MixRadio committed to Windows Phone for the future, iOS and Android private beta emerges

Having been a staple on Windows Phone for some time now the popular music service, MixRadio, is entering into a state of transition as it goes from being a Microsoft property to one owned by Line. Having recently met with the team at Mobile World Congress we're able to confirm that the service will remain on Windows Phone, with development continuing into the future.

Oh, and a little hot off the press news: there's a private beta of a MixRadio app for iOS and Android currently in testing.

It's important to talk the future on Windows Phone for many reasons. MixRadio has a strong following on the platform, and some may have questions over its future given the transition of the company from Microsoft ownership to Line. But after speaking with MixRadio's Dean Pattrick (@deano_42 as you may recognize him), we've learned that the company is being left to continue its good work as a separate entity to Line. And with that it will continue to be pre-loaded on future Lumia devices as well as there being a universal Windows app on the roadmap.

The iOS and Android versions are clearly not final in any way and right now it's in a private testing phase. But Windows Phone certainly isn't going to be left out or become a "second-class citizen," though. The Windows Phone app is slated for an update sometime in the summer with some great new features.

At this point there's no word on exactly when MixRadio for iOS and Android may leave its beta testing phase. It's exciting news for sure, and potentially a whole new world of success for something that rightfully deserves it.

Thanks anon for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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