Muscles aching from working from home? This tool can help big time

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All this talk about working from home sometimes sounds like a dream setup. You get to work in your pajamas, do away with your agonizing commute, and take naps during the day. But what they don't tell you is that working from home also makes you susceptible to body aches and muscle pains as you make do with a makeshift office space. Many of us are stuck using our dining tables or even working from couches for most of the day.

When you find that the pain is becoming unbearable to the point that it's difficult for you to be productive, you can use the Backmate Power Massager to zap all the aches away. Featured on Outside, Men's Journal, and Human Kinetics, this massager utilizes percussive vibration to deliver intense, long strokes that result in effective muscle therapy.

Check it out:

In case you didn't know, percussive vibration is a natural pain reliever that helps eliminate muscle soreness and stiffness, as well as increase circulation and range of motion. In addition to using it to get relief from chronic aches and pains, the massager is also useful for training, helping you warm up and recover for injury prevention, performance, and longevity. It corrects imbalances that can lead to pain and skeletal alignment problems, too. And since it's lightweight and portable, it makes it easy to get fast relief.

Usually retailing for $149 you can grab the Backmate Power Massager on sale for only $119.99—a savings of 19 percent.

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