Microsoft weighing up the benefits of sending Cortana to other mobile platforms

Cortana is a unique feature of Windows Phone that separates itself as a platform against the likes of iOS and Android. All three platforms have personal assistants, but what Microsoft has achieved is nothing short of awesome. However, what the company has not been able to do is reach a decision on whether or not Cortana should be shared with other Spartans... I mean, mobile platforms.

Marcus Ash, group program manager for Windows Phone, was present at the SMX Advanced search marketing conference in Seattle where he was quizzed about Cortana's possible future on both iOS and Android. While many would naturally assume Microsoft wouldn't go near the platforms with its new personal assistant, we've seen the company change in recent times and with Satya Nadella at the helm (remember: "mobile first, cloud first"), it's certainly plausible.

It's believed to help Microsoft solve an issue where Windows PC users may own an iOS or Android smartphone, which creates an incomplete experience (the same with Mac owners who wield Windows Phones). The company has attempted to address this with Xbox SmartGlass, Xbox Music, Office 365 and other products, so we could definitely see discussions underway about Cortana. Marcus Ash noted the following:

"It's interesting to think about the future of these assistants and whether they become a reason to buy into the ecosystem. That is the other tension we have. If you play this out five to ten years, and these assistants become the reason you choose Android or iOS or Windows, then what's our position? Could Cortana be the thing that, as a Windows user, (makes me feel like) I've got to get a Windows phone?"

There are hurdles in place, should Microsoft look to launch Cortana on iOS and Android, including the integration of its assistant with hardware on competing platforms. For the time being, however, Cortana is unique to Windows Phone 8.1 and Microsoft fans will be able to rejoice that she will remain a platform exclusive for now – especially if she has any say in the matter.

What are your thoughts on the possibilities of Cortana on iOS and Android? Do you think it would be a wise move for Microsoft? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: GeekWire

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Seriously?
  • Microsoft guys think so much about other platforms but the other platforms are so self obsessed to share anything from official email app to sharing files even via Bluetooth to other phones :/
  • Cortana is the one thing that will attract a lot of people towards Windows Phones. MS seems to be digginging their own graves  by sending Cortana to iOS and Android. Has iOS brought Siri to WP? NO...Has google brought its apps to WP? NO.....Why the hell MS wants to give away its precious things to other platforms. Grow up !!
  • I think sharing is what should be done... Consider google chrome. If google doesn't have it on windows pc and apple devices and just make it exclusive to chrome books, will the browser ever grow.. I think Microsoft is right as offering it's products will make the brand presence immense..
  • yes but then what's point of a Windows Phone? Do you see iTunes on WP? what about every iphone exclusive app (made by Apple) and do you see Google Apps on WP?  Heck even Blackberry kept their apps exclusive! Why? because it's making people choose an OS. If all the features on WP are universal then it rules out WP from the competition. They don't need to use a WP since the features are available on the better phone anyway. WP is going downhill. If I was incharge of WP, my main aim would be to offer a unique experience to WP users and not think about making the OS Android/iOS friendly. Being a good guy won't get you anywhere so stop trying Microsoft and focus on making WP better for us Loyal windows phone users.
  • Exactly
  • +720
  • Exactly how I feel, Microsoft are giving away everythng that makes WP unique. Xbox services on iOS and Android, Office on iOS and Android and now, possibly, Cortana. Why do I need to stay on WP if I can just buy an iPhone 6 or GS5 and get all the same features!!?!
  • all the apps.
  • MS apps that work better on iOS and android
  • It is like office touch launches first on android... If there is cortana for android, i move to android. MS makes far better apps for android and ios than for their own platform. Seeiously, in MS they are very dumb if they do nothing to improve their own platform.
  • Why? Just look at what the other two will do for you....
    IPHONE- Change the color of a handset and tell you it is a revolution in the industry, and charge you $800 for it... Changing chargers so you pay for a new one.. etc...
    ANDROID- Well, if you are here reading this I think you will know how Google treats their people!
    I choose MS because they are the only ones who are putting the people before the product.. I am willing to go without a fingerprint scanner in exchange for security (lol)...... and just to be treated like a person and not a selfless number!
  • Ex-f#ckin-actly!!! what's the point of having a WP if there's no differentiation???
  • I agree with what everyone is saying, BUT the only reasons I stay are because of the live tiles and the metro design. Those are the only differentiators I still care about.
  • I am beginning to wonder why I even buy Microsoft products anymore. All the reasons I had were flushed down the toilet and given to Apple and Google. I can no longer see Microsoft as a major contender in the commerical world, and as I read about Apple and Google starting to enter the Enterprise I no longer have any faith in Microsoft.
  • Be strong friend, more apps is not a reason to give up your privacy and selfness'... Look at what MS does for the people compared to the other two....
  • +1020
  • Agreed!
  • Nope, it will cause a halo effect. Putting an inferior version on other platforms, no deep OS integration, will make users want a rich WP experience, and make the switch.
  • Nope, it will make them stick with the platform they have whether it provides an inferior experience or not. What reason would they have to switch to WP if all the services are available on the platform they already own!!!
  • Exactly, if Cortana, Outlook, Skype, Xbox Music & Glass all suck on Andorid or iOS, why would that leave me to believe it's superior on WP and that I need to go get one when I can just use Siri/Google Now, WhatsApp/Viber, Spotify/Google Play Music/Amazin Music --- the current "standards".
  • seriously? WP is already here since quite some time, how many users have opted for "rich" experience till now
  • That's not how the halo effect work. In fact, doing so will get people to think cortana is inferior to siri and Google now. So what you get is the devil effect.
  • Like the richer experience we get with Skype and GroupMe on WP. MS services largely work better on iOS/Android
  • Yes!
  • Is this the line for the bathroom?
  • There's an app for that!
  • Only on ios/android ;)
  • As a loyal Microsoft customer, I want it on my surface, PC and Xbox 360. How about Skype on my 360, give your customers what they want before you give non customers what they want!
    Make things better on your own platforms before you give better software to others. Skype is better on IOS than Windows 8.1 and wp8.1. I see no benefit of sticking with the Microsoft ecosystem, there are no apps, and the Microsoft apps are better on competing platforms.
  • Blackberry keep the exclusivity till they just realize that they will perish soon :p O come on, the game is not about innovation, but broaden the environment to everything.. Those who are selfish will perish soon or later.. 3:-)
  • Exactly +925!!! Look at the bigger picture people...
  • Well as I reacll iTunes would be nothing if it was not for PCs! So they were little or non existent until, follow me here, it was developed for "other" plataforms and then hell broke open!
  • @AushutoshGupta_bdh Google chrome? Do you even have an official Google chrome app in WP store?
    Please keep Windows PC thing aside. Not having chrome on PC won't make you buy a chromebook either, would it? We have Chrome on PC as Google through it, promoting their own services but don't expect any such luck for Microsoft.
    MS has been sharing a lot of things lately to Google but Google has been such a ******** from the beginning till yet.
    And to my belief, Google won't even accept, if ever, MS offers Cortana for Android keeping in mind Cortana is powered by Bing. And they wont agree to feed Cortana via Google. There may be slight chances for Apple's approval.
    Seriously, these recent MS decisions are getting on my nerve, as if, convincing me to switch to iOS every other day.
    And if MS is trying to follow the motto "do good, find good" instead of their "mobile first, cloud first" it's not gonna work with
  • Google is the WORST example you can come up with. Chrome is a leech.
  • @AushutoshGupta_bdh seriously?
  • Guess then the question should be, how many people have dumped their Windows PC's for a chromebook just because they use the chrome browser? Thats the argument you are proposing in favour of having WP apps on other platforms, so how has that worked in the real world with the chrome browser?
  • Precisely! So now that Cortana is on chrome, why do i need to buy Surface or Windows Phone when I could buy a cheap chromebook and have all the features for free.
  • exactly, then Windows will be without exclusivity
  • You're right that it should share SOME apps but not what sets them apart from the rest. Stuff that's core to the Windows environment should remain to that environment simply to help it's ecosystem. If they give away everything that's unique to their ecosystem then people can simply by iPhones and Androids which already have there upper hand with their app catalogues. We don't have YouTube nor chrome on Windows Phone because Google wants to handicap the Windows ecosystem and those are general apps. So no MS should definitely not share Cortana or anything that is unique to Windows/Phone until they at the very least have enough ground to stand on.
  • Which is better for the people!!!! Why is this a bad thing for us??? I see a new MS created by the people for the people ;)
  • Because they'll be the first to do it.
  • I much agree. In the words of Darth Vader, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • This.
  • First of all, if you are upset that other platforms will get Cortana then you admit you like Cortana and is the best! Coz if you don't like Cortana at all, then you wouldn't care if others get Cortana or not! You can end up with 2+ voice assistants, but, my guess is people will eventually settle on one. So, the question in the end becomes which do you think is the best of them all? If you think or know that Cortana is the best then why care if others get it too. If others start using Cortana as well then WP looks goooood IMO! :) I don't think iPhone users for example will switch just because they don't have Cortana! If they are not going to switch regardless of what MS does or doesn't, then why not make money off of those brilliant folks! ;)
  • Seriously though, if MS isn't going to make these features exclusive then I don't see the point. I bought a WP for it's simplicity, I stuck with them regardless the lack of apps and features etc. Now they think of doing this? In my opinion, they should keep office, Cortana, Here maps, xbox music and video on our platform. Instead their sharing it with everyone making WP even less appealing.  That being said If Cortana is sold to other phones that will be the final straw to me. I'm a huge MS fan but these things aren't making me happy, bit more of this sharing MS features non sense and I'll gladly switch over to Apple.  
  • Very well said.
  • I personally doubt that they will launch a full featured Cortana on other platfroms. Google has Google Now on iOS but it is nowhere near as good as on their platform. To be honest, going by what Nadella has repeadetly said, Microsoft will have all its apps everywhere I guess.
  • You see MS has concentrated on their apps on other platforms first. Skype is a lot better on iPhones and Remote desktop client for PC was only released a while ago to WP but iOS/Android users have had it for a while.  I don't understand what is going on in their heads. Make literally every feature exclusive! Even windows features like Office, who in the right mind would give away these features that have the potential to bring in new customers is beyond me. If they don't get their shit together they are going to end up at the bottom.
  • Fact is that the Office ecosystem, just an example, generates more revenues that Windows.... For the time being the OS will keep loosing both its importance and centrality: services are revenues generators.
  • But you have to see it from their perspective. They need to make money and most users are on other platforms. So is it a good business decision to keep your money making services exclusives? No, it's not. You wouldn't wait until people switched to your platform because you would lose a shit load of money. WE ARE THE BETA TESTERS. That's how MS feels about its own platforms right now. They messed up bad and let Google and Apple infiltrate and now they're in a bad spot IMO.
  • Well they need to make up their mind. If they want to keep WP, they will need to pay for it. If they give away all the features then they should eliminate WP altogether. They can't keep looking at the immediate income. At least keep something like Cortana - that makes no money - exclusive to WP. They are not going to pimp out Cortana for money are they? So they should keep her loyal to her husband, the WP!
  • Don't forget they recently aquired Nokia. They are a Hardware Giant now and have to sell "Smartphones"! You cant sell Smartphones when your own Services in your own Ecosystem suck big time compared to its siblings you have on competing Platforms. Skype (MS literally killed it with this one), Office, Photosynth, Xbox Music, etc. . Or think of it this way. what If people notice that they are heavily invested in MSs ecosystem and want to switch from an iPhone/Android to a WP Device? You cant welcome them with a hugely inferior experience, they´ll switch back in a sec.
  • Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • There was reportedly a division at MS board level whether or not MS should return to being Software only or continue as a Devices and Software. Perhaps the decision was to return to Software only, but step by step?? So, if every bit of Software is on all ecosystems, then I'm guessing this would create more income?? Where would this leave the devices, like Xbox and WP??
  • This will definitely be a suicidal event for WP by porting Cortana to the competitors' platform.  The WP differentiator list is getting shorter and shorter while the app gap problem is still not resolved.  Making Office for iPad available IOS platform may at least pick up some Office 365 subscriptions. Even in the longrun, it would potentially hurt Windows ecosystem expecially in the enterprises.  Between Office fo iPad and IOS 8, iPad now looks much more competitive, especially the enterprise market.  What do you gain exactly by giving away Cortana to IOS/Adroid?  It only makes your competitors more attractive and stronger.  I'll be very pessimistic about WP's future if that happens.  MS can't blame anybody else except themselves.  If Cortana will indeed arrive at iPhone 6, the 5.5" version iPhone 6 would look very attractive to me.   I'll compare that with McLaren closely and see there are any reasons left to continue staying with WP.
  • I agree. Not sure what I will switch to, but I'm pretty sure I will. Hopefully something else more appealing will be out by then.
  • Same here, it makes no sense to continue using WP if the same features are available on competitors platforms!!!
  • So what exactly is the draw for Apple then?I guess you're just one of those people who don't like sharing and stingy ecosystems... =[
  • I today agree with you @dhruv07
  • Microsoft's own platforms are going to get fucked even more, that's their new strategy, is to get services! Not platform
  • Even experience on Windows is incomplete, they want to reach others platform. I don't know what are they thinking. Complete your own product first Microsoft !
  • +720
  • +820
  • Yoo guys, remember when I created a thread about this in the forums? and people told me to fuck off cuz it's an OS thing and never gonna happen? Well here you go. I knew this was gonna happen...y'all should know mother Microsoft by now if you are a fan...and please go look for my thread in the forums, was posted when we all received WP8.1 dev preview. EDIT: I just remembered, my thread even got deleted by WPCentral after a lot of hate and negative comments in there (just tried searching and it's not there anymore even when I go my view all my didn't know they could do this, thought threads were like forever). I wish you guys could see but I hope a lot of you regular commenters and forum posters will remember.
  • Exactly!!!
  • MS should get their shit together, If they keep going on with this BS, Windows Phone will be history.
  • Yep...and not to mention that there were a couple of apps or updates (can't remember what it was, will probably remember later LOL) that MSFT made available to other platforms first. Was it the office touch for iPad?
  • Why give away what makes our os so incredible.
  • that is beyond me and many of use here,surely we don't know, don't see Apple doing crap like this
  • I'd just like to see it added on the PC and RT
  • Such a horrible idea. Imagine if Halo, Gears of War, Titanfall etc became available on Playstation. No one would buy the Xbox. This must be one of Satya Nadella's dumbass ideas. Couldn't imagine Ballmer or Gates being this stupid.
  • Actually i think Titanfall 2 will be on PS4 , hate to tell ya but i think from recent news and interviews from E3 2014 it suggest the same
  • It will be. Only Titanfall 1 was exclusive.
  • You all might be mistaken. May be the CEO's of Microsoft are fans of Android and IOS. And here you are bitter about there interest.
    All this unclear future makes me feel like smashing down my windows phone and purchase already grown Android platform that Microsoft wants to even make better.
  • Microsoft is just hell bent on pissing off their loyal base.
  • Oh Nokia pls come back and be independent again
  • NOOOO WHY :'(
    They wanna destroy Windows Phone don't they?
  • Agreed
  • More reasons to switch to windows phone.
  • What? No. This will make Windows Phone same like others and no exclusivity
  • More reasons to switch FROM Windows phone.......fixed :)
  • Exactly, I just tweeted Satya Nadella asking when MS are going to learn not to give away exclusive WP features.
  • we all should do the same, start the twitter riot
  • Nadella sucks! Bring back Ballmer! I knew and told people that Nadella was going to start fucking us WP users over, worse than they were before!
  • Exactly.
  • I'm starting to wonder why I'm so loyal to Microsoft when they keep doing/are rumored to be making these kinds of decisions.
  • Cortana should be wp exclusive..!
  • Agreed, at lease for the next century
  • It should be Microsoft exclusive. On Xbox One and Windows 8 maybe but other mobile platforms. I don't see who got this idea inside Microsoft.
  • Yes it should
  • Exactly. Would MS ever think of releasing Halo on PS4? NO!! It's idiotic to even consider that.
  • Halo is a product. Cortana is a mobile service. Your analogy fails.
  • To fix the analogy: Would MS ever think of releasing Live on PS4... oh wait, they have released Live on iOS and Android so new MS might... along with Halo.
  • The exclusivity is the point, whether a service, game or whatever.
  • You are comparing two completely different business models: Halo is tied to a hardware platform, Cortana is a service. Does Apple offer the OS for other platforms? No, it does not because the OS is used to sell the hardware and not the other way around.
  • Another wrong comparison, your comparing a service to an OS. A better comparison is this, does Apple or Google offer Siri or Google Now for use on WP? No, so why should MS offer Cortana for use on other platforms.
  • On the contrary: MS is moving from a OS centric company to a services one; the OS is becoming a commodity used to sell services and not the other way around. Is it the rich move or the wrong one? Time will tell...
    Btw Apple uses Bing, doesn't it?
  • so that means we shd stop buying WPs  
  • Want it on my surface, my laptop and my Xbox 360. I'm not a handset, I'm not buying a Xbox one, support your existing user base!
  • Just like the Lumia had sooo many exclusive apps and features beyond what any other WP had. Those exclusive apps/features is what got a lot of non-Lumia users (including myself) to say, "My next WP is going to be a Lumia!"
  • It should be a Microsoft exclusive. Windows should have it as well as Xbox. Cortana hears everything almost perfectly, Xbox One, not so much.
  • That would be a stupid move, from M$ 
  • Extremely, worse than Xbox games on other platforms
  • Games are not the same as services which is what Cortana is, service in the cloud.
  • Cortana would be relegated to an app on another platform as opposed to an important selling feature for our platform. And then what? There is a team just working on the IOS and android version? Which would get priority over the WP version of Cortana?
  • And even on android the Cortana app could tie into the OS more than it is tied into WP, which clearly makes Cortana on WP worse than Android.
  • Seems aannoyingier
  • Stupid idea...
  • I think microsoft doesn't care for windows phone ,What they care for is more profit for the company
  • Yea.. All they want is to earn money..
  • Yeah suck if they say about One Microsoft. This is not One Microsoft, this will be SAME Microsoft !
  • Its funny you say this, because many of us had our doubts when MSFT bought Nokias mobile division! We all wondered if MSFT was going to screw it up...i had always thought that Nokia would buy WP instead of MSFT buying Nokia mobile. I do wish it had been the other way around. :/
  • Oh that would just be perfect! Nokia complimented WP so well! i'm sure they would have done fine without MS (or not)
  • WTF.? Microsoft is insane. They will be destroying WP if they did so. Cortana is exclusive for WP, and keep it that way itself..
  • Now both platforms will end up with 2 voice assistances each and WP users will only get Cortana
  • Yes and other people will brag to WP user that they have more option. This is BAD idea seriously. From consumer POV out they who doesn't know what happen inside here.
  • And if it's anything like Skype, it'll have more features on the other platforms... SMH... If this happens, Microsoft might as well call it a day as a mobile OS, and focus solely on services and apps.
  • ^ I honestly feel like they are headed that way. I know I'm being pessimistic lately but I don't think it looks good.
  • Youre being realistic
  • Here's how I would put it. If you are sad that other platforms will get Cortana then you admit you like Cortana and is the best! Coz if you don't like Cortana at all, then you wouldn't care if others get Cortana or not! You can end with 2 voice assistants, but, my guess is people will eventually settle on one. So, the question in the end becomes which do you think is the best of them all! If you think or know that Cortana is the best then why care if others get it or not. If others start using Cortana as well then WP looks goooood IMO! :)
  • Actually it just makes windows phone users look like dumb, blind fanboys.
  • Why would they export what's fast becoming a killer feature on WP to other platforms
  • Because Nadella is an idiot! He's only they're to keep the iPhone using investors happy. Not the Microsoft loyalists.
  • Wtf!!! Never ever should MS do that. In fact if MS does that, people will be more satisfied with their iOS or Android devices. If you need Cortana, get a WP. That's it. Even Google does that.
  • I believe google now is on iOS but I don't use it on any iOS device so I cannot tell you if its better or same.. But no they need to have some reason to stay/come to winphone
  • Are you people mad don't do it please don't. Don't let them have this. This is one of the things that make Windows even more awesome than other losers.
  • OS Integration would most likely be a long way off, but I'm sure we could see integration with Bing or something similar - a Cortana 'Light'
  • Doesn't the new version of Siri (or the upcoming one) use Bing as it's back end engine?
  • Well, apple doesn't  have search engine platform, so it has been using google. but apple and google are now not seeing eye to eye, so would be logical for them to cut their support .  apple has siri, googgle has google search, and microsoft has cortana. KEEP it that way!
  • Actually, OS integration on Android is way easier than on WP, so Cortana could turn out to give the best experience on Android if they're stupid enough to do it. If they do, they'll lose a loyal WP user.
  • I hate to say this... That's equal to commit suicide.
  • +820
  • Dnt do it.....bad idea!
  • Give everything away and get feck all back, right yeah that's the way do do it MS
  • Nope. No way. Just showing off Cortana has driven some friends into looking at Windows Phone. I mean, yeah it's an incomplete experience if you have a Windows PC and an Android/iPhone... So give them a reason to want Windows Phone!
  • This wouldn't be a good move, wouldn't be used in the other platforms because people wouldn't see a need to use two personal assistants on the same device.
  • The only other platform Cortana should be made available for is the Xbox One. Put it on iOS or Android and they will be further killing off their own platform. 
  • No, cortana should be an exclusive.
  • Exclusive to Microsoft products.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with Cortana on Windows and Xbox One in addition to Windows Phones.
  • Lol. Nope.
  • If they do this, I'm gonna leave windowsphone.. Uniqueness is the word. The reason why i chose wp is because its uniqueness among others, live tiles, etc,. HERE maps.
  • Here maps are not WP exclusive, Here belongs to Nokia and the company can license it to whichever entity is interested, and willing to pay, for the service.
  • Ideas Microsoft should never do:
    1. Put Android apps on Windows Phone
    2. This
    3. This
    4. This
  • Ideas people should never do:
    1. Put Android apps on Windows Phone
    2. Put Android on Surface Pro(Console OS- a kick start up is looking for donation from users to start working on a project)
    3. This
    4. This
  • That would be the end of WP
  • Don't see Siri in other OS's and Microsoft should do the same with Cortana.
  • They should bring it to windows phone internationally first.
  • Exactly what I wrote on the Neowin article. Release it for ALL WP users first then look at other platforms.
  • Do you see Siri being offered for other platforms? Of course not. Cortana should remain exclusive. Microsoft needs this as a reason to switch mobile platforms.
  • I agree with you, even google wont offer google now to us.
  • This almost feels like BGR level "click bait".
  • I don't think it is a good idea at all, Microsoft has to exclusive some good features in their platform in order to make people wants to join the platform.
    Or else we Microsoft fans will go to ios or android and take advantage of two platforms instead of just one...
  • They should weigh, instead, to bring Cortana to other non English contries, like Brazil.
  • Agree... why bother with others when your own service experience is not complete? *Uhum Skype *uhum smartglass, why the heck they give more effort on competing platform???
  • Hmmm....... Are they crazy? It's an obvious suicide move.... Don't do it Microsoft! If they have Android use Google Now, iOS use SIRI... It's enough... Don't give away our differentiator!
  • Why buy the cow if you can get the milk? All this would do would keep people on there junk phones without considering switching to Windows. It would likely have performance issues that would be blamed on Cortana rather than the crap phone they have. Then they've not only killed Wp, but Cortana as well.
  • Please for the future of WP do not send Cortana outside of Microsoft products. We will have nothing unique about WP when that happens
  • Sigh. Microsoft, just give up and delete the Windows phone product line. If you keep zero advantages for your own product, there will be no incentive for anyone to use it. I understand moving a major product like office, as it is a large profit center... but why allow Cortana on other platforms? What is to be gained? So frustrating.
  • Agree... they seems like only giving halfhearted effort on their own product... Really, get serious! We must catch up to them, not giving them more!
  • Lets stop making windows, just sell apps. Windows is rubbish for apps and looks like it won't get better if this happens. Microsoft just get Android app working on my surface and windows phone, and then next time i will buy Samsung phone and tablet.
  • Why give stuff to other platforms when they don't give anything to us tbh
  • No plz they wont give us Siri or Google voice
  • First make Cortana available for all windows phones, then think about other platforms!
  • Agreed!
  • Then what reason would people have to buy Windows Phone when all the features of Windows Phone will be present on rival platforms ? Have they lost hope ? I mean this shouldn't be happening. Apple doesn't give a damn about other platforms and Google doesn't give a damn about Windows now , so why is Microsoft paying so much attention on their platforms. They released touch friendly Office exclusively on iPad, what the heck was that ? Are they planning to do the same with all other apps and services ? Seriously Microsoft needs to give it a serious thought .
  • Yea... Microsoft seems like jealous of the grass on the other side of the fence, and they tried taking from them, not doing effort of making their own grass greener..
  • Well that's retarded much leave it on WP only won't make more money giving it to the competition
  • NO. From a business standpoint, I can see going full court press with things like Office on other platforms, but they need to leave at least a few things exclusive to WP, and this is one of them. Otherwise it's just another mobile operating system with nothing major to give it added value.
  • Come on Microsoft are you really that dumb .. this is starting to get embarrising. YOU DONT EVEN HAVE THE SUPPORT ON WINDOWS 8 (SURFACE/DESKTOP) YET AND YOUR ALREADY THINKING ABOUT PUTTING IT ON "OTHER" MOBILE PLATFORMS!! Fire ANYONE at MICROSOFT that thinks this is a good idea. Period. Shiney new 5.5" iPhone thats rumored is starting to look ALOT more attractive .. excuse me while I go puke for having said that ..
  • Exactly, Surface owners are still waiting for hell to freeze over so we get the Modern UI version of Office instead of switching to an iPad or Android tablet.
  • Office works just fine on my surface now, although I will use the new version when its available
  • Focus on putting Cortana on Windows Xbox wayyy (3 'y's) before expanding to the other ecosystems. Microsoft needs to realize that they should prioritize their own ecosystem.
  • If they did I don't think IOS and android users bother to download cortana :D cause it will make thir battery drain more :v why wouldn't download 3rd party program in you got the one that exclusively intergrate with your own system
  • Cortana is making windows phone different from other platforms, if MS do this then people already using ios and android will not bother about wp
  • May I get the contact address or email of Microsoft? I wanna abuse them! -_- they going to kill Windows phone by sharing Cortana!!!
  • Twitter
  • even better @satyanadella
  • If they give Cortana to some other platform, am done with WP.
  • It would be suicidal, if they keep giving away the usp's of the ecosystem what is the point? People won't switch as there is no compelling reason to do so if they can get everything on the other competing platforms.
  • This is madness , total madness,why release for other OSes why? To be filled with bugs and copied and modified?
  • Absolutely not! Other platforms are not in the sharing spirit, and they realize that exclusivity is what draws people to their ecosystems. Some have even pulled support of successful apps to encourage the use of their own apps. Come on WP!
  • This would be a really good move for Microsoft. I don't know why everyone doesn't see that. As long as the Cortana experience is better on Windows phone, it's a great tool for bringing more users into the fold. Hell, it'll do that even if the experiences are the same across OS's.
  • NO Microsoft service experience is better on WP, that's the problem. They put all their efforts into their apps on competing platforms, how in the world can this be good for their own mobile platform?
  • nonsense,total nonsense, exclusitivity is key to bringing in more people especially since what we offer is much more to liking of many (Cortana)
  • Halo is MS so why should Cortana be anything else? I understand office and Xbox Music, but this is not the same.
  • The thought behind this is good, ' for convenience of Windows pc users with other platform phones'....but Cortana is one such thing which can attract people from others platforms to WP. Plz don't do this! Don't bring the WP user base down! When you provide Cortana on Windows for pc, people will see how amazing Cortana is and will #makeTheSwitch to WP
  • Screw you you'll say "Hey people, we only have live tiles and nothing else"
  • Until they find a way to export live tiles to other platforms.
  • They are probably looking into it now at Microsoft Research....
  • Naah...put Cortana on PC/Tablets, Tablets, desktops...
  • There is no way Cortana would be able to integrate as well as the native assistants on iOS and Android, so what would be the point? Just because it's there doesn't mean people will use it.
  • So they'll effectively have spent $7b for Nokia's devices and services only to turn around and make every effort NOT to sell those devices by making practically all WP features available for free to their competition? Only Microsoft could dream up a scenario like this, completely insane.
  • Don't do it! It is the most awesome thing on WP!
  • Good idea to have Cortana multi platforms for one specific reason; it helps Bing (Microsoft) collect more information on how they could improve the service, look at Google as they've managed to lead with that because they cover many different areas.
  • But Bing already powers iOS, Siri and MacOS... It would help them more to roll out Bing internationally...
  • Maybe a light/demo version, with ads. Never more than that. It'll never have app integration.
  • As much as the other platforms are in desperate need of quality software, it's not worthe the loss of exclusivity to Windows Phone
  • Dear Microsoft, no wonder why #Android (Google) is mocking you! You can't even keep something for your own platform! #ExclusivityStupid
  • NO!
  • I think it's more likely that other platforms wouldn't allow cortana, unless they could absorb it... Gravemind like...
  • If it were on the other platforms, it would be twice as good because they focus on support of their services on other platforms before windows phone. Should definitely be a Windows phone exclusive for a while, then move on to other MICROSOFT platforms like the Xbox and windows 8. In another note, am I the only one that uses my windows tablet and hate that I can't swipe?
  • Nope, I am also saddened every time I swipe on my Surface and just the last letter gets entered
  • If this happens Microsoft will duck itself!
  • So they are thinking of giving away one of the main features of WP to a company that makes it illegal for us to have an official Youtube app.
  • yeah that about sums it up
  • totally nailed it bro  
  • Lololol In a few years WP will be finished. Going back to iOS if MS keep going with this BS.
  • Yep, WP = Zune v2.0
  • Apple is just concentrating on its own platform. Google is not even providing basic search and youtube apps to WP users because they want to keep their users to themselves and attract more. What's wrong with MS? We love WP but it is not complete yet and MS is thinking about losing it's uniqueness which can compel others to join WP platform. This will be a suicidal move. Better concentrated on your products rather than on others.
  • While being a product and services business, if you provide your services to every platform, what incentive does any person have to buy your products (smart devices)?
  • Yes MS is a business, and growing the overall business is the real thing. MS should do what Google is doing to Apple, some of the best apps on the iPhone are from Google, Google makes a tun of money off search on the iphone and MS does not have the market share with Bing to not think their isn't money to be made there. The same way some of you feel about Cortana being the reason you choose Windows Phone, the same way some may feel after trying Cortana on an iPhone and could make them want to get a Windows Phone. This will place Windows Phone is the same standing as an iPhone in there mind and mind share is something Windows Phone does not have
  • Yet iPhone users will get a much better version of Cortana than we have on WP, just look at Office on iOS compared to WP!!!
  • Put Cortana on every Windows Phone, then put it on Windows 8, RT and Xbox.  You'd likely only ever see a scaled down version on other platforms due to OS level restrictions on 3rd party apps.  In this scenario I see it as a benefit to Windows Phone and the Windows eco-system broadly.  People will see the 'lite' version on their Apple device and if they liked it they might take a look at the Windows platform with a more favourable opinion.
  • ...from my cold, dead hands!
  • Microsoft: That can be arranged!!!!
  • ENOUGH!!! *Batmanslap*
  • To other platforms...
    Are they ducking serious ❔❔
    Please somebody close to Redmond go and smack these guys with a Lumia 920...
  • I cannot thank you more.
  • MS is losing their damn mind. Might as well put Halo, Forza and Gears on Playstation and Nintendo platforms.
  • I'd say no. Cortana is a draw, but if you like it on IOS, how much better is the experience going to be for WP. It could be a teaser.
  • Microsoft is becoming a dumb fucktard...seriously...
    And what the fuck are they thinking, Cortana is the most awesome feature of windows phone right now and they just gonna share it to other platform? Dude seriously? Hey Microsoft to be honest windows phone sucks at all but Cortana made it great and popular... Think again loser
  • Fucking Microsoft..Couldnt fix their own platform and continuously bringing their exclusive services to other platforms..After 3years they brought quick settings that's also incomplete..If things go like these people will ditch WP totally except some ignorant fanboys..
  • Well....Apple have  the iphone and they are well made and have decent cameras... iOS has a better skype app, it also has MS Office and now maybe Cortana.... I better go away from windows phone they have a better microsoft ecosistem!!!
  • Yeah right... IOS have better Microsoft services than their own windows phone
  • iOS already has a better Skype app and now they want to give them Cortana too and probably even a better version? THE new feature that makes people consider switching to WP should not go cross-platform. If this is about Bing, Bing is already in Siri and MacOS, so there is no need to bring Cortana over there..
  • Is there anything left in windows phone that is exclusive to the platform  ? :(
  • Live Windows phone is a shit to be a honest it was built to be cheap- that's what MS tryin to do. Cheap.. Cheap.. Cheap.. And that's what windows phones are cheap plastic junk
  • And a really good dev could build a front end that could do that on android...
  • Emmm. Windows Phone customers....(You know ,us!). MSFT might as well give us to them that and call it a day. They should not be THONKING it talk less of SAYING it. I hope MSFT have smart folks in their building.
  • MS gives too many fucks about other platforms I mean I don't know if you knew this but if MS hadn't given funds to Apple some years ago Apple would now be broke and that's just stupid I just know Apple wouldn't do that shit for MS I don't know why they care so much
  • I was at MS Sweden yesterday on an IT Camp and one participant asked the speaker why they should choose WP over Iphone. The only reason he could come up with was... Price. Basicly. Keep this shit up and that wont change.
  • Are they seriously bloody insane? Next thing they will think about sending windows phone os as an app to android and ios
  • First of all everyone needs to calm down. These are just brainstorms. There are plausible points on both sides. Microsoft made its money by providing software first. So Satya is weighing the metrics of MSFT software vs WP exclusivity. Office is the most popular used business suite on any platform. That's a win for MSFT. Making office exclusive to WP wouldn't necessarily get everyone over to WP but it would force people to use something else. Cortana is different because it was created on WP. The argument is different. Now you're looking at giving people a reason to turn away from WP, without ensuring Cortanas use on other platforms would rival their own voice assistants.
  • The problem is that Office on other platforms is infinitely better than on WP, which hasn't seen an update to Office since it was introduced in WP7, so, yes it's a win for MS at the expense of their own ecosystem. Where is the Modern UI/Touch version of Office, oh that's right it's on iOS and Android instead!!! Microsoft should be looking after their own ecosystem first which is something they, quite clearly, are not doing.
  • That's not what the verge's own review said or what I've heard from co workers that use IOS
  • that means they are weighing shuttting down WP hardware  
  • Good guy Microsoft... But features like Cortana should stay Windows Phone exclusive. If they send out everything to other platforms people will have no interest on Windows Phone whatsoever, since they'll have the option of having that exact same feature on their iOS or Lagdroid.
  • Can someone break this down for me.  Why is Cortana "nothing short of awesome".  So far everything I've shown my iOS toting friends is something Siri does....or maybe they are lying.  Is there a list of the things Cortana can do that Siri and Google Now can't do? This may seem off topic, but if the messaging around Cortana's awesomeness isn't clear, it doesn't matter if MS makes it avaialble for iOS or Android.  No one will use it.
  • Try setting a people reminder, that's something that both Siri and Google Now can't do!!!
  • one more less reason to stay on WP platform!! MS is not giving any reason for others to switch to WP...with this approach all they are saying is"wherever you are or whatever platform you use we will provide full support (heck even superior support) on that platform, you need not have a Windows Phone"
  • Maybe they should worry about getting Cortana, and more importantly all the Cortana-dependant features, out to the 99% of their customers that aren't American...!?! Yes, the Brits and Chinks are in the pipeline, but the rest of us - and we're legion! - are scr*wed! Worry about us first, why don't you?
  • Did you just say chinks? Are you serious?
  • You're so ignorant. That is not welcomed here on this site. Not cool.
  • I wish there was a way to flag comments. You are seriously out of line.
  • Racist, much?
  • Yaah Satya will ask Cortana kill that isheep and she's gonna kill
  • The joker who is even contemplating this sin should be hit hard on this head to bring some sense back......
  • NO.
    I have an android friend who one day said I can set an alarm by saying "wake me up at 6 am" and I said is this it? Lets try playing some music like that, and he couldn't. It will never be the same.
  • Referring to the title specifically I don't believe the benefits outweigh the risks.
    If they decide to strip WP of all unique features there is literally no reason to own a windows device. At that point the writing would be on the wall and I would go elsewhere.
  • I'm getting so sick of this shit. Based off how this company has handled things this past year from the Xbox rollout to ruining the momentum they had with WP etc, it can only be 2 things. Either they have the most idiotic, incompetent group of people running this company or they view us loyal customers as nothing more than lab rats. If they do this, I am done with MS completely. I am so sick of trying to help and support a company that continues to screw up left and right.
  • Why can't it be both those things? In all honesty their new mobile first cloud first had me worried from the get-go. They don't have any mobile presence of their own so.... Make sure you're on other platforms. I get it. MS is a business first and they need to stay alive as a business. If they were to do this though I feel like they are effectively killing WP. Maybe they should just go 100% enterprise because they obviously missed the boat on mobile.
  • Yeah, you have a good point, I don't know if Microsoft really made a premium mobile OS or just a piece of junk. They are always saying that windows phones are cheaper than IOS but hey IOS is a solid OS. Isn't it a huge riff off if you pay for a premium product but you got a garbage. WP user here
  • You should try being with BlackBerry...
  • Might as well
  • Unacceptable, Cortana is for us.
  • Microsoft, how about you finish rolling it out on your own phone (all regions), then migrate to other windows platforms, then possibly look at this idea again after you get that right.
  • First of all, MS should be thinking of making cortana globally available rather than available on other platforms, I mean, that shouldn't even be a topic to think of. The wisest thing they can do is keep it platform exclusive, otherwise what is going to set wp apart from the rest, besides its simplicity. I believe it is enough with the lack of a few apps, I am not complaining because I have pretty much every app I need, but others may not feel the same
  • Damn it Microsoft, if people want Cortana they should buy a Windows Phone. I love Cortana and I would much rather have her a Windows exclusive. They are always trying to have their best features on other platforms and it's really going to mess them up. Why would people buy into the Windows eco system if they can just have everything somewhere else? If Windows users with an Android or iPhone are missing out, then to bad for them. If they want the full deal then they should buy a Windows Phone. Waking up and seeing that Microsoft would even be contemplating this has just ruined my whole day. -_-
  • Bad Idea, no cookie for you!
  • Give us a years exclusivity and enough time to make others jealous then yeah..... Maybe!...Actually, bring it out the day I get Siri on my 1020!!!
  • No no
  • I'd prefer never, but those idiots toying with the idea, are the same guys that gave wordament, office and a better Skype to everyone
  • Idiots for just considering the idea....
  • You're so right
  • Nope bad idea, folks won't see reason to come over to WP, since they have we what have, they should be something exclusive about WP and that is Cortana, extending to other platforms, bad idea, even at that IOS have there's already Siri and google too has there's google now, MS won't achieve much if nothing, if they do this, you will see lots of #switch if this happens i.e. from WP to Android or IOS , so please this should be made exclusive to WP
  • Nothing in the article says that MS is actually considering this, the article is somewhat "smoke and mirrors".
  • You've gotta be fucking kidding me.
  • CORTANA is not even available on WINDOWS 8 or XBOX and they are thinking ANDROID AND iOS ....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH .... WHAT A JOKE!
  • This is like giving Sony the right and ability to enable Xbox games on Playstation Totally dumb idea
  • No. Microsoft must keep some advantages to itself.
  • Well, would you rather have all of a teeny-tiny piece of the pie or less than all of the entire pie?
  • Let them do whatever they want with these features but ffs make Windows Phone apps such as Skype AT LEAST THE SAME as on other platforms, of not better... And Skype isn't the only Microsoft's app/service which seems to be getting more love on other platforms than right here on the home field... :/
  • At first I kinda hate the idea but this could be the perfect TROJAN HORSE for Microsoft targeting Android and iOS...Shhhhh..... remember iTunes and Chrome browser?  Those are clearly designed as a trojan horse to drive Windows user to iOS or Android.
  • Right, having Skype, office, smartglass, onenote, onedrive and Xbox live on other platforms has really encouraged people to switch to Microsoft's platforms....
  • At this point MS should devote more of their attention to WP... and when I say more I really mean 85-90% of their mobile attention needs to be devoted to WP/Surface. If they have other "teams" that build for other OS's, fine.. whatever. They can do whatever they want, but put it on the back burner until the WP versions are solid. Use those things to attract more users, THEN offer a less feature rich version on other platforms. I've never been one to come to these sites crying and complaining about crap, but this type of stuff bugs me to no end. It's high time Microsoft pays more attention to those of us who do/have supported their products and less to those that they are trying to lure in. They will be far better suited to keeping people "happy" (I use that term very loosely) than trying to convince people to switch. Especially if they are trying to become a device maker. Who will be inclined to switch and remain with your product if they can get access to your services everywhere else??
    It's ridiculous that things like this are discussed, but you rarely hear about them offering up Halo on the Playstations.
  • No Microsoft! I support all of those other services on competing phones, but not this. This is a differentiator for WP8. You may send prospective WP8 consumers to other platforms. WP8 should have some features and services to itself. Leave Cortana exclusively on WP8.
  • I think we should all sent an email to let these morons know that they are going to ruin WP if they go on with this ridiculous idea that should have never been conceived in the first place.
  • WTF are they thinking?! Why then switch to WP? I mean Siri and Google Now never shared platforms so why should Cortana? This is really the stupidest idea I've heard in a long time. And I see a lot of stupid shit!
  • From a US-perspective, given WinPhone's market share why not? Once she's on your iPhone, why wouldn't you want Cortana integrating with your computer (Win 9 sales) or your game box or your thermostat... And, once you have a Win9 computer and an X-Box, why not bring it all together with a phone?
  • From a world wide perspective, given Microsoft's overall dominance in pretty much every arena they step in, it makes absolutely no sense at all.
  • Ooooohh well , I think it's time to switch to ios
  • See you, because as one user, IOS fans are loyal and will not use Microsoft products outside of office, so Cortana being an app will mean nothing..... They won't download it
  • Poll. Poll. Poll... Will somebody make a poll so I can vote HELL NO!!!
  • Can you believe this !! The one thing I can boast about to my Droid & iOS friends, Microsoft is thinking of giving them. Suddenly WP isn't feeling so special anymore ( Microsoft please value your loyal WP costomers).
  • It's clear to me now. Microsoft will be its own Windows Phone murderer. If these trends continues, there will be nothing exclusive left for Windows Phone in the future. You don't see Apple making Siri available on other platforms, right? Microsoft it's betting on a future without WP. They're just laying the groundwork.
  • I'm afraid you're right.
  • Been a Windows Phone evangelist for almost 4 years now, I'd abandon the platform if they did this, probably the most idiotic thing they could consider...
  • I don't think cortana is a platform seller. If it nets extra bucks for MS then go for it.
  • Really hope this is just a joke. Putting Cortana on Xbox/Win8 is a great idea. On other platforms?? Errr, no
  • I hope not keep it for Windows and only, it says it apart from the others.
  • Not good,at least for 5-6 years.Improve and make Cortana more awesome,many will queue up for WP.Yes,user experience is your priority but remember you are fighting for your own identity.Though android has double the user base than ios,there is no Siri for them till now.Then why MS seems so eager!At least in India people are turning head to see a Lumia(WP!lolzz).Other services are Windows related so you can send them to galaxy but there is no urgency for Cortana..Hold on.
  • I've been loyal to MS since my first 088 PC, even at that time u had DR-DOS and I used MS, if this happens it will be the end for me... It even hurts me to say this, but I'll consider moving all my hardware to apple...
  • One thing is for sure: Apple cares about their customers and does everything in their power to keep them. Microsoft? Well, they still don't know how to be a consumer company, and recently I've doubted they even want to be one. 
  • Sounds like Cortana will probably be available on iOS and Android before anyone can even get WP8.1...
  • They seeem to actually want WP to fail.  If they do this, they are incredibly stupid.  
  • I am going to have to agree with the other statements. Why!!! WP needs its exclusive features to remain different and unique. Give those features to other OS and WP is no longer unique!
  • Microsoft is in survival mode, at least for its mobile services. If recent decisions indicate anything, Cortana will end up on ios and Android. Although, I think Apple might resist this to protect SIRI.
  • Keep it Windows only. Microsoft needs something extraordinary and different to help drive it's business.
  • Hilarous
  • Well o hace this to say to Microsoft Bitches please !!! First concentrate in bringing cortana world wide, make fully functional and regionalized then start thinking about expanding to another plataforms. First thing first !!!
  • Why do so few see that expanding the appeal of services that are built-in and integrated on the Windows platforms, by making them available on other services, broadens the appeal of the Windows platforms as a whole?
    If we get people using Microsoft services on other platforms, it lowers the "switch shock" people experience when they switch and suddenly realize the services or apps they used aren't available.
    What Microsoft needs to do to maintain a degree of separation is a better job of making the experience using these services better on Windows Phone/Windows than they are on other platforms... Get them hooked on other platforms and demonstrate how much better the same services are on Windows.
    I can definitely see where marketing directly to the other platforms could benefit the growth of our beloved platform even more.
  • The other side of that coin is: What incentive does an Android or iOS user have to switch to WP if the parts they like about it are available in the ecosystem in which they are already invested? Nokia makes some SOLID hardware, but convincing a long-time user of iOS that an Icon bests their iPhone 5s (which I firmly believe it does) and that is enough reason to switch or a Galaxy S5 user to drop Android for the same reason is a difficult sell.
  • How has that broadening of appeal worked so far? This is a tired argument which is not borne out in the poor sales numbers for windows devices and windows phones.
  • If theres one thing MS is worse at than idea generation....its marketing !!  They just don't know how to market their products properly...How can u look to woo consumers from other platforms when ur current consumers r deserting u ??  & lets not forget the availability of apps on the other platforms...theres basically no reason for them to move to WP !! 
  • *facepalm* Microsoft may as well shoot them selves in the face. Seriously! Cortana is a great os selling point. Keep Cortana on windows products, sure put her on my surface pro and put her on my xbox one. Since when did apple release Siri on windows? Never. And they never will. Don't be a fool m$. Keep her as the only selling point. You've already given them achievements and Microsoft studio's games, when did apple or google give us anything? Google went as far as to actively block access to features if on a windows device. Seriously wtf man!
  • I don't see MS providing Cortana to other platforms in the way it is built into WP8.1. I do see them leveraging Cortana as a service to augment Bing as a search engine that does more than return web pages. I do fear though that recent developments in the EU might stymie that possibility for much of the world if the "right to be forgotten" turns into the inability to learn from your behavior in any meaningful way. The service and mechanisms that Cortana uses to catalogue your behavior and your interests and information to provide information that is meaningful with minimal effort on the part of the user is something that MS deserves to farm out to a user base far beyond that of the current WP installed base, but I think Cortana as an assistant should certainly be a differentiating factor for smartphone shoppers much in the way Siri was for Apple.
  • Oh and it would be nice to have new flagship devices in every market fast and not having to wait a lifetime to get newer hardware. JUST SAYING !!!
  • That should be no brainer? More data. Plus, Cortana will not be mobile only. There is big windows and Xbox too. More data, merrier.
  • "The good Samaritan"..we don't need that.
  • They haven't done anything yet some of you are talking like its a done deal its just being talked about I don't think its a great idea yet we need the Windows Phone user base to be larger first then share features to generate even more revenue, also there is a uservoice site for windows phone lets vote there to keep Cortana exclusive for at least a year or so or permanent even...
  • MS is not going to listen unless users give them a peice of their minds.  That is regards to Cortana on other platforms as well as changing branding from Lumia to something else.  Are you going to continue to complain here or are you going to make a point to contact Microsoft about it?
  • Everyone has got to relax.  The man was posed the question and answered it.  What do you want him to do?  He did not commit that Cortana would eventually be on iOS and Android.  From the quote, I think they realize clearly that Cortana could be the reason people buy a Windows Phone and it clearly would not work as well on iOS and Android.
  • This times a billion, I hate it when people don't read the actual article. Rich should be embarrassed about the click bait title, I thought wpcentral was above this.
  • This may have something to do with making the Nokia X platform more competitive, as Google's Android has a voice assistant built in.   The fact that MS hasn't axed it shows that they are open to an alternative mobile OS strategy.
  • This better not happen, WP adopters will be pissed. Its a HUGE selling point. Cortana stays, I cant even understand how this a consideration in the first place.
  • MS is like that one little brother we have who can give up anything for his elder brothers even if they are selfish. LOL grow up. Stop thinking about them. Google doesn't even give us a nice YouTube app. Apple it's still more reasonable than Google. Google sucks!!!
  • The amount of special snow flakes in these comments are absurd.
  • No way. If microsoft is listening. Its better focus on the genuine customers of the windows. And we love windows, the god knows that. But selling the Cortana or any windows services to idiotic and self centered iOS and android, is like the position of bb right now for WP in near by future.
    If google is not providing the google services and they are smart for not lossing the customer. So, thats why we are suffering rightnow, let these OS's suffer. Please I beg you, don't give the things which are asset of the company...
  • Why the heck would they do that? Why are they even THINKING about it?? 0.o
  • They can send her and keep her there for all I care.
  • This f#ckin absolute nonsense about giving away exclusivity just to get peeps using their products is ridiculous! WTF is the point of WP if they're going to keep giving away apps n services. It's like one heroin dealer selling someone else's product instead of his/her own, it's moronic, imbecilic and will just f#ck loyal users off to the point that we'll move to another platform. Wake up n smell the roses Nadella!!!
  • If this shit happens, i'm going back to IOS.  Fuck this shit!
  • I already went back to Android because of the progress currently. There's not one thing I'm missing with everything being available on Android Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I actually regret choosing this platform Microsoft sucks at their own game there's no way they beat the Android overall. Tired of hoping some shit to happen
  • Actually this made buy a new mac and wait for the iPhone 6 instead of waiting of some shit to happen to Microsoft and windows phones
  • Help me understand.  What is the point of investing years on a smartphone OS, and $6B on a smartphone division, only to give away all the unique features of the OS - Office, Xbox, Cortana -  to direct competitors?  What in the heck is Microsoft doing? This looks more like "traditional in-fighting M$" than new "one Microsoft".
  • Oh c'mon man wake up. Windows phones sucks. If you want premium product go with Apple cause you're at the wrong place, if you want a cheap and reliable go with android. Don't wait for a luck to happen with your windows phone (if you're a WP user) cause Microsoft don't make good os
  • What MS achieved is still very much a beta product. She failed to see my upcoming flight, including the delay on the second leg, nor did she see anything about my hotel. Good future potential though, but not anything mind-blowing compared to Google Now.
  • WTF
  • andriod users and ios users will never have a reason to change to wp platform if ms keeps on giving its precious applications to other users.........who gave this b******t idea to them
  • For the love of God Microsoft, stop making everything available for other platforms. Grrrrrr.
  • Y they are doing such annoying thing?
  • ms gave to ios its ok because they may attract to that and may change to wp platform but giving cortana is like giving,wp users start tweeting joe belfiore not to do so
  • If anything just put Cortana in Bing, but don't integrate with the entire system. As people find more and more reasons to not buy Windows PC's we need big exclusive features like this. And plus, Apple and Google don't share, why should we?
  • More and more I am thinking that WinPhone is just a ploy to keep people from using Google services. There is very little, if any, bottom line earnings by WinPhone. There are very few exclusives to WinPhone, and two real reasons to get one - a loathing of Android/iPhone or buried deep in the MS Ecosystem. I fall into the latter category. By making cross platform apps, MS at least has an opporunity to get someone to use Bing to search for something. my $.02
  • Siri and search on Apple already use Bing.
  • Come on MS, wake up and smell the coffee... Giving Cortana to other platforms is like WP digging its own grave... Why would people buy a wp if there is nothing exclusive to it, as everything wp has is on other platforms... Its as if MS are thinking that it will make them look better for sharing everything... But u don't see IOS or Android wanting to share... MS need to start and keep making exclusive features for their phones and start thinking of how to get their sales higher instead of playing happy families with people who aren't willing to do the same... I love WP and don't wanna see all the (right now) exclusive things on all platforms...
  • Bad idea MS,
  • I will throw my Windows phone out of the window once Microsoft takes this decision. My friends will laugh at me if they find out about this. Seriously of they do that I certainly will dump windows phone and will never buy again.
  • I have been a fan of WP since I got my original Samsung Focus. I have stuck with them through the lack of apps and waiting for them to build the OS to the same level as the other guys but this really pisses me off. I am starting to think that everyone was right when they said WP was a big experiment for MS.  Like Zune (which I loved) and Kin.  It seems like WP was an attempt to keep the Windows brand alive and relevant through their transition into mobile.  They hoped everyone would follow since most people already have windows on their computers.  When they started seeing that their plan was not working, they saw another opportunity to make money off of the brand in making the services available to other platforms.  Flat out bypassing all of the WP fans to make a quick buck to make themselves seem more profitable.  Before WP 8.1 I was feeling like there was really nothing to keep me here.  I love my Surface and Win 8.1 but felt WP stalled out.  I purchased a 1520 last month and love it, however what is there to keep me here in a year when I renew again?  Everything I love about WP will be on all other platforms so MS can make another quick buck.  Should I stay for brand loyalty like I have?  It def wont be because of the great user experience on XBOX Music!  Been waiting a long time to be able to put my entire music collection on my phone easily.  So tell me MS, if you are going to bypass your loyal fan base and offer all of your services to every other platform, why should I stay??
  • If you want the best that Microsoft has to offer, buy an Android or iPhone.
  • Sad but true.
  • Don't share, it's a unique feature
  • Microsoft after you going nuts
  • Google Now it's available on iOS. Being platform agnostic is usually a good thing, go for it.
  • I believe you are certainly using an Android phone. Otherwise you wouldn't write something as stupid as this.
  • When I first saw the image I thought Cortana received another update but this it's unbelievable, unacceptable, inconsiderate.I am out of adjectives.
  • Ahhhhh what about Cortana on my Windows Tablet first!
  • MS needs to stop shipping WP software on android an iOS. This is getting ridiculous. Why buy WP, when all the features/app are on the other phones???? Might as well release Halo,Gears, and Titanfall on PS4 while they're at it.
  • +1020
  • Really, really bad idea.
  • Is Microsoft possible trolling the other OSes? Are they pushing their apps to other devices and then one day pulling them so people are like..."Hey I miss being able to use Office and Cortana on my iPhone, guess if I want to.continue to use that ill have to go to the Windows Devices"? It really makes no sense. I realize Microsoft has always been a software company and not a hardware company but they need to learn how to be all about their hardware now.
  • Terrible fucking idea! Forget about anyone ever coming to Windows Phone if everything that makes WP great becomes available on iOS and Amdroid.
  • Exactly!! Don't they see that?! Preposterous!
  • I will seriously - and for the first time in my life - hate Microsoft. This is WP's personal assistant, it's not like an exclusive app or something. This is even stupider than when HTC made its features available to other OEMs in the Play Store.
  • They should let Cortana a Windows only feature. I mean, what's making Windows Phone or Windows 8 exclusive and an attractive product if their software runs on other systems. Platform independency is a good thing, but they should also do stuff that's only available on their systems.
  • Wtf, stupidest shit ever....
  • Anytime MS do that I am done with I am selling my 920 and to hell with WP
  • Same, I'm not going to support a company that constantly shoots itself in the foot. This would be beyond idiotic.
  • YES!! This is a very good idea. Put Cortana on iOS and Android. Compete with other players . Be a great software company. Show off what you can do. I use Gmail on windows, I use iTunes on Windows. So get onto other platforms with all your software.
  • What would be the point of WP then?
  • The reason for doing this is money/marketshare i suppose. Here are my arguments if msft wants to leverage cortana to make others to shift to wp hence increase  marketshare. First, cortana should and must be propagated to all wp users wordlwide and make it compelling so that others who hears about it or sees it in action  will be mindblown and be obligated to jumpship. Secondly, make it available to windows pc's, tablets and xbox and make it equally compelling so that those who are in ios/android phones but are using windows pc's and xbox's (lots of them) will be hook to cortana ergo will shift to wp as a natural progression of things.
  • Do Microsoft are out of their mind??? How windows phone business will expand if Microsoft keep 'selling' out the exclusive things on WP to another smartphone OS??
  • Epic FAILURE of the year!!!!  Thanks Microsoft!
  • Oh hell no. Don't even think about it Microsoft...
  • Fuck. That. Shit. They'll bring it to iOS and update/support it better than on Windows Phone.
  •   What if we asked Cortana after selling Cortana software to Apple and Google "Why should I buy this phone? " 
    She will reply : " Reason one: You like it, because, there is no other reason to buy windowsphones anymore! "
  • Why not share I.E. first ms. So users can have their browser preference sync across devices (chrome does this). In terms of cortana perfect it first on wp, windows and xbox then think about other platforms extentions. Coolest Man Alive
  • So there will be no reason to buy a Windows phone.
  • Yes, they should do this. They are, by all acounts a software and services company that happens to do hardware. The idea of software and services on any device regardless of platform is a pure business desicion, and a good one at that. Everytime this comes up about services or apps being unique to one platform, people freak out as if its the end of the world. If MS didn't open up to other platforms, we very well might not have our WP's which, in the end, actually costs MS money. Stop being so narrow minded.
  • No why would they do that? There has to be some incentive to make someone want a WP
  • Y'all sure are getting excited over what amounts to media speculation about some non-commital answers to questions asked of a Microsoft exec.  Before Microsoft could even consider going ahead with something like this, they'd have to answer these questions: Is it technically feasible to bring a reasonably full-featured implementation of Cortana to iOS or Android? Would Apple and/or Google and/or the Android OEMs allow it, or would they throw up roadblocks? Would it be to Microsoft's advantage to do it?  If so, what's the justification? Come on, guys, the one quote we're given has the MS guy speculating about 5 or 10 years out.  This ain't happening any time soon, if it ever does, so let's stay calm until it's something more than click-bait speculation.
  • RIP Microsoft
  • It seems that Lumia 920 is my last windows phone, because 1020 (is getting old),1520( too big) and 930 (will arrive to Colombia when its old already) plus the stupid decisions of ms, I feel so bad for Nokia,a company I loved thru years.
  • Please don't kill Windows Phone.
  • What I'd like is for cortana to follow me from device to device. From my phone to my laptop and then to my PC. Wouldn't it cool to that you get into your car and as soon as you start it up, your car and phone sync and then you see that orb for cortana show up on a screen on your dashboard. So you can interact with her via voice in your car and see stuff showing up on that same screen in your car. You drive home get into the house turn on your pc/tablet or console and you have cortana there.
  • +Halo 5
  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • Today isn't April 1st.  So I really don't know what Microsoft is thinking.  "Hmm, How do we give other platforms more reasons to stay on their platform".   Satya:  "I know!! Give them Cortana".   This makes me think that Microsoft doesn't really care what smartphones people use, as long as they have a good experience with Windows 8.. it doesnt matter.  Is this why they gave Windows Phone free to manufactures?
  • Why wouldn't MSFT do this? They're already killing their platform, Windows, the largest software platform in the world. MSFT is going to be a *much* smaller company in ten years.
  • If this happens then I'm done with all Microsoft products and I will throw away my Windows Phone and buy an iPhone.
  • I think it would be awesome if cortana was the number one download on the appstore. Eat it Siri!
  • Cross-platform Cortana is a bad idea, leep it unique.
  • It would be a horrible idea to implement full Cortana on the iOS or Android, however it would be a great idea to allow Siri, Now, or any app to implement some of the Cortana "cards" API. For example if Apple wanted to, since they use Bing as their back end for search, to use the Bing "Cortana" card for sports tracking or stock tracking, etc...this way they can charge Apple for the service, but it won't come across as giving up Cortana to Apple. Because realistically anything that Microsoft has Cortana do from other perspectives is highly specific to the OS,  app integration is required from a developer, and can be duplicated (better/worse/whatever) by Apple or Google. Even if it was possible for them to allow for cross app features, who would take the time from an app perspective to implement it into their app when the native assitant can do the same thing, probably better  than Cortana could, for that specific OS. I would doubt that Siri or Now could do the same things for WP that they do for iOS or Android.
  • I an totally against it and will protest. It will be a sick and foolish decision. If there OS want to experience the power of Cortana, Xbox, office, OneDrive, outlook. They are undoubtedly need to switch. A simple fundamental. And it is strange to digest, even after google not providing the google services we are surviving like the outstanding people without any regrats. Now, you see the power of windows, its going to be cold war against each other. And microsoft will win even today when our ecosystem is not that superficailly mature. Now, the target customers are going to have tight slap on their faces of being against and abandoned the wp.. Suffer what there is to suffer. Lol..
  • Cortana on another platform kinda makes sense only if they keep it unique to their own platform (which judging by your others apps this is unlikely.). If they made it just an app to replace Bing whereas on WP its integrated with the shortcut key, scanning for appointments for calendar and reminds such as geofencing and people aware reminders we'd still have some edge on WP. Basically let others have a taste of how much cooler Cortana is vs what they even have built in and what other advantages they'd have getting a WP as their next device. Only works if we keep it unique to our own (*cough*Skype*cough*). I think even if the other services are available on other platforms they're trying to make using a Windows device the most integrated when you think of how the services interact with each other.
  • WTF
  • Noooooooooooo
  • Fact is, Microsoft is struggling with the balance of hardware / services / software. They want to create consumer hardware, but at the same time they want to make all of their software available to everyone --- because they're still in a software first mindset, no matter what Satya Nadella claims. And you really can't blame then, but they're got to know when to keep certain things exclusive to their ecosystem, and Cortana is one of those things. No one with iOS, Android, Chrome OS or Mac OS is wanting and wishing to use a "third party" personal assistant. Expand ortana to Windows 9 in 2015, that in the return of the start menu alone should be enough to get back into Windows. I just know if I start seeing PureView iPhone's & Galaxy devices, they should just stoop with hardware.
  • They may not go ahead with this, but this does show they want to make quick money, WP is going to die soon m sure, they ll soon stop investing in it
  • I don't think cortana should go cross platform Microsoft should keep it for themselves as the other platforms already have there own take on the personal assistant.
  • Would Apple even allow it? They would probably not since it would "duplicate" what Siri offers
  • Cortana should remain with windows and windows phone. I don't wanna see this in android or apple's iphone. If Android and iPhone will have cortana, there will nothing in wp to attract people.
  • If Microsoft ports Cortana over to iOS or Android, I swear I will drop WP all together!!! I love my WP!!! I hate the other platforms wit a passion. We need that something that makes us special, and that's Cortana!!! Hell, I don't see them saying lets port our shit over to WP!!! Hell, that should be our Ace in the hole!!! Something that only the true fans of WP get to have!!! I'm ok with it on Windows, but damn, why would anyone switch to WP if they kno that eventually Microsoft is gonna fold and give it up to everyone. Hell, I think the company should retract and bring all of its services strictly to windows & WP!!! You want office? Ok....Buy windows or WP!! I guarantee if you retracted all of your services back strictly to WP & Windows you would dominate everything again. It would force all the other companies to have to play catch-up. Because if they wanted to keep their user base, they would have to find a solution for these products. They have to go and develop their version of office. Everything. Then that would take away from them being able to push their mobile brand further because they would be playing catch-up. And seeing as MS is way ahead in those areas. You would have ample time to develop WP above and beyond what iOS and Android!!! Just please do what is necessary to win!!! RETRACT TO MICORSOFT ONLY!!!!
  • Pretty atrocious logic!
    Android tablets were selling just fine before Office was made available to it. Google Docs, Open Office etc were taking market share from MS in the consumer sphere....and that is bad for business.
    Microsoft has recognised that the future isn't going to be about the platforms as such - it's about getting users entrenched in particular services. Onedrive/Skype/Office - these things are only making headway now because they are on multiple devices.
    Microsoft need to make their services the de facto ones in their respective sectors. They also need to make the Windows devices THE most seamless demonstration of all their services operating in a unified way. That's why their current business decisions are right IMO
  • No oly in windows phone ,.Google not ready to share Google Gmail,drive etc to wp users and making unique to Android user feel great so why not Windows phone user feel great having her..
  • Yes they should make it for other platforms too at least Microsoft's services will still be used but should release it exactly after an year when Windows Phones are pretty much everywhere
  • Two points. 1) I do not want Cortana to be shared on other OS devices. But I can understand the thought behind it. It would greatly increase the share of search that Bing would have. 2) All you whiners who are ready to jump the Windows Phone ship because Microsoft is sharing software and services across other OS's need to think about why you came to WP in the first place.  It sure as hell wasn't for app availability (since a lot of you are arguing that if you can get it elsewhere why use WP).  It's for the OS, usability, personalization, Xbox, etc.  If you want to abandon WP just because Office and Cortana might be available elsewhere than you really arent that dedicated to the WP OS to begin with.
  • I think in the context of this post ppl are complaining about office and cortana as examples. MS is just not supporting their OS they way they should in order to keep or entice new users.
  • Also, the income from having your Software on all ecosystems versus just WP would, I imagine, be a vast difference. Being dedicated needs a reason, for example, being the best or exclusive, otherwise what are you dedicating to??
  • Where is Google Now? Where is Siri? Microsoft can't be serious
  • There is zero chance they will bring it to outside platforms until after they have integrated it into Windows. Until then we have nothing to discuss.
  • Apple makes iTunes for Windows. Why? To cater larger group of audience. Still marketing the fact that if you want a more integrated experience, buy into iOS. Google makes GMaps/GMail/Chrome for Windows. Why? To cater larger group of audience. Still marketing the fact that if you want a more integrated experience, buy into Android. Microsoft makes Office/XBox Games/Cortana for Android/iOS. Why? To cater larger group of audience. Still marketing the fact that if you want a more integrated experience, buy into Windows Phone. If Apple and Google suceeded in their schemes, why cant Microsoft?
  • I honestly think it would be a mistake. If they make nothing exclusive to the Windows Phone platform, no one will feel compelled to leave their current platform and developers will have that much more of an excuse to not bother making windows phone apps if the growth stagnates.
  • A truly dumb move. But it'd def be the deal breaker to go with Android.
  • Google has decided to hoard 99% of its apps why on earth should porting Cortana to IOS and Android cross MS' mind? Seriously MS ?
  • THE FAQ IS WRONG WITH U, Nadella ????  Whats the point of buying a windows phone when u can get all its features, excessive apps & of better quality as well on the other platforms ?? 
    Might as well hive off the phone division & kill it !!   The only devices which should get cortana are xbox & windows PC... give us loyalists a complete experience before prostituting urself !! 
  • Who was the moron at Microsoft who even thought of doing this ?? Every phone needs their exclusive features. Microsoft is selling out and the big question is why ? Think we have a app problem?? If you give all your exclusive features to other phones, it will just get worse. Dumb, very dumb in marketing, at this rate, my next phone might be android, I can get most features of Windows phone and get all the apps I want.... And I love my WP device..
  • Is it possible MS will return to being a Software only company again?? Think of the income from Software on every ecosystem versus WP.....
  • Be nice to see it on their own platform first, ahum... UK and rest of the world?
  • Let's make a petition!
  • Yes do it will get smarter I am for this but make sure it really works better on windows phone...
  • No! Please vote against this retard idea!
  • Good idea.  You need to spread the word on this poll.
  • MS must not give cortana to another platforms!!.. Also why should MS give something to google when then didn't let WP have a youtube App.
  • Makes no sense. MS, where is our modern ui Office for Surface R/T, and Surface Pro?  Looks great on iPad..perhaps I should buy iPad instead of Surface RT/Pro? Why is Skype on iPhone is so much better than WP? perhaps i should buy iPhone, because Skype is beautiful and much better than WP. What? Cortana will be on Android and iPhone.   Heck, who needs Windows Phone and their Surfaces line then! in the mean time. Xbox one and Cortana?    oh, WE are still waiting for it, while iphone and android enjoying Cortana on their platform.    
  • Again. Microsoft is trying to lure in users via Cortana. Is it really luring or its economics that is running the show. Post-Office365, post-NokiaX? Has there been any effect towards luring in new users, perhaps, but I don't think it's significant. I think Microsoft is only in for the money, not user loyalty, not passion, just my two cents...
  • No disrespect, but who runs a businesses to not make money? Our to increase brand recognition? Have you ever heard the phrase, "I'd you can't beat em, join em"? If your device isn't stacking up yet, make your presence felt by putting your services smack dab in the middle of their products. Purple will recognize you and just might try your hardware
  • Cortana on non-Microsoft devices just doesn't make any sense. I can understand Office. That's a big money maker for them and it's of course dependent on having a huge user base dependent on Microsofts OOXML formats. Millions are becoming less and less dependent on desktop software so people are trying Google Docs, Apples equivalent, and all of those other office apps. If people get used to other formats like ODF there's less incentive to buy Office so they have to put Office on the most popular platforms to tie people in to OOXML files that have poor support in other office suites. I pretty much already use LibreOffice and Google Docs now. I understand Skype. Another thing dependent on huge user base some who will pay for those higher features. People are moving to mobile devices in droves. They spent billions on Skype and then Google comes out with Google Hangouts and Apple had Facetime. People could build their contact list through Hangouts then on desktop just open a browser and use it. Skype could swiftly become irrelavent if the hundreds of millions on Android and Apple devices didn't even have the option to use it on their phones. Cortana I don't understand. Google Now will be used because it is integrated into the system and continues to be further integrated in. Siri is as well deeply integrated into IOS. They will be used becuase they will be the default and will certainly be integrated into the experience well. Cortana is a reason to buy a Windows Phone, not a reason to use Office, Skype, or Bing on non-Microsoft devices. Cortana might integrate better with Microsoft services on those devices but those services aren't installed by default. They're doomed to be a second class citizen. Cortana on IOS and Android devices simply won't be used, if anything if people install it without other Microsoft software, they might just come to the conclusion that it sucks and that's not the image Microsoft wants. If the experience is bad people won't say, "Wow I should buy a Windows Phone so this doesn't suck." If anything, Microsoft software gets updated on Android/IOS swifter than Windows Phone, so why would it be better on Windows Phone. They'll just decide to continue using SIri or Google Now.
  • Let me play devil's advocate. Cortana should be a platform, not just a feature. In other words, Cortana should be transformed into something that is relatively independent of operating systems and devices, yet capable of being pervasive across anything and everything that is connected to the web. This is the future of Microsoft, the new Windows and Office. It needs to get everyone to think about Cortana and to be dependent on Cortana. This will result in lots of developers gravitating towards Microsoft's technology and ideas, thus generating a halo effect on Microsoft's other offerings. A practical example. If Cortana were available and widely used on iOS, it may result in home management or automobile solutions providers to factor Cortana into their offerings. This could steer these providers to tap into Microsoft's various sevices and products, e.g. Windows in the Car, Azure, etc in order to make Cortana compatibility possible. Now if more of these providers were using those Microsoft technologies, it'd make it considerably easy for them to further develop their solutions for Windows and Windows Phone. This is a long-term play, one that is designed to use the same tactics Apple used with iTunes to generate interest towards the iPod, and ultimately, the iPhone and MacBook. It's the same Google's been using with Chrome and pushing people into Chromebook.
  • Mobile can be laptops.i think it should only be brought the laptop/desktop arena on competitor platforms
  • I really hate how Nadella's "new Microsoft" is trying very hard to make sure that WP and Windows have NOTHING EXCLUSIVE left and that their services would be better on iOS and Android (Skype, Touch office, Bing, etc.). It's like Nadella considers WP a lost cause. If this new MS hates exclusives that much then why don't they release HALO MCC to pc already? Oh wait PC is still "somewhat" a Microsoft platform. They should release it for Mac and PS4 instead, because who needs exclusives?
  • If this happens, I'm leaving WP. I can't take much more of this crap.
  • wthhhhh
  • Good move by Microsoft.  Spreading Cortana to all platforms would be a huge win if it can compete and succeed against Google Now and Siri.  If done well it could become the AI of our future integrated into everything.  Nadella is making all the right moves!
  • Honestly people I swear to God, I came from android and I'm afraid my next phone will be an iPhone. I don't see anymore the point of having a windows phone. That's also the same thought my friends have. Good bye windows phone!!!
  • Good bye windows phone, going back to Apple.
  • And Steve Jobs laughs at this from the grave........
  • I find it funny that the idiots in charge at Microsoft would even consider releasing the most notable feature of it's mobile phone to its competitors. It shows me that they are scared of the other platforms and know that they are on a sinking ship. What has been painfully obvious is the fact that cannot correct the flaws in their own mobile phones so look to selling off what does work on it to it's rivals. People are naturally reacting to this in a negative way,and with good reason,but ,it is the only thing they can do and the smartest thing from a pure business sense available to them. Microsoft has always paid lip service to it's customer base and never really cared about us....and people are so easily fooled into believing that they have all of a sudden changed. Microsoft will and always has done what is in Their interest,not it's customers. Wake up people,no matter how you feel about this,Microsoft can't compete against IOS or Android and it's only a matter of time before they sell off it's mobile division and concentrate on what is the most profitable divisions which is software and Xbox...nothing else really matters to them including the Surface line. So...yes...Steve Jobs is laughing at this,because he knows he has won
  • As much as I wouldn't like Cortana coming to iOS, knowing Microsoft's track record I can see it happening. I understand that they're a "cloud first, mobile first" company and they're going through that transition, but not everything is suitable to be cross-platform. It just gets rid of the purpose of making this whole One Windows experience in the first place.
    Xbox achievements, Office, Skype, Bing, OneNote, OneDrive, etc...sure no problem. But Cortana? Really?
  • I'm asking myself why is nobody thinking a little bit further?!
    What about Windows or OSX?
    Why isn't there a personal assistant like Siri or Cortana? I just don't get it. I mean, just imagine, u are sitting in your room, maybe watching TV, and you want your PC to do something.
    How about just letting Cortana do that?
    That's so much more efficient than those PAs on mobile devices!
    I mean, the majority of people doesn't even talk to Siri or Cortana in public. But at home, our PCs and Macs could do so many great things with such a personal assistant!
  • What makes you think they haven't? Just because IT isn't available yet,don't think for a second it isn't being worked on. The problem is,Microsoft won't get there first Apple will,not because they aren't capable,but because they don't have the leadership to follow.
  • I think because people sit right by the PC and have keyboard and mouse readily available anyway, so why talk to it? It works for Xbox, because there is distance and like on a phone not a readily and easily usable input method. I would love a Cortana like feature that worked well on my HTPC though. But not too many people have their PCs connected to their main TV like I have. I do think Microsoft will be getting there though, with their unification of technologies. There's no reason to sit with a fantastic voice recognition service like Cortana (which is just amazing, IMO) and just use it on their phones, which is their smallest business. But going the other way, I think Windows Phone and Windows 8 integration would be a great feature and selling point for WP8. Imagine if your phone screen was an app in W8 (sort of like remote desktop INTO the phone), as soon as you were logged in on your computer and the phone was on the same network (aurtomatically, of course). You could do everything that you can do on your computer: use Cortana for any voice commands, send SMS, make calls, use any apps on the phone. Music, video, picture, document files would simply be dragged to and from the app to be moved between the PC and the phone. I think it would be a pretty neat thing to market at least.
  • Doing this would be a huge mistake! Other platforms have enough services that have been ported over to other platforms. Office, I get. Xbox and Xbox One Smart Glass, I get. Skype, I get. However, porting over an app that gives iOS and Android access to Cortona would make absolutely no sense at all. Even with the cloud first mentality, this would be a bad move, even if it were watered down on other platforms this would only serve to give a negative impression and they will have one more thing to squawk negatively about.
    Big fat hell no! Enough is enough. MS need to keep some services strictly and uniquely MS products. iOs and Android users want to enjoy the likes of Cortana, then they will have to wait for Xbox and Windows 8 integration, or pick up a WP device!
  • Cortana should be exclusive to Windows Phone and other Microsoft platforms.
  • The thought of this happening frustrates the sh*t out of me that I can't even put in words in it!! I might as well buy an iPhone or an Android phone if Cortana is to multiplatform ..
  • Aside from quite hours, I didn't see the big draw of Cortana.
  • Hell no, Microsoft. Keep our Cortana exclusively. PLEASE.
    I'll be first to switch my L920, soon to be L930 if this ever happens.
    Really Microsoft, really...
  • NO!!! They need to STOP ACTING LIKE A P**SY!!! Cortana is the trump card when it comes to comparing other OS with WP. Why would they want to give away, the ONE big selling point, that everyone likes about a WP??!! I've got 4 friends to switch over to WP, and Cortana had the biggest influence in these decisions. Give Cortana away, (a lot of) people will stop buying WPs, and most of the current users would leave too.
  • I would hope not. We WP users have been in salivation mode for years, drooling over all of the bells and whistles of other platforms. It's time that we can finally lord something over those that just do not understand quality.
  • It's funny how you are all "If Cortana comes to iOS and Android I leave WP". That would mean that somehow Cortana has been your only reason to use WP - so why did you use it before Cortana was even released in the first place? If you plan to quit a platform because other platforms are getting that same feature as well (a feature that in fact wasn't there until two months ago) you were probably planning to quit that platform anyway and are just looking for an excuse. If the only reason you use WP is Cortana then maybe you should indeed switch to another system since obviously there isn't that much keeping you in this ecosystem after all. That or you are just ranting without thinking about what you are actually saying and eventually forget about it. Reminds me of how everyone went crazy insulting Microsoft and ranting about how WP was becoming so bad when the Games Hub was accidentally removed from the apps list and it obviously returned a few days later (not sure why anyone expected otherwise). This is word from one single employee stating that internal discussion is taking place and honestly, Microsoft would be stupid not to consider all possibilities. I think you all need to calm down a little. But well, I guess that's common sense for you, or lack thereof.
  • Well said mate! +925 ;)
  • That's why I like Microsoft these days! They are mature enough to share, unlike other companies atm who are still all for themselves. I think MS finally see's that exclusivity doesn't benefit the user, they are really looking after the "people" these days! I see more benefits in this than loosing a feature to another platform (which is inevitable these days with companies "borrowing" features). It is creating a greater image for MS than it has ever had!
  • Thought the people here were smarter than isheep and drones... Wake up and see the bigger picture! Who would you rather support?
    A company that shares their development and respects your privacy and individuality?
    A company who shares your privacy and individuality and only respects their development!! THIS IS AN AWESOME THING THAT MS IS DOING WHICH ONLY BENEFITS US! How the fuck people can see this as a negative for us consumers baffles me!
  • If Microsoft is considering this, then the next department that needs to be targeted for housecleaning/reorganization is the marketing department. The way to sell more products is to differentiate your product from your competitors' products. Having more features that are unique to Windows devices - PCs, tablets, and phones - is how you make that happen
  • That doesn't work when you have been left behind your competitors and have to catch up... Building their name is the first thing MS need to concentrate on.. MS already have great ingredients in their pie, but not many people like the name of the pie..
  • Terrible, Terrible idea if it happens. Not only are they slapping us all in the Face by updating and handing out their Apps to competing platforms first, but now they'll potentially hand out one of the truly cool features of Windows Phone? That's great if you want to make your Opposition look good and leave people with yet another reason not to buy your Hardware.  
  • [sassy voice] oh hell no! [snaps]
  • Do you think people are / will buy WP just for cortana? dont think so . More platforms the better....
  • Don't do it for other platforms :(
  • Cortana 's not for my region nor my language yet, and they started to think about other platform. What's a joke.
  • Microsoft we are getting a little tired of this B.S. Share the world shit!
  • Well heck since they are feeling like this. Lets start giving stuff to Sony too!
  • I always said that it is possible that the new CEO just might not be into this platform. They would much rather focus on what got them here and that is the sell of software. But it just might be the channel that opens the gates from those platforms to ours. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Time to Leave from Windows Phone... Cos the people behind it and on top of it are really dumb.. 
  • No , I don't think sharing what makes WP unique on other platform is the right move and certainly not until WP market share worldwide is much higher then the few percentage points it has now worldwide . To do that Microsoft should give away WP to phone manufacturers for free but for a limited period only . Price of WP phones would go down ,market share increase , more developers join , apps and Bing add revenues increase as well . In the short term means less revenues but profitable in the long term . Once market share higher Microsoft can charge again because customers will ask for windows phone and phone manufacturers will have no choice.
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  • The answer's pretty easy if you asked me.  Leave the full Cortana experience on Windows Phone only.  Cortana's a personal experience and the smartphone is exactly the right personal device to keep that on.  Create an agent app or service for other devices that enable Cortana to be extended by their functionality and manage them.  A user could then ask Cortana to get news, and the response could appear on the tablet if it's within bluetooth range, for example.
  • hah..
    Microsoft Just Talk About Money. Microsoft better at making money than making Good Operating System.
  • At present Cortana is just a better Siri (sorry Marcus). It needs to be 'miles above' Siri. There is a two year window when the efforts put in by these companies will bear fruit and Microsoft needs to put in that much extra effort just like they did with Office. At present I will like that Cortana remains in Windows (Phone).
  • all Post above are Right! Microsoft please dont be so kind to others.., Focus on WP and Windows!
  • Please don't... As you say "Cortana is a unique feature of Windows Phone" So keep it only for Windows/Microsoft related stuff. And get your first priority on having Cortana in different languages. Let Android and iOS drool on it.  
  • Seriously???? Its like Lending The Feature What Makes Windows Phone Unique... and Apple n Google Have got their Virtual Assistants Damn! already.. thats the competative feature which will help to grab more Windows Phone users... THINK!!! THINK TWICE!!! ..... THINK AGAIN!!!!
  • You guys called for Ballmer's head, "Well here's Satya"! At least Ballmer knew the value of holding on to a feature for a while before migrating it to others to gain an advantage even if it was for a short period of time.
  • I've never knew how stupid Microsoft is until i read this forum.
  • Don't do this mistake , Microsoft.... Fuck off ios . Android
  • Keep Cortana on WP and Microsoft only!!!
  • Screw the other platforms. If people want to use Cortana, let them get a WP device. It's that simple. I don't see Google or Apple in any rush to port Google Now or Siri to WP. Next thing you'll be telling me that the Halo, Fable and Gears of War franchises are being ported to PS4.... Has anyone asked Cortana how she feels about being available on other mobile platforms?