Microsoft wins patent court battle against Google to lower licensing fees

Microsoft has scored a victory against Google in the courts. Redmond won an appeals court ruling that could lower the rates numerous electronics makers pay to license technology for smartphones and personal computers. The appeals court in San Francisco upheld a $14.5 million jury verdict against Google for unfairly demanding excess amounts from Microsoft for patents covering Wi-Fi and video downloads.

It's a victory that will surely provide Apple, Intel and other companies the incentive to get stuck in and campaign to lower the amount of funds required to utilize essential technology in products. Charles Duan, a lawyer from consumer group Public Knowledge, which backed Microsoft, commented on the ruling:

"This ruling is a win for consumers, competition, and innovation. It keeps prices reasonable for old products and allows new products to come to the marketplaces."

The patents battlefield has become one of much discussion on the world stage, with multiple courts deciding whether there are grounds to uphold different rules for patents covering technologies related to developments that are unique to a specific product.

This particular case stems from a battle between Motorola and Microsoft over the Xbox console. The former demanded a cut of sales for using its Wi-Fi and video download patents. Redmond claimed this to be an astonishing amount and refused to negotiate. The company was forced to relocate a German-based facility to avoid an import ban.

The courts this week upheld a ruling against Google (and Motorola) for acting unfairly when it came to patent licensing. Microsoft will also be entitled to compensation for having to relocate its German facility to the Netherlands, as well as covering legal costs.

Source: Mercury News

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