More on the LG Expo's fingerprint scanner and "Smart Sensor" technology

The latest Windows phone, the LG Expo, has launched on AT&T and while the presence of an optional pico projector makes this phone stand out, there's another feature that is setting it apart: fingerprint recognition as a security measure.

AuthenTec has successfully integrated its Smart Sensor with the LG Expo, reminiscent of the older HP iPAQ PDAs that integrated fingerprint recognition.

The LG Expo will be available for enterprise customers and online purchase at AT&T for $199.99 after contractual and mail-in rebate discounts. The piggy-back LG Mobile projector will be available in the coming weeks for an additional $179.99.

Note that we learned from AT&T that availability has been pushed back a few days due to shipping delays. Once we learn the new release date we'll pass it on.

Via Business Wire

Phil Nickinson

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