We’ve noted previously that Nokia has some boldness when it comes to teasing their competitors and today that is definitely being demonstrated with this latest pro-Lumia ad.

The video is has some very stylized animation, showing the masses in line for the new iPhone 5, handing their money over and being tossed the latest from Cupertino in a boring, “let’s do this again” manner.

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Apple fans freaking out

Then one customer does the unthinkable: asks about ‘color’ for the new iPhone. Alarm bells goes off, the Apple loyalist freak out and….well, just watch.

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We don’t often rate videos here but this is one of the best we’ve seen in a long time. Make sure you pass it along as it deserves to be seen.

Source: Nokia HomeBase (YouTube); via WPArea.de; Thanks, oOps, for the tip!