Microsoft thinking about porting Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach to Xbox One

Microsoft and its in-house game development studio 343 Industries are thinking about bringing two more Halo games made originally for the Xbox 360, Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach, to the Xbox One.

Microsoft will be bringing Halo 1-4 to the Xbox One in the form of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, in November. But Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach, both originally developed by Bungie, did not have Master Chief as the main character. There was also another reason, according to what 343 Industries executive producer Dan Ayoub told "Quite honestly, the other part of it was just disc space. We're squeezing everything we can out of the available space for this thing."

However, those two games might show up on the Xbox One one day. Ayoub stated:

"What I can tell you is probably the biggest question we get from people is, what about ODST and Reach. What I can say is it's certainly not in our development timeline or planning right now [but] we've heard that question so much that it has seeped into our collective subconscious. I think enough people have asked about it that we are thinking about it."

Would you like to see those two classic Xbox 360 games come to the Xbox One?


John Callaham
  • Y?
  • Cuz ODST was legit.
  • It was legit. Odst was a great diversion from the Spartan norm. And converting the lot means all the games are now on the xbone. Complete the set msft. Just don't go overboard in charging for the bundle.
  • Hey hey hey, aren't you forgetting one other amazing halo game, halo wars? That is one title I would love to have ported as well. Played it a lot on the 360, and I'd be happy to play it again. Off topic: Barely plays on the 360 now due to the controller xD the One controller is so perfect for me that the 360 controller feels uncomfortable, especially the sticks.
  • Your right, but Halo Wars would be a perfect match for Windows 8.1 tablets. Rather than re-making it for Xbox One they should make it for PC and tablets and then make Halo Wars 2 for XB1, PC and Tablet
  • Halo Wars is designed around a game pad, so an Xbox One release is a natural fit. I'd love it in the Windows Store as well though and would definitely buy both.
  • That would be a very smart move! Should recommend that to Microsoft.
  • Yep. ODST was amazing! It gets no love either.  Heavily noir-ed story telling and great music too.
  • ODST can suck it Reach was my favorite (for multi player), the story was forgettable
  • I may be in the minority but Reach had one of my favorite campaigns.
  • Agree 100% great story line. Odst was fantastic as well, people just rag on them because there is no chief.
  • the story was forgotten because it shat all over the book that released with Halo 1, The Fall of Reach... Its why i'm so glad Bungie aren't making Halo anymore... It was a pure money grab, and its not like Microsoft made them do it with the time limit they set... The book had some great mission ideas that had nothing to do with the chief or at the very minimium tweaked the current story so not to screw over an already great back story... There are at least 5 major plot screws with 20 or more blatent timeline ignores... 1 example: Its a pre Halo one based game... So why do the Spartan 3's who phisically can't use Spartan 2 armour have better armour than John S117 who gets THE best armour first, from the person who invented it? S3 armour didn't have shield tech, they had active camo... There are soooooo many more, like the Spartan who trained the S3's is/was the only Officer spartan but yet Reach threw that under the bus.... If they remake it I want it fixed, to hell with Bungie's version... ODST is great, bit short but still good, would like if ODSTs could jump normal person height rather than spartan but ah well :P
  • Very true, I love the stories and was a little disappointed by Bungie.
  • ODST was awesome!
  • Do it.
  • Or they could just make the One backwards-compatible with previous gen games, like they did back in 2006 with the 360....that way most games (Halo, Fallout 3, Bioshock, etc) can be played too!
  • It makes too much sense. I'm pretty sure running the emulation necessary to run the games on the Xbox One wont stress it too much considering the specs of the 360. But with them remaking any titles for the Xbox One just shovels more dirt on the hope of that happening. If they really wanted the Xbox One to fly off the shelves at launch, they should have made the Xbox One backwards compatible so some degree like the 360 was and release the Kinectless version (at launch). Then people would have easily traded in their Xbox 360s to get Xbox Ones.
  • You don't get it. Microsoft and Sony got into bed together on this one. There's no way they did this independently after seeing how Sony destroyed Nintendo back when they made the PS2 backwards compatible and Nintendo didn't make there latest system backwards compatible. They made an agreement, I'd put money on it.
  • The difference in arcitectures prevents that. They would need to emulate the PowerPC CPU from the 360 and that would require more horsepower than the One has to do properly. 
  • Maybe they hide a Powerpc cpu somewhere on the one too ;)
  • Then the Xbox One will be $700
  • Halo Wars 2 please.
  • YES!!!!!
  • I would love to see this happen. Now all we need is for them to "think about" Halo Wars for the One...
  • Halo... Mind numbing...
  • That would be A.W.E.S.O.M.E !!
  • Good great they should make it freetoplay on Xbox one tbh I want halo wars 1 and 2 please!!!!!!
  • You can shove F2P where the sun don't shine. It better be a full proper game if they make one.
  • Just add it to the matter chief collection
  • ODST is possible
  • Did you read the article? They said its because of disk space. Its not that easy.
  • 2 discs?
  • New SKU, make more money
  • DLC?
  • Don't make sense, but it would be nice!!
  • I actually liked Halo 3 ODST. Reach wouldn't have been too bad if they didn't go against the original canon (Halo Fall of Reach book) and if the reticle expansion was like Halo 4 and not too much. A lot of the issues that plagued Halo Reach for some could have easily been patched but then why do so when you have a newer game coming out? When they announced the Master Chief Collection I was kind of pissed that they didn't make it a complete Halo Collection. Since they have no plans on backwards compatibility, It would have been nice to have at least these games ported to Xbox One and made 1080p 60fps. Whether or not a bunch of gamers didn't like Halo Reach Multiplayer for many different reasons (Armor Lock, Jet Pack breaking the way the maps were originally intended to be played, or the insane reticule bloom on the DMR), overall it was still a fun game to play. I played Reach more than I played Halo 4 and I thought Halo 4 had an awesome multiplayer. ODST's low light gameplay was different and firefight (gruntpocalypse) was fun. I would buy it so it would a couple less games I would need my 360 for.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one that read the books.
  • Me too!!! That book was amazing. Sadly, I read the novel first. That means I hated Reach's campaign
  • Just because they're different doesn't mean they can't both be good.
  • 2 weeks ago, I bought a Halo box set. I'm currently reading Halo: The Fall of Reach. Glad I passed the campaign before reading the book
  • Not interested. Don't oversaturate the market. With The Master Chief Collection and H5, we're golden. Lets leave it at that for now.
  • Let's*
  • Oh no you didn't!
  • How about bringing Halo to PC.    
  • I wish! But I'll probably never happen. It took forever for Halo 2 to come to the PC.
  • YES
  • Please don't bring it to PC
  • Bring Halo Reach (the best Halo according to the fans) to PC and Steam goddamitt! That will sell like donuts
  • Why not the Windows Store?
  • Because you can't sell Desktop software on that silly little thing.
  • The best Halo? For me it was the worst. I hated reach.
  • I hated reach and please don't bring it to PC. As a side note, I played every Halo. I don't want any halo on PC except Halo 3 so you guys can shut up and finish the trilogy
  • Please, no. Halo was steady in staying the king of XBL charts until those two games came out, with more emphasis on Reach.
  • Newer games wouldn't make players stop playing the old ones...I don't know what you're talking about.
  • A game becomes outdated automatically, though. If the newest in the franchise alienates players or is bad, players will eventually leave the franchise altogether. Support is dropped for the older games and the now-lower population of the old games stops sustaining the online integrity of the games, hence the reason it's pretty impossible to go play Halo 3 multiplayer right now.
  • People really don't understand how gutless the current AMD processors are in the One/PS4. There is just simply no way that they could emulate the PowerPC architecture on the 360/PS3. Rereleases are all that we can hope for.
  • Hmm. Interesting point, makes me wonder if this generation is going to have shorter lifespan esp once 4k TV start becoming affordable with equivalent programming.
  • Come on that's cool, but the Surface is just begging for Halo Wars to be ported to it.
  • Yeah! Go 343i! That would be amazing!
  • yes do it... I need all my great 360 titles to come next Gen even without graphic enhancements I just be able to play them... and gears of war too
  • Halo Reach is my favorite...
  • Honestly, ODST was one of my favorites
  • Halo for pc !!!
  • Why not? I'm getting MCC anyways, but I wonder if it will come with some sort of cloud gaming, since that's the way everyone is going
  • They'll do it because its easy money for them and if they think it'll help grow the platform, they will. But it is kind of sad, porting over left overs. It gives lots of fodder for haters and its going to give gamers heartburn due to halo overload.
  • Re 4-5 please capcom!
  • Just make it an add on for the Master Chief collection then I will be happy
  • Downloadable addon would be nice
  • Goes about make halo wars instead
  • Fusion Frenzy!!!
  • I would love it!! Would be the "One" for all Halo needs if all Halo's get ported to it. Gives it a chance for rebuilds as well
  • Not like it'll take much since the One is a fancy 360. Lmao. Tha fuck. They make it seem like they would break a sweat doing it. Why dont u just do what u always do. Whatever is profitable. If we want it but u wont make money then who cares what we think? Rant=done.
  • I'd buy as I didn't on the 360.
  • I will buy an Xbox one for ODST
  • Same hahaha
  • PC anyone?
  • The more games the merrier
  • Yes please, Reach was my favorite.
  • Same bur nothinf tops Halo 2 campaign
  • Yup!
  • Hope odst will make it into the games with gold program :))
  • *off topic* (but don't care) had anyone saw the new Final Fantasy XV trailer? If not, I highly suggest you check it out... Wow
  • Obligatory PC please comment
  • The only reason why I kinda like 343 is they can do movies :3 halo legends and forward unto dawn were epic and brilliant
  • 343sucks , halo 4sucked and Microsoft keeps digging their massive rape of bungies legacy deeper and deeper...
    I mean fans of the first halos can't possible say that 343 is awesome .. The graphics are bad and halo 4 was a ............ .......... Game .the multiplayer was bullshit and so was the campaign .seriously I played the first h2 mission at gamescom behind closed doors and it was horrible .. ... But why am I saying this . Pretty sure all those guys here love 343 .. Except they suck !!!!!
    Ps reach was amazing bit halo 2 campaign was the best!
  • Nope! Halo4 is the best part of all Halo franchise.
  • As long as we get Halo Wars too.
  • Exactly what I was waiting to hear. I would by both first day. Been waiting for this.
  • Wow, they are really flogging of past wins aren't they. House about just focus on getting halo 5 done instead of just trying to squeeze every possible dollar out of your customers.
  • Halo Wars on WP anyone?
  • Yes.
  • Do it. The music in ODST is the best. Also X1 needs more titles.
  • Shut up and take my money!!
  • I just want to see Halo Wars ported to a Windows 8 Modern app, so I can play it on my Surface Pro....
  • Yes but not at full price I'd say $40 for both
  • We need halo wars too
  • ODST is my second favourite of the series, after Combat Evolved. I loved the noir storyline and Marty O'Donnell's series-best score.
  • I actually liked ODST because it reminded me that the character I was playing was a mere human pushed to his limits and not enhanced like a Spartan.
  • Dont care.
  • I really liked REACH
  • Yes please
  • No to ODST, Yes to Halo reach, and more important then both of those is Halo Wars 2.  Give me another Halo RTS PLEASE!!!!!...A Gears of War RTS Too!!!
  • Sweet!
  • Do it
  • Leave these Games be and focus on new IP's.
  • Would rather have Halo 3. IMO that's the best halo to date. No special equipment. No loadouts. Just race to dominate the map with the good weapons. Oh yeah and the bubble shield. Man I miss Halo 3..
  • Yes. Reach is my favorite Halo game.
  • I did some catching up with Halo three years ago. Started with Halo Anniversary and played the campaign of every Halo game out there except Halo Wars. While Reach is not important for the main story I thought the characters and the gameplay to be remarkably good. I kind of felt bad as the characters died one by one. In my opinion Reach has the best single player of all Halo games followed by Halo 1. They should definitely port it.