Multiple Nokia Windows Phones this year, all new designs?

In an interview with Forbes, Nokia's Jo Harlow, head of Smart Devices within the company, has some positive and interesting things to say about the scheduling of Nokia Windows Phones.

While earlier statements by Nokia CEO Elop said they were trying to get "a" device by 2011 out the door and that we would see a "portfolio" of devices in 2012, it looks like Nokia is slightly ahead of schedule. This was hinted at yesterday when Microsoft announced that Nokia would be launching their new phones with 'Mango' on board, as opposed to some later iteration (some rumors suggested Windows Phone 8).

Luckily, Harlow had this to say on the matter:

"I’m quite pleased with our progress...Our target is absolutely still this year…and the target looks good"

More importantly, it looks like they've moved from "a" device to multiple devices with Harlow mentioning a "small portfolio" to be released in the first batch.

Finally, don't expect old Nokia hardware with Windows Phone OS on board. Despite earlier rumors that Nokia, due to time constraints, was just using the same or similar hardware for Symbian in their Windows Phones, they appear to be using completely new designs, unseen by the public:

Harlow, however, says those early renderings are “not characteristic” of the first Windows Phone devices Nokia will release. “One of the differentiations we intend to bring to the Windows Phone platform is hardware innovation,” said Harlow. “You will see that in our first devices and our future devices.”

Other little mentions are that China may get a device, speeding up CDMA distribution greatly and Nokia's interest in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for their devices.

Update: In a similar interview with PC Magazine, Harlow said that they were looking to release a Windows Phone every three months:

"We should be launching new devices in a rhythm that might be every couple of months, every three months, something like that....We're going to keep coming with new devices in order to have something to talk about."

Source: Forbes; PC Magazine (via BusinessInsider)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Bring it on Nokia!
  • Every 3 months? Geez.
  • She gets it, keep the buzz going with devices, Nokia reach and brand, WP7 goodness, yes its going to be very nice indeedy!
  • And thus this will push others to do the same as they now do with Android get ready for some really, really great device's coming down the pike.
  • Woohoo! Nokia i am waiting with my money to buy and my SGS to sell.
  • Finally a manufacturer that is taking Windows Phone as serious as HTC and Samsung do Android. As I said when I heard the news of Nokia choosing Windows Phone, my 2nd Windows Phone will be a Nokia and I'll patiently wait for a Nokia Windows Super Mango Phone (and eat some contract time while I'm waiting). That said, aside from a few annoying cheap compromises, I'm quite fond of my HTC-HD7 and it is too bad HTC wasn't more on board because they could have built some awesome WP7 phones if they wanted to.
  • Oh my guudness! This will make the decisions even harder - do I get this device, or should I wait to get the next one? Hopefully, that 'every 3' schedule will be for the U.S.
  • seriously if their phones are anything close to whats pictured I'll just upgrade to a HD7S. I was waiting on those renderings to come out but it looks like they arent doing those.. this year anyways.
  • this nokia model is horrible looking! what happens with cell phones companies designers? are they hiring cheap graphic designers? why is the Samsung Focus 'THE ONLY GOOD LOOKING WP7???'if these r the new nokias, I'll wait for the Samsung Focus 2 wp8 to replace my focus 1
  • Jai, next time read the article first before posting.That's clearly a dummy image we used. The article even states that any dummy images we have seen are NOT what Nokia are doing for Windows Phones. Jeez man, just read the 2nd quoted paragraph.You get a C-. I expect higher reading standards from our WPCentral audience.