Microsoft reportedly won't charge Marketplace developers $99 to update applications

We recently spoke to several application developers about the pricing structure for Windows Marketplace for Mobile — namely that devs would pay $99 to submit up to five apps to the Marketplace; any submission after that would cost another $99 per app, including for updates.

The blogosphere erupted. The devs we spoke to were largely a little more patient, adopting a wait-and-see approach.

But CNET [via electronista] says Microsoft has clarified things. The initial $99 will still only cover the first five apps, and each additional submission will cost another $99, but updates will be free.

Now all updates or version upgrades for applications that have already been submitted to the store will be accepted free of charge, a Microsoft representative confirmed. This applies to minor bug fixes as well as second-generation releases that add new features or capabilities.

There. Are we all happy now? And do we still think this will help sort out the crapware that can be overwhelming in other stores?

Phil Nickinson

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