Microsoft teams with Politico Europe on interactive elections hub

Microsoft today announced that it is teaming up with Politico Europe to power an interactive election hub to help Europeans keep up with the 2019 Parliamentary elections.

Built on Power BI, the election hub allows you to switch between map and seat views to get a visual representation of the projected composition of the next EU Parliament. The data is currently based on the results of national polls, and it will be updated in real-time as election results come in on May 23-26, 2019. You can also use the map to get a breakdown of MEP seats by region or country.

Ryan Heath, Political Editor at Politico, said:

Visualizing the election will make it a more meaningful event for our readers, showing them during nine months where the election is headed, and how they compare to their neighbors. We're encouraging readers to adopt a new way of thinking about the European Union, one where we all see beyond our borders, and want to match this new way of thinking with new ways of discovering and exploring the latest news and facts at a personal level.

On Microsoft's side, the project is lead by Ben Rudolph, whose current role involves exploring ways to use AI and machine learning to bolster journalism.

Politico Election Hub

Next month, Microsoft says that the Politico Europe plans to launch country-level pages that will give additional information on each of the 27 EU-member countries involved in the election.

For more, you can check out the election hub at Politico Europe.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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