Microsoft Windows Phone catching 1.4% of the U.S. market

According to the Q4 2011 U.S. data released by Nielsen, Microsoft has caught 1.3% of the "current smartphone consumer" market, whereas they've attracted 1.4% of recent smartphone acquires (within the 3 months). Windows Mobile is set at 4.6% with Blackberry holding 14.9%. Windows Mobile is still being pumped out (more being sold than Windows Phone) but Blackberry is struggling to attract smartphone upgrades.

iOS saw an increase with the recent iPhone 4S launch, which has been relatively successful, while Android storms ahead taking almost half the market (46.4%) and attracting 51.7% of the recent smartphone acquires. For 2012, Microsoft (as well as the platform OEMs) have a task to win the minds of consumers and catch the majority of new adopters. With the beginning of the U.S. push, and marketing still ongoing across Europe and beyond, we should hopefully see some results in the Q1 2012 report.

Source: Nielsen, via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
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  • I was under the impression that microsoft had scrapped windows mobile how does it still have market share?
  • I wish someone can ask an official M$ rep about these figures.  Doesn't make any sense at all to me.
  • Corporate buyers is why. If some coroporation with 10,000 mobile subscibers calls and says they need 1,000 replacement WM handsets (because they run a vertical app they need), they will get them - even if the handset isn't on the carriers retail list.
  • i don't even think any US carrier still has Windows Mobile phones for sale
  • I was still using a WinMo 6.5 phone until just after Christmas, so I'd be in the first column.  I'm not sure who would want to be in the second, though.
    Does anyone know the Q3 figures?  As long as the percent of new aquirers is going up, then WP is healthy, right?  We have to acknowledge that the numbers for all areas are going up, so in order to gain a percentage, WP actually has to outsell the others.
  • I think I get it.  I see WM dropped substantially and WP7 picked up a little slack.  Still an uphill battle to get people onto the platform but slow n' steady is better than dead in the water.
  • The charts speak for themselves.  I think the part that doesn't make sense to most people is WM almost sold 2x more devices than WP7 which seems impossible given no major carrier even sales WM anymore.
  • They do sell WM still - to corporate buyers.
  • How was this data collected? The Windows Mobile stuff just does not make sense. Is it possible that someone walked out of a store with a Windows Phone and said they got a Windows Mobile in a survey?
  • Yes, Windows Mobile still outselling WP7 almost 2 to 1 in the US makes absolutely no sense.
  • i think they are confusing the two. It's impossible for those figures to be accurate when T-Mobile, ATT, Verizon don't even have a WIndows Mobile phone for sale
  • iOS is eating the RIM cake... wasn't WP7 supposed to eat that?
  • it would not be unlikely that they are not confusing them i went into tmobile to buy my radar and the sales rep told me "you mean the windows mobile phone" just to give a little heads up i had to correct him on the software if that be the case half the people selling smartphones should not be cuz then we get screwed up data like this
  • What makes even less sense is how Symbian, with only 1 device in the U.S. on T-Mobile, has almost as much marketshare as WP which has several devices.
    Somethin' ain't right....
  • So much for how expert these analysts are.
  • All of the articles published on this need to be corrected. Engadget, Giz and WPCentral are all misrepresenting the data. The column on the left indicates total market share for all US smartphones during Q4, the right column indicates the distribution of sales during Q4, the chart is not indicating a jump in anyones figures. To clarify, 1.4% of all smartphones sold during Q4, but total marketshare is 1.3%. Blackberry still holds nearly 15% of share but sales were 6% of total. Etc, etc, etc.
  • If you follow the source link to the Nielsen report there is a lot more than just these 2 charts, including a chart that shows the big growth for iOS. Engadget, Giz and WPCentral got it right.
  • like others have already commented, how is it possible that windows mobile is still outselling windows phone? i haven't seen a windows mobile device in 5 years.
    the only reason i can imagine is that enterprise is still giving its employees windows mobiles. is that plausible?
  • WM is used extensively for rugged "portable computers" in industrial/manufacturing/warehouses settings.  These types of products normally have at least a 5 year life don't expect those WM numbers to go away too quickly.

  • I believe Microsoft still sells Windows Mobile ONLY 2 company's.
  • There's a WM satellite phone still for sale on Below are the WP rankings on as of yesterday: AT&T (61 phones offered)
    23. Samsung Focus Flash (24. a week ago, 24. a month ago)
    26. Samsung Focus (28. a week ago, 33. a month ago)
    34. HTC Titan (34. a week ago, 37. a month ago)
    57. Samsung Focus S (51. a week ago, 55. a month ago)
    59. HTC HD7S (59. a week ago, 62. a month ago)
    60. HTC Surround (60. a week ago, 67. a month ago) T-Mobile (35 phones offered)
    12. HTC Radar (6. a week ago, 17. a month ago)
    21. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (not available a week ago)
    25. Nokia Lumia 710 White (not available a week ago)
    34. HTC HD7 (33. a week ago, 22. a month ago) Verizon (55 phones offered)
    43. HTC Trophy (41. a week ago, 43. a month ago) Sprint (46 phones offered)
    28. HTC Arrive (28. a week ago, 29. a month ago)
  • Most of those numbers hold true on Amazon as well, although the Focus S far outsells the Flash and the Titan on AT&T right now (the "S" is 17th, the Flash and the Titan both in the 30's).  But the rest of the sales are fairly close. 
  • i think i understand now
  • either way the data is misrpresented as this should only include CONSUMERS...
    if you include JUST corporate RIM would probably be at the top
  • You have to remember that these numbers are based on a survey and is not very accurate. I wait to see the Q4 2011 numbers from Microsoft which will show the real truth.
  • Just because they are from a survey that doesn't mean that they are (or are not) accurate - it depends more on the quality of the surveyor (Nielsen has been in this business for a while).
    I don't expect Microsoft to give any sales numbers for WP7 tomorrow, we'll probably just get some non-specific feel-good dribble "We're very encouraged with customer interest in Nokia Lumia models."
  • I think it's interesting that every week, on those BestBuy rankings, the Arrive is right smack in the middle of the Sprint pack... and yet Sprint is doing its best to pretend they don't even have a WP7 phone in their lineup.
    Imagine if they'd actually promoted it at some point?
  • lol sprint is too far in the hole with their iphones that I doubt they'll promote anything other than a new evo alongside it
  • Okay, anyway you slice these numbers, they hurt.  I really feel that if WP wants to be a serious player, they need to be in the 10 sales bracket by the end of 2012.  That would be 2 1/2 years on the market and that would be undeniably successful.  But it really needed to start in Q4 of last year.  I am worried that even with Nokia leading the way, less than 10% will be looked at as an abject failure, and not just by bloggers, but MS and Nokia stockholders.  Than things get dicey.  I believe in WP, but also understand this mobile market is extreme cut throat and sales need to improve this year.
  • WP7 meeting corporate security policies (e.g., on device encryption and Enterprise security) would open the OS to an entire market segment that it is currently shut out of.  Consumer only devices aren't going to cut it when competitors meet the security policies for such a large part of the market.
    Would fixing that get WP7 to 10-15%?  I don't know, but it sure wouldn't hurt the sales.
  • i have to say, ive never seen a windows mobile handset being sold.. but i guess its for commerical places.. it just wont die like windows xp
  • Until WP7 meets Enterprise security requirements, the OS is a non-starter for many companies and government agencies.  Since many folks, myself included, aren't going to carry, and in some cases pay for, two phones, when we can just carry one, WM devices still get that chunk of the market for those who want a Windows device.
  • But yet virtually every WM forum has been dead since the launch of WP. Nobody talks about WM anymore. Not implying that WP has more market share than posted. Just saying the WM number is total hogwash, even if corporate is still using it. OEMs and Carriers still confuse the two every day. No reason to believe Nielson got it right.