Microsoft reportedly opening new datacenters in Germany

Microsoft is reportedly opening two new data centers in Germany. According to Reuters, citing reports in German publications WirtschaftsWoche and Handelsblatt, the cost of the two cloud data centers will run more than €100 million (about $123 million).

According to the report, Microsoft has previously offered cloud services in Germany in partnership with Deutsche Telekom, along with other European data centers in Dublin and Amsterdam. Opening data centers in Germany would allow Microsoft customers to benefit from the country's strict privacy laws with their data stored in the cloud.

In a statement to Reuters, a Microsoft spokesperson wouldn't comment on the reports but did indicate the company is happy to offer cloud services based in Germany for customers concerned about privacy. "Many customers with particularly sensitive needs, for example in the public sector, prefer our German cloud offering. We give customers the choice," the spokesperson said.

Microsoft has been gradually expanding its cloud infrastructure around the globe. Last year, the company announced it would soon open data centers in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. More recently, Microsoft said that it plans to greatly increase its Azure capacity in China.

These moves come as the U.S. Supreme Court is deciding a case that could have a profound impact on whether the U.S. authorities can compel U.S. companies to turn over private information stored in overseas data centers.

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