Microsoft unveiling Windows Mobile 7, everybody says

We really shouldn't joke about something as serious as this, but the lead-up has been so long and winding -- years, actually -- it's kind of hard not to.

Yes, Microsoft undoubtedly will debut Windows Mobile 7 in some form Monday at Mobile World Congress. We've been saying that for a long, long time now (November, actually). Now that the likes of the Wall Street Journal is saying it, well, then it must be officially unofficial.

At a wireless industry conference in Barcelona on Monday, the company plans to publicly show a new version of its cellphone operating system, Windows Mobile 7, for the first time, according to people familiar with the matter. The operating system sports a revamped user interface that resembles the look of Microsoft's Zune HD music player, people who have seen it said.

As luck (and Delta) should have it, we'll be at that "wireless industry conference," also known as Mobile World Congress. More on that over the weekend. But suffice to say, big things are in store.

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  • It about time, I still faithful to Windows Mobile, and I still believe Microsoft still have and very possible chance of coming back..... you go Microsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I used to be fan then became a gHead (um, privacy concerns, ok) for a few years. But for the last couple of years, I have viewed MS as the underdog. I've really appreciated all that they've been doing, especially in the consumer realm. Very under appreciated, but hopefully, journalists will stop comparing them to Apple and Google and start viewing MS from what they bring to the table. Let's Go Microsoft!!
  • i have to say, kudos to Microsoft for not only keeping a lot secret, but also [likely] spreading dirty info and seriously building hype. Honestly, it feels just a bit like Christmas with MWC looming around the corner. i like Windows Mobile as it is now, and while there's a few things i'd be willing to let go in favor of getting more mainstream appeal, there's a few i'm not, unless the hacking community can make some quick and usable fixes. i think MWC will definitely bring MS back in the mobile space in a big way, and it'll definitely help me to decide if i stay with the platform.
  • I really like Windows Mobile, with its versatility, and integration with windows 7. I think in some ways however, it is too little too late. Here is why: I think they threw away great chance with WM 6.0 to really revamp its OS. Plus i think that it has been way to long for WM 7 to show. I think 6.5 was good but useless. I like the concept and direction they are going. I like the much needed improvements. I just feel it was not necessary to "stop" there. I think with WM 7, all devices running 6.5 should be able to run it (maybe not a "premium" version, but a version of it that is lite). If i was steve ballmer, i would feel bad about releasing an OS that would only be good for less than a year until the device is "obsolete" (i don't personally consider it but technology and devices tend to be out of date fairly quickly). I know my device is obsolete and out of date but it still does everything i need, and what makes me really attached to my device is the customization with the UI, theme, tweaking the theme, and installing apps i find useful and convenient. With the SideShow app for WM, and the collaboration with my PC, i use almost every aspect of what my device can do. I think MS has forgotten in some ways the actual power behind their product. I hope MWC can bring MS back to form and prove the ney-sayers to f*** off. With a beautiful device like HTC HD2, how can MS not take full advantage to every type of hardware available?
  • if they fail to make any substantial announcement on 7 at mwc then I think we can safely say winmo is pretty much dead. it i too far gone to recapture any of its audience.
  • It's never too late. If winmo 7 is going to look as good as we're hoping it to be, then it will sell heavily. The next version of winmo could come out even 5 years from now, as long as it is flashier than the competiton, it will sell the most units. The iPhone has proven this to be fact. Features are a second thought, even lower than second for a vast majority of the consumer population. My point is, if winmo 7 looks good with fluid animations, good use of gradients, etc. then it will sell the most units. Plus it's WinMo, so it will have all the functionality you could ever hope for anyway.
  • We *hope* it still has all the functionality...
  • Prove me wrong: Windows isn't a mobile operating system any more than OS X (which I love). You don't want or need a scaled-down version of a full blown desktop OS on a phone. You want an OS (like despite its flaws iPhone OS) that was designed specifically for mobile devices. M$ is already catastrophically late to the post-iPhone mobile device market. M$ is also trying to scale down an OS designed for a desktop into a mobile OS. I wouldn't set expectations high.
  • Obviously, you know nothing of Windows Mobile, as WM7 is NOT going to be Windows 7 somehow squeezed into the phone. We've known that for a long time, and no one (at least that I have seen) has wanted that. It'll be of the WinCE line. So take your little "Microsoft is evil so I use M$" quips and leave please. Afterall, your beloved Apple has a higher profit margin than MS since all you Steve Jobs lovers will buy whatever he wants and whatever price he says :)
  • You clearly know nothing about Winmo because it's not even remotely based on the Windows XP/Vista/7. On top of that MS was in the Mobile device market before the iPhone was in development. And will you apple Fanboys stop using M$ because Microsoft is one of the most generous and charitable Fortune 500 companies. Hell, Bill Gates owns the WORLD'S Largest Charitable organization.
  • we know that whatever we see, it will be fast, and without stagger or stutter.
  • i only opened this bc i saw dj jayceeoh on the pic! lol