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Microsoft Research will push to get more products out into the marketplace faster

Under a new plan, Microsoft will be pushing out new products into the marketplace that are based on projects from its Microsoft Research division. The goal is to beat rivals who might have similar projects in the works.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft Research previously worked without much feedback or connection with the rest of the company. However, that resulted in a number of potentially interesting products that were never released to the public. That work process changed when Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft in 2014.

"At a Microsoft executive retreat during his first month as chief executive officer, Satya Nadella saw a research project that captured his attention. The demonstration in February 2014 used speech recognition and artificial intelligence to translate a live conversation into another language. Nadella told the team he wanted the tool combined with Skype and ready in time to show off at his first public speech three months later."

The result was Skype Translator, which has now been incorporated into the Windows desktop version of Skype. This was just the start of Nadella's changes for Microsoft Research:

"To break down the walls between its research group and the rest of the company, Microsoft reassigned about half of its more than 1,000 research staff in September 2014 to a new group called MSR NExT. Its focus is on projects with greater impact to the company rather than pure research. Meanwhile, the other half of Microsoft Research is getting pushed to find more significant ways it can contribute to the company's products."

So far, the projects that have become real-life products and services include the upcoming Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality helmet and today's announcement of adding reminders in Cortana on Windows 10 based on scanning emails for jobs that users have been given to complete.

Source: Bloomberg

  • The word Microsoft and Faster hahahahahhahah... Nice joke
  • Oh they will reach faster... To iOS and Android users.
  • That's literally the only time when they move super fast.
  • Well, when you live in the city vs the country, seems us country folk aren't really living in the fastlane even if the town is developed by that corp. =\
  • Soon ! :)
  • I think they figured that if they keeping saying faster it will eventually happen..haha..but we know better. Its f'n Microsoft..that will never
  • Microsoft has been out the gate before anyone else on many things. They just stall out because they dont have any customer recognition or any familiarity with consumers. Tablet PCs, Smart Watches, Zunes streaming music package... They need to jump out of the gate AND include them in their products like Skype Translator and HoloLens running Windows 10. That is good stuff right there =).
  • "coming soon"
  • Coming soon: Comments that make sense. And before you judge mine, read on down below.
  • Seems faster...
  • You beat me to it lol
  • Everyone wins when things seem faster, even if they aren't.
  • I'm getting tired of "getting things faster" I've been waiting for OS updates for months, and they promised faster rollouts too
  • It's definitely getting harder not to get cynical about these kinds of statements. :)
  • Join the I sider program...we get updates often. So do Lumia 950 owners. They are trying to polish it up with insider builds before the older devices publicly.
  • I would suggest enrolling to Insider Preview.
  • I'm already enrolled...
  • And one-two updates each month is not faster?
  • This. Exactly. As well, many core apps are updated right along with this. There is supposedly a new build coming out this week and I am starting to see the app update now.It may be delayed by a day or two, but MS goal is to update Windows 10 - and this includes Mobile - on Patch Tuesday each month.    Another example is Band/Band 2. The original band (yes, I take the point it was a prototype/beta to test the waters) was an example of something researched and brought to market quite quickly. Within a year, they had assessed the build quality, the connectors, the firmware and software and evaluated complaints and suggestions. Band 2 satisfied nearly all the little issues I had with the original. However, users testing devices, while pricey for some, shows a renewed commitment to refining devices and software by listening. Turn-around has been amazing, actually, with Surface Pro 3 being introduced to address limitations of Surface Pro 2, with Surface Pro 4 beating the feeble attempt by Apple to duplicate.    Amazingly, I believe Apple has finally stepped on their tail, though I don't expect it to last. iPad Pro is Apple's Windows RT. They followed the flawed devices floated by MS and apparently learned nothing.
  • Geez...every matter what it's about. People find a way to complain...
  • Indeed, especially people complaining about complaints.
  • Yup it has become the habit of many to bash ms in every articles' comment section.
  • And they're not even witty. Just copy+paste same tired "jokes" over and over again
  • Incredible indeed... Let them switch to android or apple and see how perfect they are :p
  • Ahh, classic fanboy argument that because the competition has drawbacks, Microsoft's missteps should be excused and never brought to light.
  • That's true but MS has been creating this storm with the way they have treated Windows Phone and Windows Phone Users since day one. If you've been a long time user like most of the complainers you'd find it hard not to be upset about something. Stick around long enough and look at everything MS does you will see thier point eventually. Their complaints don't go without warrant.
  • You mean delay things faster, right? Or do you mean half-finish things and make paying customers beta testers faster?
  • Male paying customers beta testers faster?
  • I think, "make paying customers into beta testers"
  • Freudian slip. He had last weekend on his mind
  • Never would I engage in such nasty shenanigans.
  • Fixed, thanks to the W10M keyboard for being so much worse than its predecessor, with regards to swipe-based texting.
  • Actually it works great. Much of the trouble with the swipe keyboard lies with individual apps, not necessarily MS directly, or depends upon which MS app. For example, Tweedium makes me frantic that after it completes a word, I cannot swipe the next word. Sometimes it adds 1-2 spaces as  I try to move on. Another is Facebook. I get more autocorrect errors there, even though I have selected the correct word from the list. I do not have this trouble in Outlook, for example, or Word. Now some can be chalked up to MS, like the facebook and Skype. 
  • Not in my experience. I'd say that the WP8.1 keyboard got my words right 90% of the time or more (which I'd say it really good for swipe-based recognition). Now, I'd call 70% a good day for this thing. There are just some words it absolutely hates, having me tap-type them because the keyboard simply has no interest in getting it right, unless I go at about 25% speed and take so long doing the swipe gesture that tap texting is significantly faster to get the word out. This new keyboard's also hateful towards tap-typing of words where you emphasize them with added letters. For example, if you try to put "buuuuuuuut," it will try to force a 'i' in the place of 'u' after 3-4 of them. It's terribly obnoxious when you have to go back every few letters for such things. It's like the thing abhors emotions.
  • Yeah! faster too... Ha haa!
  • It obviously says something when we, a pro-Microsoft community on a pro Microsoft site, begin to complain about Microsoft. Maybe it's a sign that Microsoft is ****** up in the eyes of it's loyal fanbase
  • Not everyone is complaining about MS.
  • It's as if they enjoy screwing it's loyal customers. Serious considering the other side of the river
  • Sure, the other side of the river is so perfect. Will stand on the lookout to see you come swimming back...
  • Thinking about it positively, If the same rule applies, at least then we can see Microsoft in better light, from the other side :)  
  • Like a hooker...
  • On a side note. Thanks for all the articles lately John! So many! All great!
  • "Research is getting pushed to find more significant ways it can contribute to the company's products"... I wouldl like to change the end of the sentence to "contribute to iOS and Android"...
  • What's sad is your joke has some truth to it
  • What's sad is to see so many people thinking the grass is still greener on the other side and even more to keep ******** about it here.
  • Yeah, people on here are pathetic.
  • Whens the last time you checked out that grass? Right now, outside of a few key areas most of Microsofts grass is turning brown, while apples and googles are turning lush shades of green. I powered up a nexus 5 from 2012 and it runs circles around my WP. My SP3 has actually gotten worse versus better over time, including the need to be replaced three times. Meanwhile: I open up the macbook I have and no problems. I have a 8 year old iMac still running strong runing the latest OS fairly decently. EVERYTHING has it's faults, but microsoft was looking up, then completely faltered recently. They also have a habit of releasing half-baked things, then never iterating on them, while the competition comes out with a polished version and takes the credit. You SHOULD complain about a company you like and point out the missteps, otherwise people start sounding like the Apple fanboys they oft deride.
  • My mac mini has a busted superdrive. So there!
  • WM10 is the biggest update that MS is doing. Many users are already shifting to Android and IOS. You need to wait, after all WP has the greatest facility even compared to IOS. Seriously in college I did my studies entirely through phone only.
  • That is great news dude! Also let people know which facility of WP did you use to study, so that they stop whining and complaining. Cheers!
  • This is great news. Can't wait to see what they'll come out with.
  • Agreed
  • Microsoft has always been it's own worst enemy, releasing products ahead of their time that either 1) weren't polished enough or 2) that the technology of the day couldn't properly support (or both). And then people end up getting turned off to it, and Microsoft suffers additional hits to its reputation. I'd like to think they've learned their lesson, but I can't help but cringe thinking about the next half-baked thing they'll rush out the door, that becomes the subject of ridicule. :(
  • Yes but at the same time they can't afford to be slower as well. Their aim is so big ar the moment that I think it's too much to handle with the one OS.
    Everybody seems to want faster these days.
  • So many comments that just dont make sense...
    I'm happy with this news as it proves that Microsoft really is a company that's chasing innovation. Totally looking forward what else will be coming this year!
    Whiners just stop whining or go buy an iPhone or an Android and see if they are that perfect.
  • #ohhelloagain :D I felt like defending my Nexus 6P when you said "if they are perfect", coz damn that phone IS! (for me) But I am all for innovation, and if MS does achieve good things from this endeavour, then kudos! Just no more half-baked products please. People should stop saying things like "but Windows 10 will always be in beta". Because when MS says it will be the last version of Windows, they actually mean that they will keep adding features to the software as time passes on, but will not change the look and feel much. However that does not mean they get an automatic free pass to release products with the number of bugs that are being reported. The version of Windows 10 that are/will be RTM, will not be 'beta' anymore. The moment you start expecting people to use your products for regular everyday needs and/or pay money for it, you lose the right to call it 'beta'. And which also holds true for products like Edge, Lumias 950/XL, etc. #kthanksnowbye ;)
  • My favorite point in the article is the fact that there are HUNDREDS\THOUSAND of employees in just this one department. Around WC, there is a tone amongst the comments that imply (and claim) that 3 or 4 people work at Microsoft on any given product. Nothing could be further from the truth. Microsoft probably has more problems associated with TOO MANY people working on each project. :)  
  • Great! Can't wait for the world reimagined by msft... Smarter, Safer and Secured.
  • Good changes. Nadella made a good choice.
  • With friends like these on this forum, who needs enemies. Sheesh people, if you aren't happy with WP, get a different phone. I will say that I spent the weekend trying to sort out the mess of Android on my kid's tablet. It was a joyful experience to be done with that and return to my WP. I am excited about the upcoming MSR offerings. They have always been good in the past.
  • \o/ ^that
  • The biggest issue is that Microsoft Research has a strong preference for iOS and Android
  • I thought it was Microsoft Garage that had a strong preference for other platforms. Microsoft Research are just too slow to bring ideas to the market in the first place.
  • Technically, Microsoft Research never brings anything to the market. It's up to the other groups to integrate reasearch projects into their products, which many of them do. However, the integration process is slower than it probably should be, and I think a lot of projects are never picked up by the product teams. 
  • Microsoft Research doesn't usually make anythign platform specific. They work on things that improve existing hardware, add voice/speach recognition with Natural Language enhancements, etc. Microsoft Garage, which is just a groups of employees doing stuff on their spare time, have a preference of Android and iOS because that's what they (or their families) personally use. While Microsoft Garage projects due frequently use tools built by Microsoft Research, the two are not the same (although I'm sure some of the people from the Research team work on Garage projects). 
  • The biggest issue is people in this comment section who really don't know anything.
  • Yes. Ppl should ask questions instead of giving answers that aren't legit.
  • Long story short, interactive live tiles (which they already made a video showcasing it) coming soon™
  • Yeah I'd like to have those tiles interactive too... They looked pretty cool. what we have already needs to be used better, easier to turn on and off, not delay updating.
  • Yepp. coming soon to iOS and Android. What else...?
  • Now this is nice. I have seen many Microsoft Research projects come and go because they weren't promoted enough, ie: Photosynth. A great project, not enough people knew about it.
    It didn't get used enough and was shelved.
  • I like this article and wish them the best. I've seen burbs every now and then in the past about cool new tech, not just Microsoft but others. Then, never heard about it again. Tearing down those walls, or attempting to is great.
  • Wow. Genius move MSFT. Go clap a hand. Obvious.
  • Lol Microsoft will release things faster for ios & android
    And for WP they will keep on delaying
  • Try being encouraging for a while.
  • About time. So many MS Research products I hear about sound awesome but never get released. Then the competition catches up months or years later.
  • How soon is Cortana coming to the Netherlands? Or the translator app that translate it from Dutch into English?
  • so they will finally release a smartwatch before they get "late to the party" again like on smartphones?
  • Maybe I should get an iPhone so I enjoy these huge releases.
  • What a bunch of *********. You constantly cry and complain and yet you stay. It's as if you enjoy your suffering. Move on. Be happy.
  • I don't think alot of us has a desire to just jump ship on a whim. Because that involves unnecessarily spending money to get that new phone that we actually don't need. My next phone will be an iPhone most likely but I'm don't need a new phone as my Lumia 930 is serving it's purpose perfectly fine right now. Being on the WP platform since wp7 I'm used to not having any apps and whatnot but seeing as ios and android seems to keep moving forward the constant delays of MS stuff, the app situation which for me I'm starting to come across more apps that I either need or want but aren't available, and then constantly seeing news about apps and devs creating stuff and even MS themselves releasing stuff for IOS and android and WP not even being considered (or if it is it never comes out). I think I'm getting off the bandwagon at the next stop.
  • It's called Stockholm Syndrome
  • MS was not late to the smart phone market.
  • Indeed. MS entered the "smartphone" game way eariler than Apple (7 years earlier) and Android (8 years earlier). But at the time Windows Phone 7 hit the market, which was indeed late at the "modern" smartphone party, iPhone was already known around the world as the smartphone to beat (in 2010) and android was just started to put their sh*t together with Froyo (2.2) and honeycomb (which contributed in the evolution of Android) in the works, supported from pretty much every person saw Apple as the evil company in the smartphone market. Other than that, MS could wipe out the floor by throwing tons of money on developers, programers, ads, telecom companies, etc. but their efforts were not enough. The only chance MS had till now, was to push hard on their begining, but it didn't happened and the rest is history. The smartphone market now is a 2 horse race (where to be fair both are equaly great).   MS had the chance, they were borderline on time with the release of WP7, but the great experience of iPhone and the the religion-like massive wave of Android followers (myself included) left WP in the dark. You can see this problem of WP till now, after 5/6 years of being out on the stores, the majority of the population still don't know what a "windows phone" is. "Oh it runs windows!!With like programs?!"
  • I liked the way, how MSR was doing in the past, better top quality instead of such disasters like Lumia 950 and Bluetooth or OneDriveforBusiness, these effects are "disruptive" but not in a good directions..
  • Msft R&D is way more advanced than its rivals. Anyone who is up-to-date would know HoloLens beats the tech out of the rival companies' VR craps. Yes they're taking time, i think they're being careful on their immediate future and consumers. Of course high end techs need quite a time to shape up but in the meantime msft should be focused on feature researches that can be used right away by consumers, starting with the first priority release to its fanbase.
  • Wish they were as careful of their immediate future with Lumias 950/XL, Edge browser, Xbox One initial reveal and policies etc. While they do end up correcting most of the errors, and going back on most of ther statements over time, the initial press they receive with these products is mostly negative. Leads to less than ideal public perception as well. This is nothing new, almost as old as 'PC vs Mac' I guess.
  • Lol so thats why fm6 drivatar was(still is) halfassed
  • Why is this news posted here? Sholdn't this be posted on AndroidCentral or something?
  • bad idea considering how buggy the latest hardware has been for months after release... (Surface book, Surface pro 4, 950 (XL))
  • How about some of them phone thingies? Don't cut back before you have a real diamond class flagship out in all markets. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So rather than researching what motivates them, now they are forced to align themselves to the company's interest. Would that limit the kind of things that came out of the Research then. 
  • What did they say FASTER?? If they r concern about old Lumia n working faster, then where there hell is windows 10 mobile update.. They r delaying to much.. Microsoft promises are all fake..
  • This is such a lie.
  • So he's Microsoft's Elop? Didn't Elop say something similar about Nokia's research labs? And we all now how well that went :D
  • 'Coming soon' is like the new 'Seems faster'??
  • Can they push it into Windows instead of Android and iOS?
  • Face Swap ftw!
  • Good
  • I came to WP after using both an Apple iPhone from Gen1 to iPhone 4 and Android. I can tell you the grass is definitely not greener on the other side!
  • This is a geat idea.  Its about time.  So often I see innovative ideas flurish in the lab but never make into finished products.  Where is the return on investment?  Get it to market.  Oh sure there are secret licensing deals like Siri is powered by licensed Microsoft Research products.  Licensing brings in some money.  But we would like to see Microsoft products utilize this technology, not the competion.  When the competion shows off Microsoft technology, they get all the credit.  Not a good long term plan for brand survival.  To me, their research is great.  To me, their marketing is perhaps the worst in the business.
  • I support any new spohisticated products from microsofts :D because so far it satisfies me a lot :D  including my teachers in Preply about my polish lessons on skype