It's Carnival Time... Nokia and Samsung Windows Phones head to Brazil

Cissa Magazine, a popular Brazilian retail website, has announced that they will be getting a plethora of Windows Phone 8 handsets. In this case, a plethora means the Samsung ATIV S and Nokia Lumia 920, 820 and 620. According to Cissa Magazine's comment on WindowsPhoneBrazil's page, the phones will be available in early February...

And what's more is that they will be offered at a very special price for the first hour of sales:

  • Nokia Lumia 920: R$1299 ($638)
  • Nokia Lumia 820: R$1199 ($589)
  • Nokia Lumia 620: R$999 ($491)
  • Samsung ATIV S: R$1299 (638)

Original reaction by WindowsPhoneBrazil was skeptical because the prices seemed to be extremely low. However, reports from their readers said that the site often sells at prices that are much lower than other sites. It's not clear exactly what the prices will be after the promotion, so if you're looking for a Windows Phone in Brazil, keep your eyes peeled and act fast.

Source: CissaMagazine; Via: WindowsPhoneBrazil; Thanks for the tip, Marciocattini!

Seth Brodeur