Microsoft reaches MACH speeds for WP7 billing

Microsoft took a step toward making buying apps in the Marketplace even easier by partnering with hub-based communications provider MACH.  MACH's Direct Billing Gateway (DBG) service works with mobile carriers to bill purchases directly to customers' monthly statements, making transactions easy for the end user.

The resulting system will not only translate into a seamless Marketplace purchasing experience for users, but will also "help [Microsoft] maximize revenue assurance and conversion for its application partners."  Regarding the team-up, which is already in place with Australia's Telstra, Windows Phone Marketplace Senior Director, Todd Brix commented:

“Working with MACH better enables us to offer customers the benefits of a convenient and easy-to-use mobile operator billing option when purchasing their favorite content for Windows Phone 7.” 

With this new instant gratification and over 6000 apps, it will be easy to rack up an end-of-the-month nightmare, so be sure to track your purchases. 

Source: MACH; Via: FierceMobileContent

Seth Brodeur