going to verizon.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Im def not getting the m8 on TMO. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect timing.
  • I think its going to be a regular low-end phone. The leaked images just have me think it.
  • If its not 5"+ I'll be distraught
  • Maybe MS wants the 1020 successor comes out when windows 10 has ready. But when? We don't even get the denim. Cmon MS!! Android has reach their lollypop and we just only get wp 8.1 since wp 8 in 2012? Damn slow support!! Please give us a good achievement of using your products! We have been loyal with WP, why you MS just always give a shit! I remember when lumia cyan update came out, many people can't get it because of bitlocker problem. Can you MS be more professional?
    Making much phones is unnecessary.
    Just fix your os multitask performance. Make it never see a resuming/slow loading screen again. Make a flagship camera phone that can fast shoot great pic, not like the slow 1020 camera!! Just make it! We don't need your low end lumia with MS name on it! Crap!
  • Only 1???? I doubt!
  • Still pretty happy with my 1020, original Surface Pro, and Band. I'm guessing I'm not the type of person that Apple/Android wants, since I'm not lured in by specs, don't want to change devices every year, and understand that in tech... There is always something "better" right around the corner. There's a beauty in being able to be happy with what you have... as long as what you have isn't Sprint! ;). I'd rather see Microsoft wait until they can release a true flagship (Surface-like Phone or Similar) and get it right than release something half-assed.
  • I upgraded with Verizon Edge and got the HTC One M8, before I had the Lumia 928 (it was my first WP) I wanted the 1020 but its only on AT&T, I think MS needs to not play favorites with carriers but also Verizon needs to be more open as well. I miss my Lumia from this move to the M8, but its a great high end device, it does lack features such as the Nokia Cam Pro and others from Nokia and I know MS bought the Nokia handsets but damn WP as a whole is theirs. Hardware should be the only difference between MS phones and third parties. If MS launches a high end phone in 6months I will gladly upgrade!
  • On Remembrance Day? A strange time to announce it!
  • A company might profit from selling in quantity with low end product but you still need a flagship to showcase your technology.
  • Announce next week... Shipping the week after. I don't want to hear "q1 2015"
  • Lets see, another low end phone that won't have all the bells and whistles.   I'm waiting for a high end, no features missing phone.  MS seems to have no desire to make such a phone. Coincidentally I have no desire to buy low end crap.  Sorry MS you suck. And it will take over 2 months to ship.  Making it obsolete before it even hits the market.
  • RM-1090 leaked pictures I hope are not the phone. I also hope its not mid range. Like others, I'd appreciate a refreshed flagship. Well, see. I'm buying 830s for my family this weekend. I will hold out another week to see what they announce. Here is to wishes! Hah
  • The leaked pics are exact to the teased image. it will be a mid range phone below the 73x
  • The edge looks like 630
  • I already don't like it , I hate this separate bezel . 
  • "Microsoft says it will reveal the low-budget handset on November 11th, likely confirming the 5-inch qHD display, 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and 3G-only connectivity we've seen approved in Asia."
  • We don't actually know how Microsoft will name their phones yet do we? Could be a Microsoft Lumia 640 or maybe a Microsoft Lumia Douche8+....... Who knows!!??
  • I cant wait to get my hands on this beautiful smartphone by Microsoft, said no one EVER.
  • I want a phone with an 96K display, 9 x 10^999,999,999 mAh battery, a 2 billion megapixel camera, that weighs 1 x 10^-999,999,999 µg and is thinner than paper for $50...
  • If the 1090 is indeed the announcement next week, then I would really be disappointment, it would mean MS hasn't learned yet. Everyone would expect a grand entrance into the market to be something that would BLOW everyone away and you release something that looks like a 635 or 630 or one of those low end phone, just ridiculous....smh
  • As a user of the Nokia 1520 bring on the improved and updated 1020!!! I'm ready to buy!
  • it wood be a favorable time of the year to announce new surfqace 3 with the holiday too !!!
  • If it doesn't work on Verizon then it's a failure. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I'm more looking forward to an actual new Nokia phone from Finland in 2016.
  • The fact they are teasing an announcement give me hope that this is a flagship. Surely they want their first Microsoft phone to be something special and not some low end thing. Here's hoping...
  • I want a 5 inch 1080p phone on AT&T with a Snapdragon 800 or better processor made by Microsoft. I hardly think I'm asking too much.
  • Question: Buy the Lumia 830 or wait for this announcement?
  • I am so tired of midrange devices. It's seriously making me think about switching to Droid
  • This phone better have a 136k screen, 9tb of storage space, a 90mp camera with built in 3d printer, remote car starter and the new USB George Foreman grill attachment or it's gonna be a worthless piece of crap that I wouldn't be caught dead with!
  • Whitout NOKIA wp do and will suck.
  • It's a NOKIA, just not in the name, but the people who made it are the SAME. Stop being so paranoid about a NAME.
  • I'm looking forward to a new real Nokia from Finland in 2016. I suspect millions are like me.
  • Lets see what Microsoft has up their sleeves.
  • And high end phones are the ones inspiring developers. MS are just going to lose the app gap they worked so hard to close if this keeps up.
  • Good-bye Nokia, hello Apple. Shame it has turned out this way but this mediocre hardware is just not acceptable. And shame because WP is a really nice interface, but just needs proper hardware.
  • Why do the edges have to be so round
  • It's time to dump that old naming system.
  • Just want a good flagship. :(
  • I am kindly expecting Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor ( instead of 200) , 1 GB RAM, FF camera ( already shown in invitation pic)  and wireless charging, at least these fetuares should become norms of basic WP Lumia phone after MS removed Nokia branding. :)
  • Flood with mid-high end phones on every carrier and stores. That's how to market MSFT...
  • excited....more mid to low end phones... /g
  • I wish Microsoft would release a carrier free phone like Google's Nexus line. I love Windows Phone but hate ALL the carriers. I'm not holding my breath though.
  • Bring on the Qualcomm 64 bit processor phones !!!!!
  • I don't have any objections to this phone. I don't mind if its not metal, as long as its the same polycarbonate as the 920/1520. I would like 5". Anything bigger than 4.5" and less than 5.5" (I am still eyeing the 1520 though). I would like at least an 801 processor. 1080p screen is fine. I will be fine with no sd card as long as it has 32gb or more internal. It must must must have qi wireless.
  • Cool. Nice to read that :D.
  • I for one am excited for this. It could be epic. You just never know ;)
  • Nokia disconnecting people
    Miss you Nokia
  • Whenever there's a phone reveal, we, as tech lovers, know what the phone looks like and that there's no surprise. What would be nice is for Microsoft to reveal a line of Windows Phone. An upgrade to the Lumia 1520 would be nice!
  • Hard to get excited over what appears to be yet another low to mid range device, probably only meant for emerging markets anyway, due to that dual SIM. The only flagship-y option is the HTC's almost year old M8 hardware now running Windows Phone.   The platform is less exciting these days, as it is depressing.  Reminds me of Symbian's last few depressing years, before it was discontinued.
  • Look at the limp offerings out there currently and tell me Windows Phone is not a platform in retreat..
  • LAME. GIVE ME A NEW EFFIN HIGH END LUMIA. My buddies have the iPhone 6 PLUS & Note 4 and both have awesome cameras with really cool lens type features. IT SUCKS NOT HAVING A NEW "HIGH END" LUMIA. I love windows OS, but hate that the main social apps and and camera quality isnt up to par. IF anything MS should be leading the pack in the camera cutting edge department. UPSET fanboy <-------------
  • Flagship or nah?
  • Nokia disconnecting people
    Miss you Nokia
  • Hopefully it's a high end handset. My upgrade is in December and I'm not going to keep waiting "until next year" for a new phone.
  • Not just next year, but probably this time next year, which is when W10 for ARM is supposed to be ready to roll out.   Unless there are delays, and it'll be much longer. It's basically another 'restart' in mobile for Microsoft; the only unknown factors are, how compatible current hardware will be with W10, and if Windows Phone 8 apps will work on W10 without having to be re-written. Basically, the whole Windows on mobile thing offers more questions than it does answers, and Microsoft is playing their cards close to the chest.
  • Not just next year, but probably this time next year, which is when W10 for ARM is supposed to be ready to roll out.   Unless there are delays, and it'll be much longer. It's basically another 'restart' in mobile for Microsoft; the only unknown factor is how compatible current hardware will be with W10, and if W8 apps will work on W10 without having to be re-written. The whole Windows- on- mobile thing offers more questions than it does answers, and Microsoft is playing their cards close to the chest.
  • Not gona be snapdragon chipset. It will be Intel Core M and 3D touch for when you dock for presentation on big screen.
  • And you will be carrying a big battery in hand, right? LOL!
  • I don't know if I can take being underwhelmed again... LOL
  • As their first smartphone this better be a flagship. Otherwise what a joke. The mid to low end of WP is saturated. I hope they bring their A game and surprise us all. Maby the low end phone for china will be announced along with a new flagship. Hopefully they are getting better at announcements like they did with the band.
  • Waiting, possibly 640
  • ......
  • Still no sign of true flagship or upgrade for Lumia 920. MS is going in the wrong direction, they got enough for mid range and low range. This should be the new top notch flgship device. So much disappointed.
  • Yeah, 1030 with 3gigs, faster focusing, 128 gig storage, etc. 
  • Like so many things from Microsoft, it is an ugly beast of a phone. A 5" screen is too large for me - and it doesn't even look like a True Black screen; what's wrong with smaller screens? Design has never been an MS strong point.
  • Enough of your foolishness Microsoft, its not gonna happen. And stop releasing riff off products with outdated features, Android and IOS is better anyway.
  • With a sd200, nty
  • well theres nothing to see here folks if your looking for a 1020 replacement. maybe a 20 MP at best. check it out.
  • hehe Microsoft is now keeping their product more secret than Apple...
  • 11/11/2014? I guess I'll remember the death of the Nokia+Lumia branding.
  • It should read, "Microsoft to disappoint Lumia 920 early adopters with another budget-market dud, leaving AT&T customers with no upgrade option."
  • Front logo should be Lumia. Back one Microsoft... It's ugly the Microsoft name in the screen...
  • I wonder if this device is the one a few weeks ago where the FCC filing with the Sprint logo appeared. I sure hope so as a Sprint customer.  I'm desparate to replace my HTC8XT considering that I'm not eligible for an upgrade until Sept 2015. I went to Sprint last week and inquired if they would be getting the HTC One M8 with Windows. One rep said "Oh, you mean Cortana phone? I think we're getting it." Then he asked another store rep who didn't know what he was referring to.  I tried to explain it's the HTC One similar to the Android version but with Windows Phone OS. He still didn't know what I was referring to.  Ughh the frustration of being a Windows Phone fan on Sprint. If this Lumia does come to Sprint; I hope that Microsoft does a better job training the carrier of the phone.
  • I think the RM-1090 is a low mid range phone.  It similar to the 530 to 635 Lumia phones!  Wonder who the U.S. carriers will be to carry this low grade model - I know T-Mobile, ugh!
  • I'm sure I'm not the first to say that I'm gravely disappointed that this phone isn't a flagship grade phone. 
  • They are diluting the brand IMO. They need to stop making every new phone a Lumia. Every single Microsoft Lumia phone on the market is a low to midrange device. Should they come out with a high end flagship Lumia, people are automatically associate it to the many low end devices they might have heard of. They sure as hell can't expect AT&T to correct people on that point. Every Verizon or AT&T store I've asked about Windows Phone was met with immediate substitution for Android or iOS devices by store employees. At this point, they need a new brand for high end devices on this platform. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • It's going to be orange? ugh! I was hoping something would come out nice enough to keep me from getting the iPhone 6.
  • Would love for MS to release a flagship phone like this Surface Phone mockup  :)
  • MS should carry only three phones; Lumia (flagship), a mid tier, and a lower end phone. Only the flagship phone should carry the Lumia name. Make 2/3 sizes at each level and call it a day! 4,4.5,4.7 in for low tier, 4.5,4.7,5.0 in for mid tier, and 4.7,5.0,6.0 in for flagship. Thoughts?
  • Is it just me, or does it look to be another big bezel phone? That camera placement looks odd.
  • Low end phones are low end. By definition, they are shit! Stop making shit, Microsoft
  • Haha sad but true, and it's the whole point of WP haven't you noticed the OS feels cheap either and most the their phone are made out of cheap plastic even those with high end ones.
  • This is so wrong from Microsoft, this first MS Lumia device needs to be a flasgship, not some other mid-level phone, they already have lots of mid-levels in their offering.
  • The only way this announcement would be meaningful is if they have a secret prototype we dont know about or this is a low to mid range phone contractless that works on ALL CARRIERS.
  • Swear I just saw this phone on the new episode of Grimm tonight.
  • I'll bet MS has another Microsoft Band-like surprise up its sleeve. Will surprise us with flagships for the Holidays! 1030... Under the tree for u and me!
  • I understand the need for Microsoft to push low end devices; that will feed the largest end of the smart phone market.  What I don't understand is the need to increase the number of low end phones on an product line already full and low and medium market phones.  Most people I talk to (yes, annedotal evidence) don't underestand why so many product lines are required (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, and 15 series phones); it makes purchasing far more complicated than other manufacturers. Its also understandable, but still frustrating, why Microsoft hasn't come out with a "FLAGSHIP" phone and likely won't until 2015.  Mergers and acquisitions are complicated things.  Skidding McLaren likely slowed that process down (back to the drawing board).  As much as it pisses me off we can't get a successor to the Lumia 1020 I will wait for it.  I've looked at the field and there is no way in hell I'll move to Android.  The Lumia 1020 still has the best camera on the smart phone market and I won't give that up just because others are faster at producing lesser shiny things with great specs (except a camera that beats the 1020).  However, if Microsoft ever gets any messages from the this forum then I urge them to hurry the hell up because the rest of the market is not as patient as I am for a high end smart phone.
  • I can't wait. This could cause me to swing back towards Windows Phone because Google isn't doing much to keep Nexus 4/5 users. WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • I'm looking forward to Microsoft's first offerings.Btw where is 'Poor Edmonds'?
  • I hope they announce when Denim will be released to all. Plus a flash of Windows 10 on phones.