Microsoft's InstaNote and Dialer for Lync Meetings leak out ahead of release

The InstaNote app, currently published as an internal beta on March 10, will enable Windows Phone owners to take voice notes instantly. It's believed later versions will allow for an advanced categorization system and saving said notes to OneNote. Pretty cool stuff, especially if you're one to record conversations and require an app to integrate into other Microsoft services.

The second app leaked online is Dialer for Lync Meetings, which essentially does exactly what it says on the tin. The app will enable users to connect to a Lync meeting using their minutes, which is particularly useful should you have signal, but a poor data connection or have a bunch of minutes but little data left on your plan. We'll let you all know once the apps are live and available for download.

Source: Microsoft Insiders

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Microsoft releases to many apps recently, which is something that I like but I don't know if I can remember them all unless they will make a collection folder of all the apps.
    The fear are the apps might not be used by people because of confusion of don't know which apps are to be used the right apps for.
  • If people have a need for an app, then they will use the app. Unlike others, Microsoft is offering services in the form of apps and not aiming to make a profit out of them. Just improve the productivity levels and make everything more convenient.
  • The app of certificates is on the store since months and noone known about it...
    They also should promote them
    There is an ms app also to manage azure Virtual machines and few ppl know about it
  • Define no one? Do you have a need for checking what certificates are installed on your phone? No? Then what's the deal? How many people know about things like Event Viewer, or heck - Certificates Manager on full blown Windows? Only people that need this stuff know about it and it's perfectly fine.
  • I didn't know about the certs app, and it would have been useful to me. I agree with Max-Ecs.
  • Agreed. Seems that a lot of these recent apps appear to be 'sub-apps' or add-ons to existing applications (IE. Email, Lync).
  • Look, people cry if there are no apps, and now some of them like you don't like it when new apps come. What do you want Ms to do?
    I get your point, people should know about it. But you know, I know, WC community knows, so I would welcome more apps. And if you wanna avoid forgetting the names, there is an option in the windows central called "apps". It's gives news about apps. So you can always find them there. There are million other ways. But what to say, haters gonna hate.
  • Agreed Tejas. Something about this platform seems to bring out the least appreciative and the most cautious in the ecosystem. I say, bring on the apps.  Whiners are gonna whine.
  • Do agree there are a lot of apps being offered by Microsoft, which is actually awesome for customers. But, as there are so many, to keep up and understand what they do is perhaps a challenge for the general public. So, promotion and explanation is essential to ensure us simple folk keep up.
  • The point is, these apps are directly to people who needs them. Microsoft provides option and more functionality within their OS by using apps. I'm not sure why you keep saying it will confuse a lot of people, its not that one person needs to get all these apps. Besides, iOS and android gets ton of apps that are underrated, you won't hear from them complaining about it.
  • Precisely. These are Enterprise apps and are there for people that need it - and it's good they're getting there and the apps are very necessary if MSFT wants to make inroads into the Enterprise market - msft is extremely underrepresented in mobile Enterprise (where their pc course is isn't) so they need this, especially given how well ios and android have stepped up their Enterprise offerings, and BlackBerry still resides there, though hardware sales have diminished greatly. These apps are not for consumers. This isn't snap chat etc. Now if msft can allow support for consumer vpns (for small business and personal use) then they'll really become useful. People have been complaining about lack of support since the change from wm to WP 7!!! It's brilliant msft ate finally getting in the right direction but they need to be fully comprehensive in their Enterprise offerings.
  • I really dont get the basis of all these apps. Too many... I must say...Skype Qik, InstaNote, Oneclip...the confusion is very annoying. All these apps should be integrated into their parent apps and give them a good boost for added features and fuunctionality. The number of apps downloaded on phones is already high and having to remember each for their features and functionalities especially when they are fraction of a supposed parent app is hard.      
  • MS on a roll...
  • +830.
  • +640xl
  • Would be nice if MS could bundle all these closely related apps into just one app, with extensions & stuff, rather than having soo many different apps.
  • Yes, a fully comprehensive Enterprise suite would be good - though I've a feeling these apps will be preinstalled on the w10m Enterprise os. For obvious reasons ;)
  • Lol have you seen the amount of camera/photo editor apps ms mobile has published. Sure it was sorta their fault by putting a limit on app size even for their OEMs
  • Why separate all these apps? Instanote belongs in OneNote. This other thing belongs in Skype.
  • I think Microsoft needs to do this at this stage. As a a programmer, I know that it is usually better to break out new, beta code to test it on its own, rather than starting to tap in to OneNote code. I am sure they will integrate all this into OneNote at some point, if it makes sense for them.
  • Agreed. Well said.
  • With the recent lawsuit in Europe, I can see skype changing to Lync or pointless name
  • Yep
  • InstaNote, I can see a lawsuit coming over the name.
  • MTE
  • Plot twist: From Sky
  • Why Microsoft leaks so much.
  • I still don't why there are forum posts for news articles.  It's not like anyone is viewing or posting in those.
  • Yes they are
  • Pls keep this apps exclusive to Windows phone! Microsoft we want Windows devices especially Windows phone to be lot more unique so why are you letting every app to ios and android
  • Cause they need to have more ms customers
  • I think these apps will be rolled out to other os's as part of a subscription model. They're ostensibly Enterprise and msft wants to get into that action - am area where Apple and android are beginning to dominate, with BlackBerry. It makes sense msft, as a service, offer their wastes on competing platforms, so that EVERYONE is on their service. That's the money train right there, leveraging their cloud systems for cross platform integration. It wouldn't make financial sense otherwise, especially when Enterprise clients are not suddenly going to drop their rolled out hardware to buy new, possibly competing w10 hardware. That's not how business works. Sadly. But kidos for MSFT to step up their offerings! Onwards and upwards!
  • Because the success of Microsoft is more important than the success of Windows Mobile
  • I have to say, its a murphys law that the meetings with limited connectivity are the ones where the big decisions are made. Been there, lost out. I welcome apps like these very much. Good job Microsoft :)
  • The Lync name was retired. It's Skype for business now.
  • The name may have been retired for the new version, but Lync will still be around in businesses for a good few years yet.
  • And cant use Skype name in Europe ;)
  • Windows 10 only,not ios or android at least sometimes!
  • InstaNote woold be great for me.
  • Is InstaNote a simple voice recorder note taker or a note taker which TYPES as we speak? because I want the latter
  • leaked on purpose. sure, microsoft. suuuure.
    that trick is as old as my grandpa's ass.
  • Wrinkly old
  • There is voice recording functionality within OneNote. I don't get this. I thought Msft was after a roaming, seamless user experience. To me this doesn't seem to fit.
  • You can also have Lync dial you on a cellular number, at least if you are an enterprise voice user. Not sure what is new here...
  • When you create a Lync meeting, it already comes with a number and access code which people can dial on their phones to join the meeting. And this is what they say the dialler app will allow you to do?
  • My guess is that there will be some kind of option to start a voice recording that is similar to the qucik camera launch
  • Very much looking forward to test out InstaNote as the audio recording in EverNote is the only reason we're still using EverNote as it allows us to pin the audio record button to Start also it records and syncs location of where the recording was started however very much wanted to use OneNote and it was just to slow and long process to get a simple recording done when we finish with each client to log the work carried out verbally.
  • I'm still waiting for a decent WP app for making lists... I can't believe that none of them has integrated drag and drop or some other system for easy list items organising.
  • The public version is released today It's an experimental app meant for trying out new ideas.