Nokia going to the top floor with Finnish elevator company KONE

Finnish lift and escalator company KONE has a BYOD (bring your own device) scheme in place that has seen more than 70 percent of employees use Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, according to reports in Australia. KONE provides employees with the choice on private phones or to choose a smartphone from a specified set of manufacturers, including Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Apple.

Interestingly enough, not all employees have access to the Lumia 920 - that's restricted for director-level staff only. Operational employees can pick up the Lumia 610, Lumia 800 or Lumia 710, which aren't necessarily bad options. Nokia has entered into partnerships in the past to offer Windows Phones (Lumia 900) to employees at AT&T. Even Yahoo! looked at the Lumia 920 for its company.

Source: Techworld

Rich Edmonds
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  • As a matter of fact Kone is a Finnish company where ownership has ran in the family for quite some time, making the family among the richest in country. I would imagine that the reference here is to Australian branch of the company as the head office sits firmly next to Nokia's office in Espoo, Finland.
  • It is indeed, this completely caught me off. Article has been corrected to reflect this :-)
  • Well... KONE is Finnish company - not Australian . 
  • Great to hear, though like said above, i believe KONE is Finnish. 
  • Hey isn't KONE a Finnish co..? =P
  • I'll bet Apple devices are for director level only too.
  • That would make sense. The higher up the corporate ladder you are, the simpler you tend to be.
  • That's an awfully dumb thing to say.
  • Which is good. The company probably has a few directors, hence few iPhones.
  • Lol, good one!
  • I'm an elevator mechanic in NYC and my friend works for Kone Elevator here in the city. He was given a red Lumia 920 but after 2 weeks with it he started using an iPhone instead due to poor battery life and constant lock up. He also hated the apps. He said alot of guys that work out if his branch don't want the lumias due to these issues
  • Tell him awwww phooey he just a isheep lol jk that's lame that he and his coworkers had bad experiences but my phone is anything but lame.
  • Damn for some reason I keep hearing and seeing of a lot of people having issues with Lumia phones. This is going to leave a bad image to all Nokia phones if things aren't fixed. I worn at a wireless retail store so I get to see stuff like this a lot.
  • I have a Lumia 800 and my only issue with it has been the fact that it can't run wp8 (tho from what I hear at keast it saves me from xbox music)