Microsoft reveals GLAS, a gorgeous Cortana-powered thermostat

Microsoft has revealed a partnership with Johnson Controls to build a thermostat that also happens to feature Cortana. The company showed off the futuristic looking thermostat, appropriately called GLAS, in a new YouTube video (via The Verge). Check it out below:

With its translucent screen and touch controls, GLAS looks pretty impressive. Beyond aesthetics, Microsoft explains the thermostat is capable of monitoring air quality and detecting when you're in the room, all the while intelligently changing settings to compensate. All of this runs on Windows IoT Core featuring Cortana integration, allowing for voice activation and control.

The video is relatively short and doesn't provide any information on when GLAS might be available for purchase, nor what it would cost. It comes, however, at a time when Microsoft is seeking to expand Cortana to more IoT products. The most visible example so far has been the Amazon Echo-like Harman Kardon Invoke, but Microsoft has also revealed plans to bring Cortana to refrigerators and other appliances with screens over time.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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