Updated May 8, 2017: Both Microsoft and Harman Kardon have now made the Invoke official. The Cortana-powered speaker will arrive in the U.S. this fall with "premium sound," Skype calling, and smart home controls.

Original story: That Harman Kardon Cortana speaker we've been getting excited about in recent weeks has quietly, and perhaps prematurely been revealed. Invoke is coming soon and looks about as we'd expect it to.


Harman Kardon has quietly pushed its website live, first noticed by the team at Thurrott, and is inviting early registrations for folks interested in purchasing one. It's an Amazon Echo-esque design with a cylindrical body packed with 360-degrees of speakers. Visually, the nicest touch is the Cortana logo that lights up on the top.

The site has since it appears been taken down, but not before we've at least been able to see some images of the Invoke. Considering this week is Build out in Seattle, we'd be hoping to hear more on not only this device, but the Cortana Skills Kit that powers it.

Naturally, there's no price information or exactly when it'll appear right now, but it's the first proper look we've been able to get of the device. It's looking pretty nice, and we'll certainly be front of the queue when it does eventually go on sale.