Nokia and Microsoft holding joint press event in NYC on September 5th

Microsoft and Nokia just sent out press invites for a joint conference happening on Wednesday, September 5th here in New York City.

No word on what will be discussed or revealed but you can bet it has to do with Windows Phone 8 and Nokia’s upcoming lineup.

What makes this interesting is the fact that Nokia is to have Nokia World at the same time. But it now looks like that event may be downgraded for carriers and partners only with the main press event for new-phone announcement happening in New York instead.

Of course Windows Phone Central will be there live to cover the event in its entirety, seeing as this our stomping ground. Tune in here for live coverage starting at 9:30am EDT on September 5th.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Really hope that they launch as quickly as Apple does following their reveal. I'd love to pick up a Nokia WP8 device on Verizon really soon.
  • I'd be surprised.
    I think availability will be closer to the previous WP launch: mid to late November.
    And that's probably for their initial device on AT&T.  Their CDMA/LTE roll out may not come until early 2013.
  • But WP8 is compatible with CDMA (the reason why it took sprint and Verizon so long was because they had to wait till NoDo)
  • Rad.
  • Wow, nice Nokia Maps tile :)  I think they will most likely talk about the Nokia 'Where' platform and how Nokia Maps will be the defacto mapping service for W8 and all WP oems.  Nokia World is typically reserved for device reveals. 
    Nonetheless, only a few weeks away, and ANY news from these two will be welcomed.
  • The maps tile is interactive. Meaning in the email when you click it shows you where the venue is ;-) So no, I don't think this is about mapping.
  • Is that 9:30 AM PST or EST?  I hope it's PST cause if it's EST, I have class during that time! nooooo
  • You can skip class, the first couple weeks usually aren't that important
  • I'll be in class regardless, that will be the third week of class for me so I definitely cannot skip lol. As long as I can play it after the event
  • On Sep 5 I'm sure what he meant was EDT instead of EST.  I feel I'm a jerk to correct people on this.
  • What's the difference between the two? One is for daylight savings time and the other is standard time?
  • How about one is Pacific Standard time, and the other is Eastern Standard Time...difference being three hours.
  • If it's either I have class :(
  • Nice!
  •  First I am glad its happening as my browser refresh will be working overtime @work on the 5th. I am out of contract with AT&T and would like to see something pry open my death grip on my wallet.
    What ever hype excitement for the phones will be lost once the iPhone press release comes out a week later(?) 
    1) Nokia / MS / WP Press Release, Sept 5th build  consumer excitement 
    2) Apple next iPhone Press release, Sept 12th(?) builds consumer excitement  + preorders starting immediately
    3) Apple release new iPhone,  Sept 30th
    4) Nokia release WP8,  October 30th
    Nokia / MS needs to change the model to "Hey here's a new device...and now GO GET IT!!"
  • Agreed. I need a new phone fast!!(dropped my DVP and the glass cracked). If they announce a pureview WP8 and be available soon after (doubt it), it would be amazing.
  • My DVP is a done deal.Waiting to see what Verizon has to offer with WP8, and then bye,bye to T Mobile.
  • I think thats what is going on right now, with iPhone buzz and release set in Sept - I beleive Microsoft and Nokia have pushed there dates up and may show the devices and release them within a week or two of the Sept 5th event (dont forget that VIP devs already have Nokia WP8 devices). Otherwise there is little point to do all this the same time as Apple, it does not make any business sense to release after something so revered as the iPhone unless you plan to trump it by releasing sooner. The two year contracts are coming to a close, Microsoft and Nokia know this and may release before iPhone to capture those folks.
  • Contract turnovers are usually in the fall and spring rather than summer and winter. September is still summer.
  • Agreed... The 900 launch was sloooowwww
  • Me too!
  • IPhone & Android who???? Can't wait get new wp 8
  • WP is about to do some serious butt kicking.
  • WOOOHOOO!!! I'LL see you there......
  • It's great to see all the excitement around Microsoft and W8/WP8.  Microsoft is really surprising the heck out of me with all the great plans they have.  Windows is going to be thee ecosystem of 2013.  W8 tablets, WP8, and XBOX is the ultimate combination!
  • Can you hear me now?
  • i see what you did there!!!
  • Hope they announce an Xbox wp8 something with physical controls that MSFT could market as an Xbox handheld! That would be awesome
  • Actually, that would be a failure.  Just look at the PS Vita.  It hasn't sold very well, and Sony can't give them away.  Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live titles crossplatform, so they can get the brand name out better than what they have done thus far.  I agree that dampers Windows Phone to an extent.
  • That would be interesting, but I don't think anyone is expecting that.  So don't hold your breath.
  • Isn't New York on EDT time until November 4th? After this date it becomes EST...right?  I'm confused...someone please clear this up for me?
  • Probably. I'll adjust. To be honest, I never made the distinction ;-)
  • :D
  • Surprise announcement Lumia 900 will get WP8. :P I wish.
  • Not possible!
  • First before they even release WP8, they need to release the SDK, without that, there wont be apps. So what this means is, any release for WP8 from Nokia wont be until end of October at a minimum. 
    Sorry folks, that's just reality.   
    As far as the SDK is concerned, they might actually release it the same day as the announcment.
  • SDK is out.
  • Last I checked there were over 100k apps that will run on WP8 Just saying
  • Like :-)
  • What is in the parts that are blocked out? Just curious
  • Location of the event. I'm doubtful that Nokia and MS would want the event's address broadcasted so a crowd of non-invited people show up ;-)
  • Really looking forward to the specs on the WP8 Lumia 1000. The 900 is a fantastic device and the 1000 can only be better. Or can it? I guess we'll find out.
  • damnit i have school...
  • I hope Nokia has a new design for their WP8 lineup. Although the existing Lumia line looks nice, it is just a recycled N8 or N9 (can't remember which). I want to see something new and unique that just makes me want nothing but Nokia, otherwise Samsung or HTC will be getting my money for my next WP.
  • I think they'll release the successor to the Lumia 800 as their flagship for now. I think the 900 successor will release in the second wave in April 2013
  • Why are the 'conflicting appointment' arrows showing on the event is what I'd like to know...
    Edit: ok re-reading the article, is the conflicting event Nokia World 2012? :)
  • Any ideas if it will be streamed live like the surface event was? 1030pm in Australia makes it nice and viewable without wife and child kicking up a stink:D
  • Why do they even bother?
    First, whatever they're going to announce will be nothing special, it won't have 41MP PureView, Rich Recording, etc...
    Next, after the announcement the iPhone event is going to wipe them away.
    Finally in a typical Nokia fashion they'll release those phones 6 months later.
    So who cares?
  • Sweet three days before my birthday. Me thinks early birthday present announcement :)
  • Could it be possible that Nokia  launches a Windows RT tablet? Haven't they said they want to do tablet? The final version of Windows RT went out recently if i recall correctly.
    A Nokia Windows 8 unibody polycabonate tablet in the style of the Lumia 800. I would buy the crap out of this thing!
  • If T-MOBILE is getting the low end craphone again, I will be moving to another Operator
  • This is nice. I love the idea on this. Keep up the good work. - Brenda Lee Reed