See what we did with the title there? Last night on ABC, the hit series Revenge evidently featured the California Blue HTC 8X quite prominently. Not only that, but ABC and Microsoft seemingly tied their new ads into the show quite effectively...

From fan of the show WPQwester:

“The phone was shown specifically in the scene were Victoria Grayson was alerted by a tipster about her husbands infidelity with his son's girlfriend. After the scene ended the Windows Phone ad with Gwen Stefani holding the same HTC 8X (BLUE) variant. Microsoft is doing a fantastic job with its product placements and advertisements in prime time, Kudos on the Windows Phone 8 Brand initiative.”

Indeed all weekend we have been getting tips on plenty of Windows Phone saturation on the airwaves—even iMore’s Rene Ritchie commented on how CBS was being flooded with Microsoft ads, as did Rich Edmonds in the UK. From product placements to ads, Microsoft seems to have it covered.

What about you? Have you seen many more Windows Phone 8 ads this year and what do you think of the campaign so far?

Thanks, WPQwester for the tip; Hamzie and Harry for the screen caps