Mozilla releases first nightly build of Firefox for Windows 10 on ARM

Mozilla has today released the first pre-release build of Firefox for the ARM64 architecture, making it the first third-party browser on Windows 10 to support Windows 10 on ARM natively. Today's release comes in the form of an early nightly build, which is an unfinished, untested, pre-release version of the Firefox web browser.

As such, this isn't an official launch of Firefox for Windows 10 on ARM just yet, but users are welcome to download the latest nightly builds for the ARM64 architecture to give them a whirl and report and bugs that may arise during use. Firefox Nightly is not intended to be used as a daily browser, and Mozilla says that this is especially the case with the ARM64 compiles of Firefox Nightly.

Please note that these builds are even nightlier than our normal nightlies on other platforms: they have not gone through our usual automated testing process, bugs are almost certain to crop up, etc. etc. That being said, I have been using builds off automation (manually updating them) for several weeks now and have had a pleasant experience.

Now that ARM support is being tested in the nightly branch for Firefox, it shouldn't be much longer before we see an official release of Firefox for Windows 10 on ARM. Chromium and Firefox are two web browsers we know are coming to Windows 10 on ARM in the near future, which should improve performance in these browsers when using them on an ARM devices.

Will you be downloading the Firefox Nightly build for Windows 10 on ARM? Let us know in the comments. You can download the Firefox Nightly for ARM64 installer here.

Thanks for the tip, Simon!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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