New AT&T ad for the Lumia 900 emphasizes how it's "beautifully different"

Now that we've seen some of the Smartphone Beta Test ads for the Lumia 900 from Nokia, AT&T has their standard fare commercial showing off the new phone as well.

This ad feels more traditional with a young gent named Colin trying to impress a girl he's pining for by using his Lumia 900 as a conversation starter. Not a bad move and the demographic seems about right.

The ad is humorous but also displays the phone's strengths like the bold cyan color, the unique design of the phone and of course those Live Tiles. Hopefully such an ad will begin to air on TV as we can see it being effective for getting the message out that Windows Phone is "beautifully different".

Source: YouTube (AT&T); via WMPU

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • That was....ehh lol
  • This was a perfect opportunity to show off all of the hubs, Facebook and Twitter integration..but no.
    I have yet to see any ad that truly highlights the way the hubs look and operate.
  • I think the ads should just focus on 1 feature the phone is really good at. Think about the iPhone ads. They don't give you a run down of all the features on the phone, they usually just highlight one app or one feature at a time. For a 30 second ad you need to have a laser focused message that sticks with the consumer.
  • Agree!
  • I concur.
  • I agree.
  • That ad was clearly about the phone's design, not the OS.
  • I agree. "Focus on one aspect of the phone" - they did! They tried showing how sexy the phone is, and they have.
  • It's a 30 sec add, it's sometimes best to focus on 1-2 things and do it well.  Hopefully we'll see more commercials covering other aspects of the phone individually/in pairs.  So instead of going out in one go, people would be exposed to the idea that WP has many selling strengths, each worth its own time to explore.
  • Agreed. Keep the message simple, clean and to the point. They can't possibly show off all the funcitons without overwhelming people. My bet is we'll see numerous ads showing off different aspects.
  • You bet! With you on that, Daniel.
  • Agree. You said it!
  • Stop griping, it's cute, it's clever, it's the best they can do with 30 seconds.  I swear most people on the site want a 30 minute infomercial.  Brevity is the soul of wit. 
  • Your right, its a long process, and its just the tip, clearly their target are new smartphone owners, and dissatisfied smartphone users looking for something simple, elegant, but gets the job done well.
  • Why is it any criticism of windows phone is met with remarks like shut up and quit griping? I have an opinion and I have a right to express it.
  • Shut up
  • Lol! Seriously though karelj they aren't gonna go into specifics like that unless like Daniel said Microsoft starts some kind of on going win phone tv campaign which I doubt they will.
  • No one wants your worthless opinion
  • Quit griping
  • OMG! My local news, Fox 4 Dallas Fort Worth, just showed a article about police getting data from carriers illegally. The phone they were using in the report was a L900! Awesome!! This report had nothing to do with the 900, or Windows Phone, somebody just decided to use the N900 for video shots. Now the iPhone was on the table, but the cool thing is that they were really playing with the 900, scrolling the screen up and down. Whoever was making the video was really sidetrack by the device. Cool thing is that I sat down to watch tv just to see if I saw something about WP, and I did. Not a advertisement, but I'll take it!
  • I do like this commercial in that it confronts the issue of people having no clue about WP. I like how he goes through it to show it off, though I agree you don't see enough. It's great how she asks, "What kind of phone is that?". Anyway, I like that AT&T isn't afraid to approach the need to introduce the phone.
  • It's nOkia and not nokIa..
    stupid yanks..
  • I think the brand is popular enough to where it doesn't really matter how it's pronounced...
  • You're right.  All Americans are stupid because different societies pronounce things differently.  To-may-to, to-mah-to.
  • In he US, it's always been no-kee-yah.  It is what it is. 
  • That's because Nokia never really did do a good job of marketing themselves here in the US, until now. I don't remember them ever doing any serious advertising here. So no-one really knew much about them, let alone how to say their name right. I remember even back in the 90s when they pretty much ruled the cell phone market, most of us still didn't even know they were from Finland; people just tended to assume they were Japanese or Korean or whatever. I didn't even know they were Finnish until I went to Finland. We just didn't know any better... But now that there's more awareness of Nokia, we're finally starting to get the name right (stressed on the first syllable); on TV and the radio lately I've been hearing "NO-kia" (actually it's more of a "NAWK-ya") more and more often. So, we're getting there...
  • Haha yeah I always laugh when they pronounce it like know-kee-ah
  • Oh and In Australia it's pronounced with a short o sound like in 'knock' i.e. knock-e-ah
  • In Finland its pronounced "knock-ee-ah" so I believe the Aussies have it right.
  • It's like ASUS
  • I've been hearing "AY-sus" and "ah-SOOSS" as well. I wish Asus would just come out and say, "This is the right pronunciation" and be done with it, so at least we'd know and we wouldn't be left having to guess.
  • If it's any help, their name is based on Pegasus (as such, the OEM arm was titled Pegatron)…just lop off the 'Peg' and you're good to go. But per your request here's the official guide.
    Or you could just say "Great Splendid Computer Corporation" :-P.
  • Interesting... Thanks for that link. So it IS "EY-sus," as I'd been guessing. Cool, so I somehow inadvertently got it right all along...
  • Yes, the Aussies do have it right; in Finnish an short o ("aw") tends to be spelled with a single O, while a long o ("ō") is spelled with two Os.
  • Shut up already,who cares about how its pronounced
  • And yet you cared enough to post another unnecessary and rude comment. Nice...
  • "Stupid Yanks?" Wow, that was ruder than usual... 
  • The animations are incredibly slow, wp7 is much faster than that
  • Yeah, that looks destined for TV. 30 seconds!
  • I think the criticism isn't that we need it all in one shot. I thinks it's more of a case of there being a sort of template already shown on how to affectively market a phone and its features. So why aren't Nokia and MS coming out of the gate with guns blazing?
  • Not sooooo great
  • Here we go with more bitching. What the hell do you guys want?
  • better ads?
  • A beer and a steak thanks
  • Win.
  • A turkey sandwich.
  • The "Amazing Everyday" type ads to introduce the phones and feature focused ads to highlight Windows Phone unique features, and capabilities.
  • Moaning. Whining. More moaning. And some whining.
    WP is all about cool minimalistic simplicity, maybe some of us are mistaken, maybe this product isn't for them.
  • And who are you to say who this product is or isn't for? No one is supposed to have differing opinions?
    I have a windows phone since day 1 and I'll be damned if people like you are going to stop me from offering valid criticism.
  • I don't see how you surmise that from merely suggesting better advertising that shows the phone's features. And I honestly would like to know why is it that no one can offer any kind of contrarian opinion on this site without being accused of bitching, moaning or being a hater? I realize its a WP centric site. But no place for constructive criticism or suggestions for discussion?
  • Don't like it u can leave
  • Sorry to burst your bubble, child..but it will take a lot more than moronic trolls such as yourself to get me to leave. All you have ever contributed to these forums are idiotic comments, flaming and hostility.
  • Question that doesn't have to do with the Lumia 900, but why is it the videos come out in such poor quality on my phone (HTC HD7) when I open them in WPCentral App?
  • It's using the "standard" low-quality version. You'll need to use a 3rd party app like lazytube, metrotube etc to show the HQ version (assuming it's been uploaded in better quality)
  • Speaking of which...wpcentral update in the works? That is one annoying shortcoming. Kinda sticks out like a sore thumb because of how great the rest of the app is.
  • Looks great in IE on my WP.
  • Sure it does, but I watch the videos via the app... They used to be good quality but aren't anymore... =(
  • The WPCentral app just uses YouTube mobile for our videos. We just use the standard protocols for YouTube vids so if you are having poort quality, it's 100% because of YouTube + your connection, not our app. There's not much we can do on our end.
  • Daniel I don't pretend to understand the way the internet works but how come other apps such as vemo or Ted play hi resolution by default then without WiFi? The only reason I mentioned it was because this is the only app I use regularly that I notice it.
  • WiFi connection will give you a higher resolution for video playback.
  • But the question still remains... Shouldn't I get to choose?
  • That was a good little ad, pepper the airwaves with it now. As long as people know what that hell a Nokia Lumia 900 is or even if they ask someone or do an internet search, WIN! Mindshare is everything ask the Fruit Guys.
  • at the end of the commercial they should say something don't have live don't have a Window Phone. ;-)
  • Agree! They should be making WP seem new, and exclusive. People would be more impressed by a new product that a smart, confident, popular, person has than a new phone that a guy who is shunned by his work mates, and not smooth, and confident enough to get the the girl. Good advertising is all about psychology. For example, look at what LMFAO has done for Kia, or Jennifer Lopez has done in those Fiat car commercials. That is the kind of commercials I want to see.
  • I think the best part about the ad is that it doesn't mention Microsoft or Windows Phone. I think Microsoft and Windows Phone as brands have perception problems with the public right now, so maybe it's best to lay low for now.
  • Yes! And how about, "If you don't have Xbox Live on your phone, you don't have a Windows phone." Or something to that effect, that emphasizes the Xbox feature on the phone. When I showed my 10-year-old nephew the Xbox Live integration on WP7, he was immediately interested in it.
  • If I had one suggestion, it'd be an Apple style commercial showing-off a feature of WP7/Lumia.  Just the phone on a white or black background.  But that's just one commercial among many other types.
  • Why does everyone go on about tiles, just the name seems nerdy. Call them WINDOWS because that's what they are like, windows in to an app AND the operating system is called WINDOWS PHONE. and yes I agree the average consumer doesn't care about tiles the ad from at&t targets average consumers who want the coolest phone not the bloody "Live Tiles". I didn't buy my 800 for tiles either just because it looked nice and was simple to use.
  • In the ad you'll notice they call them "navigation tiles." Much better than Live Tiles for introduction purposes.
  • I liked the ad. Good to see something a lil different in a windows phone ad.
  • Agree there
  • I'm sorry but I think Microsoft is taking the Xbox approach start small so that no one bitch to much and then hit them with a major update and let it spread by word of mouth then throw more money at it when we have a killer feature like xlive or Kinect.... I think Microsoft believes WP not ready for prime time, almost but not yet. But soon
  • When I bought wp last year I was like thats not my phone in that ad oh wait it is , but even I didn't know what he was trying to sell me and i already owned the dam( phone.
  • The ad was great good jobs guys
  • I just saw a beta smartphone commercial on TV. It just aired on NBC 5 here in Dallas during Saturday Night Live. Now it's on!
  • Well, I like the ad.
  • One thing I do like about this ad is that it shows how different-looking WP7 is, compared to iOS and Android. Even in such a brief amount of time (like maybe 20 seconds) they showed that it's clearly not an iPhone or an Android device; it's something different that looks simple to use. And the cyan color helps make it stand out and be memorable too (I wish they'd make a red one too). I'm really rooting for Windows Phone and I hope that this advertising really helps it take off in the marketplace and get the recognition it deserves (and I say this as a long-term iPhone 4 user who's considering the Lumia 900 or maybe the Titan 2).
  • Both phones are nice you can't go wrong.
  • Yeah, I'm withholding judgement til I can hold both of them and test them out, to see which one will win for me. I like the Titan 2, but right now I'm leaning just a little more toward the Lumia 900. I've played with an unlocked Lumia 800 at a Microsoft Store, and was impressed with the overall build quality and feel of it, but the 800's screen was just too small for me. So if the 900 is as solid and well-put-together as the 800, then I just might have a winner. But we'll see... 
  • Agree with everything, especially wanting a red Lumia 900!
  • I'd like a green one too.
  • Buy a Lumia 900....and become a geek magnet. hehe.
  • Let Nokia take the lead in advertising. They have a good ad agency and know what gets peoples attention. This commercial conveyed...virtually nothing unique about the Lumia 900.
  • The people who deal with making these ads should concentrate on looks of the mobile and features of the OS.. A balance is very important. This particular ad does neither..
  • Sweet
  • This one is the step in the right direction, one of the best features of the phone is the design.. So it's the one they highlighted first..
  • I'll admit I do this all the time, but to promote WP, not get girls.