The Nokia Lumia 505, a customized sister device to the low-end Lumia 510, is said to be coming exclusively to Mexican carrier Telcel “soon”. We first reported on this story last week and we were a tad skeptical only because there has been nothing official—either from Telcel or Nokia—on this phone.

Now in Telcel’s holiday catalog, the elusive device is shown in full, making this a bonafide Windows Phone that is on its way to Mexico...

The deets on the Lumia 505 are in line with what we’ve been expecting: a 3.7” Super AMOLED display (800x480), 8MP rear camera, 4GB internal memory and yes, it will come with Windows Phone 7.8 out the gate.

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The phone will arrive in Black, Red and Magenta for color selection.

There’s no word on pricing or exact availability, but the Lumia 505 is listed under “Coming soon” meaning it shouldn’t be too long before folks can get this handsome device in their hands.

Thanks, Rolando V., for the tip!