Nokia apologizes for Pureview Demo Video

More on the questionable Pureview Camera video that Nokia released. You know the one that has the reflection of a videographer holding something that doesn't look like a Pureview Camera.

Well after the video had been dissected this way and that, Nokia issued a clarification here that the images were taken with a prototype. Now Nokia has issued a formal apology for all the confusion.

Recognizing they should have posted a disclaimer stating the video was a representation of the Pureview optical image stabilization Nokia states,

In an effort to demonstrate the benefits of optical image stabilization (which eliminates blurry images and improves pictures shot in low light conditions), we produced a video that simulates what we will be able to deliver with OIS.

Nokia has also released the video shown at the Press Event using a prototype Lumia 920. The footage to the right is a Lumia 920 prototype using OIS and the image to the left is another smartphone without OIS.

While the main video has now been declared a simulation of the OIS, the differences in the two videos above is rather noticeable as well.  It will be fun taking this new Windows Phone camera out for a test drive.

Source: Conversations Nokia

George Ponder

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  • Bad, bad Nokia! This is NOT good. I'm sure the camera is spectacular but they really effed up, here. I guarantee you Apple will knock them for this next week. That is just Apple's style. Well, at least with Steve Jobs it was.
  • You're filming it wrong.
  • Haha! And they didn't even apologize for that!
  • LOL, I remember when Apple held the press conference after the "you're holding it wrong" fiasco. They first mocked and insulted their customers with a fanboy video, then Steve Jobs comes on stage saying Apple loves their customers. He also complained about the fiasco disrupting his Hawaii vacation, in a way blaming those complaining. That's okay, they just gave away a case for what, a month or two? Problem fixed, right? Hahaha!
  • The worst part was that they "fixed" it in the iPhone 4S. 
  • Only when they got caught they apologized. Shameful by Nokia.
  • Apple doesn't want to go there...Nokia will hand them their ass as soon as they get a hold of a real iPhone5.
  • Yeah but who will have a phone available for sale first? The 920 is vapor until it hits the retail shelves.
  • You must be out of your ever loving mind! Apple style is deny the problem and blame it on the customer... your analysis of reflective imaging is wrong, clearly! Nokia clarified that it was a prototype pureview unit... nothing wrong with that at all. It's still the same technology, and if anything it's even better with the final version.
  • Apple likes to take shots at the competition. Don't you remember the "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" ads?
    I'm not saying they're going to a full-on attack on the 920 or Nokia. But don't be shocked if, during next week's conference, Tim Cook says something like "Unlike others, our video wasn't made on a prototype." Those kind of snarky remarks are signature Apple.
  • To be clear, they said that the pictures in the Nokia post (Conversations website) were taken using prototype hardware and software.  They did not say the pictures and the video were taken using prototype hardware and software.  The remark about the video was an addenum.  I would hazard to guess that it was taken with something other than a 920 prototype or they would have said so.
    "The Lumia 920 pictures in this post were taken using prototype hardware and software, and then reduced dramatically in size. In addition, the OIS video, above, was not shot using the Lumia 920."
  • Wrong dummy apple will not knock off nokia. IPhone launch of new iphone will be same old BS features of copycat of android and also windows phone 8. Also iphone will not have NFC which makes apple iphone slow in adding important features.
  • You're probably right, but they will still probably set another sales record anyway.  :(
  • The guy using the Nokia camera in the second video is moving slower and more steadily...
  • That's what OIS looks like.  The cameras were mounted next to each other on a contraption so they both have the same view, maybe a few degrees off.  But yes, it looks as though he's moving slower and more steadily.....because that's what OIS looks like. 
  • BS. Both cameras were being held simultaneously by the same person. Both cameras were strapped side by side with a contraption of sorts.
  • No, because then the guy with the non-920 would show up in the the video of the Lumia 920. It's probably just the OIS that makes it look steady, and zoom/fov that make one look faster.
  • Well, that's good, I guess. I just wish the 920 was coming to T-Mobile.
  • Don't care...that 920 is still getting my can suck on a lumia's d**k
  • Hahaha
  • +1
  • NOKIA shouldn't apologize for shit. Haters are mad and worried. Yes, worried. Just look at what Nokia showed us! So what do they do??? Try to spin this around. Fuck 'em, fuck 'em all. Nokia will be getting my easy earned money come October/Nov.
  • My bad, this wasn't a reply. Ha
  • Shit bro, you gotta let me in on the secret to your "easy earned money." I guess I'm tired of using a shovel in hot days... Lol.
  • Who said it was filmed with pureveiw it was what we wanted it to be instead of waiting for all information to come in
  • Already knew it wasn't fake, this is exactly why I never even read "the verge".
  • Except it WAS fake :P
  • Sure it was. Whatever you want...
  • I'm pretty sure the article just said that it's merely a representation of what it will look like and not the actual yes it's fake.
  • Did you actually read the article? It clearly says the side-by-side clip is 'real with prototype hardware' but the clip with the chick riding the bike was NOT filmed with a 920, therefore 'fake'. Why do you think Nokia are apologising?
  • The marketing company that forgot to post process the frames should be fired immediately. That's commercial making 101. Lol
  • I swear. I don't care how good the camera is. This will tarnish the 920's launch. They will have to offer a no restocking fee satisfaction warranty to get people to buy the phone. I will probably buy it because I know better, but man, the competition will capitalize on this fiasco. Damn it, Nokia!!
  • Nah... The technology works as advertised (new video proves it). They just have to release more of these "real" videos so haters won't have much to crow about.
  • Yeah but will people believe the videos from now on? How does Nokia earn people's trust from now on? I'm not talking from us fans, but the potential customers that are willing to switch to WP? I guess it will have to be word of mouth, when people start seeing kick-ass photos that their friends are sharing with the 920.
  • No one is going to know but people who read tech sites, which is about .001% of the people who will buy the 920
  • @aubreyq...People will believe real life examples - either by purchasing the device themselves, or by perusing several tech sites for demonstrations.
    Tech sites will be the first ones to say 'yay' or 'nay' on this feature based on their actual review of the device (and hopefully, they will demonstrate the feature with intelligence and aptitude, unlike Engadget who still don't know how to use the camera on the N8).
    For me, this 'video' does not diminish the trust or confidence that I have in Nokia's ability to bring cutting edge technology and imaging to the market; and I appreciate that Nokia made the clarification. 
    I think that if this had been an actual TV ad, that Nokia would have included that 'teeny, tiny', text at the bottom of the TV screen - "some images are simulated".  Lol!
  • Wait 'till Apple tells everybody they have to rebuy all their accessories all over. This will be a very minor point by next week.
  • It's obvious from the new video that the device works as adverstised.  However, the internet will be all ablaze with morons crying and bitching about the old video even though it was simulation showing what OIS was capable of.  Such a shame.  Guess Nokia should have spelled it out for all the idiots.
  • Apple fans scared that something is actually different & better from their boring iPhone. That's the only reason people are holding on to this.
  • It's gonna be funny when Apple announces iPhone 4 Si... Instead of iPhone 5 again.
  • Agree
  • I say someone recreate the shoot with the bike. Do it with two phones mounted, one being a 920 of course. See the difference and put it to rest. A mountain is being made out of a mole hill if you ask me. I'm still buying one because I've seen enough actual video/photos to know its better than anything else in any other mobile device.
  • I have a better idea for a commercial, give the Lumia 920 to Michael J. Fox. That's right, I went there. Seriously though it could be a really cute/funny commercial if Michael J. Fox is willing to participate.
  • The advertising business is NOT for you. Don't quit your day job, homes.
  • Seriously?? No.
  • He would do it. There's a whole Curb Your Enthusiasm episode about his shakes. :)
  • Ha that was awesome. I don't think he would be opposed to the idea at all.
  • I say that they hide the "mysterious white van" that everybody is talking about in every one of their videos from now on :-)
  • That is EXACTLY what they should and NEED to do! Put it to bed!
  • I'm saying they should do what laserfloyd recommends...
  • You're both wrong, it will backfire. Sony went through this with the PS3 when they faked their demos then later had to show what the actual PS3 games looked like. Whatever the real Nokia bike video would look like it would be extremely inferior to the fake video they shot. People would be more focused on comparing the fakes to the real than anything and it would just make the real thing look disappointing by comparison. Forget the hardcore geeks who obsess over this stuff and just make a funny commercial that the mainstream can latch onto and get the message from.
  • What you say may be true, but I don't think it could get any worse.
  • I say put the girl back on the bike and have the van drive alongside of her; let her film the van and place a mirror on the van so that she is also filming herself. Then pan over to a beautiful landscape...End
  • All I know, or care about, is that I'm in love with that girl!
  • Hahaha!
  • Very true. Some idiots will bitch not even caring that the final product will work exactly as promised. Haters will hate, and I can't wait to get my 920
  • Really too bad I really wanted things to go off without a hitch for Nokia this will get blown WAY out of proportion I'm sure
  • It definitely will be blown out of proportion. You just can't make that kind of mistake on marketing.
  • Apple did. For some reason (must be something in the metal) they get a pass.
  • Nokia's VP is now being quoted that it was just a demo of (general) image stabilization and has nothing to do with PureView. So calling it a 'demo of the PureView OIS' like in this blog post is highly misleading too. That way people might get the impression that the video was shot with the same OIS technique the PureView uses. In fact the video only shows what OIS in general can do.
  • Representation of the PV OIS, not demo sorry.
  • Who cares apart for apple fanboys and fandroids, looks pretty good to me.
  • Nokia should not have apologized to a bunch of internet blogging twats.  They should have just posted a disclaimer and been done with it.  Show the internet twats any modicum of recognition and they will take you down to their level and beat you with experience.
  • Well said.
  • If it was simulated, why two takes? To act like it was two phones...? Why no disclaimer? Seems shady, that is the point. I'm buying two but I'm a fanboy.
  • Who cares!!!!920 is amazing
  • Who cares. (Maybe the haters)
    The technology works.
    And those are a pair of great legs.
  • Way off the subject; I don't see the new Nokia Music app in the Marketplace yet.
  • We wouldn't have to scrutinize 1.5 minutes of video if we were all busy pre-ordering phones ;)
  • Any ody notice that at the end of the video when the guy was snapping pics if the girl that the "920" he's holding has a shiny chrome bezel around the camera lens? As in it's not a 920, but a 900?...
  • "Prototype". Says in the disclaimer. Probably new internals in a 900 body. No telling WHEN they actually made these videos.
  • When it works exactly as described against your friends iphone5 then they will shut the hell up.
  • WPCentral doesn't tell the truth. Nokia said that the STILL images were shot with a 920 prototype. The video is filmed by something different, probably a PRO cam or dslr. Why don't quote Nokia in the article?!
  • What the heck? How will people trust Nokia's promotions anymore. This is not a small mistake. One wrong move could send you back to....u know....
    You screwed that part, Nokia
  • No Thank you for me :(
    I tipped you guys.
  • Maybe not... I only mentioned it in these comments.
  • idea always good, execution always wrong
  • I though Apple fanboys were the worst, but you Windows Phone fans take the cake. Nokia can steal money from your bank account and you'll still find a way to put a positive spin on it.
    Nokia ****ed up with this. Accept it and move on. Jesus the amount of denial you guys live in is unbelievable.
  • Have anyone noticed that the only people seemed butthurt aboput Nokia cameras are Android owners
    /I guess Elop got under their skin when he said the phone that took that horrid picture was their $300 brand new SG3
  • Not everything is about cameras. The Android fans you so lovingly diss are enjoying the 600,000+ apps Google Play Store and what not on their phones. The Nokia phone you talk about wont be here till 2 months. TWO months! I wouldn't gloat over a vaporware phone if I were you.
  • I never thought that was real or fake I just throught it was a comercial of how good the camera is or could be had not seen anything anywhere that said it was shot with a camera phone? I bet they could redue the video have someone on a bike with a purevidew camera and have another person behind the chick and the person making video of the two of them with a clear view camera phone?
    But if they did state it was done with a clear view then shame on them... :)
  • Guarantee Nokia has been stitched up here... what's the bets that the guys in the production company Nokia used for the video are all iPhone fanboys?
  • It was a bad call to fake the video. I've criticized Apple for the same - they do it in all their commercials, web pages and apps load instantly on TV, but not in real life. It may be standard practice, but when you're trying to break in to a market you are far behind in, you need to be perfect in all you do. 
    Still, if the actual device lives up to the hype, this will all be forgotten. I think Nokia is really onto something with a major leap forward in camera tech. I'll be shocked if the new iPhone can even come close to this. 
  • To be fair, publicity is publicity.
  • Looks like even the photos were not real !!:
  • WPCentral should do a "bicycle test" once the 920 hits the shelves to test the performance of the OIS in comparision to this video's simulation.
  • lol theverge is driving nuts on this... what a bunch of f***ers
  • nokia just did the right example and good sport by publicly apologizing the moment they commit something not worthy to epitomize. and what way to show it's good deed is through the colours of signature nyc dress