Nokia to alter strategy and "rejuvenate" brand

Nokia is reported to be looking to change the strategy used when marketing upcoming Windows Phones to include the youth of today and get more 'young people' on board. The manufacturer is set to increase social media usage and presence with a more direct connection to consumers. It may be no coincidence that the winning ring tone from the contest is dub step.

John Nichols, Nokia’s head of marketing for the UK and Ireland, had the following to say about their vision of a younger Nokia:

"This isn’t a standing start, we already have a huge youth market but for teenagers we need to ensure that we create the content and partnerships that matter. As a teenager, the brands I loved had an opinion and told me whether to engage with them or not. The trick is to remember to not just wade in; otherwise our personality could look like the drunken uncle dancing at the wedding."

Nokia is also set to spend a reported £80 million on advertising in the UK and Ireland, so the Finnish handset maker is pulling out the big guns.

Source: MarketingWeek (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Is this where they release something other then low end garbage hardware?
  • Come on, eastbayrae. Nokia has released their model numbering systems, and everything that has been kicked around so far from them has been a mid-range device. Save that for if their higher end devices are disappointing. The low to mid range smartphones are the big money makers in the vast majority of non-U.S. markets, and that s where Nokia needs to regain marketshare first. Microsoft knows what sells here in the U.S.- they will put really polite pressure on them to meet those requirements.
  • "... otherwise our personality could look like the drunken uncle dancing at the wedding."Classic. They just need to use this line in every advertising campaign and they've pretty much sold themselves to the younger audience (me). Or if that fails, he could start a career writing comedy. Def a bit of Peter Kay humour in there!
  • Laughed out loud. Brought back way to many memories of receptions I have been to. Very common knowledge among advertising executives is that three types of things sell in marketing:1) Kids and babies.2) Puppies and cats.3) Humor.Get John Nichols to develop the teen to mid twenties adds for Nokia. It will be a hit.
  • The drunken uncle line is bang on, but then that's how I felt about them choosing the dub-step ring tone.
  • I think they really need to do this and to make it their priority. Most people I know keep telling me that Nokia is obsolete and that they still remember when it was the best brand out there.
  • Its an exciting time for NOKIA and for Windows phone devs like myself. Looking forward to seeing what gets announced at NOKIA world!IanNOKIA Watch
  • What are we, 9 days away from Nokia's big announcement? Damn I'm excited. I actually think I'm more excited about their software than hardware. It should be amazing and I hope their first US phone has a build quality that matches the top phones on the market.
  • I hope they put some commercials out that highlight some functionality of the phone. The iphone isn't the only phone accepts voice commands (although you can ask it questions) Siri is not new like it's being portrayed. As for WP7, many people don't know about it and assume that it doesn't have functionality like Android & Apple because all most commercials show is inactive tiles with number representing missed calls and messages. They need to show active tiles rotating images, the group tile that display the message on the back of the tile from a group member (shows you don't need to open the message tile to read it), The me tile that displays facebook/live/twitter messages on it, the zune tile that function as an mp3 player (unified device). for the corporate enviroment, they should show unified email box with corporate security embedded, accessing/editing access, word, excel. onenote, etc via skydrive, sharpoint. There are many more great features I could point out, but everyone who owns a WP7 kmow of its features and know that they aren't being marketed in a clever way. The current commercial are comical and don't peak interest.
  • Nokia, just bring me some large screened second generation phones please. That is all.
  • nokia i need that sea ray with a larger screen and 12 mp camera is this is truely all i ask for
  • Just bring your flagship WP7.5 device to T-Mobile(TMOUS) and I'll be a well pleased man.
  • I second that.
  • I'm scared to get all pumped up for the event! There are a ton of people that are really excited about the news that Nokia is going to drop and I even have some buddies that are Droid fans that are pretty eager to see what they will release. Come on Nokia, DON'T LET US DOWN!!