The Nokia Arch at Westfield, Stratford

We recently covered Nokia launching their Arch promotion stand in the new Stratford Westfield shopping centre. We popped by today to take some photos using the Nokia Lumia 800 (opens in new tab), so feel free to gander at the three shots in this article. Not only do they display how serious Nokia is with promoting the platform, but also how decent the camera is too.

Check out two more shots after the break.

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  • This is sooooooo cool!
  • Hah! you guys actually went there to check it out. Awesome coverage :)I like these little things I'm unlikely to see elsewhere.
  • MS should put this type of kiosk out in the mall as well since they cant depend on celluar carriers to put up a proper display or even know how to use the device to properly to show off any of its features.the first thing they should do is take pictures of each employee and make two groups on the WP7: management & Co-Workers and pin them to the start screen.What this will allow a potential buyer to see is how lively the device is with the employee images rotating on the live tile. When promoting the item, have a co-worker post something on FB or Twitter so the buyer can see the tile display the new message without diving into an app. from there,it would be self explanatory. A good salesperson should be able to highlight all aspects of the device.
  • MS should do this, MS should do that. Stop this nonsense.MS shouldnt do anything. Let the advertising to the companies and let MS build their Stores.
  • That's the problem, the companies aren't doing this or that to advertise WP7. Haven't you notices? And if someone else isn't doing it, then you should do it yourself (ie...MS).Why do you think Nokia is doing it? Because they've taken notice the THE COMPANIES in the US are doing nothing to promote WP7, so their doing it themselves to ensure it receive equal exposure to Android & Apple.....Be smart why dont ya
  • I've seen so much enthusiasm on these blogs for Nokia and other manufacturers to market windows phone that I'm now forced to respond. Yes, the hardware manufacturers should, and will, market their phones. However, the manufacturers are not the appropriate entities to market Metro, the OS, the slickness of WP, or all the other features - that is Microsoft's job. Saying that Nokia will market WP Is like saying that OnStar Corporation, the makers of the in-car navigation and personal assistant system, will market the Cadillac Escalade for GM. For those of you throwing your support behind the concept that Nokia, Samsung, and HTC marketing will save Windows Phone, consider how likely it is that Samsung will make a great Ad for the Focus S, showing off its every Hardware feature, but barely make mention of WP. Would such a scenario satisfy the need for Windows phone marketing? Obviously not. Let the hardware manufacturers hawk their beautiful hardware. Microsoft, in turn, need to step up to the plate with commercials that highlight the OS and it's applications, a la "There's an App for that..." Like so many others have called for, MS needs a new marketing team, one that can drive understanding of, and excitement for the platform, using a series of 30 second ads that grabs the ordinary consumer.
  • I distinctively remember a post a few months back about how basically MS and Nokia are in bed together. Something about a MS executive being Nokias CEO and MS executives being on Nokias board. There are other business links between the two.
  • The middle shot is really nice, but the other two are far from impressive. Of course, I realize this is indoor and not ideal lighting, so I'd have to see some comparison shots to make a meaningful judgement.
  • I had been walking for around 4 hours so my hands weren't the steadiest ;-)
  • They definitely look a little hazy. That's a bit disappointing.
  • Did the employees know how to demonstrate the device properly?
  • Yes they appeared to be very knowledgeable and were walking through Nokia's apps, the platform itself and the features of the Lumia handsets.
  • Not sure, but it looks like they also have a PC and Xbox display. If this is true, this is genius! People will be able to see how Microsoft has put together this great ecosystem. Most people are ignorant to what MS has put together when it comes to Windows, Xbox, and WP7. Every time I have people come over my place they are totally amazed how awesome the ecosystem works. I think this display will convert lots of people to MS.
  • Yeah I can't wait to see a Nokia high end device on Verizon. Once the Apollo update, new dashboard for the Xbox, and Windows 8 hit the ecosystem is going to be unmatched by any other OS. It's one of the reasons I'm selling my PS3 to buy another Xbox. 1 for the living room and 1 for the bedroom. Nokia on Verizon can't wait!!!!
  • I'm glad to see that camouflage pants are still "fashionable" in the UK as the are in the US, haha. :DThat display looks great. Is the outer displaying an animated color display of any sorts? I think Microsoft should be promoting the Metro OS to developers and showing it off here and there, but the prerogative should be on the manufacturers to do the main promotions, regardless if they are not doing a good job. Before Nokia, the sad thing was that the manufacturers weren't promoting well enough.Nokia might set itself apart from the other manufacturers through advertisements, and if that happens WP7 will be in a good spot.The hardware design is here, so it's time to fight for the minds of the customer.
  • Cool! Let me try...Arch!... Computer, arch!...Hmm, it's not working...
  • Cool! Let me try it.Arch!... Computer, arch!...Hmm, it's not working.
  • [testing] so if i add another message...