Microsoft's Audio update causes crashes on new Lumias

Microsoft has rolled out an update for the Audio settings part of Windows 10 Mobile. This latest release improves the user interface of the settings area, enabling you to manage your sound output and equalizer options in a more unified experience. This seems to be the only major change here, and we're unable to locate any features we deem as new.

The update applies to newer phones too e.g. Lumia 950, however we have been unable to identify changes to a bug on our phone.


That said, we'd also assume there'd be a bug fix or two, perhaps even some optimization included in the update too. If you haven't yet received an update for the extra settings area of your Windows 10 Mobile-powered smartphone, be sure to run the usual manual update checks and give it some time to trickle through.

Unfortunately, on our Lumia 950 post-update the Equalizer area under Settings > Extras now crashes every time, which is not a good sign. Let us know if you experience the same.

Let us know in the comments if you spot anything we've missed!

Download Audio System App for Lumia phones

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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