Microsoft wants to cut its carbon emissions by 75 percent by 2030

Microsoft logo
Microsoft logo (Image credit: Windows Central)

Based on baseline totals from 2013, Microsoft says its effort to reduce emissions is intended to reach goals set by the Paris climate agreement, which itself aims to keep the global temperature increase under two degrees Celsius.

From Microsoft:

As we expand our global cloud infrastructure, we will increasingly turn to renewable energy because it is a clean power source and gives us better financial predictability. It's good for the environment, our customers and our business. Our cloud-based programs to reduce resource consumption have already cut energy consumption at our main campus in Redmond, Washington by nearly 20 percent, reducing emissions and our power bill.

As part of its efforts, Microsoft says it will soon power its Puget Sound campus with 100 percent carbon-free energy.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • That typo LOL. 20130 wow... haha. Joking aside,... 2025 would have been way better... it's ridiculously cold in the UK and it will get substantially colder as the gulf stream slows down due to the reduced salinity of the oceans caused by the influx of fresh water from melting ice sheets and glaciers. Edit: I see you've fixed the typo :).
  • reduce emissions 75%?  Well, I'm sure Satya will have laid off about 75% of staff by then, easy target!
  • There were plenty of layoffs before, him, there will be plenty after him. That's how a company with that many employees works dude.
  • Not on the scale he's done it, in a company that is supposed to be, and should be healthy.  If they (he) actually committed to their consumer products, instead of constantly half-asciing their (his) efforts, they wouldn't have to lay off so many people.  But I guess with a name like "Axman", maybe you enjoy laying people off?  Nadella is probably your favorite person!
  • Well, Just like those Trump is beholden to, he's just undoing the previous guy's work. It's not like buying Nokia was the best decision. Plus, you either fall in line or get in the bread line.  That's the stark truth of today. 
  • Not sure how you're comment is relevant to anything here
  • Won't let me edit my previous comment for some reason but: your*
  • By 2030 Microsoft should've cut emissions by 99%
  • Totally agree....
    Especially considering under Trump US will be out of Paris Accord for another potential seven years....
  • What is microsoft's impact of carbon footprint reduction, compared to the current global carbon footprint?  How will buidling an 88 acre campus help offset the carbon footprint, instead of planting more trees?
  • Dude, they have 2xfootball (soccer for 'muricans) sized data centers all over the planet. These things consume GWh/y It's the equivalent of removing internal comubstion engines from a medium sized US city.
  • Well, if they keep shutting down services like WP and Groove they may even succeed *evil laugh*
  • The Paris Accords will do little. Why don't we start making Phones that last more than a year or two to cut down on piles of trash. Stop dumping trash in our oceans and the whole idea of mass production with mass consumption. Planning things to be obsolete just so wealthy people can just get richer by making more junk is foolish.