Microsoft: "Too many people with too much money invested to let Apple win"

Looks like Microsoft can boast a little about its new mobile operating system after all. Recently, at the Evolve conference in London, Microsoft Games Studios' Kieron Connell had some interesting fighting words regarding Microsoft, Apple and the mobile phone market:

I think there are too many people with too much money invested to let Apple win in terms of flooding the entire marketYou'd better believe Microsoft is very serious about Windows Phone 7, and protecting their part of the business. It's going to be an interesting time - that's for sure.

It's been repeated quite a few times before but no matter what the numbers say, Microsoft is certainly in this for the long haul and they won't go down easy. And we know from their Xbox past, they can be very stubborn when they want a market.

Source: Gi.Biz; via CVG

Daniel Rubino

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  • That's what I like to hear
  • This is good morning news, yes Microsoft "Failure isnt an option"....... more like "Failure was never an Option".
  • i like go microsoft!
  • Take that Mossberg!
  • Numbers this numbers that, it's clear why MS doesn't want to talk about numbers, though they're probably good for a v1.0 release as I think they are the simple fact is that they're not as high as the iPhone or Android numbers are at right now. So in the end regardless of how good or not they turn out to be MS was never going to catch those two from day 1. This also means that the press would be just as quick to bash these lower numbers with their bias look at them which is missing any perspective.
  • Microsoft needs to set another requirement for all cell manufactures making WP7 phones... You can make as many phones as you like but at least 1 needs to stay the same as in form factor and charging port location. The reason why the iphone is so popular is do in part because of 3rd party accessories. you buy one iphone charge station or radio dock and it'll work on future ones. I love my HD7 and would love to have a custom car dock, radio night stand, or desk dock... but I don't want to have to buy a new accessories every time I upgrade my HTC HD7. I hope HTC keeps the design of the HD7 so we can see some custom 3rd party accessories.
  • More walk, less talk
  • Hell yeah!
  • "and protecting their part of the business." I'm looking forward to them protecting their 5%!
  • What 5% might that be guy?
  • With approximately 300,000 Android phones activations a day, in all likelihood more than the total number of WP7 phones sold to date, Mr. Connell comes off as rather clueless as to where the true competition lies.
  • They are stubboron as hell... the unaddressed market is still high and while Android phones are selling in droves if you put these devices side by side there's no question which one most people will pick. WP7 needs access to Verizon and Sprint in the States and they need more devices to compete with the flood of Android devices. I like what Microsoft is doing - pulling in Asus and helping LG maybe resurrect their troubled Mobile business... if they keep at it partners will be happy, consumers will be happy, and jessie will be happy.
  • taiban you are incorrect.