Microsoft Teams gets collaboration boost from Adobe XD

Microsoft Teams on iPhone
Microsoft Teams on iPhone (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft and Adobe have already worked together on a number of integrations across their services, but the latest aims to make life a little easier for designers working across Adobe XD and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft announced today a new integration between both services, allowing users to more quickly share and comment on designs with a rich experience within Teams.

Designers can now share a preview link generated by Adobe XD in Teams to quickly present coworkers with a summary of the design, along with a thumbnail preview of the prototype or design spec. Once a design is shared, you'll also get notifications when your coworkers make comments, allowing you to stay up-to-speed with feedback.

Microsoft Teams Adobe XD Integration

With the integration, Microsoft says it is looking to supplant the typical method for sharing design docs and prototypes: email.

Rather than send these links over email, organizations using Microsoft Teams can now benefit from a richer experience, which includes seeing a summary and thumbnail preview of the prototype or design spec - and it all works by simply pasting a link generated by XD into Microsoft Teams.

This comes in addition to the general Creative Cloud integration Microsoft rolled out last year, which opens up quick access to libraries and assets from within Teams.

To test out the integration for yourself, you can pick up the latest Creative Cloud for Microsoft Teams release at Microsoft.

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