Nokia prototype shown in video with Lumia 820. Reveals why it’s called 'Juggernaut'.

A few days ago, two photos were revealed of a new Nokia prototype phone codenamed ‘Juggernaut Semaphone’. Not much is known about the device except that it has an 800x480 resolution and run Windows Phone 8. Presumably Nokia has called it ‘Juggernaut’ for a reason though, right? Indeed as this video from two weeks ago reveals, in comparison to the 4.3” Lumia 820, this is one big phone.

In the video, reportedly posted by Igor Shastitko from Microsoft Ukraine, we get to see some new features in Windows Phone 8, including Bluetooth file transfer and performance gains in comparison to a Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7.5—nothing ground breaking there...

But the big surprise (evidently unnoticed by many) is at 8:15 in the video when Igor sneaks onto screen what certainly looks like 'Juggernaut Semaphone'. The device has the old Windows Phone logo, just like in the leaked photo in addition to the same large bezel and even prototype marker on the side. What’s really interesting though is the size of it compared to the Lumia 820, which in practical terms is almost the same size as the Lumia 920 (despite the latter having a larger 4.5" display).

The Juggernaut (L) is rather larger compared to the Lumia 820 (R)

If we had to guess, we’d say the Juggernaut is sporting at least a 4.7” screen and is the first evidence that Nokia, like HTC and Samsung, is finally branching out into the upper regions of large displays held by devices like the TITAN (I and II) and ATIV S. 

Of course at 800x480, the awesomeness of a 4.7” display is somewhat diminished especially since Windows Phone 8 can do 720P or 768 resolution, making the ‘Juggernaut Semaphone’ only mildly interesting for those who want high end. Then again, there were reports of an earlier Nokia phone called ‘Juggernaut Alpha’ –we’re uncertain if that phone is the same or related to this one, but it would not be surprising to see Nokia range a few phones with that display size.

No word if this Nokia phone will see the light of day or if this is just an in-house development device, which is certainly plausible. At the pace Nokia is releasing Windows Phones though anything is certainly possible.

[Update: A translation from the video states that the Juggernaut is the Lumia 820 prototype, with the size being that large to help disguise it in public. In other words, this device won't see the light of day for consumers.]

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Arthur O., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I thought this was exactly what it is; a prototype. Simply an internal piece of hardware to test software.
  • Well, there are prototypes for commercial devices and then devices built just for in house testing and development but are not planned for commercial release. Those are two separate things and not the same.
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  • I'm still surprised how people forget that Microsoft was using this prototype for on-stage demos months ago and still believe we're dealing with a newsworthy device. Just like the Asus E600 was the prototype for WP7, this Nokia one was an early prototype for WP8.
  • In the video he clearly says that Juggernaut is the prototype of Lumia 820 — "it's the same smartphone, but one of them is the engineering sample".
  • lol, "Clearly states" Ukrainian.   Curious that they are "the same phone" when they're not the same resolution or size but I'm not a Nokia engineer, so what do I know...
  • 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 1GB RAM and 800x480 display resolution in both. Only difference is the size and apperarence of the phone. And maybe some difference in camera since there is no word about it.
  • angelwzr is right. That's Lumia 820 prototype and that is clearly stated in the video. Please update the article, as this phone will never be mass produced or released. And I know what I am talking about :)
    There were several reasons why it is so big, one of them obviously - to disguise the looks of the new phone from competitors. Making believe Nokia's making something big and awkward)
  • Why argue with people who can actually understand the language?
  • Lol, spot on!
  • I agree with Rubino... Who the hell makes a prototype of a 4.3" with a much larger screen??? When Mercedes test their prototypes it's at least same size:)
  • Do you think Mercedes cares about the shell when they test their engines?
  • I would assume that Nokia wouldn't release a device of this size and give it middle-tier specs. Again, that's an assumption and I could very well be wrong. Either way... this may be Galaxy Note-sized which is too large for me. I'll go up to 4.5" and maybe 4.7" if the phone is thin enough. But, this whole tablet-sized phone thing is getting out of hand. Everybody take a breath, stretch the cramp out of your hands, and let's start over.
  • An interesting play from Nokia would be to release a cheap (relatively speaking) large screen device. Unlikely, but would be interesting. :)
  • My friend bought the quad core HTC DNA. Lame OS but nice phone and screen, especially the 5" 1080p screen. Give me that with Windows Phone 8. Please!
  • Could easily just be an early Lumia 920 prototype. They often put hardware together in a boring rounded black body while testing. EDIT: thanks to our Ukrainian friend above, so it's actually an 820 prototype
  • This is the developer prototype that was also shown this summer on the Windows Phone Developer Summit. Nothing new...
  • It's new to me since we never saw that phone up close and compared to a Lumia 820.
  • Do they then put it into the same shrinking ray used by Willy Wonka?
  • Could anyone tell me what game he's playing at about the 2:50 mark
  • ByeByeBrain. Fun game.
  • Another giant phone :) I would love a lumia 800 with the tech from 920...
  • I second that!
    I hate all these huge phones, theyre unweildy and so uncomfortable. The lumia 800 had near perfect dimensions.
    I don't understand this upscaling at all. And if a more ergonomicly sized phone comes out it's only a low range or mid range device at best.
    Offer people the choice of a more ergonomic (read compact) high end device Nokia! Over here in Belgium nobody wants these big slates in their pockets. I just don't understand at all. I love my WP but if there's no compact high end phone when my lumia 800 expires, my next one will be an iphone :(
  • Completely agree. Phones got smaller for a reason. Now it seems we're regressing. Makes you wonder if people are trying to compensate for something... ;)
  • Agreed! I was in love with my 800, pass on the pentile screen though.
  • THIS!!!!!
  • commented on wrong article.
  • I thought that was the codename for Microsoft's own branded phone?
  • Hmmm - they might need bigger bodies for when they eventually combine Pureview 1 and 2 into one unit.....
  • yes, Ukraine have some Nokia prototypes... but still haven't official lumia 920(((
  • he said, that its a engineering version of the 820, hardware and software is the same, exept of screen size
  • I bought the L810 for my wife it's under the tree. but I'm going to wait for the second round maybe a surface device I'm really looking and wanting a large screen I'm stuck on T-MO US so I'm hopping that T-MO gets the ATIVs or something large from Nokia.
  • big and oooogly
  • is bluetooth file transfer cross platform?
  • OK, isn't it SemaphoRe again...? NOT SemaphoNe... ;)