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Microsoft will drop the Internet Explorer brand for its Project Spartan browser

In an expected move, Microsoft will look to drop the Internet Explorer brand altogether for Project Spartan. The new Windows 10 browser will sport a new name, according to Microsoft marketing chief Chris Capossela during the company's Convergence event. Internet Explorer itself isn't going away anytime soon, but the successor will start with a clean slate.

As reported by The Verge:

"Internet Explorer will still exist in some versions of Windows 10 mainly for enterprise compatibility, but the new Project Spartan will be named separately and will be the primary way for Windows 10 users to access the web. Microsoft has tried, unsuccessfully, to shake off the negative image of Internet Explorer over the past several years."

What's more is Microsoft is likely to include the company brand in the new browser name, thanks to research carried out with some Chrome users in the UK preferring 'Microsoft' at the front of the secret name. All we need to know is the final name that Microsoft finally settles with, and for the company to release a Windows 10 build for Insiders to test drive the new experience. Unfortunately, the next build won't be 10036.

Source: The Verge

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Noooo!!!!
  • I already miss IE :-(
  • Won't miss IE name but odd they are deciding the name from a few chrome users? Microsoft Explorer
    Microsoft Browser
    Microsoft Spartan
  • I really like Microsoft Spartan or Microsoft One Browser. RIP IE
  • Would prefer it without Microsoft infront of it, people always use "Chrome" not "Google Chrome"...
  • If you search for Chrome (on Bing of course), many of the results come back as "Google Chrome".  It is also refered as "Chrome Browser".  So I see the official brand name being "Microsoft Spartan", but it also being referred to as "Spartan Browser" or simply "Spartan".  Spartan is already a known brand (at least in the tech community) and it would foolish for Microsoft not to use it.
  • Lots of people refer to it as Google Chrome in my experience.
  • I don't think it's a train smash. The Microsoft part will fall away with time just like everyone calls Google Chrome, Chrome & Microsoft Lumias, Lumias. Spartan would be a really cool name though.
  • you like ? when did you use it ?
  • Eh, so you like M.O.B then? ;)
  • They can't use One again in their names... It already sounds too used. If they use it again, they'll be beating a dead horse.
  • Microsoft Chrome. Done, everyone is happy.
  • Qhahahhhaha
  • +1520 dude you're funny
  • "Done, everyone is happy." Or, nobody is happy.
  • You don't get it, do you? :/
  • hope this new browser will allow plugins ... it should allow chromecast plugin or I'm gonn continue using chrome
  • What about Microsoft Aluminum? It's a nice metal (I love brushed aluminum), it's a nice name (it just rolls off the tongue easily), and it's a good way to announce a much-anticipated and very heated rivalry: Microsoft Aluminum vs. Google Chrome.
  • platinum.
  • That reminds me of Pokemon Platinum. It was the first Pokemon game I got.
  • Aluminium is actually quite a mouthful in the rest of the world. It's only pronounced nicely (aluminum) in the US.
  • Aluminium*   "Aluminium"  Say it... All together now!
  • Microsoft Web would be alright. but an explorer with MSFT in front of its name still sounds weird.
  • Why not? Those people don't use IE. Why don't they? How can Microsoft target that group? They need to find out. Happens all the time in business.
  • Yeah, but if they do, everyone who uses something other than IE will base their arguments off of things wrong in IE6 that have been improved as time went on.
    For example, a bunch of people will say that they use Chrome "because IE sucks," then claim that it's a fact, even though it isn't. Or they might say that they use Firefox "because IE is slow," which was only a problem in IE6. Since then, Microsoft made considerable efforts fixing that. IE11 isn't slow at all.
    Everyone they ask for opinions will just go on and on about unsubstantiated claims and facts that have been out of date for 5 years.
  • Truth.
  • And those are the very misconceptions that Microsoft needs to counter.  So they're the perfect people to ask, if Microsoft is going to design and market a product to them.  That's exactly my point.  :)
  • I love Microsoft Spartan. It just sounds right..
  • 10 bucks says MS is going to name it something like "poopsquab". Microsoft Poopsquab. Yup. You guys do remember when Project PeopleSense was named SquadWatch right? Well, Spartan's going to be worse.
  • Come on, IE has a crap reputation, and too long of a name
  • I think Chrome should be the one with the crap reputation. The first year it was out it would open but display blank white pages for me. It was a year before they fixed that bug that was affecting me.
  • Judging browsers based on their past issues is exactly why IE has it's bad reputation.  
  • Different people have different experiences but based on my experience  
    Chrome is still the fastest and most stable browser, i have tried to force myself using internet explorer time and time again to support MS, but i just find the overall experience to be much more stable and quicker on Chrome. 
    Switching to firefox wasn't much better either. Anyway, today i still use Chrome, and i still think its superior to the current IE. I'll be glad to try Spartan when it is released.
    However there is one thing i like on IE much more than Chrome and that is to watch Youtube videos, IE auto scales up the videos to fit the browser size whereas Chrome does not.
  • glad IE crap is going away ... it took microsoft 20 yrs to realize its piece of junk ... glad :) DIE IE DIE
  • It's not the reputation that's the problem, it's that IE really is terrible. If IE actually worked well, people would quickly forget their current feelings.
  • Correct, IE is working wel before IE7...
  • Well for that to work they'd have to get the majority of popular sites to work on updating their code quicker then 6 months to a year
  • I find that I browse with IE more and more often. I hate Chrome's stuttering, instability, poor video playback and above all that it doesn't block pop ups!
  • The end of an era
  • "Is this Internet Explorer?" "No, THIS IS SPARTAn!"
  • To me, the name Internet Explorer harks back to the early days of the internet when you were literally "Exploring the Internet". Now browsers can do a lot more, it makes sense to drop the original name and move on. Especially since it has such a bad reputation.
  • Plus, this name kind of limits the internet to just the web, which we all is not the entire internet.
  • One could make the same argument for "browser". I do a lot ore than browse these days. Plus it's an ugly word. No "browser" please. Microsoft Spartan is fine. It's unique, it's interesting, and most people will just say Spartan.
  • But I really don't get it why people hate IE so much, it has improved a lot and works so well on my yoga tablet in touch mode. I really have no complaints with it. All the pages load fine and the browser itself works fast enough.
  • should keep explorer
  • Yes
  • They should not have done this. Internet Explorer was a powerful brand. But good that they will prefix the new one with Microsoft.
  • Gets hoping they roll Spartan out to the Mac. Sine of is have to use Macs at work, but I'm unhappy with both Chrome and Safari. I'd try Microsoft Spartan in a red hot minute.
  • As long as I get to keep my addons/extensions I'd totally use Spartan on OS X if it were available. 
  • Project Spartan
  • Microsoft Spartan.
  • Spot on, sounds awesome
  • Yes, much better.
  • This
  • Sounds faster
  • Honestly, I could go without more Halo references. I love Microsoft but despise Halo. Cortana is a fine name for my personal assistant though.
  • Never enuff Halo. They should call it Microsoft Arbiter :-) ( I kid of course as Microsoft Spartan sounds much cooler)
  • +920 I really dislike the name Spartan for a browser.
  • It will be Microsoft Explorer.
  • That'd confuse people with File Explorer.
  • I'd wager that most "regular" computer users don't even know it's called File Explorer. 
  • Sounds cool, Microsoft Spartan.
  • the abbreviation would be MSS :D Has a ring to it :D
  • Microsoft Edge - Edge Browser. Since the new engine is called edge. I love halo, but the name Spartan doesn't do it for me.
  • What about Microsoft Edgeplorer :)
  • Same here. Edge is a pretty good name for it.
  • It'll be something convoluted like Microsoft Spartan Explorer for Windows 10
  • Featuring the Edge Rendering Engine
  • Wow. Big
  • That's gr8... They should use Spartan as a new name!!
  • Quoting Microsoft news from the verge lol
  • I was looking for the part where the Verge throws in, "but it won't matter, as M$haft sucks and Apple rocks!1!11 Unless we are reviewing Google and then they rock, but Windows always suckssss" Probably have to follow the link to the Verge link to see that part of the article. :P
  • Give it a rest.  It contains direct quotes from Microsoft.
  • That's why I call em iVerge.
  • Spartan is a good name..
    They should settle with it just as they did with Cortana..
  • Agree !
  • Spartan all the way baby.
  • Agree.
  • I don't care what they call it as long as it keeps Spartan in it's name. A Spartan integrated with Cortana that just makes sense.
  • This! Microsoft Spartan with integrated Cortana. Sounds great!
  • Bye IE.
    Hello Spartan!
  • I hope this browser can handle hover menu. I have to keep an android phone just for a single banking app that's not available for wp and the bank's website is using hover menu.
  • Experienced this too.
  • What's a hover menu ?
  • When you look at a website and if you move your mouse over the navigation and a sub menu pops out. That's a hover menu. As it only appears when you hover over it. Ie doesn't do the best with those.
  • Tap and hold on the hover menu, it should stay put until you click again.
  • You need a new bank. Hover menus are ok, buy they should not be the only option. You should always be able to click the menu heading and still get where you are going. Terrible web design.
  • Yep, nobody should be using hover menus as the only option these days.  Probably not for the last 4 years either.
  • Hover menus are actually supposed to be taboo for modern web developers. When first introduced, people thought they were cool, but they are prone to issues among differing browsers, and you have to have JavaScript enabled, which some corporatinos won't allow on their browsers. Web pages need to get out of the late 90s and early 2000s, and get with the program. It's mostly banks and large corporate web pages that seem to have problems keeping up. Everything needs to be replaced to be HTML5 compliant.
  • Hover menus are the WORST, iHate them SO much... They are the FARTHEST thing from mobile friendly and just ridiculous to boot... Forget that bank! #Ew
  • Welcome Spartan!!!
  • :-( such a sad day
  • No more Internet Explorer name? Sounds good! If the new name is terrible, I would prefer the name Internet Explorer.
  • It will be something boring and convoluted like "Microsoft Web Browser for Windows"
  • "with Bing and Cortana"
  • "and extension support"
  • "Microsoft universal internet browser for one windows with Cortana and extension support powered by spartan's edge"
    Click here to download now (x64, 347MB).
  • Call it Microsoft Spartan, and we have a deal. Cause come on, Cortana was WITH and IN a Spartan. Sierra 117.
  • But she disappeared into oblivion. Possibly absorbing the entirety of knowledge in all of the universe.
  • And now she's the world's assistant!
  • RIP IE
  • another app gone, this time from in house lol
  • That's what I was going to say. I was expecting a long list of Whiners about how we've lost another app. LOL
  • Call it Microsoft octopus, Microsoft arms in every corner of the web :P
  • ...or Hydra?
  • Hail hydra...? •3•
  • Internet explorer trolls will end now
  • As they publicly called the Project 'Spartan' they ought to keep that name now anyway. It'll always get called Spartan even if they do go with another name...
  • Browser name : Seems faster
  • Love it!   I hope MS doesn't shove their Microsoft name in front of Spartan. Otherwise they might as well just go all out and call it Microsoft Internet Code Parsing Data Gathering Viewer Now With Extensions
  • You mean like other browsers? Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox? Those are official names but people just drop the company names.
  • How about Microsoft Spankr? =D
    (like the rocket launcher in halo... Lol =P
  • Don't care about the name or rename, u bring the goods better than google then we will accept it, and please release your stuff as soon as you can, patient is not allow in the market.
  • Microsoft Spartan... Must be, great name...
  • Spartan: Rise of the Empire Browser lol..but seriously. Spartan will just do. No need to.add Microsoft in the mix
  • on a second thought... SparCortana sounds better than Spartacus.
  • No
  • Even Spartana sounds better, and I think that name is just garbage.
  • This is mistake!
  • This is spartan !!!!
  • This is faster❕
  • This is idiotic!
  • Good. But the name NEEDS to stay Spartan. It's a catchy name, and it makes perfect sense when it will have Cortana integration. I mean come on! If not Spartan, I'd also be okay with ONI Browser.
  • ONI would be great.
  • Awesome... But what does it mean? (like, I already know but that will be the most commonly asked question) =P
  • Short for Onii-chan? X3
  • So sad
  • Microsoft's Spartan is great!
  • Cortana = Spartana
    Nice good name
  • I don't want anything other than just "Spartan". Else I will use Firefox.
  • Seriously?  They are going to call it (my guess) Microsoft Spartan, officially, but it will be commonly known and referred to as the Spartain Browser or just Spartan.  You'll get over it.
  • And "Firefox" isn't really "Firefox." It's "Mozilla Firefox", lest you forget. The company's name is at the front. Still, everyone calls it Firefox. Microsoft Spartan would be no different, and would be simply called Spartan except in the most formal of circumstances, like during install. The icon on the desktop (PC version) would be Spartan, but the folder it is saved in would be "Microsoft Spartan", just like Firefox/Mozilla Firefox. You seriously need to get over yourself. If you can't handle the name, then jump ship. Heck, I'll put the plank out for ya! LOL
  • The Mad Browser
  • What'll happen to Inori Aizawa? Will she become Spartan's mascot now?
    I don't want to see her go...
  • Aw...that's right. =(
  • I already contacted Collateral Damage Studios about that. Hopefully they'll do something in reaction to this...
    I hope they contact Microsoft to arrange something.
    I'm also hoping for a new look.
  • Microsoft best but..
    I would like to see a poll for this on windows central.....
  • They already had a poll on the Spartan name.  It was overwhelming in favor of keeping the Spartan name.  There is a Uservoice suggestion as well. But an updated poll could be: What should the new brand name for "Project Spartan" be? 1.  "Microsoft Spartan" 2.  "Spartan" 3.  Something else?
  • They will in probability call it Microsoft Spartan... as they have announced the name project Spartan...just keep this name MS and see the magic happen...
  • Just leave it as Spartan... Sounds fearless.
  • I bet some other company have the rights to the name Spartan and Microsoft will have to change it years from now.
  • Yeps...Spartan by Microsoft!!!! Sounds good!
  • How about Microsoft's Spartan iE ???
  • Knowing Microsoft I bet that's what they call it.
  • Just like how its "Google Chrome", it will be "Microsoft Spartan"..........but people will just call it Spartan, just like how most just call it Chrome
  • If I know Satya ... Spartan will be coming to Android and iOS too just watch and see
  • Definitely and why not?  People aren't going to start to use Windows phones just because of the Spartan Browser.  If Spartan is available, along with Cortana, on other platforms, that will drive the increased use of Microsoft services, which will hopefully drive the increase use of Windows PCs, and ultimately Windows phones.  I know it is hard to understand, but Microsoft needs to make all their services available (almost) everywhere.  If people can, and do, use Microsoft services on any device, switching to Windows devices will be easier.  A big roadblock to using Windows Phones for a lot of people has been a lack of support for Google's services.  If Microsoft can get people to be less reliant on Google, the lack of Google support on Windows will become less relevant.
  • It's fairly commonly known that putting it on all platforms has been the plan from the very beginning. This is why Cortana also has to be released for other platforms, because, Spartan needs her.
  • Microsoft Elixa
  • How are they going to kill IE off? It needs a dramatic ending.
  • More like a slow painful death.  Being that it will be still around, just primarily used by corporations, probably for a long time to come.
  • A massive invasion of The Covenant will kill off IE.
  • Microsoft Halo! how about that!
  • Microsoft Spartan +++++++++++++
  • Where is the built for L720
  • Good move because lots of people gag when they hear internet explorer.
  • For me will be "Edge Explorer"
  • Eeeeeee =D
  • I would call it "Microsoft HTML render program" or short MHRP. Such awesome name! Or Spartan, don't know...
  • mmm difficult choice!
  • Actually, how does Harp sound?
  • I am pretty sure that they also planning a iOS and an android version for this.
  • Seems likely. And Spartan browser will be better with more features on Android and iOS...
  • Spartan Browser, love the sound of this
  • I just need good dev tools and I'll be happy, Chrome's somehow feel very stubborn, FX ones are good but firebug is far better but got very slow recently. So I'm really hoping to find useful built-in tools for webdevs.
  • any name will be welcome with Microsoft Quality!
  • Unfortunately? As Spartan is not included in this Win 10 build, its only a good thing we don't get our hands on it, right?!
  • I hope it will be Microsoft Edge. Sounds awesome.
  • It does! I like your idea for a name :O
  • I second the motion... =D
  • Microsoft Explorer to call it ME in the long run.
  • Terrible idea, since ME is the name of a disease which results in chronic fatigue, lethargy, tiredness... things which IE was associated with.
  • Mainly IE6.
  • OH boy accepted, IE is not that bad either.
  • All I can say is, if they called it iSpartan, I'd head to MS Headquarters and vomit on someone's desk. I don't care one way or the other concerning eSpartan, but call it iSpartan, and I'll have to hurt someone.
  • Now we will wait for the official name of the new browser. Can't wait!
  • Internet Explore was a really good name. Its a shame people build such a bad reputation for this browser despite not being so bad. 
  • Hey rich Edmonds, why don't you start a pool asking what name we would like? :)