Nokia goes after "dreary" Apple in clever new video ad

We’ve noted previously that Nokia has some boldness when it comes to teasing their competitors and today that is definitely being demonstrated with this latest pro-Lumia ad.

The video is has some very stylized animation, showing the masses in line for the new iPhone 5, handing their money over and being tossed the latest from Cupertino in a boring, “let’s do this again” manner.

Apple fans freaking out

Then one customer does the unthinkable: asks about ‘color’ for the new iPhone. Alarm bells goes off, the Apple loyalist freak out and….well, just watch.

We don’t often rate videos here but this is one of the best we’ve seen in a long time. Make sure you pass it along as it deserves to be seen.

Source: Nokia HomeBase (YouTube); via; Thanks, oOps, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Now that's funny
  • And true..
  • Haha....
  • A better ad would be to take the Apple 1984 Commercial and slightly modify it for Nokia, but I'd almost keep it exactly the same. See the link below. I'd just get a Tim Cook look alike for the guy on the screen, with this text. "On November 4th Nokia will introduce the Lumia 920. And you'll see why 2012 won't be like 2011."
  • Every time I see that advert I think of the Futurama version. Especially at the end where they say:
    Leela: That was terrible! People won't even know what we do.
    Bender: I don't even know what we do. Nah, just kidding! What are we, like, a bus or something?
    Leela: Did you approve that awful ad, Fry?
    Fry: Yes I did, Leels. And I'll tell you why. Because it grows the brand.
  • about ilLUMInation ;-)
  • This is exactly how I feel about apple products. Its been the same since first released now it's just bigger. I chuckled when they freaked out. WP does everything idrone does, only better.
  • Win!
  • Reminded me of Apple's old 1984 commercial... talk about irony ;)
  • Definitely ironic. I never got the '84 commercial. Supposedly IBM was limiting your choice yet you could already then choose among many models already.
    Then again at that time most people rather had cheaper C64 with tons of software so what do I know.
  • You've shown YOUR age.
  • Yeah lucky to have been there. Great times:-).
  • Nice!!!!
  • Nice! They should totally put that on TV.
  • +1
  • I think it would be lost on most U.S. consumers.
  • Lol, that was actually pretty cool!
  • Samsung made a brilliant anti-iPhone commercial, the writing of that ad was excellent.  This?  cute, but not much more than that.
  • the headphone jack is on the BOTTOM. *Mind blown*
    i love that samsung commercial. this was cute, but not ready for TV yet.
  • I have a different opinion... I think this is perfect for tv.
  • Lol I love that Samsung commercial as well
  • I hate Samsung and android, but I love that commercial.
  • I like the Samsung commercial since it shows how over hyped the iPhone 5 launch was. Also it made fun of isheep. I like this video too. The different colors show diversity and boldness from the bland boring black & white everyone else's does.
  • I agree, this is cute and that's about it. Though I think it can be polished for tv. And yes the Samsung commercial was good.
    "I heard the lightning connector needs an adaptor to work with your stuff."
    "Ya but apple makes the coolest adaptors!"
    *blank stare*
  • This MUST go viral and on TV too. So cheeky, so clever and spot on! Bet there are a few more coming till the launch!
  • I lol'd so hard when the iFollower freaked out...that was a good ad.
  • Haha, me too. The funny thing is that it's pretty spot on!
  • I saw an orange man in that video. If they release it in orange, I'm all over it.
  • And a green one...
    But can't imagine they release that many...too hard to manage the supply chain ;-) In the Germany announcement they already left out the grey one at the start...prolly coming later.
    Anyway, I'm set for yellow here in Singapore...come to me :-D
  • Cyan as well... 3rd person was cyan.
  • Its a shame none of these clever ads will ever get on tv where majority of non techie consumers watch ads.  if they dont market it agressively, no one will know and no one will buy.
  • You said it perfectly!
  • The little diddy at the end was cool. My feeling on these kinds of things is that fanboys of any product can point to the "other guy" as being some mindless sheep and no one is more valid than the other. We all have our likes, dislikes, and preferences. In the end, it is all in good fun. People are either gonna buy what they want and what they feel best suits their needs or they are gonna shop around.
  • I can has yellow?.............aahhhhhhh! What blasphemy is this!! Haha love it!
  • WP and Nokia need features ads just like Samsung is doing.
  • +1
  • Love it!!
  • So does that mean I'm a bad WP user since I'm inclined to get the gray or white 920?
  • Yes. Yes, it does. Bad! Naughty Honkie! :-)
  • Well it's Nokia's fault for not bringing back cyan.
  • Here's a bucket of yellow paint! Go dunk your phone :)
  • I'm getting the white. But the yellow is really tempting me.
  • Damn Youtube on our phone is terrible...Anyway great little ad, that art style reminds me of a flash game I think it was "Every Day is The Same". I saw a blue phone and a light blue phone, I want a new blue phone!
  • On 4G, yes, since it plays LQ+ (worse than LaQ).
  • Man in split between yellow or red ("first world problems" crying)
  • Haha made my day. :D
  • Did everyone see that TIME TO SWITCH
  • Yes
  • I got a good laugh out of that.
  • Umm, not to be politically correct here, but the ad seems a little . . . racist to me.  Anybody else get that?
  • Sure, if you're stupid, narrow-minded and can't understand the concept of symbolism.
  • Nope. I see nothing racist at all.
  • lol!!!!!!!!!!
  • Speaking as a minority, nope, no racism here. Just having a good time and making a point that is 100% valid. Lighten up. =)
  • I hope your not serious. Its about phones not race...
  • I like this better:
  • Very true its like apple havent changed the colour since their phones came out plus they only bring out 1 phone a year gives them plenty more time to focus on making the best phone :/
  • Nokia is Nokia not copycat-dog samsung.
  • Seriously? Colour! The Nokia Lumia with WP are good phones, seriously good phones. Competitive. The video whilst cute, and a nice nod to the 1984 Apple ad, is wide of the mark. Show off the use of the phone, tiles, camera, integration with Facebook, etc. Showing off these things is why Samsung has been so successful with their recent parody ads. I try to be objective in these things, given I am developing for smartphones. I'll be upgrading to the new iPhone 5, to a fair degree I am locked-in. However I will have to buy the other major players to understand their handsets and OS. Though colour will not be the reason I stick with one.
  • You signed up to wpcentral for the comment? Wow troll much mate.
  • Why is he trolling? I tend to agree with him. I love WP, but we need better ads that show how the phone is BETTER in functionality than the competitors and how easy it is to use. I liked the cartoon vid, but I am afraid we need much, much more than this. Brian....thanks for your comment.
  • Brent
  • Yea. You do have a good point on that sorry man. But colors are what people describe wimdows phones. Colors is describing wp as different from anything else. Also people tend to like colored phones based on their personality. It's a true fact. Also Verizon, AT&T and t-mobile are gonna advertise wp8 plus the companies ms, nokia, htc and maybe samaung(find it likely they will by repeating their steps on wp)
  • I love the colors too. Want a Cyan 920 on Verizon soo bad. Apple's colors are bland...but it leaves an open palette for skins, cases, etc. However, I want mine Naked. No case or nothing. My wife has an Otter Box for her iPhone and it looks insanely stupid
  • I like the colors. A huge reason I like the Lumia and the windows phone OS is because they are so colorful. Of course they should show off what the OS can do but drawing this kind of contrast can't hurt. I just went to the mall and compared the local Apple store to the MS store down the way and the contrast is very striking between the sterile Apple environment and the inviting colors at the MS store.
  • This marketing idea could have been executed far more professionally. If I were not already a Lumia user this ad would not entice me. Such a waste of money.
  • Daniel used the perfect word for this ad "Clever" I like it
  • The apple employee has gone god zilla! Nokia lumia 920 help us!
  • The "feature" ads by themselves won't do it.  There needs to be something of style to stick in people's minds.  Android has outfeatured and out-spec'd iPhone for a bit now and iPhone still rules the roost.  They have marketed a culture (if not a cult) made up of cool.  This attacks the notion that they are still cool and presents an alternative. The people who read this blog care more about a feature-by-feature comparison, but there is a need for this type of ad that addresses aesthetics and user perception. I say BRAVO to this ad.  I'm not advocating that the feature ads go away, but stylized "cool" ads need to be in the mix too.
  • Lame ad.  I think it's stupid that they keep putting so much focus on the phone colors.  Who cares?  No matter what phone they buy, many of them will be putting it in a case.  Even the Lumia.  By focusing so much on the colors, it makes it seem like that's the only thing that makes Lumia stand apart, which isn't impressive in the slightest.
  • Advertising is about these superficial things. Watch Mad Men.  It's about simplicity of the message. This delivers.
  • haha i found it funny :)
    And yes Murgatroyd7 people care they wont something different and fun not boring and drone like.
  • Do i see another hint at a cyan lumia 900? There is a blue guy for the 820 i think, but then there is a cyan guy?? hmmmm. Just a thought. Anyone else notice?
  • Very "Metropolis-esque"/ 30's Soviet Russia-style,especially at the start. Based on the colors at the end I wonder if there will be an "X-Box Green" Lumia 920/820?
  • Gotta hand it to em. Nokia stock practically in danger of being delisted, and they are going hard at the richest most successful company in the world. Nearly everything of which they attempt goes triple platinum... (lest I be misunderstood, apple is the devil) But I guess Nokia has nowhere to go but up. I like their style. At worst, no one will say they didn't go down swinging!
  • I actually like the Samsung gs3 commercial more than this one. Its good but show of what you got Nokia how about show of that screen & that camera
  •  I think what Nokia should do is kind of do a samsung parody like ad  and this time show the advantages of the NL 920 over Ip5 and GS3.
  • Hahahhaa
    Good One :D
  • Hahaha I like it!! I hope Nokia brings a series of commercials out with this style of animation! Where they compare it to S3 etc :D
  • I like this advert and I liked the S3 advert too. Problem is, and this is important, is that they need to bloody show it on the TV!
    Take the last 12-18 months in the UK, because that's where I live. I have seen maybe 4 adverts for Windows Phone/Lumia and the S3 advert twice. That's it. Whereas every other ad break features yet another advert for Apple. So that's a slack handful for WP and probably 500 - 1000 for Apple.
    Even worse, they show stuff on the Apple adverts as being amazing and revolutionary and I'm sitting there thinking that my phone can do that.
    What Nokia/HTC/Samsung/Microsoft need to do is start blasting the airwaves showing WP7 and WP8 off. An advert like this one in the mix would be a good thing. It shouldn't be the only one, but thrown in there would help.
    An advert showing Nokia Drive versus Apple Maps wouldn't go amiss either.
  • A###e unfortunately from a WP fanboy's perspective has cash to burn. They can paper the airways with their aaaaah "new" features we've had for months.
  • You ain't wrong there. And that's what they've done.
    While Apple have papered the airwaves with adverts, WP has done the equivalent of doodled on this paper. Drawn a penis, in crayon, in the corner of the room, that's got hidden by a dresser.
  • Not quite sure how anybody's drawing penises here... Somebody maybe has a secret fascination?
  • Seems like a very specific scenario you've created there. Childhood memories bubbling up? Did mommy spank you?
  • Funny that apple has become what it was fighting against 20 years ago... And its all due to Steve jobs