Microsoft's latest feature for Edge Dev makes it easier to use multiple accounts on your favorite sites

Microsoft Edge Update Dev New2
Microsoft Edge Update Dev New2 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently released Edge Build 99.0.1131.3 to the Dev Channel.
  • An option to manually set which profiles are used for specific sites is available in the build.
  • The update also adds the ability to edit saved passwords within the initial dialog prompt.

Microsoft released Build 99.0.1131.3 of Edge to the Dev Channel this week. It's the first build of Edge Dev based on version 99 of Chromium. The update adds several new features to the browser, including the ability to manually set which profile certain websites open with. There is also a long list of fixes and changed behavior in the build.

Being able to control which sites open with which profiles should reduce some frustration when browsing the web. As many people have multiple accounts, having Edge default to one of the accounts can require signing out and signing back in. The new choice in Edge should smooth out that process.

Here's everything that's new in Edge Dev Build 99.0.1131.3:

  • Added the ability to manually set which profile certain websites open in via edge://settings/profiles/multiProfileSettings.
  • Added the ability to edit saved passwords from the initial dialog to save them.
  • Added an option to the right-click menu to open links in new Application Guard windows when Application Guard is available.
  • Added info to the Edge Bar settings page informing users which extensions they have installed that are preventing the use of the Edge Bar.
  • Management policies (note that updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have happened yet):
  • Added a management policy to control if Address Bar Editing is Enabled.
  • Added support on mobile for disabling autofill via management policy.
  • Developer:
  • Added support for custom formats on the clipboard (Chromium Issue 106449).
  • Added support for the WebView2 API BasicAuthenticationRequested, which was previously in the experimental state (Issue 120).
  • Added support for the dual screen web developer APIs CSS Foldables and Viewport Segments that were previously in the Experimental stage.

The option to edit saved passwords in the initial dialog is a handy addition. If you type the wrong password into Edge, you will see an option to save that password in certain circumstances. The new ability in Edge lets you fix any mistakes you made typing the password while still having the option to save it quickly.

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