Nokia acquires imaging firm Scalado to enhance Lumia line of Windows Phones

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This morning, Nokia has announced that it has acquired imaging firm Scalado for an undisclosed price. Nokia will be picking up everything including their specialists, intellectual property and technology from the company and will be incorporating them into the company sometime in Q3 2012.

Scalado has been working with Nokia for the last 10 years but they've also done work with HTC and most recently RIM on their upcoming BlackBerry 10 and it's new camera functions. That is certainly interesting because RIM itself is in dire straits and they just lost what many considered to be a key partner for re-igniting their brand. Of course what RIM already had in motion with Scalado will probably remain but the Waterloo company should start looking elsewhere for future camera development.

The good news here of course is that Nokia is clearly aiming to get some of the best camera functions on Windows Phone. Currently, HTC is in a bit of a renaissance with their ONE series which focuses heavily on cameras and media capabilities, giving Nokia and others a run for their money.

Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how Scalado's know-how pays off on future Windows Phone 8 devices.

Read the full press release after the break.


Nokia to acquire developers, technologies and intellectual property for imaging from Scalado

Acquisition aimed at enhancing imaging experiences for Nokia Lumia devices

Espoo, Finland and Lund, Sweden: Nokia is announcing plans to acquire world-class imaging specialists as well as all technologies and intellectual property from Scalado AB.

"Nokia has been working with Scalado for more than ten years and they've contributed to many of our leading imaging applications," said Jo Harlow, executive vice president, Smart Devices at Nokia. "This transaction would enable us to combine our leadership in camera devices with their expertise in imaging, helping people move beyond taking pictures to capturing moments and emotions and then reliving them in many different ways."

The Lund site is planned to become a key site for Nokia's imaging software for smartphones, in addition to Nokia's existing locations in Espoo and Tampere, Finland.

"This is a great opportunity for many of our people to show their leadership in imaging and to continue to build its future," said Håkan Persson, chief executive officer of Scalado AB. "Doing this as part of Nokia, already a leader in mobile imaging, will reinforce the strength of the technologies and competences developed at Scalado. We are very excited about this opportunity, which is a natural next step in our longstanding relationship with Nokia."

The transaction, which is subject to customary closing conditions, is expected to close during the third quarter of 2012. The terms of the transaction are confidential.

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  • Don't seem to mean much in the great scheme of windows phone
  • Yeah right, so you're saying Nokia won't enhance the camera in wp7 after acquiring this firm? And what have users been calling for? Better camera and more memory on board! C'mon man
  • *for Nokia phones only and everyone else can go jump
  • That's not necessarily true. A lot of Nokia's tech, SW , and services have been making their way into the OS and HW spec. That's part of the reason MS aligned with them to begin with.
  • This is great what they did with the BB10 camera features....impressive.
  • Great news keep breathing nokia and keep us breathing <3
  • Used Scalado's software on my Nokia 5800 xpressmusic
  • You've misread the press release, they have bought assets and people from Scalado, they haven't acquired the whole company. 
    “No, we’re not buying Scalado AB. Scalado AB will continue to exist. All present customer agreements and obligations will remain with Scalado AB. The main task of Scalado AB will be to continue to work with its customers honoring its delivery and support obligations and fulfilling any and all obligations in relation to its existing customers.”

  • The only difference is that technically the company will still exist - to honour contracts with HTC and RIM, but anything worth the value (and all new developments) go to Nokia ownership.
  • False title, they will buy IP, etc. only and Scalado will remain untouched 
  • IP and developers - so barely anything at Scalado will actually remain.
  • If the next Lumia has a kick ass camera it will be well worth it. Hopefully we see in wp8
  • Nice!
    Nokia gave, as a Christmas gift, to all Symbian OS users (at least to those of us with a N8) the Camera Lover Pack by Scalado ($1.99 value).  Lots of neat things can be done with this app!  I'll tell you that Scalado was super responsive with their Customer Service - not only did they address a tiny issue that I experienced, they followed up with me.  And, a few weeks later, they addressed a bug that had been reported by others, not me, and they contacted me for feedback regarding the update!
    Scalado's Customer Service, coupled with Nokia's awesome support to Lumia customers and Nokia's history with Camera tech, this seems like a great match. 
  • It will be interesting to see how the camera tech from each blends together. Obviously the purview tech will dominate their next line of high-end devices. However, by the end of next year it will be interesting to see what happens. They could have two lines of imaging devices. Top end devices get Pureview software and everything else gets the blended new camera tech. I'm fairly certain Nokia is gonna roll out the Pureview devices as a separate line from the Lumias. That tech has high margin returns written all over it. Does Nokia go all in with pureview tech with different size sensors on all devices or just a couple high end devices?
  • 'Of course what RIM already had in motion ... '.
    I like what you did there ;)