New SMS in the Touch Diamond 2/Pro 2's integrated Contact View

While we await an official release of HTC's Touch Pro 2 (hands-on) and Touch Diamond 2 (hands-on), some gold nuggets are still being mined from the leaked ROMs that are floating around.

While threaded SMS is nothing new — Palm's been doing it since Windows Mobile 6, and everyone else caught up with 6.1 — HTC is putting a little sex appeal in it in its upcoming releases.

Brandon from PocketNow has been playing with one and brings us a look at two very different SMS designs. On the left is the old and busted. On the right, the new hotness, courtesy of HTC's unified communcations screen.

Not bad at all. But why does everyone insist on making the headshot images so darm small?  Come on Microsoft, everybody's using Exchange now, time to help it support some larger contact images.

Dieter Bohn